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  • Welcome to
    Asotin County,
    Washington State
    WAGenWeb Project

    Map courtesy of Mike Sweeney


    This page is to register you as a researcher of a particular surname for
    Asotin county
    ONLY. Submit the surname, first name, include your name,
    and e-mail address, web address if you have one.

    Register your Asotin Co Surnames

    ABIEL  Carol Dodson Porter 
    ANDERSON  Cheryl Fitzsimons 
    ANDREASSON  Cheryl Fitzsimons 
    BAILEY  Carla Weza North
    BENJAMIN,Howard  Rick Howard  
    BROWN, Lewis Kossuth Joan Powell
    COX  Randal L. Moss 
    DILLON  Carla Weza North
    DODSON  Carol Dodson Porter 
    ELILE  Carol Dodson Porter 
    FIELDS  Rob Breneman  
    FITZGERALD, Eleanor  Fred N. Smith 
    GIBSON.  Barbara L. Huggins  
    GINSBACH  Carla Weza North
    GOBLE  Carol Dodson Porter 
    HAMILTON  Randal L. Moss 
    HAMILTON James Roger Hamilton 
    HAMILTON Martha Roger Hamilton 
    HENDRICKSON  Donita Lockwood 
    HOLLENBECK  Donita Lockwood 
    KERR  Elizabeth Walter  
    KIESECKER  Donita Lockwood 
    KROLL Otto  Roger--Addy WA. 
    KROLL(Miller) Rosa  Roger--Addy WA. 
    LAST  Randal L. Moss 
    LATHROP Maxine  Tony Mueller 
    LYNCH  Donita Lockwood 
    MILLER  Donita Lockwood 
    MONTGOMERY Benton. C.  Charley Montgomery 
    MORROW  Fred N. Smith 
    NEWBY  Rob Breneman  
    PATTERSON  Cheryl Fitzsimons 
    PHILLIPS  Randal L. Moss 
    PLUNKETT  Elizabeth Walter  
    RABY  Julie P. 
     RICE, Sylvester  Norma Morris Springston
    SHERROD, William Henry  Fred N. Smith 
    SHERRY Maxine  Tony Mueller 
    SIMMONS  Robert H. Simmons 
    SKINNER  Sharon 
    SMILEY, Reuben T.  Fred N. Smith 
    SOUTHARD  Cheryl Fitzsimons 
    TUTTLE  Lisa Caetano Harley 
    VINSON Eliab H.  Janice Weihs 
    VINSON John L.  Janice Weihs 
    WEISSENFELS   Donita Lockwood 
    WELDEN  Randal L. Moss 
    WEZA  Carla Weza North
    WILSON  Cheryl Fitzsimons 
    YOUNG  Randal L. Moss 

    If you find someone researching your surnames, you can contact them by clicking on their name and sending them a message. Multiple researchers can be registered for the same surname.

    Page created on 7\28\04
    Copyright 2001