Mt. View Cemetery
Names Beginning with "Z"

Name Dates Info
Zacha, George F. 11-05-1887
Obit link George Frederick Zacha was born on November 5, 1887 in Altamont, Effingham, Illinois. He passed away at the age of 75 on March 1, 1963 and is buried in the Legion Section of the cemetery.   [Researcher Resources: WWI & WWII Draft Registration; US Headstone Application; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1940 censuses; US Soc Sec Death Index. Family trees list Susan [Younger] and George D. Zacha as George's parents, and they are both buried in the Saint Clare Cemetery in Altamont, Effingham COunty, Illinois.]
Zelenka, Joseph 07-17-1849
Note. Joseph Zelenka was born July 17, 1849 in Bohemia (Hungary?). He came to Klickitat County in 1910. Joseph filed a Declaration of Intention for Naturalization March 2, 1911 in Klickitat County (where he cited his country of origin as Bohemia). Joseph died on July 17, 1911. There was a complicated settlement of his estate. See "note" above.Plot: Block Section 078 Lot 2.00. Wife: Catherine
Zevely, Baby Girl d. 07-21-1951 Baby Girl Zevely died on July 27, 1951 at Goldendale. Parents: Catherine Edith [Bush] and James Kenneth Zevely. She is buried in Plot: Block Section 105 Lot 4.00 Space (New Babyland)
Zevely, James Kenneth 05-08-1923
Obituary. Daughter: Barbara Jean [Rude]. Son: James. Parents: Kenneth & Ruby [Vallett]
Zevely, Kenneth Arnold 03-20-1895
Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Kenneth Arnold Zevely was born on March 20, 1895 in Howard, Oregon to Elizabeth [Boyles] and James Zevely. He married Ruby Rosella [Vallett]. Kenneth was a telegrapher for S. P. & S. Railway, and thus he and his family moved frequently. Kenneth passed away on December 9, 1960 in Goldendale. He is buried in Plot: Block Section I Lot 4.
[Researcher Sources: Son James' obituary; (WWI & WWII Draft Registration; WWI Civilian Draft Registration; 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Death Records)]
Zevely, Ruby Rosetta 07-15-1899
Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Ruby Zevely was born July 15, 1899 in Washington. She Married Kenneth Arnold Zevely. Ruby died on January 30, 1993 in Goldendale. Plot: Block Section I Lot 4.00 Space 1
[Researcher Sources: (1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index); Maiden name from son James' obituary; Ruby's father Monroe Vallett obituary (found on the internet verifying that he was Ruby's father)].
Zielinski, Clement George "Bob" 10-20-1894
Clem Zielinski Lived in Warsaw p.1   Clem Zielinski p.2   Clement "Bob" Zielinski was born in Warsaw, Poland on October 20, 1894 to Konstance and Julius Zielinski.   His father Julius was a member of the Royal Guard, and protected the Czar of Russia.   His family immigrated to the United States, and Clem arrived in Klickitat County in 1904.   He served at the tail end of World War I in France.   He married Nellie Garrison in 1920.   Framing, logging and construction were his life occupations.   Clement passed away on August 18, 1978 in Goldendale, and is buried on 2nd Street, Lot 17.
[Researcher Sources: Newspaper article {see link); (WA Marriage Records; WWI & WWII Draft Registrations; Soc Sec Death Index; WA Death Index; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses) - *Note: Birth year has been noted on Gravestone and his WWI Draft Registration as 1894, WWII Draft Registration as 1896, and Soc Sec Death Index as 1895. WA Marriage Records show Clem's mother's maiden name as something like "Chlapska". Family tree records show her maiden name as Kowalski]
Zielinski, John Arthur 07-16-1950
"Johnny" was the son of Bob & Juanita [Reed] Zielinski. drowned in Bowman Creek? Buried on 2nd Street, Lot 17.
Zielinski, Nellie Pearl Mar 1898
Born: Nebraska. Parents: Jane [Alder] & Jess Garrison.   Spouse (1920): Clement G Zielinski.   She is buried on 2nd Street Lot 17
[Researcher Sources: Son Clement's Obituary   Clem Zielinski Lived in Warsaw p.1 (1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Marriage Records which show Info on parents as well as marriage); WA State Digital Archives (WA Marriage Records]
Zumwalt, Clarence Bates 10-04-1874
Clarence Bates Zumwalt was born on October 4, 1874 in Oregon to Laura [Ridgeway] and Toliver E. Zumwalt. He married Bertha L. Waugh in 1900 (likely in Lane County, Oregon). Clarence passed away on December 19, 1949 at the age of 75 in Goldendale, Klickitat County.   [Researcher Resources: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 censuses; WWI Draft Registration, Washington Death Index, WA Birth Records (of his daughter Ilea Della Zumwalt). Clarence and Bertha divorced at some point in time, and Bertha was married to Charles Floyd Gorton in 1919. She died on Jan 3, 1949 and is buried in the Cowlitz View Memorial Gardens in Kelso, WA.]
Zumwalt, Effie Alice Jan 1864
Effie Alice Jordan was born in California in January 1864 to Mary M. [Morley] and John S. Jordan. She married Toliver Lite Zumwalt in 1882 in Oregon. (Toliver died in 1893 and he is buried near his first wife Laura, in the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery in Eugene, Oregon.) Effie passed away at the age of 85 in Goldendale on Mar 13, 1950.   [Researcher Resources: US & International Marriage Records 1560-1900; WA State Death Records; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1940 censuses. Effie's date of birth may be 01-15-1864]
Zumwalt, Fred William 07-28-1877
Sentinel Archive Obit   Findagrave Obit Link Fred William Zumwalt was born near Springfield, Lane, Oregon on July 28, 1877 to Laura V. [Ridgeway] and Toliver Lite Zumwalt. He married Minnie Larsen on April 3, 1906 in Bickleton, Klickitat, WA. Minnie died in 1950. Fred passed away on October 1, 1965 in Goldendale.   [Researcher Sources: 1880, 1900, 1910 (listed as Zumwald), 1920, 1930 censuses, WWII Draft Registration, WA Death Index, Soc Sec Death Index, Findagrave Memorial with Obit] S/2 Lot 1
Zumwalt, Loleta 01-28-1913
Loleta A. Zumwalt was born on January 28, 1913 in Washington State. She married Samuel L. Zumwalt (who died in 1970). Loleta passed away on January 24, 2007 in Wasco County, Oregon. She is buried in Plot: Block Section K lot 8, Sp 1.   [Researcher Resources: Soc Sec Death Index, Oregon Death Index; 1940 census.]
Zumwalt, Minnie Nov 1887
Minnie [Larsen] Zumwalt was born in November 1887 in Washington to Karen [Larsen] and Louis J (Lars) Larson. She married Fred W. Zumwalt on April 3, 1906 in Bickleton, Klickitat, WA. Minnie passed away at the age of 64 on February 17, 1952 in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington.   [Researcher Resources: Illustrated History of Klickitat...Counties (of her father Louis J. Larsen); 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 censuses; Washington Death Index, Findagrave Memorial]   S/2 Lot 1
Zumwalt, Samuel Lewis 08-01-1908
Parents: Katie [Green] and Charles Zumwalt. Spouse: Loleta. N/2 Lot 8
Zumwalt, Waldo Lite 04-24-1893
Sentinel Archive Obit   Born: Eugene, OR. Parents: Toliver & Effie.   [Researcher Note: Waldo married a Mrs. Hannah Woodring in 1927. I believe that Hannah's maiden name was Teachman and that she is buried in Lamont, Oklahoma with her family; however, this is speculative.]