This story was printed in The Sunday Oregonion, Portland, October 5, 1913.   It is available in the public domain through Historic Oregon Newspapers.

Joseph J. Zelenka

Widow and Children of a Wealthy Homesteader Will Share For tune of $20,000.

GOLDENDALE. Wash., Oct 4. (Special.)

An order of final settlement and distribution of the estate of Joseph J. Zelenka was made by Judge Darcb in tne Superior Court on Friday. Zelenka was a native of Hungary and came to Klickitat County in 1910 and took up a homestead on the Big Klickitat River near the Rusk Soda Springs. He died In 1911, leaving an estate valued at $20,000, consisting of 15,000 in notes and real estate valued at $5000.

A few days before his death Zelenka called in an attornev and [InrinrseH oil f?] the notes and deeded the real estate to his son, Martin Zelenka. It developed afterward that he had done this instead of making a will, giving his' son private instructions as to the distribution he wanted made of his property among his heirs. The trust Impact was not recognized by the court when the estate went to probate, although the son was willing to carry it out as he said his father had instructed him.

Martin Zelenka was appointed administrator and the estate went through the regular channels. Nineteen thousand dollars was left after the expenses and debts against the estate were paid. This will be distributed among the widow and eight children. The widow will receive one-third and the children will share the balance.