North Yakima - 1888

        From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1888 Puget Sound Directory

           Transcribed & Edited by Mike & Julie Sweeney

A flourishing incorporated city on the C division of N.P.R.R. on the 
Yakima River, in Yakima county, of which it is the county seat.

The town has only been about three years in existence, but has 
already become an important center and at its present rate of 
increase will soon become one of the largest cities in Washington 

It is already the metropolis of an extensive region extending west 
to the Cascade mountains and east to the Columbia river, embracing a 
number of fertile valleys especially adapted for the raising of 
wheat, hops, and fruit.

The city now contains several churches, a good graded school, two 
banks, a flour mill, a planing mill, a new opera house and a number 
of general stores.  The drug, hardware, grocery and other lines of 
business are will represented.

Three newspapers are published,- the Republic, the Signal and the 
Washington Farmer.  

Stages to Fort Simcoe and into the Big Bend country.  Population, 
about 1,200.  Exp., N. P. Te'., W. U. and Mail, daily.  George W. 
Carey, postmaster.

[Exp. - Express, N. P. - Northern Pacific]
[Te'. - Telegraph, W. U. - Western Union

Ackerman, Benjamin J, clerk MacLean & Reed
Allen, Henry H (Allen & Chapman)
Allen, John B (Allen, Whitson & Gilliam), res Walla Walla
Allen, Whitson & Gilliam (John B Allen, Edward Whitson, Mitchell 
	Gilliam), lawyers
Allen and Chapman (Henry H Allen, Wm H Chapman), Druggists
Appel, Charles, butcher Cory and Appel
Appel, Joseph J ( (Cory and Appel)
Armstrong, John G, restaurant
Atherton, Wm W , clerk Weed & Rowe Hardware Co.

Bailey, Mrs. A V , millinery and dressmaking
Bailey, G A, sewing machines
Baker, John, section foreman
Barnes, Thomas L, laborer
Barth, Charles, drayman Chappell & Cox
Bartholet Bros (Matt and Joseph) gen mdse
Bartholet, Frank teller Yakima National Bank
Bartholet, John, hotel
Bartholet, Joseph (Bartholet Bros)
Bartholet, Matt (Bartholet Bros)
Baumhoeser, Casper carpenter
Beck, John W  Justice of the Peace
Beck, Orlando farmer
Beck, Ross farmer
Bennett, Albert Z harnessmaker
Bennett, Mrs Frances
Berlan, Louis laborer
Berry, James, C printer Washington Farmer
Bland, Wm farmer
Bounds, Place A, livestock
Boyle, John G editor Yakima Republic
Brysen, David L painter
Buckley, John general store
Bushnell, Clark B druggist
Bushnell, G Winfred clerk C B Bushnell

Carey, Arthur clerk P J Herke
Carey, George W Postmaster and Agent Dr Jordan's Medicines
Carpenter Bros (John H & Jason J) clothing and shoes
Carpenter, J H (Carpenter Bros)
Carpenter, Jason J (Carpenter Bros)
Cary, George W general store and insurance
Cary, Mrs. G W  Millinery
Caton, N T (Caton & Parrish) res Sprague
Caton & Parrish (N T Caton, L C Parrish) lawyers
Chambers, Andrew J butcher
Chapman, Joseph B asst. postmaster
Chapman, WM H (Allen & Chapman)
Chappell, Samuel (Chappell & Cox)
Chappell & Cox (Samuel Chappell, Wm A Cox) general store, farm 
	implements and commission
Churchill, Alvah proprietor Board of Trade Saloon
Clark, Thomas J V, general store
Cock, Henry D  city marshal
Coe, James R editor Yakima Signal
Conkling, S C bricklayer A F Switzer
Cornett, John D assistant cashier Yakima National Bank
Cory, Elnathan (Cory & Appel)
Cory & Appel (Elnathan Cory, Joseph J Appel) Meat Market
Cox, Wm A (Chappell & Cox)
Cutis, Mrs Fannie W county school superintendent

Darland, Levi S sheep breeder
Demorest, Orin F (Demorest & McGougan)
Demorest & McGougan (Orin F Demorest, Charles G McGougan) dentists
Dills I H & Co (I Henry Dills, Robert H Hampton) Mens' Furnishing 
Dipman, John W blacksmith Lambson & McClain
Donald, George cashier Yakima National Bank

Eglin, Abraham D farmer
Ellis, Myron H deputy sheriff
Eshelman, Jacob T elder Christian Church
Evans, Maurice laborer

Fairchild, J H stationery and cigars
Fawcett Bros, Wm McMillan agent, farm implements
Fenerbach, Casper barber
Fife, Robert D laborer
Field, Wayne livestock
First National Bank of North Yakima, J R Lewis, Pres; Edward 
	Whitson, Vice-Pres; Wm L Steinweg, Cashier
Flint, Purdy J stock dealer
Forbis, Angus carpenter
Forbis, Mrs A, bakery
Foss, Samuel carpenter
Foster, James dairy
Freeman, Hoomes K printer Washington Farmer
Freeman, Legh M printer Washington Farmer
Freeman, Legh R bus mgr Washington Farmer Pub Co
Freeman, Randolph R printer Washington Farmer
Fuhrman, Charles M harnessmaker A Z Bennett

Gano, Charles L painter
Garrand, Rev Victor (Catholic)
Germain, Wm carpenter
Giezentanner, Charles T printer Yakima Republic
Giezentanner J & Son (Jacob and Wm H), Furniture, and Undertaking
Gilliam, Mitchell (Alen, Whiston & Gilliam) res Ellensburg
Golden, John W clerk P O
Golding, Rev Wm E (Methodist)
Goodwin, Christopher C blacksmith
Goodwin, George W (Goodwin & Strobach)
Goodwin & Strobach (George W Goodwin, Richard Strobach) real estate
Gordon, Charles, clerk Weed & Rowe Hardware co
Graves, Carroll B (Reavis, Mires & Graves)
Gray, Henry laborer A F Switzer
Greer, James H mgr W U Tel Co
Guilland, George waiter Guilland House
Guilland, David propr Guilland House
Guilland House, David Guilland propr

Haines, Frederick S shoemaker Haines & Trayner
Haines, Samuel F ( Haines & Trayner)
Haines & Trayner ( Samuel F Haines, Wm E Trayner) Boot and Shoe 
	Manufacturers and Dealers
Hall, Albert bricklayer A F Switzer
Harper, Winfield Business Manager Yakima Republic
Haml, George laborer A F Switzer
Hampton, Robert H (I H Dills & Co)
Harris, Hyman general store
Harris, Louis clerk H Harris
Harris, Maurice, clerk H Harris
Hawkins, Simpson farmer
Head, Rev S C (Presbyterian)
Herke, Peter J candy manufacturer
Highfill, Charles N clerk S J Lowe
Hill, George J physician
Hop, Lee laundry
Holton C M & Co (Charles M Holton) proprietors Yakima Republic
Howlett, Luther S receiver U S Land Office
Howlett, Luther S (Turner, Milroy & Howlett)
Humphrey, Howell C agt N P R R & N P Exp Co
Humphrey, Wesley farmer

Iler, Mrs F M photographer

Jackson, Hugh hostler H L Tucker
James, Burwell H tinner S J Lowe
James, Wm J printer Yakima Signal
Jewell, Washington night watch N Yakima Milling Co
Jones, Wesley F harness maker

Kesling, James blacksmith
Kingsbury, J T civil engineer
Kinne, R B real estate
Kirkman, Wilbert T notions

Lafferty, Leonard laborer
Lanier, John carpenter
Lauber, Mrs F E (Paetow & Lauber)
Leach, John A night watch N P R R
Leach, John C carpenter
Leaming, E R nursery
Lesh, Daniel E County Sheriff and Assessor
Lewis, Joseph R, President First National Bank, res Seattle
Liggett, Charles W mngr Signal Pub Co
Lillie, Albert E  lodging house
Linder, John F farmer
Look, Thomas H county surveyor
Lowe, Samuel J hardware and farm implements
Lull, Charles, waiter J G Armstrong
Lyon, Albert E laborer A F Switzer

McCafferty, James P carpenter
McClain, Charles W blacksmith
McClellan, D F laborer
McDaniel, Jefferson D (Shardlow & McDaniel)
McDainel, Richard livestock
McEwen, Charles E harness maker
McGlothlen, Charles L clk J C MacCrimmon
McGougan, Charles G (Demorest & McGougan)
McKenzie, James A Pump and Wind Mill Manfr
McKillips, John B miller N Yakima Milling Co
MacCrimmon, John merchant
MacLean, Laughlin (MacLean & Reed)
MacLean & Reed (Laughlin MacLean, Fred R Reed) Real Estate, 
	Insurance and Loan Agents
McMillan, Wm agt Fawcett Bros
MacCrimmon John C, gen store
Mayer, Wm carpenter
Mattoon, J P livery
Mattoon, L P & Son (L P and George L) livery
May, Mrs L J mngr B E Snipes
Merwin, Mrs Maggie boarding house
Meyer, Wm carriage maker Lambson & McClain
Michel, Jacob blacksmith Schniehtl & Schorn
Miller, Alexander pres N Yakima Milling Co
Miller, Daniel horse dealer
Miller, Lo, fur dealer
Milroy, Robert B (Turner, Milroy & Howlett) justice of the peace
Milroy, Walter J (Turner Milroy & Howlett)
Mires, Austin (Reavis, Mires & Graves) res Ellensburgh
Monroe, Wm A, physician
Morford, S O probate judge and nurseryman
Morton, Edward clerk Allen & Chapman
Morton, John hostler H L Tucker
Moulton, Robert printer Yakima Signal

Needham, John H contractor
Needham, Mrs Marcie
Nevin, George O lumber, Sash, Doors and Shingles
Nichols, R K
North Yakima Milling Co, Alexander Miller Pres, Wallis B Williams 
Northern Pacific Express Co, H C Humphrey agent
Norton, Thomas laborer
Nowak, Michael builder

Ogden, Mrs Mary E millinery and dressmaking

Paetow & Lauber (Louis F Paetow, Mrs F E Lauber) notions
Parker, Fred with Allen Whitson & Gilliam
Parker, Harriet (wid J W ) dressmaker
Parrish L C (Caton & Parrish)
Piner, Stephen
Popovich, Andrew, bartender A Churchill
Powell, Lucian H carpenter
Powell, Wilbur F plaster A F Switzer
Pratt, Adoniram J cabinet maker
Pratt, Hannah (wid Ebenezer)
Pratt, Herbert J messenger W U Tel Co
Prosser, WM F county auditor and deputy clerk district court
Pugsley, James B abstracts and real estate

Raiberti, Rev John B (Catholic)
Raum, Melchior D painter
Reavis, James B (Reavis Mires & Graves) City Attorney
Reavis, Mires and Graves (James B Reavis, Austin Mires, Carroll B 
	Graves) Lawyers
Redfield, Thomas G jeweler
Reed, Fred R (MacLean & Reed)
Reed, John drayman
Rein, Robert butcher Cory & Appel
Renfro, Wm S brick manufacturer
Reynolds, Allan D F night operator W U Tel Co
Riggs, Roderick W grocer
Roaf, Wm J clerk Allen & Chapman
Ross, Washington M planing mill
Rowe, Fred E insurance solicitor MacLean & Reed
Rowe H S Pres Yakima National Bank

St Josephs Academy, conducted by the Sisters of Charity
Sandmeyer, Martin B carpenter
Savage, B M physician
Schaffner, Andrew, laborer
Schuller, John carpenter
Schwalbacher, Jacob miller North Yakima Milling Co
Scott, Henry E sec Weed & Rowe Hardware Co
Sen, Lee laundry
Shardlow, Frank B (Shardlow & McDaniel)
Shardlow & McDaniel (Frank B Shardlow, Jefferson D McDaniel) Saloon
Shaw, Wm farmer
Shearer, Wm R barber
Sherwood, James laborer
Shriver, Loren J clerk John Buckley
Sigmund, Hugo merchant tailor
Signal Publishing Co, C W Liggett bus mngr
Simmons, Daniel E deputy sheriff
Sinclair, Alexander R harnessmaker A Z Bennett
Smith, Albert A laborer
Smith, James M jeweler
Snipes, Ben E drygoods
Snipes, Mrs K D music teacher
Snipes, Leander stock dealer
Snively, H J Prosecuting Attorney
Spalding, Howard M carpenter
Splawn, John A County Treasurer
Staton, Thomas carpenter
Steiner, Theodore restaurant
Steinweg, Wm L cashier First National Bank
Sterling, George laborer
Sterling, Mrs S J dressmaker
Stevens, Norman hostler L P Mattoon & Son
Stigeler, Wm miner
Stone, Darius C brick manufacturer
Stone, Henry printer
Stone, Theodore C brick maker D C Stone
Stout, Daniel E carpenter
Stout, Goerge W laborer
Stout, James H engineer W M Ross
Stout, Joseph M farmer
Stratton, Wm C gardener
Strobach, Richard (Goodwin & Strobach)
Switzer, Abraham F builder and propr opera house
Switzer, Joshua P. carpenter A F Switzer

Taft, Charles J physician and druggist
Tagget, Lyman clerk H Harris
Thomas, James H Register U S Land Office
Trayner, Wm E (Haines & Trayner)
Tucker, Henry L livery
Tufft, James K farmer
Turner, George (Turner, Milroy & Howlett) res Spokane Falls
Turner, Milroy & Howlett (George Turner, Walter J and Robert B 
	Milroy, Luther S Howlett)Lawyers

Unger, McKeldie C accountant
United States Land Office, J H Thomas Register, L S Howlett Receiver

Van, Antwerp Harry plasterer
Van Buskirk, Reuben carpenter

Wallace, Mrs Della stenographer
Wallace, Mathew, W carpenter
Walsh, John A cigars and tobacco
Ward Bros (James K and Moses T) groceries and shoes
Ward, James K (Ward Bros)
Ward, Moses T (Ward Bros)
Washington Farmer Pub Co, L R Freeman bus mngr
Washington Farmer (weekly) Washington Farmer Pub Co proprs
Weed, Alfred B Pres and Genl Manager Weed & Rowe Hardware Co, 
	Vice Pres Yakima National Bank
Weed & Rowe Hardware Co, A B Weed Pres and Gen Mngr, H E Scott Sec, 
	Hardware and Farm Implts
Welch, E R carpenter
Went, John laborer
Western Union Telegraph Co, J H Greer mngr
Whitson, Edward (Allen, Whitson & Gilliam) Vice Pres First National 
Williams, James L painter
Williams, Mrs Mary L restaurant
Williams, Wallis B sec N Yakima Milling Co
Winchell, Frank plasterer A F Switzer
Wing, Lee laundry
Wiswell, Mrs O boarding house
Wiswell, Miss Veva bookkpr First National Bank
Wright, Theodore laborer A F Switzer

Yakima Candy Factory P J Herke Propr
Yakima National Bank H S Rowe Pres, A B Weed V Pres, George Donald 
	cashier, J D Cornett, Asst Cashier
Yakima Republic (weekly) C M Holton & Co Proprietors
Yakima Signal (semi-weekly) Signal pub Co Props
Young, Wm H teamster
end of North Yakima

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