Early Yakima Co. Postcards & Photos

Do you have early Yakima postcards or photos of general interest you would like to share?

File Name Size Description Submitter
yak-ave4.jpg 52k North Yakima - Yakima Ave from 4th St. - circa 1900? Claudia Marzullo
sumtview.jpg 90k Summitview School - North Yakima Claudia Marzullo
wapatohs.jpg 52k Wapato High School, postcard mailed May 15, 1910 to Aubrey's grandfather, John Gharet, Hazelton, Ind. from his brother, Charles Gharet, Wapato, Wash. Aubrey Woods
waphotel.jpg 80k Wapato Hotel Claudia Marzullo
waphtfir.jpg 53k Wapato Hotel after fire Claudia Marzullo
irrgdam.jpg 76k Intake for Irrigation system - Headgate & Dam Claudia Marzullo
hansnwap.jpg 81k Hanson Place - Wapato Claudia Marzullo
ny1915.jpg 32k North Yakima - Yakima Avenue about 1915 - looking east Tom Hall
yakave40.jpg 51k Yakima Avenue 1940's - looking east Tom Hall
toppen40.jpg 40k Toppenish 1940's Tom Hall
blosfest.jpg 62k Blossom Festival parade - Yakima Ave Tom Hall
camp1906.jpg 54k Indian camp, North Yakima abt 1906 Tom Hall
congdit.jpg 59k Congdon's Ditch, North Yakima Tom Hall
firestat.jpg 60k North Yakima fire station, 3rd St. & Walnut Tom Hall
ftjack.jpg 69k Fort Jackson, Tieton Canyon Tom Hall
harvest.jpg 72k Horse drawn Combined Harvester at work Tom Hall
haying.jpg 31k Haying scene, Moxie Tom Hall
motorcar.jpg 69k North Coast Gasoline Motor Car, North Yakima Tom Hall
parade1.jpg 62k Parade Yakima Ave & 2nd St. Tom Hall
parade2.jpg 53k Parade Yakima Ave & 2nd St. Tom Hall
parade3.jpg 63k Parade Yakima Ave & 2nd St. Tom Hall
sumach.jpg 80k Shumack (Sumach) Park, North Yakima Tom Hall
boathse.jpg 75k Boat house - Sumach park, North Yakima Tom Hall
1st-yak.jpg 58k 1st Street, North Yakima Tom Hall
2nd-yak.jpg 65k 2nd Street, North Yakima Tom Hall
owr-n.jpg 60k O-W. R. & N.'s 1st train to North Yakima 23 Mar 1911 Tom Hall
1st_natbank.jpg 156k 1st National Bank of North Yakima trio Tom Hall
1stnat20.jpg 58k 1st National Bank of Yakima 1929 $20 dollar bill Tom Hall
guilland.jpg 42k Guilland House - moved from Yakima City to North Yakima in 1885. Marilyn Morgan
Adkins Hotel Yakima City 1886 - L. H. Adkins.
R. W. Smith proprietor in 1887
Marilyn Morgan
tjvclark.jpg 71k Thomas J. V. Clark general store, Front street, North Yakima Marilyn Morgan
yc1886.jpg 56k Yakima City 1886 (now Union Gap) (notice pole in front of Adkins Hotel) Marilyn Morgan
shull1886.jpg 62k Shull House North Yakima 1886 Marilyn Morgan
ug1885-6.jpg 48k Union Gap 1885 - 1886 (the Gap with the Yakima River) Marilyn Morgan
airplane2.jpg 38k April 21, 1935 - Airplane landed at Yakima for openning of Signal Service Station Robert Armstrong
wapato.jpg 129k Set of three Wapato street photos Tom Hall
wapato2.jpg 104k Another Set of three Wapato street photos Tom Hall
selah.jpg 97k Set of three Selah street photos Tom Hall
selah2.jpg 85k Set of two Selah street photos Tom Hall
prosser1957.jpg 40k Prosser - post marked 17 June 1957 Dave Smith

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