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Twenty-two men were admitted to citizenship in Judge PEMBERTON's court yesterday. Four applicants were denied papers and several cases were continued. The new citizens are:

Carl Gustaf CHILBERG/CHILBURG, Bellingham -- Sweden
Frank LIMACHER, Acme -- Switzerland
Edward Nikolai Haals THOMPSON, Bellingham --Norway
Olaf Martin JOHANSON (change name to EUGENES), Custer -- Sweden
Jentaft Andreas JARGENSEN, Bellingham -- Norway
Larus Bjarni LINDAL, Blaine -- Iceland
Simon Jentaft HANSEN, Goshen No. 1 -- Norway
Chris JOHNSON, Bellingham -- Norway
Anton MUSTAPA, Bellingham -- Austria
Niklaus OMLIN, Acme -- Switzerland
Harry COHL, Bellingham -- Germany
Oscar T. LEE, Blaine -- Norway
Karl August WICKLUND, Bellingham -- Sweden
Rinze HOEKSTRA, Lynden -- Holland
Percy Benjamin BOUCHER, Bellingham -- England
Dome MOSKOVITA, Bellingham --Austria
John JOHNSON, Bellingham -- Norway
Tony KINKUSICH, Bellingham -- Austria
Philip POPLACK, Bellingham -- Russia
Emil E. BERGSEN, Bellingham -- Norway
Thorvald LINRUD, Ferndale -- Norway

From The Bellingham Herald, March 17, 1915; copied by Susan Nahas

The Bellingham federal court was well filled all day today when twenty-one men appeared before Judge Jeremiah NETERER to be examined as to their fitness for receiving final papers of American citizenship. The court opened at ten o'clock and at 2:30 this afternoon ten of these men of foreign birth had been given their final papers. The following persons, of the nativity specified, appeared:

Adam PETRIC -- Hungary
John SIGURDSEN -- Denmark
Ole VOLD -- Norway
Knute GILBERTSON -- Norway
Enock William FREEBERG -- Sweden
Garcia MARKOVICH -- Austria
Rutgerd VALLENTGOED -- Holland
John F. PETERSON -- Sweden
Benadra Tupper VANCE -- Great Britain
George PLANCICH -- Austria
Marten LARSEN -- Norway
Carl Gustav ANDERSON -- Sweden
Veke J. OTTER -- Holland
Axel Emmanuel NORSTEDT -- Sweden
Ragnvold JOHNSON -- Norway
Peter KLEVBERG -- Norway
Joseph PARISSENTIA -- Italy
Dick WALDHEIM -- Germany
John WALDHEIM -- Germany
Conrad HOFFERBER -- Russia

The last four named are making their second application for final papers PARIESSENTIA and the WALDHEIM brothers did not appear at the last term of court here and HOFFERBER appeared and failed to pass the examination.

From The Bellingham Herald, January 4, 1916; copied by Susan Nahas

The hearing of thirty-four naturalization proceedings before the federal court, took up the attention of the Judge during the entire day, making it necessary to hold over the bankruptcy proceedings until today. Of the thirty-four applicants for citizenship yesterday the following twenty-four were admitted:

Edward Albert MILLER -- Great Britian
Henry FORD -- Great Britain
James John Daillyl Rodolph LONGSTAFF -- Great Britain
Ollof OLSSON -- Sweden
Gust SEGER -- Sweden
Axel HERMAN -- Sweden
Anderson Karl Fredrick SJASTORM -- Sweden
Leonarc LOREEN -- Sweden
Nels Peter AKERBERG --Sweden
Viktor KARLSON -- Sweden
Louis POPLACK -- Russia
Frederick Wilhelm WEST -- Russia
Kolbein SIMMUNDSON -- Denmark
Christien CHRISTIENSON, sr -- Denmark
Harold HANSON -- Norway
Peter Bertinson STAMMES -- Norway
Ole JOHNSON -- Norway
Peder Johann ANDREASON -- Norway
Martin Leonhart OINES -- Norway
Charles JENSEN -- Norway
Mitrode OLEFF -- Turkey

From The Bellingham Herald, April 5, 1916; copied by Susan Nahas

Thirty-three men were made citizens of the United States in the federal court yesterday and today. With the exception of one, Nathaniel Chivas KEITH of Great Britain, all were admitted yesterday. KEITH's case was continued until today, after he had made futher representations regarding the length of his residence. At first he was rejected because it was thought he had been a resident of the country less than five years, but this morning he produced evidence showing that he had the necessary residential qualifications. With the disposition of his case court was adjourned. Following were those admitted to citizenship:

James HAMILTON - Great Britain
Jacob Aaron PETERS - Great Britain
John FERRY - Great Britain
John McKECHNIE - Great Britain
Tholofur LIVERTZ - Great Britain
Frank Patrick O' DONNELL - Great Britain
May Gertrude MACINTOSH - Great Britain
Robert Joseph BAXTER - Great Britain
Archie Albert RAIRDON - Great Britain
Michael Joseph HIGGINS - Great Britain
John HUTCHINSON - Great Britain
Arvid Wallentin LINDBERG - Great Britain
Gust Magnus MINER - Sweden
Albert Leonard LARSON - Sweden
Fred SALSTROM - Sweden
Frank August JOHNSON - Sweden
Bernard Leo NOREN - Sweden
Per August Petterson REDIN - Sweden
Oscar Johan BOLIN - Sweden
Ernest Albin ERICKSON - Sweden
Peter Daniel GLAD - Sweden
Carl Werner FERNGREN - Sweden
Jens Gabriel OLSEN - Norway
Lindberg Norman JOHNSEN - Norway
Tony PECARICH - Austria
Herman Edward KLEIN - Germany
Stefan KALIN - Switzerland
Cornelius JAEGER - Netherlands
Jens PATERSON - Denmark
Arsel AUGUSTON - Denmark
Johanes Werner BRAXENHOLM - Russia
Guiseppe LAPORINI - Italy

From The Bellingham Herald, April 6, 1921; copied by Susan Nahas

Twenty-three applicants for citizenship to the United States, of which four were women, were examined by John Speed SMITH, chief naturalization examiner, in United States district, convened here by Judge Jeremiah NETERER at 10 o'clock this morning. Four applicants were rejected, all of whom were men. Four women married to aliens appeared with witnesses to secure re-naturalization under the act of congress in September, 1922, which permits women born in the United States to retain citizenship when married to aliens. They were:
Mrs. Hilda Louise NILSON, born in Minneapolis, graduate of high school and Normal school, whose husband is a native of Norway and is now seeking citizenship.
Mrs. Iva Pearl FULFORD, R. F. D. No. 1, Ferndale, born in Illinois, husband a native of England with first naturalization papers.
Mrs. Joseph KRAUSE, a native of Austria, naturalized and married to Joseph KRAUSE, born in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. KRAUSE were both admitted today.
Mrs. Ethel Thompson MUIR, born in Oakland, Cal., married to James MUIR, of Scotch birth, and whose naturalization is due this year.

Those rejected by Judge NETERER for lack of understanding of the constitution of the United States and fundamentals of government were:
Peter Martin PEDERSON, 1523 G street, a native of Germany, resident of the U. S. since 1910, single.
Peter A. M. SINNES, native of Sweden, living at Wickersham.
Gustaf FORSBURG, 1625 Humboldt street, native of Sweden and resident of this country since 1908.
Carl Ludwig LEHAMMER, native of Norway.

Male residents of Bellingham and Whatcom county admitted as citizens were:
John Thomas STEINBRUNNER, born in Canada, resident of Clipper.
A. ALEXOPOULOS, local confectioner, born in Olympus, Greece, resident of this city since 1914.
Olaf Anton SID[E]N, local resident, native of Sweden, coming to the U. S. in 1903.
Emil DAHLSTROM, Wickersham, native of Sweden, resident of this country since 1886.
Swen TABAKKE, logger, born in Norway and resident here since 1907.
Nicholas DEVRIES, native of Holland and resident of Bellingham since 1899.
John J. LOCKHART, 2002 1/2 Broadway, born in Norway, coming here in 1908.
Walter James PENRY, of English birth, living at 2300 I street, seaman by occupation, resident of Bellingham since 1905.
Carl H. JOHNSON, native of Sweden, living in Blaine, came to U. S. in 1904.
Nick R. PANNICH, native of Austria and resident of South Bellingham since 1905.
Andrew ANDERSON, Lynden, native of Sweden, resident of Lynden since 1905.

Harold Ivan DERBY, Canadian, was instructed to clear up certain misunderstandings with regard to military service exemptions subsequent to his application for first papers in 1915.
Nikola ZOROTOVITCH, coal miner, of Austrian birth, with five native born children, was instructed to make further study of the constitution and government. He has appeared three times for naturalization.

From The Bellingham Herald, April 23, 1923; copied by Susan Nahas

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