Mt. View Cemetery
Names Beginning with "A"

Name Dates Info
Abeling, Edward Theodore Julius 05-25-1877
A Goldendale Citizen (Biography)   Born in Connecticut to Emma [Berg] and Herman Abeling. Spouse 1 (1903): Mabel [Wheeler]. Spouse 2 (1959): Winifred Read. See Winfred's Death Notice   Ashes / Section 112 Lot 1
Abeling, Hermann Wheeler 1908
Notes   Hermann Wheeler Abeling was born in 1908 in Washington State to Mabel [Wheeler] and Edward Abeling. He died at the age of 32 on March 8, 1941 in Goldendale and is buried in Section 112 Lot 1.
Abeling, Mabel W 1883
Parents: Mary [Ely] & Martin Wheeler. Spouse (1903): Edward. Section 112 Lot 1
Abercrombie, Ann Maizie 1935
Section Y, Lot 10, Space 3
Abrams, Cheyenne Echo Marie 09-18-1996
Inscription: "Our precious angel Cheyenne Echo Marie Abrams, Sept 18, 1996 - Nov 24, 1997
Abshier, Joel Francis 08-10-1923
Parents: Frances [Pengra} and Joel Abshier. Tec5 Co C Infantry TNG DET WWII. Legion. Section 116 Lot 4 Space 3
Ackley, Phyllis A [Marlow] 1940-1966 Parents: Sylvia and Victor Marlow (both buried in the White Salmon Cemetery). Phyllis is buried in Section YY, Lot 5, Space 3
Adams, Ella D Dec 1856?
Ella D [Pierce] Adams was born in Wisconsin in 1856 to Belinda B. [Laythe] and Daniel W. Pierce. Ella D. Pierce married James F. Nelson on November 3, 1879 at her father's home in Klickitat County. On June 7, 1882, Ella D. Nelson married Carlton C. Roe at her father's home in Klickitat County. She married William H. Adams on January 16, 1896 in Goldendale, Klickitat, WA. Ella died at the age of 72 on November 14, 1929 in Yakima, Yakima, WA. Section 6 lot 6   [Researcher Note: All three marriages were verified on WA State Archives. Family tree resources on list Ella's birthdate as December 1, 1857. In the biography of her husband William Harris, her birth year is listed as 1859; the death index stated she was 72, which would likely make her birth year 1857; however, her gravestone is etched with 1856. Ella's middle name on the WA Death Records was listed as "Dianta;" however, family trees list it as "Diancia". Both of Ella's parents are buried in this cemetery under "Pierce".]
Adams, Esther Belinda 07-16-1896
Obit Link   Esther Belinda Adams was born on July 16, 1896 in Klickitat County, WA to Ella [Pierce] and William Harrison Adams. She married Virgil F. Adams on December 24, 1911. Her daughter Wilma was born in 1914. Esther passed away at the age of 18 on May 18, 1915 in North Yakima, Yakima, WA. Section 6 Lot 6
Adams, Eva May 07-19-1906
Gravestone   Eva May (or Eva Mae) [Baker] Adams was born July 19, 1906 in Oconto County, Wisconsin to Helen [Mauer] and Gilbert Baker. She married Ralph Daniel Adams in Whitman County, Washington on June 16, 1934. Ralph died in 1989. Eva passed away May 21, 1983 in Wasco County, Oregon. She is buried in Section V Lot 2
[Researcher Sources: WA Marriage Records; 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; Oregon Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index]
Adams, Howard Sr. 1896-1991 Section R Lot 9 Sp 3
Adams, Jacob 10-09-1817
Jacob Adams was born October 9, 1817 in North Carolina. He married Mary Ann [Mark]. The Adams family crossed the Oregon Trail in 1847. Jacob died on March 28, 1879 in Klickitat County.
Adams, Mary Ann 08-10-1820
Mary Ann [Mark] Adams was born on August 10, 1820 in Kentucky. She married Jacob Adams and the Adams family crossed the Oregon Trail in 1847.   Mary Ann died on November 9, 1888 in Klickitat County at Horseshoe Bend. Mention is made of her death in "Clippings of the Past" in the Goldendale Sentinel: The funeral of Grandma Adams".
Adams, Pearl 01-18-1898
Pearl [Jutzi] Adams was born on January 18, 1898 in Pollock, Louisiania to Annie L. [Waden] and Charles B. Jutzi. She married Robert H Adams. Pearl died on February 5, 1992 in Cowlitz County, Washington at the age of 94. Section R Lot 9 Sp 2
[Researcher Sources: WA Death Index; Soc Sec Applic & Claims Index; 1900 US Census]
Adams, Ralph Daniel 06-06-1913
Gravestone   Ralph Daniel Adams was born in Montana on June 6, 1913 to Minerva [Medole] and Ralph Adams. He married Eva May Baker on June 16, 1934 in Whitman County, Washington. His wife passed away on May 21, 1983 in Wasco County, Oregon. Ralph died on April 20, 1989 in Klickitat County, Washington. He is buried in Block Section V Lot 4 sp 3
[Researcher Sources: WA Marriage Records; 1920 & 1940 US Censuses; Soc Sec Death Index; WA Death Records]
Adams, Robert H   Plot: R Lot 9 space 4
Adams, William Harrison 02-27-1868
Bio Link   William Harrison Adams was born February 27, 1868 in Perry County, Pennsylvania to Catherine [Buck] and John F Adams. Orphaned at only 3 years of age, William was sent to work on a cattle ranch at ten years old. Shortly after coming to live in Klickitat County, he went to work for Daniel W. Pierce. He eventually married (on January 16, 1896), his employer's daughter Mrs. Ella D. [Pierce] Roe. William died on May 4, 1930 at the age of 62 in Yakima, Yakima, WA. Section 6 Lot 6
Adamson, John   Plot: 085 Lot 3
Adamsson, A Gustaf 08-29-1856
Son of AJ and Louisa / Born: Sweden. Section 85 Lot 3
Adamsson, A J 05-21-1820
Spouse Louisa / Born: Sweden. Section 85 Lot 3
Adamsson, Louisa 03-22-1819
Spouse: A.J.   Section 85 Lot 3
Addie-Matylinski, Mary Lu 01-19-1935
Findagrave Memorial/Photo   Mary Lu was born in Boulder, Wyoming to Gracie [Friesen] and Arthur McIntosh. She married Clement (Clem) Matylinski in Bend, Ore on April 18, 1957. The Matylinski family moved to Goldendale in 1960. Clement died on Mar 1, 2006 in Wasco County, Oregon.
Adkison, Paul Ellsworth 02-08-1909
Gravestone Paul Ellsworth Adkison was born in Yakima, WA on February 8, 1909 to Daisy and Charles Adkison. He was married to Cora Bell [Graham] on August 3, 1928 in Selah. In 1937, the Adkison family moved to Goldendale. Paul was the owner of the Red Star Truck Service. After a hiatus of several years when the family lived in Moses Lake, Vancouver and Ft. Lewis, they returned to Goldendale. After his wife Cora passed away in February 1978, Paul married Sarah E. Deatherage on June 24, 1978 in Klamath County, Oregon. Paul passed away on October 16, 2001 in Yakima, Washington. He was survived by his wife Sarah and his children: Paul Jr and Betty Clark. He is buried in Block Section X Lot 4 Sp 5
[Researcher Sources: Oregon Marriage Indexes; Soc Sec Death Index; WA Death Index; Obituary (found on; 1910, 1920, 1930 US Censuses]
Adkison, Sarah Elizabeth [Deatherage-Graham] 05-14-1911
Gravestone   Obituary   Sarah Elizabeth "Dutch" [Deatherage] Adkison was born on May 14, 1911 in San Juan County, Washington to Florence [Harris] and Martin Deatherage. She married Earl Graham on December 10, 1927. After many years in Santa Rosa, California, in 1951 she moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon. Sarah was widowed on November 18, 1976 when her husband Earl passed away. Sarah was married to the widowed Paul E. Adkison on June 24, 1978 in Klamath County, Oregon and lived in Goldendale with her husband Paul for many years. In 2000, Sarah moved to The Dalles. Sarah passed away on December 25, 2007 in Wasco County, Oregon.Section X Lot 4 Sp 4
[Researcher Sources: WA Births; WA marriage records; Oregon Marriage Indexes; Oregon Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index; Findagrave Memorials; 1920 & 1940 US Censuses]
Admiral, Dick 08-28-1866
Born: Holland to Katie [Blom] and Simon Admiral. Emigrated to US 1889. Filed petition for Naturalization in 1922. Died in Yakima.   Section 50 lot 5
Ague, Ralph Edson 1927
Section O Lot 8 Sp 4
Ahola, Abraham J Dec 1863
Abraham J. Ahola was born in December 1863 in Finland to Martha and Mathew Ahola. The Ahola family emigrated to the United States about 1873. Abraham was wed to Alice Louise Hall on November 26, 1891 in Klickitat County at the home of Henry Young by Judge Sol Smith. Alice Louise died in 1941. Abraham passed away at the age of 85 on July 12, 1949 in Medical Lake, Spokane, WA. He is buried on 1st Street in Lot 11.   [Researcher Resources: Findagrave Memorial for Abraham as well as Alice Louise; WA Death Records; 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 US Censuses; 1883 & 1887 Washington State and Territorial Censuses; Washington Marriage Records. Note: His parents' names were taken from the WA State Death Records.]
Ahola, Alice Louise 11-26-1873
Alice Louise [Hall] Ahola was born November 26, 1873 in Oregon to Mary [Marshall] and Langley Hall, Jr. She was married to Abraham J. Ahola on November 26, 1891 in Klickitat County at the home of Henry Young by Judge Sol Smith. Alice passed away in Yakima on July 2, 1941. She is buried in Section 109 lot 6   [Researcher Resources: Findagrave Memorial; WA Death Records; 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses; Washington Marriage Records. Note: Louise's mother, Mary is buried in this cemetery under the name "Rankin".]
Ahola, Jennie K 1894-1996 Section C lot 3 sp 4
Ahola, Margaret 1865
Margaret was born in Finland about 1865. Her father was Matthew Ahola. Her mother's name is listed under family trees as Bridget [Lunson]. WA death records list her mother's name as Mathilda [Laonin]. Margaret came to the United States with her family in 1873. Margaret passed away at the age of 84 in Medical Lake, Spokane, WA.   She is buried on 1st street, lot 17.
Ahola, Lillian Mayme 1897-1971 Nee: Lande. "Mayme" married Webster O. Ahola. She is buried on 4th street, lot 7.  
Ahola, Webster Orance 1895-1950 Webster was the son of Matilda [Mattson] and Matthew Ahola (1853-1931). Webster married Lillian Mayme[Lande]. He is buried with her on 4th Street, lot 7
Ahola, William F 09-19-1890
Obit Link   William F. Ahola was born in Centerville on September 19, 1890 to Matilda and Matthew Ahola. He married Jennie [Lowery] on October 15, 1913. William died on December 12, 1953 near Centerville.   Section C lot 2 sp 3
[Researchers Note: It appears that the names Aldrich, Aldridge and Alridge were used interchangeably, please check all of them.]
Aldrich, Addie M   (Note: could this be Ada Mae Alridge who is buried here). Section 110 Lot 1
Aldrich, Clara J 06-22-1938 Obituary   Clara [Parker] was married to Frank Aldrich on July 16, 1882 in Bay City, Bay, Michigan (Family Search online records). Frank died in 1916. Clara died on June 22, 1938 in Portland, Ore.   Section 37 lot 3
Aldrich, Frank A Feb 1859
Agriculturist Obit link   Knights of Pythias   Sentinel Obit Link   Frank was born in Michigan in February 1859. He married Clara J. Parker on July 16, 1882 in Bay City, Bay, Michigan (Family Search online records). Frank died on January 10, 1916 in The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon.   Section 37 Lot 3
Aldrich, Harry Wesley 08-07-1881
Death Announcement   Harry Wesley Aldrich was born August 7, 1891 in Oregon to Clara J [Parker/Barker] and Frank Aldrich. He was married to Miss Mary Leona Tuttle on April 9, 1913 in Yakima. Harry died at the age of 23 in Glenwood, Klickitat, Washington of epilepsy. He is buried in Section 37 Lot 3
Aldrich, Merle 12-25-1895
6 days old. Buried in Section 37, Lot 3
[This researcher speculates that this is possibly the son of Clara [Parker/Barker] and Frank Aldrich, since he is buried beside Harry Wesley Aldrich, the son of Clara and Frank, and in the family plot with Frank Aldrich.]
Aldridge, Franklin 07-13-1884
Franklin Aldridge was born July 13, 1884 to Flora [Barker] and Frank Aldridge. He died in Portland, OR on July 10, 1926.   Section 110, Lot 1
Alexander, Gladys 1909-1990 Section R Lot 6 Sp 5
Alexander, Hilda E 1921-1969 Section P Lot 5 Sp 3
Alexander, James A 1947-1970 Section N Lot 8 Sp 3
Alexander, Ronald 1915-1971 Section P Lot 5 Sp 4
Alexander, Theodore H  1905-1974 "Alex". Section R Lot 5 Sp 1
Allard, Carl Edward 1941
Carl Edward Allard was born in 1941 to Marian [Easterbrooks] and Carl P. Allard. He died on March 30, 1955 in Goldendale at the age of 13. He is buried in Section A Lot 4 Sp 4
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)]
Allard, Marion 06-02-1903
Marion Allard was born June 2, 1903. She passed awway December 31, 1972 in Goldendale. She is buried in Section A Lot 4 Sp 4
[Researcher Sources: (WA Death Records; Soc Sec Death Index)]
Allbritton, Edward L 07-14-1885
Obit Link   Edward Lee Allbritton was born on July 14, 1885 to Mary and Thomas Allbritton in Iowa. He came to Washington at the age of 15 and married Eunice [Churchill] on November 29, 1905. Edward died on December 29, 1954 in Portland, Oregon where he was receiving treatment for lung problems.   2nd Street Lot 2
Allbritton, Eunice 1885-1972 "Services Held Here"   Nee: Churchill. 2nd Street Lot 2
Allbritton, Kenneth W 1911-1992 Section Y Lot 1
Allen, Elbert E 1912-1990 Section K Lot 9 Sp 5
Allen, James G D 1993 Section G Lot 9 Sp 2
Allen, James William 03-29-1851
Obit Link   James William Allen was born on March 29, 1851 in Burlington, Ohio. He came west at the age of 16 and lived in Montana and Grant County, Oregon. James married Mary E. [Mulcare] on August 13, 1878. The Allen family moved to Goldendale in 1923. James passed away on February 22, 1933 in Goldendale. Section 4 Lot 5
Allen, Lucy P 04-25-1835
Lucy P Allen was born April 25, 1835 in Kentucky. She married Robert W Allen. Lucy died on December 20, 1917 in Portland, Oregon, and is buried in Plot: Block Section 44 Lot 2.
[Researcher Sources: Gravestone Etching; Chapman Funeral Records; (Oregon Death Index)]
Allen, Margaret (Vogt) 1925-1994 Gravestone   Section M Lot 7 Sp 3
Allen, Paul N 1922-1961 Section YY Lot 7
Allen, Robert W abt 1819
Robert W. Allen was born about 1819. He married Lucy P. died March 25, 1894 at the age of 74 years, 4 months, 3 days. Section 44 Lot 2
Allen, Walter G 1936-1970 Section G Lot 9 Sp 3
Allen, Wealthy M 1889-1975 Section K Lot 9 Sp 4
Allen, William E 1942-1982 Gardner's White Salmon. Section P Lot 3 Sp 1
Alley, Bennie 03/05/1901 1 month old   Section 73 Lot 2
Allison, Daisy D. 08-21-1883
Gravestone   Obituary (Obituary in Col 7, but also see column 3_   Daisy Dunlap was born in Iowa on August 21, 1883 to Angeline [Moore] and James H. Dunlap. She married Edward C. Allison on June 5, 1905 in Clarinda, Iowa. Daisy passed away on January 24, 1925 in Goldendale, WA at the age of 41. She is buried in Plot: Block Section 28 Lot 6.
Allison, Edward Curlin 10-07-1882
Gravestone   The Reports of his son -- Killed in Action Link   Ed Allison [Jr] is Killed in Pacific   Edward Curlin Allison was born on October 7, 1882 in Whiting, Iowa to Margaret [Curlin] and James D Allison. His first wife was Daisy Dunlap who passed away in 1925 in Goldendale. Edward subsequently married Miss Ruth Baker in Spokane, WA on October 7, 1929.   Edward passed away on February 7, 1943 at the age of 60 in Goldendale; he buried in Plot: Block Section 28 lot 6. His son Edward Jr was killed in action during WWII in the Pacific.   [Researcher Note: Edward's gravestone says 1882; however, he listed his birthdate on his WWI Draft Registration as 1881. Then on his WWII Draft Registration it cited 1883, so I went by the date on his gravestone. His first wife's death records can be accessed at WA State Archives under the last name of "Dunlap Allison".]
Allison, Mollie 04-13-1856
Gravestone   Obit Link   Mollie (or Molly) was born to Mary [Guy/Grey?] and Daniel McKillip on April 13, 1856 in the state of Kentucky. She married Al Allison, who died about 1928 in Idaho. Mollie Allison died at the age of 80 on February 12, 1937 in Goldendale. She is buried in Plot: Section 29 Lot 2
Allison, Ruth B. 1890
Gravestone Ruth Baker was born in 1890 to Emma C. [Look] and George H. Baker.   She married widower Edward C. Allison in Spokane, WA on October 7, 1929. Ruth passed away on January 1, 1943 in Goldendale, Washington at the age of 52. He is buried in Plot: Block Section 28 Lot 6
Allyn, Buena Vista 07-17-1874
Buena Vista [Smith] Allyn was born in Virginia on July 17, 1874. Her father's name was Samuel Smith. Buena married Joseph Henry Allyn on January 1, 1896 in Goldendale, Klickitat County. She passed away at the age of 77 on July 15, 1951 in Goldendale.   Section 106 Lot 3   [Researcher Sources: Findagrave Memorial, WA State Death Records, Klickitat County Marriage Records.]
Allyn, Cecil Virgil 1914
Section 84 Lot 3
Allyn, Homer "Oscar" 11-26-1879
Obituary: Homer Oscar Allyn (column 3) and also see on that page in (column 7) Funeral Services for Allyn Held   Homer "Oscar" Allyn was born in Klickitat County on November 26, 1879 to Mary [Goddard] and James H. Allyn. He married Mrs. Florence Kearney on February 11, 1914 in Lakin, Kansas. The Allyn family settled in Goldendale. Their two children both died in infancy. Oscar passed away on July 14, 1938 in Goldendale. Oscar is buried in Plot: Block Section 46 Lot 1. (His widow Florence was married to Ora Penning on May 18, 1945 in Lewis County.)
Allyn, Infant   Section 46 Lot 1
Allyn, James Henry 04-12-1897
Corp. Henry Allyn Dies in France   Obit Link   Died of diptheria in the hospital in France while deployed during WWI / Remains buried Goldendale IOOF 11-14-1920 / Parents: Rufus & Sarah.   Section 32 Lot 1
Allyn, James H (Rev.) 06-04-1822
Spouse: Mary Louise [Goddard].   Section 46 Lot 1
Allyn, Jesse G 03-22-1875
Parents: Mary Louisa [Goddard] and James Henry Allyn.   Spouse #1: Married Rosetta May Miller on 12-3-1899 in Goldendale. Rosetta died in 1939 and is buried in the IOOF Mtn View Cemetery.   Spouse #2: Married Orma DePee in 1940. [Orma was previously married to Charles DePee, and after his death in 1935 to Frank Alexander who died in 1938).   Jesse was the former mayor of Goldendale.   Jesse is buried in Section 85 Lot 5
Allyn, Joseph Henry 1870-1959 Section 106 Lot 3
Allyn, Laura C 1876-1951 Nee: Smith   Section 118 Lot 1
Allyn, Lester H 1919-1995 Section 106 Lot 3 Sp 4
Allyn, Mary Louise 11-17-1839
Obit Link.   Nee: Goddard / Spouse #1: Orville De Marion Sturgess / Spouse #2: Robert Nerton / Spouse #3 Rev. James Allyn.   Section 46 Lot 1
Allyn, Orma Z 12-20-1882
Father: William Johnson. Spouse #1: Married Charles DePee on Dec 5, 1899 in Dade, Missouri. Charles died on 9-30-1935 and is buried in the Maryhill-Columbus Cemetery.   Spouse #2: Married Frank Eugene Alexander on 4-3-1937 in Vancouver, WA. Frank passed away in 1938 and is buried in the Maryhill-Columbus Cemetery.   Spouse #3: Married Jesse G. Allyn on June 18, 1940 Jesse passed away in 1956 and is buried in the Goldendale IOOF Mountain View Cemetery.   Section K Lot 4
Allyn, Robert James Feb 1921
Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Allyn. Died at age 1 year 8 months in Portland, Oregon   Section 46 Lot 1
Allyn, Rosetta Mae 11-18-1878
Rosetta was born to Isabel [Chapman] and Alexander Miller. She married Jesse G. Allyn on 12-3-1899 in Goldendale. Rosetta passed away on 09-07-1939 in Goldendale and is buried in Section 85 Lot 5
Allyn, Rufus Clark 06-10-1872
Rufus Clark Allyn was born in Oregon to Mary Louisa Goddard and Joseph Henry Allyn on June 10, 1872. He married Sarah Isabel Bogart on October 24, 1892 in Goldendale, Klickitat County by Rev. O.C. Weller (This was a first marriage for both of them.) Rufus passed away on July 15, 1959 in Everett, Snohomish, WA. He is buried in Plot Block Section 32, Lot 1.
[Researcher Sources: (Washington Marriage Records; WA Death Records; 1900, 1910, 1920 US Censuses; 1883 1885, 1887, 1889 WA State & Territorial Censuses)]
Allyn, Sarah Isabel "Belle" [Bogart] 08-20-1864
Rites Held in Goldendale for Mrs. Belle Allyn (column 1)   Sarah Isabel "Belle" [Bogart] Allyn was born on August 20, 1864 in Illinois to Mary [Turner] and Henry D. Bogart. In 1888, she crossed the plains by covered wagon. On October 24, 1892, Belle was married to Rufus C. Allyn in Goldendale. In 1917, she left Klickitat County to live in Seattle with her daughter. On July 13, 1948, Belle passed away in Seattle, and was buried Block Section 32, Lot 1 by her son James Henry Allyn, who died in WWI.   [Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); (WA Marriage Records, 1900, 1910, 1920 US Censuses) - Note: Both of "Belle's parents are also buried in this cemetery, along with her husband and other family members]
Allyn, Walter Horace 06-06-1878
Walter was born in Chehalis County, Washington to Mary L. [Goddard] and Rev. James H. Allyn.   Walter died of Typhoid Fever and is buried in Section 46 Lot 1.
[Researchers Note: Please look for the name "Alridge" next to "Aldridge". It appears that the names Aldrich, Aldridge and Alridge were used interchangeably, please check all of them.]
Alridge, Ada Mae 05-20-1892
May Alridge (column 4)   Obit (link by Jeffrey Elmer)   Ada Mae Alridge was born on May 20, 1892 to Flora [Barker] and Frank Alridge in Wisconsin.   She relocated to Deer Lodge Montana.   Ada passed away on November 24, 1925 in Powell County, Montana.
Obituary; Montana Death Index; 1920 US Census)]
Alridge, Frank 12-21-1854
Gravestone   Obit (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer)   Frank Alridge was born on December 21, 1854 to Mary [Burke] and Frank Alridge. He married Flora about 1874, and they had six children: Minnie, Jose, Clara, May, Frank and Bert.   Frank passed away on March 5, 1920 in Goldendale. He and Frank are buried in Plot 110 Lot 1
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Records (Death Records); Chapman Funeral Records; (1900, 1910 US Censuses)]
Alridge, Flora Dec 1855
Flora [Barker] Alridge was born in Wisconsin in December 1855 in New York to Margaret [Upthagrove] and Ira Barker.   She married Frank Alridge about 1874, and they had six children: Minnie, Jose, Clara, May, Frank and Bert.   Flora passed away on November 27, 1926 in Goldendale. She and Frank are buried in Plot 110 Lot 1
[Researcher Sources: Findagrave; WA State Digital Records (Death Records); (1910 & 1920 US Censuses)]
Alvord, Charles Clarence 10-23-1859
Bio Link   Obit Link   Charles Clarence Alvord was born October 23, 1859 to Sarah [Wilder] and Wolcutt Alvord in Newport, Illinois. He married Elizabeth (Lizzie) B. Pierce on December 15, 1886 in Klickitat County. After Lizzie's death in 1901, Charles was married again to Maud [Parrott] who passed away in 1922. Charles died at the age of 85 in Goldendale on February 27, 1945 and is buried in Section 6 Lot 3
Alvord, Elizabeth B "Lizzie" 06-22-1865
Obit Link   Elizabeth B. [Pierce] Alvord was born on June 21, 1865 in Vermont to Belinda [Laythe] and Daniel Winchester Pierce. "Lizzie" was married to Charles C. Alvord on Dec. 15, 1886 in Klickitat County at her parents' residence by Rev. J.T. Eshelman. Elizabeth passed away on July 1, 1901 at the age of 36.   [Researcher Resources: Father's Obituary, Husband's obituary; 1870, 1880 & 1900 US censuses; 1889 & 1892 WA State & Territorial Censuses; Washington Marriage Records.]
Alvord, Maud Sarah 08-03-1877
Parents: Martha [Uell] and George Parrott. Section 27 Lot 4
Ames, William P 1824
William P. Ames was born in 1824 in South Tamworth, Carroll County, New Hampshire. He was a lumber manufacturer in South Tamworth. During the Civil War, he served as an army surgeon. William married Adaline M. Locke. (Born in 1824; died in 1897). The Ames family moved to Mahaska County, Iowa for several years. They eventually moved to Klickitat County in 1879. The Ames family was present in the 1880 US Census in Klickitat County, with the parents William and Adeline and children William, Stanley and Frank. William died on July 16, 1881.   [Researcher Note: The information in this brief biography comes from a biography of his son, William O. Ames.   There is some confusion as to his death date. The gravestone appears to be etched with 1881. His son's biography stated that William died in 1882; however, he is listed in the 1883 Washington State and Territorial Census. The gravestone also is etched with the age of 63 years. This is not in keeping with the 1824 birth date cited by his son's biography or with US censues that range to 1828.]
Amidon, Eugene H 1909-1990 "Bud"   Section R Lot 9 Sp 5
Amundson, Amanda K 1890-1986 Section D Lot 2 Sp 1
Amundson, Andrew 1874-1959 Obit Link   Section D Lot 2 Sp 1
Amundson, Donald I 1915-1951 Section D Lot 2 Sp 2
Anderson, Andy L 1919-1990 Section 68 Lot 1 / Ashes
Anderson, Bertha 10-30-1861
Illness Fatal to Mrs. Anderson at Klickitat (column 6)   Klickitat Woman Interred Here (column 1)   Obituary: Mrs. Hans Anderson (column 2)   Andersons Mark Golden Wedding at Klickitat (column 2)   Bertha [Anderson/Andersen] Anderson was born on October 30, 1861 at Broten, Hollingdaal, Norway. Her father's name was Andrew Anderson. Bertha immigrated to the United States at the age of 18, going first to Chicago, and then to Minnesota where she married her husband Hans Anderson On April 9, 1898 in the Red Oak Grove church in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. The Anderson family settled in Klickitat County in 1929. Bertha passed away on July 11, 1948 in Klickitat, Klickitat, WA. She is buried in Block Section 47 Lot 5.   [Researcher Sources: Although her obituary stated that Bertha was married to Hans in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, church records indicate that the Red Oack Grove church and marriage were Austin, Minnesota (see US Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Records on]
Anderson, Clara May 11-11-1891
Funeral Reference   Clara May Anderson ws born November 11, 1891 to Maggie E. [Parks] and Andrew A. Anderson. Clara passed away on June 5, 1923 in Goldendale. She is buried in Plot: Block Section 016 Lot 3.
[Researcher Sources: Chapman Funeral Records; WA State Digital Records (Death Records)]
Andersen, Einar J 1896-1947 Section: 8th Street, Lot 3
Anderson, Ernest W D 1945 No Record / County Burial
Anderson, Flora Angeline 02-03-1908
Gravestone   Flora Angeline Anderson was born in Kansas on February 3, 1908 to Nancy Ellen (Nannie) Akers and Daniel Monroe Ray. She married Thomas Ed Anderson on July 3, 1924 in Goldendale. Flora died on August 6, 1928 at the age of 20 in Goldendale, Klickitat, Washington. (Flora's parents are buried in the Spring Creek Cemetery.)   Section 16 Lot 3
Anderson, Fred D 1951 Section A Lot 1
Anderson, George P 1906-1951 Spouse: Ina.   Section 108 Lot 6
Anderson, Hans 1875
Section 47 Lot 5
Anderson, Harold E 1906-1955 Section 171 Lot 2
Anderson, Ina L 1915-1941 Spouse: George.   Section 108 Lot 6
Anderson, Joan Ellen 05-18-1933
F.H. Anderson and son Fred   Out-of-town relatives were here Tuesday to attend the funeral (column 4)   Obituary   Parents: Wilma V. [Adams] and Frederick G. Anderson.   Nearly 21 month old Joan Anderson died in Yakima of pneumonia.   Section 6
Anderson, Maggie E 07-18-1862
Obituary (link by Jeffrey Elmer)   Maggie E [Parker] Anderson was born on July 18, 1862 to Jane [McIntire] and James Parker in Illinois. The Parker family moved to Kansas. Maggie moved to Washington State and soon after married Andrew A. Anderson in Cheney, Washington on March 1, 1883. They raised their family in Cheney, WA, Thompson Falls, Montana and then Oregon. Maggie passed away in Goldendale on June 23, 1928 and is buried in Section 16 Lot 3.
[Researcher Sources: Newspaper Obituary; WA State Digital Archives (Marriage and Death Records)]
Anderson, Marjorie L 1923-1980 Section K Lot 9 Sp 2
Anderson, Mary 1860-1944 Section 7th Street, Lot 7
Anderson, Vivian V 1906-1949 Section 10th Street Lot 18
Anderson, William P 1902-1980 Section S Lot 3 Sp 1
Andrews, Louise 'Hortense' 10-06-1849
born in Sweden / Nee: Adamsson / Spouse: Edwin M.   Section 85 Lot 3
Andrews, Infant    
Anrig, Antone Paul 02-26-1904
Section 7 Lot 11
Anrig, Edna Mae 08-31-1905
Nee: Allyn. Buried in Section 7 Lot 10.5 (Alley between 10 & 11)
Anrig, Viola M 07-27-1916
Section B Lot 9 Sp 1
Arehart, Birdie Jane 1913-1986 Section T Lot 8 Sp 2
Arney, Randall Nave 12-31-1943
Killed in action from an explosive device in Thua Thien, S. Vietnam. US Army 101st Airborne  
Asker, Maxine Velma 01-25-1925
Obituary and Gravestone   Maxine Velma Radcliffe was born January 25, 1925 in Oregon to Velma Mary [Conlee] and Norman Radcliffe. She married Sgt William A McDowell on the 16th of March 1942 in Goldendale, Klickitat, WA (WA Marriage Records)   At some point in time, Maxine married Kenton William Asker, and lived in Sagle, Idaho for many years. Maxine died on March 29, 1997.   [Researcher Note: I located a gravestone with Maxine's name and information etched into it in the IOOF Mountain View Cemetery. However, I also found online a Findagrave Memorial for Maxine (without a photo of the gravestone) in the Cottonwood Cemetery in Cottonwood, Idaho where her husband Kenton WIlliam Asker is buried. It states that Maxine died in Sagle, Bonner County, Idaho.]
Atherton, John about 1861
John Atherton (column 2)  
Athow, Sophia H 1878-1964 Link to Letter   Section 1 Lot 5
Atkins, Eva 1897-1993 Section L Lot 5 Sp 1
Atkins, Everet (Evert Augeat?) Jul 1932
Parents: Nettie [Lindley] and Winfield Otto Atkins.   . Child died in Goldendale and is buried in Section 10th Street, Lot 16 [Researcher Note: WA Death Records list name as Evert, but Gravestone lists it as Everet. The WA Death records cite death date as 10-28-1932, but the gravestone says Nov 1932.
Atkins, Harold Donald 05-01-1911
Gravestone   Harold D. Atkins was born on May 1, 1911 in Oregon to Nettie May and Winfield Otto Atkins. He was married to Virginia "June" Groves on May 8, 1937 in Centerville, Klickitat, WA. June and Harold were very active in local social events, especially The Grange. Harold passed away on October 30, 1980 in Goldendale. June died on December 14, 1996 in Goldendale. He is buried in Section K Lot 9 Sp 1.
[Researcher Sources: WA Marriage Records; WA Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses]
Atkins, Infant D 1966 Baby from Old Addition
Atkins, James Ray 1886-1979 N/2 - Lot 6
Atkins, June [Groves] 06-08-1917
(Please see Virginia June Atkins)
Atkins, Leon Willy 1885-1964 N/2 - Lot 5
Atkins, Louisa Melvina 09-08-1865
Obit Link   Louisa Melvina Ellis was born in Jamestown, Michigan on September 8, 1865 to Sarah [Schoonover] and Jesse Ellis. She was married in Manton, Michigan on January 26, 1882 to Winfield J. Atkins. The Atkins family moved to Goldendale in 1900. Louisa passed away at the age of 92 on November 16, 1957 in Goldendale. She is buried on 1st Street, Lot 3.
Atkins, Morris D 1988 Welfare
Atkins, Nellie 1907-1943 Nee: King
Atkins, Nettie May 1891-1966 N/2 - Lot 16
Atkins, Virginia "June" [Groves] 06-08-1917
Gravestone   Obituary (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer)   Virginia "June" [Groves] Atkins was born to Luella [Chitwood] and Delbert Groves on June 8, 1917 in Menominee, Wisconsin. As a very young child, June moved to McAllen, Texas and then to Tulsa, Oklahoma with her family. The family moved again to Hansen, Idaho where she was Valedictorian and Student Body president. June married Harold Donald Atkins on May 8, 1937 in Centerville, Klickitat County, WA. Harold died on October 30, 1980. On December 14, 1996, June passed away in Goldendale. She is buried in Section K Lot 9
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Marriage Records; Soc Sec Death Index; US Soc Sec Applic & Claims Index]
Atkins, Winfield Jacob Sep 1853
Winfield Jacob Atkins was born in Vermont in September 1853 to ___ [Washburn] and James Atkins. He was married in Manton, Michigan on January 26, 1882 to Louisa Melvina [Ellis]. Winfield died at the age of 95 on February 2, 1949 in Goldendale.
Atkins, Winfield Otto 08-04-1891
Nov 1966
Winfield Otto Atkins was born August 4, 1891. He passed away in 1966 and is buried on 10th Street, Lot 16.
Atkinson, Edward Elmer 12-24-1879
Obit Link Edward Elmer Atkinson was born on December 24, 1879 in Yamhill County, Oregon to Eliza [Parrot] and John Atkinson. He came to Klickitat County in 1893 with his parents. Edward was married to Agnes. he passed away on October 17, 1929 in Toppenish, Yakima, WA.   [Researcher Note: There is a discrepancy with the middle initial. In Edward's father's obituary, Edward's middle initial is listed as a "D" -- however, in the WA State Archive and on his WWI Draft Registration, his middle name is clearly listed as "Elmer". In the Chapman Funeral records, an "E" is listed for Edward's middle initial. I could not locate additional information about his wife Agnes.]
Atkinson, Eliza Jane 08-11-1859
Obit Link   Eliza Jane Parrott was born August 11, 1859 in Kansas to Martha [Ewell] and George Parrott. She was married on March 12, 1877 in Oregon to John Atkinson. The Atkinson family moved to Klickitat County in 1893. Eliza passed away on November 21, 1921 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.
Atkinson, Hugh Melvin 06-09-1883
Obit Link   Hugh Melvin Atkinson was born on June 9, 1883 in Newberg, Oregon to Eliza [Parrot] and John Atkinson. On October 21, 1909 he married Florence Jones. Hugh died of pneumonia on March 14, 1919 in Portland, Oregon.
Atkinson, John 10-13-1852
Obit Link   John Atkinson was born October 13, 1852 in Norway County, Missouri. He married Eliza Jane Parrott in Yamhill County, Oregon on March 12, 1876. The Atkinson family moved to Klickitat County in 1893. His wife Eliza died in Portland on November 21, 1921. John passed away February 20, 1931 in Portland, Oregon.   [Research Resources: WA State Archives, Oregon Death Records (, Chapman Funeral Records, Newspaper Obituaries]
Austin, Berneice E 1911-1969  
Austin, Clarence E 1902-1984  
Averill, Archie E 1899-1967  
Averill, Hazel Iona 1903-1975  
Avery, Grace C 01-05-1904
Father: Pete Conboy. Spouse: William Avery. Section C Lot 5.00 Space 2
Ayers, John G 1875-1970 John G Ayres was born in 1875. He married the widowed Martha Elizabeth Hollett on January 1, 1961. John passed away in 1970. He is buried on 2nd Street, Lot 8. Martha died in 1981.  [Researcher Sources: 1940 US Census; WA State Digital Archives (Marriage Records)]
Ayers, Martha E 1875-1961 Martha Elizabeth [maiden name?] was born about 1877 in Idaho. She married James Andrew Hollett. Martha was married again many years later to John G Ayers in Klickitat County on January 1, 1961. Martha passed away in 1981 and is buried on 2nd Street, Lot 8.   [Researcher Sources: 1940 US Census; WA State Digital Archives (Marriage Records)]