Centerville Cemetery Obituaries

Name Birth Death Note
Ahola, Peter 11-07-1858 09-05-1928 Peter Ahola (see columns 1 & 4)   Spouse: Ethelda May [Miller]
Anderson, Rebecca 05-23-1884 01-03-1928 Death Suddenly Calls   Obituary   Nee: Garner
Basse, Elmer Erick 03-18-1902 08-08-1964 Obituary
Brown, Albert J. 08-08-1850 09-19-1928 The death of A.J. Brown (column 3)   Founder of Centerville Dies (link provided by Jeffrey Elmer)   Another Klickitat County Pioneer (column 4) Mother's surname: Day. Father: Thomas Brown. Spouse: Elizabeth Russell
Childs, Frances about 1845 10-27-1918 Mrs. Childs who died Sunday (See Col. 5 Centerville)   Mrs. Frances Childs of Hartland died Sunday (See col. 3)   Nee: Abernathy
Crawford, Julia Anne 01-27-1839 10-12-1928 Julia A. Crawford (column 5)   Most everyone from here attended the funeral (column 2)   Obituary (link by Jeffrey L. Elmer)   Julia A. [Decious] Crawford was born on January 27, 1839 in Ohio to Mary [Stevens] and John Decious. She married William N. Crawford in Susanville, California and they settled in Klickitat County in 1877. The Crawfords had six children, with three surviving Julia's death, including John, William and Minnie [Saxton]. The Crawfords' son James died as an infant on December 12, 1880 and their daughter Pearl died on January 16, 1881. Julia's husband William died on September 23, 1907. William and their two small children were all buried in the Crawford Cemetery Their daughter Minnie [Crawford] Saxton is buried in the Centerville Cemetery. Death Records can be found for Julia at the WA State Digital Archives.
Crocker, Anna Bertha 1876 10-19-1918 Mrs. Anna Crocker died of pneumonia (see Centerville)  
Crocker, Eva 08-16-1880 12-01-1938 Funeral Rites (link by Jeffrey Elmer)   Eva [Hagen] Crocker was born on August 16, 1880 in Centerville. Her father's name was John Hagen, the "first minister of the Finnish Apostolic church" in Centerville. Eva married Matt Crocker on October 3, 1920 in Centerville. Eva passed away on December 1, 1938 in Centerville, Klickitat, WA.
Crocker, Ida Marie [Mattson] 03-25-1880 06-09-1942 Sentinel Death Notice   Sentinel Obituary   Ida Marie Crocker was born in Centerville on March 25, 1880 to Anne [Kaleton/Carlton?] and Lars Mattson. She married William Matthew Wiidenan on June 21, 1898 in Centerville. William died on January 8, 1940 in Goldendale. The widowed Ida married Matthew Crocker on January 16, 1941 in Goldendale. She died on June 9, 1942 at the age of 62 in Goldendale. Of the nine children born to Ida and William, six outlived both of their parents, including Edna, Burton, Albine, Francis, Merle and Wesley.
[Researcher Sources: Sentinel Obituary; 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930 US Censuses; WA Marriage & Death Records]
Dooley, John R 01-03-1853 04-19-1918 Obituary
Dooley, Oliver John 02-24-1885 07-05-1900 The 17-year-old son of J.R. Dooley (column 1)   Oliver John Dooley was born on March 24, 1885 in Huggins Township, Gentry County, Missouri. His father's name was John R. Dooley. Oliver's younger brother accidentally shot him on the 4th of July. He died on the 5th of July.   [Researcher Sources: Newspaper; Missouri Birth Records; 1900 US Census]
Dunn, Katherina Matilda "Kate" 07-07-1880 03-10-1935 Word was received (column 5)   Funeral Services Held at Centerville   Findagrave Memorial with Obituary   According to WA State Death Records, Kate's parents were Sarah [Liimatta] and John Klockner. Spouse (1889): William Dunn
Erickson, Bertha 02-24-1869 11-05-1935 Mrs. Albert Erickson Passes (column 6)   Mrs. Bertha Erickson (column 3)   Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Albert Erickson (column 1)   Bertha Walburi Leinonen. Born in Finland, but emigrated to the U.S. in 1893. She married Peter Karjala in 1893. He died in 1895, and the widowed Bertha married Albert Erickson in 1898.
Eshelman, Rev. Singleton Cloud 11-30-1882 01-22-1938 Last Rites Held for Eshelman (column 7)   Rev. Singleton Cloud Eshelman: Obituary   The hearts of Centerville Grange Patrons (column 7)   Singleton Cloud Eshelman was born on November 30, 1882 to Rosa [Tobin] and Jefferson Eshelman in Centerville. He married Emma [Niemela] on June 25, 1905 in Centerville, Klickitat, WA. For sixteen years, he served as the Pastor of the Centerville Church of Christ.   Rev. Eshelman passed away in Yakima.
Glenn, Ida A 03-25-1884 01-20-1918 Obituary (col 4)   Ida A. Jacobson was born on the 25th of March 1884 near Centerville to Christina [Hayla] and Jacob Jacobson. She married Roy S. Glenn in Goldendale on April 19, 1905. They had one daughter, Virginia. Ida passed away in Vancouver, WA on January 20, 1918.
[Researcher Sources: Mother's maiden name from Jacob's Findagrave Memorial & Obituary; WA Death Records; Goldendale Sentinel Obituary]
Humphrey, Washsilven 01-17-1958 01-18-1958 Graveside Services (link & research by Jeffrey Elmer)   One day old infant boy, Washsilven Humphrey, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Humphrey.   [Researcher Note: Date of birth was assumed from the death date]
Jacobson, Jacob 03-10-1843 10-12-1935 Pioneer Centerville Farmer Dies   Born in Finland. Immigrated to US in 1872. Married Christina [Hayla]. The Jacobsons were the first Finnish people in Klickitat County when they settled in Centerville on July 4, 1877.
Jaekel, Christina Margaret 06-13-1846 01-19-1925 Obituary   Findagrave Memorial/Obituary   Nee: Linderman. Spouse: John Jaekel
Jaekel, Charles F. 08-26-1869 01-05-1945 Charles F. Jaekel Dies in Portland (column 1)   Charles F. Jaekel (column 2)   Charles F. Jaekel wa born on August 26, 1869 in Wisconsin to Christine and John Jaekel. The Jaekel family settled in Klickitat County when Charles was quite young. Charles farmed in the Centerville area, as well as serving as a deputy assessor in Klickitat County. He died in Portland Oregon on January 5, 1945.
Kaidera, Ina Faye 03-29-1882 03-31-1948 Ina F. Kaidera Succumbs After Long Illness (column 4)   Ina F. Kaidera (Column 5)   Ina Faye [Todd] Kaidera was born in Toddville, Iowa on March 29, 1882 to Rebecca and Ozro Todd. The Kaidera family settled in the Centerville area in 1888 as early Klickitat Pioneers. Ina married John C. Kaidera on May ?, 1900 in Centerville. Ina died on March 31, 1948 at home in Goldendale. She was buried in the Centerville Cemetery.
Mattson, Hille Henry 08-13-1904 01-02-1918 "The oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mattson" (Col 4)   Obituary (Col 3)   Hille Henry Mattson was born August 13, 1904 to Alina [Leimatta] and Arthur Mattson. He died on January 2, 1918 in The Dalles hospital with pneumonia.
[Researcher Sources: The Goldendale Sentinel; Oregon Death Index; 1910 US Census; Father Arthur's Obituary]
Mattson, Theodore Leland 03-10-1908 01-06-1928 The funeral of the late Teddy Mattson (column 4)   Obituary  
Mattson, Myrtle Elda 02-09-1918 11-14-1918 A fine baby girl was born (See Centerville col 6)   The nine months (See col 3)   The infant child (See Centerville col 2)   Parents: Minnie [Duff] and Everett Mattson
Mulligan, Linnie F. 02-14-1882 08-02-1964 Obituary
Mustonen, Gus about 1863 11-11-1928 M.W. Chapman was called last night to take Gus Mustonen (column 2)   Gus Mustonen died at The Dalles (column 6)   [Researcher Note: Chapman Funeral Records cite his burial at Centerville Cemetery, and therefore, his name is placed at this cemetery. I could not locate the promised "obituary" to follow. His name is cited as "Gus Mustouen" in the Oregon Death Index.]
Niemela, Ida Elmina [Walman] 10-22-1877 09-14-1966 Reception Honors William Niemelas 60th Wedding Anniversary (column 1)   Photos: 60 Years Together (column 3)   Family tree with obituaries   Ida [Walman] Niemela was born October 22, 1877 in Calumet, Michigan to Johanna [Mook] and Gabriel Walman. She married William Niemela on January 5, 1898 at Maryhill, Klickitat, WA. (They celebrated 60 years of marriage together with their friends and family on December 28, 1957.) The Niemelas had seven children together. They owned a wheat and cattle ranch in the Centerville area. William died in 1964. Ida passed away September 14, 1966 in Goldendale.   [Researcher Sources: (WA Death Index; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 US Censuses; Soc Security Applications and Claims Index
Niemela, Infant son 1948 1948 Services for Infant (column 7)   The infant son of Mrs. and Mrs. Ben Niemela of Klickitat was buried in the Centerville cemetery on September 2, 1948.
Niemela, William 02-15-1874 02-26-1964 Reception Honors William Niemelas 60th Wedding Anniversary (column 1)   Photos: 60 Years Together (column 3)   Family tree with obituaries   On his WWI Draft Registration, WIlliam listed himself as born on February 5, 1877. His obituary in the Goldendale Sentinel (Mary 12, 1964) cited his birth as February 5, 1874 in Calumet, Michigan. William was married to Ida Elmina [Walman] on January 4 (or 5?), 1898 in Klickitat County. The Niemela family ran a wheat and cattle ranch in Klickitat County, where William remained until he went to live with his son a month before his death on February 26, 1964 in Wenatchee, WA.
Randall, Adeline Munroe 06-09-1893 10-08-1972 Obituary (Sentinel Archive)   Monroe Family Notes
Reinie, Elsie Esther 09-02-1907 12-07-1918 Centerville: "Esther Reinie"
Ritzschke, Anna [White] 08-01-1892 11-09-1977 Obituary (link & work by Jeffrey Elmer)   Anna [White] Ritzschke was born to Martha [Coon] and William White on August 1, 1892 in Sherman County, Oregon. The White family settled in the Centerville area in 1911. Anna was married on December 7, 1914 in The Dalles, Oregon to William Ritzschke. Their infant children, William and Anna, died in 1923. They had two daughters who survived them: Margaret Jeanette (Correa) and Iris (Neal). Anna died on November 9, 1977 in Wasco County, Oregon.
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; Soc Sec Death Index; Oregon Death Index]
Ritzschke, Mary E. [Cameron] 01-05-1889 12-14-1976 Obituary   Mary E. [Cameron] Ritzschke was born January 5, 1889 near Arlington, Oregon to Georgia and Dan Cameron. When she was eleven years old, they moved to Centerville. She was married to Dick Ritzschke on July 17, 1910. The Ritzschke family had two children: Fred and Donald. Her husband Dick died on April 23, 1919 during the Victoria (Spanish) Flu epidemic. Mary was an active member of the community, notably the Centerville Grange, the Leah Rebekah Lodge, and the Women's Society of Christian Services. On December 14, 1976, Mary passed away in Goldendale. She was buried beside her husband Dick.
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; Soc Sec Death Index; WA Death Index. **NOTE: Mary's obituary stated that her husband Dick died on April 22, 1919; however, the WA Death Records show it to be April 23, 1919.]
Ritzschke, Minnie 09-27-1866 03-06-1938 Mrs. Rizschke Dies at Centerville Home (column 5)   Mrs. Frank Ritzschke (column 4)   Minnie was born in Yolo County, California to Bertha [Seltenheim] and Louis Andree. She moved to Centerville at the age of 12. Minnie was married on October 3, 1883 to Frank Ritzschke. They had 11 children together. She died on Mary 6, 1938 in Centerville.
Ritzschke, William Henry 12-07-1886 04-17-1986 Obituary   William Henry Ritzschke was born on December 7, 1886 in Centerville to Minnie and Frank Ritzschke, early pioneers in Klickitat County. William married Anna White. She died in November 1977. William passed away in The Dalles, Oregon on April 17, 1986 and is buried beside his wife Anna. Their infant children William (1923) and Anna (1923) are buried in this cemetery, as well
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; Anna's Obituary (work by Jeffrey Elmer); 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; 1887 & 1892 WA State & Territorial Censuses; Oregon Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index. **NOTE: It is this researcher's belief that these are the Findagrave Memorials for their daughters: Margaret J. Correa and Iris L. Neal; included here for further research inquiry]
Rowns, John 04-07-1855 01-17-1928 The death of John Roune   Obituary   "Uncle John". (One article listed his surname as "Roune")   Monroe Family Notes for his sister Emma's family.  
St. Lawrence, Janette 05-03-1852 08-24-1928 The community was greatly shocked (column 1)   Janette St. Lawrence (column 4) Nee: Woods. Spouse: George B. St. Lawrence. Klickitat County Pioneers 1878
Saxton, Minnie Julia 01-27-1839 03-15-1934 Minnie Julia [Crawford] Saxton was born April 23, 1866 in Susanvlle, Lassen County, California to Julia [Decious] and William Crawford in Susanville, Lassen, California. She settled in Klickitat County with her parents around 1877. Minnie married Frank R Saxton on July 3, 1888 in Klickitat County. where they settled and raised their family. Minnie passed away at the age of 68 on March 15, 1934 in Blockhouse, WA. Minnie's father William (and two siblings) are buried in the Crawford Cemetery. Her mother Julia is also buried in the Centerville Cemetery.
Walman, John August 09-29-1873 06-09-1948 John A. Walman Dies Following Long Illness (column 6)   Obituaries: John A. Walman (column 4)   John August Walman was born in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan on September 29, 1873 to Johanna [*Hook] and Gabriel Walman. The Walman family were early Klickitat County pioneers. John was married to Ida Hendrickson on February 5, 1905 in Klickitat County. He passed away on June 9, 1948. [Researcher Sources: ( Soc Sec Application; WWI Draft Registration; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 US Censuses) - *Note: Family records show his mother's maidenname as Johanna "Mook"]
Wiidanen, Andrew 06-20-1845 01-12-1925 "Andrew Wiidanen"   Obituary  
Wiidanen, Peter Andreas 12-23-1888 03-02-1965 Obituary (Sentinel Archive)  
Witikka, Carl Ludwig 01-08-1878 05-02-1935 Obituary: Carl Ludwig Witikka   Funeral Services were held (column 6)   Parents: Mary [Olsen] and John Witikka
Witikka, Unknown (12 yo girl) about 1906 12-07-1918 The 12-year-old daughter   This was a 12 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Witikka
Yeackel, Amelia 06-04-1854 12-21-1919 Mrs. Con Yeackel (column 4)   Obituary (link by Jeffrey Elmer)   Amelia [Heitz] Yeackel was born on June 4, 1854 in Rochester, New York to Rubena [Altsfelt] and Joseph Heitz. She married Conrad B. Yeackel on March 30, 1872 in Minnesota. The Yeackel family moved to Klickitat County in 1877, where they homesteaded in Centerville. Amelia passed away on December 21, 1919 in Goldendale at home. Surviving her were her husband and eight children: Henry, Emma (Crocker), Charles, Lizzie (Marquis), Fred, Nellie (Nesbitt), Joseph, and Mabel (Allen).
Yeackel, Frank Deforest 03-18-1880 06-22-1964 Early Pioneer Dies   Frank Deforest Yeackel was born March 18, 1880 in Swift County Minnesota (WWII Draft Registration and supported by the 1880 US Census). Frank died in a fire at home near White Swan on June 22, 1964. He is buried in the Centerville Cemetery. (According to his Findagrave Memorial, there is no stone marking Frank's grave)
Yeackel, Julia Ethel 11-13-1890 04-04-1918 Word was received (column 2)   Obituary: Julia Ethel Saxton (column 3)   Nee: Julia was born near Centerville on November 13, 1890 to Minnie [Crawford] and Frank Saxton. She married Joseph Yeakel/Yeackel on March 22, 1918. Julia passed away from the measels on April 4, 1918 at the age of 27.

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