Students of New Whatcom State Normal School in 1899-1900
and their home towns

AMES, Marie, Seattle.
AMES, Frederick E., Fairhaven.
(torn), New Whatcom.
(torn), La Center.
AUSTIN, Ethel, New Whatcom.

BAKER, Louise, Port Townsend.
BARR, Mamie, Bay View.
BELL, Gertrude, Port Townsend.
BELFORD, Edna, New Whatcom.
BERGER, Freda, Delta.
BERTRAND, Arthur, Fairhaven.
BIRD, Mary, Snohomish.
BLAKESLEY, Walter, Eureka.
BLOTT, Edith, New Whatcom.
BLONDON, M. W., Lynden.
BLONDON, Geo. C., Lynden.
BOILONG, Lottie, Fairhaven.
BONNOR, S. C., Roy.
BOWMAN, C. H., Lynden.
BOLLONG, Kathryn, Fairhaven.
BROWNE, Mollie, New Whatcom.
BUTLER, Lottie, New Whatcom.
BURGESS, Myrta, New Whatcom.
BUMSTEAD, Albert, Beach.
BUMSTEAD, Raymond, Beach.
BUCKLES, Lilly, Seattle.
BUSCHMANN, Elizabeth, Tacoma.

CLARKE, Sarah, Fairhaven.
CLARKE, Margaret, Everett.
COFFMAN, Jennie, New Whatcom.
COLLINS, Louie, Fairhaven.

DAKIN, Edna, Enterprise.
DAVIS, Nellie, Ferndale.
DELLINGER, Hattie, New Whatcom.
DELLINGER, Mae, New Whatcom.
DITTEMORE, Lulu, Fairhaven.
DOERRER, Laura, Sunnydale.
DOWNEY, Clara, La Conner.
DRAKE, Maude, Chehalis.

ELDER, James, Clearbrook.
ELLIS, Mabel, New Whatcom.
ENGLE, Alicenia, Coupeville.
EVERETT, Ethel, Custer.
EVERETT, Maude, Custer.

FARNER, Bertha, Fairhaven.
FARQUHARSON, Durrie, Fairhaven.
FECHENSCHER, Lena, Seattle.
FILLMORE, Flora, Fairhaven.
FLETCHER, Estella, Port Townsend.
FOBES, Lucille, New Whatcom.
FOUTS, Edith, New Whatcom.
FRASER, Vivian, New Whatcom.
FULLER, Marie, Seattle.

GALBRAITH, Minnie, Acme.
GALBRAITH, Naomi, Acme.
GALLIHER, Pearl, La Conner.
GARL, Estella, Burlington.
GIFFORD, Bertha, Fern Hill.
GILES, Agnes, Olympia.
GOODRICH, Emma, Menlo.
GOODALL, Grace, New Whatcom.
GORST, Lulu, Port Orchard.
GORST, Olive, Port Orchard.
GOODING, Edna, New Whatcom.
GRIGGS, Bessie, Lynden.
GRIFFITH, Florence, New Whatcom.
GRIFFIN, Hattie, Deming.
GUNDLACH, Ada, Blaine.

HAGEN, Grace, Clearbrook.
HALSTEAD, Lucy, New Whatcom.
HAMILTON, Louise, Greenwood.
HANNA, Bessie, Fairhaven.
HAYNES, Bertha, New Whatcom.
HAVENS, Jessie, Kent.
HARDY, Grace, Kent.
HARDY, Earnest, Kent.
HATCH, M. Opal, Port Orchard.
HENRICI, Charles, Chicago, Ill.
HERNDON, Grace, Ferndale.
HILTON, Merl, Fairhaven.
HOUSE, Ruth, Deming.
HOVIES, B. F., Alpha.
HUGUENIN, Madeline, New Whatcom.
HUNTOON, Grace, Fairhaven.
HURBUT, Mary, Fairhaven.

IVERSON, Anna, Olympia.

JACOBS, Pauline, Clearbrook.
JACOBS, Celia, Clearbrook.
JACKSON, Lelah, Enterprise.
JEFFREY, Claude, Nooksack.
JENKINS, Nettie, New Whatcom.
JONES, Alice, Seattle.

KALE, Bertha, Everson.
KEANE, Margaret, Seattle.
KELLEY, William, Clearbrook.
KENDALL, Garnett, Fairhaven.
KENEALY, Margaret, Seattle.
KERCHEN, John L., Alpha.
KIRKPATRICK, Evelyn, New Whatcom.
KLOCKSTEAD, Anna, Vashon.
KLOCKSTEAD, Pauline, Seattle.
KLOSTERMAN, Mamie, Lookout.
KNAPPE, Hadassah, Hamilton.
KNAPPE, Mary, Hamilton.
KNIGHT, Bessie, New Whatcom.
KNIGHT, Gyneth, New Whatcom.

LANE, Katie, New Whatcom.
LEE, Pearl, New Whatcom.
LEQUE, Anna, Stanwood.
LEWELLEN, Sadie, New Whatcom.
LEWIS, Addie Orr, New Whatcom.
LINNELL, Amy, Acme.
LOVEJOY, Leah, Coupeville.
LUCE, Ethelyn, Fairhaven.
LUNDAHL, Matilda, Fairhaven.

MACKEY, Mildred, New Whatcom.
MACINTOCH, Carrie, Everson.
MANSFIELD, Grace, New Whatcom.
MARTIN, Rose Beals, Burlington.
MASTERSON, Elsie, Snohomish.
MATZ, Susie, Ferndale.
MCALLISTER, Elsie, Burlington.
MCBRIDE, Mary, New Whatcom.
MCBRIDE, Sarah, New Whatcom.
MCCONNELL, Myrtle, Chehalis.
MCCUTCHEON, Ethel, Baker.
MCDERMOTT, Martha, Ferndale.
MCDERMOTT, Rosella, Ferndale.
MCGINNIS, Myrtle, New Whatcom.
MCNEIL, Alice, Fairhaven.
MEREDITH, Pearl, Fairhaven.
MILLER, Lillian, Fairhaven.
MILLER, Nora, New Whatcom.
MILLICAN, Verona, Everett.
MILLS, Elizabeth, Fairhaven.
MONNETT, Thomas L., Fairhaven.
MOORE, Elsie, Seattle.
MOORE, Frank, New Whatcom.
MORGAN, Minta Adams, Port Townsend.
MORRISON, Lizzie, Ferndale.
MORRISON, Nellie, Ferndale.
MOULTRAY, Effie, New Whatcom.
MULDOON, Allie, Seattle.
MYER, Theodore, Alpha.
MYTHALER, Emma, Tacoma.

NELSON, Malene, Seattle.
NELSON, Genevieve, New Whatcom.
NORMAN, Clara, Port Townsend.

OERTLI, Elnora, New Whatcom.

PADDEN, Anna, Fairhaven.
PEAK, A. J., Seabeck.
PEDEN, Sarah, Snohomish.
PEDEN, Louise, Everett.
PERRY, James, Sumas.
PETTIGREW, Lou D., Gig Harbor.
PILLMAN, Ida, Everett.
PRATT, Ruth, Custer.

RATCLIFFE, Albert, Ferndale.
RATCLIFFE, Emma, Ferndale.
RANDALL, Sue, Everett.
RAY, Nettie, New Whatcom.
RICHARDS, Ada, Coupeville.
RING, Grace, Seattle.
RISEDORPH, Carrie, Seattle.
ROGERS, Nellie, Blaine.
ROGERS, John, Blaine.
ROGERS, Pearl, New Whatcom.
ROGERS, Jessie, New Whatcom.
ROSE, Axel, New Whatcom.
ROSS, Bertha, Everett.
ROWLEY, Emma, Lewiston, Idaho

SCOTT, Carrie, New Whatcom.
SCHUTT, Kate, Fairhaven.
SETZER, Ella, Delta.
SHEPHERD, Harry, Dungeness.
SHIDLER, Ada, Fairhaven.
SHOCKEY, Jessie.
SHUMWAY, Minnie, New Whatcom.
SILL, Bertha, Stanwood.
SILSBY, Nina, Winlock.
SIMMONS, Lulu, New Whatcom.
SISSON, Nettie, Padilla.
SIVITS, Fay, Deming.
SMITH, Lottie, Chehalis.
SPEIRS, Euphemia, New Whatcom.
SPRINGER, Myrtle, Auburn.
STEJER, Anna, Tacoma.
STEVENS, Olive, New Whatcom.
STOLTENBERG, Lena, Custer.
STODDARD, Ella, New Whatcom.
SUTTON, Nina, Guemes.
SWEENEY, May, Friday Harbor.
STINSON, A. G., Swafford.

TARTE, Ellen, Beach.
TAYLOR, Clara, New Whatcom.
THAYER, Maude, New Whatcom.
THOMAS, Grace, New Whatcom.
THOMPSON, Hattie, Tacoma.
TOLLUM, Clara, Lawrence.
TRUETLE, Agnes, New Whatcom.
TROTT, Myrtle, Lynden.
TRUNKEY, Elizabeth, New Whatcom.
TRUNKEY, May, New Whatcom.

WAITE, Ethel, Ferndale.
WALDRIP, Mabel, Fairhaven.
WALDRON, Grace, Fairhaven.
WALLACE, Dot, Custer.
WALLING, Minnie, Coupeville.
WARNER, Adele, Prairie.
WARNER, Della, Prairie.
WARBURTON, Blanche, South Park.
WARRINER, Clara, Everson.
WARRINER, Olivia, Everson.
WATKINS, Nora, New Whatcom.
WEBB, Olaf, Lowell.
WESTCOTT, Matie, Deming.
WHEELER, Emma, Sumas.
WHITWORTH, Emma, Fairhaven.
WHITNEY, Helen, Anacortes.
WHITNEY, Nora, Anacortes.
WHITE, Kate, Seattle.
WHITTER, Clarice, Fairhaven.
WIGWEID, Cecelia, Fairhaven.
WILLIAMS, May, New Whatcom.
WILLIAMS, Mary, Ferndale.
WOODY, Earl, New Whatcom.
WOODY, Mabel, New Whatcom.
WOODIN, Maude, Fairhaven.

Source: Clipping from unidentified newspaper submitted by Joan Long.

FACULTY 1899-1900
Edward T. MATHES, Principal, History and Pedagogy.
John T. FORREST, Mathematics.
Francis W. EPLY, Sciences.
Jane CONNELL, English and Latin.
Avadana MILLETT, Reading, Drawing and Physical Culture.
Ida A. BAKER, English Grammar and Vocal Music.
Robert B. VAILE, Asst., History and Literature.
Sadie R. ROGERS, Supervisor, Training School.
Catherine MONTGOMERY, Asst. Training School.
Hattie B. THOMPSON, Librarian.
J. A. MCBRIDE, Custodian of Building and Grounds.

The first senior class of the N. W. S. N. S. numbers nine members, and the attainments of the class are most gratifying. The average age of the members is twenty-four years, and their average experience in teaching is twenty-six months.
Miss Margaret CLARKE has spent two years at the Racine, Wis., High School, one year at the Racine Academy, one year at the Everett, Wash., High School, and one year in the State University.
Miss Florence GRIFFITH is a graduate of the New Whatcom High School, and spent last year at the State University.
Miss Minta Adams MORGAN is a graduate of Hillsdale College, Michigan.
Miss Emma MYTHALER is a graduate of the Waterloo High School, Iowa; has pursued the State Reading Circle work for three years, has attended several summer schools, holds a first grade certificate and is a teacher of wide experience.
Miss Pauline JACOBS has taught in the county schools for several terms and has spent three years at the Ellensburg State Normal School.
Miss Clara NORMAN has attended the Parkland Academy one and one-half years, and the Ellensburg State Normal School two and one-half years.
Miss Ruth PRATT has completed a course of study in the State University, through the sophomore year.
Miss Kate SCHUTT is a classical graduate of Cornell University, New York.
Miss Hattie THOMPSON has attended the Puget Sound University several years and is a teacher of wide experience.
The work of the entire class in the training department is of a high order.

Source: The Normal Messenger, New Whatcom, Washington, Quarterly, March, 1900. Submitted by Joan Long.

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