Among the seventy odd teachers who are taking the teachers' examination at the county court house is Walter H. FOUTS, one of the pioneer of Whatcom County. Mr. FOUTS has taught school before in this vicinity, years ago when the children were forced to walk miles to acquire education and the financial condition of the school system was anything but good.

When asked for reference by County Superintendent of Schools SCHUSMAN, FOUTS gave the names of Jacob BECK, Chris SIEMON and Governor Albert E. MEAD.

FOUTS gave his age in the form of an algebraic problem yesterday but none of the teachers present were able to figure out just how old he really is. Superintendent SCHUSMAN finally marked the figures 90 plus after FOUTS' application. The pioneer is not ninety years old but he was willing that it should go on record this way.

Following are the name of those taking the examination:

The Teachers
AINSWORTH, Ethel, Port Orchard
ARNOLD, Fay, city
ARNOLD, Olive, city
AUSTIN, Luella, city
AUSTIN, Fanny M., city
BAILA, Julia, city
BALCH, Nellie, Ferndale
BARRY, Anna E., city
BAUTHUES, Walter, Custer
BELLIS, Louisa, city
BENTHEIN, Emma, city
BOLEY, Edna S., Sumas
BULL, Lorena, Auburn
CAMERON, Ida M., city
CAMPBELL, Helen, city
COCHEL, Frances, city
CONNER, Cora A., city
COOK, Emma, Sumas
CRAIG, Mabel, Sumas
CROY, Ella M., Blaine
DAHLEEN, Alma, Ferndale
DATER, Amanda Mrs., Sumas
DILLARD, O. F., Twisp
DRAKE, Mabel M., city
DUNNING, Guy, Blaine
DUXBURY, May, city
ELDRIDGE, Syrl, Sumas
EMMETT, Helen, Everson
FOUTS, W. H., city
FROST, Alice, city
GOODELL, Grace, Lynden
GOODING, Edna, city
GOTCHY, Hattie, Blaine
GREENWOOD, E. Maud, city
HAMILTON, Carrie, city
HAMMOND, C. W. Mrs., Deer Harbor
HANCHY, Orel, Lynden
HOLM, Merle, Nahcotta
HOOK, Estella M., Everson
HOWE, Barbara, Burlington
HOWE, Hazel, Silver
HOWE, Maggie, city
HUILDONK, Elizabeth, San Raphael, CA
JONES, J. B., Custer
JONES, Sarah, Lynden
JOHNSON, Hypatia, Bow
MARTIN, Inez, Orcas
McLEOD, Mary, city
MERRITT, Harriet B., city
MILLER, Claude B., city
MITCHELL, Ivy M., city
PEESE, Elizabeth, city
PINPLE, Gretchen, Moore
PLANK, Mabel M., city
PRICE, Carrie Mrs., Lynden
PROUTY, Minta M., city
REGAL, Ida, city
RHODES, Rose E., Blaine
ROYAL, Louis A., Custer
RYAN, May, Chelan
SCHAGE, Florentine J., city
SEELEY, Hattie M., city
SETZER, Eleanor, city
SMITH, Edna, city
THOMAS, Alta, Sumas
THOMAS, Anna M., city
THOMPSON, M. A., city
TIBBETTS, Edna, Hayward, WI
TURNER, Bertha, city
VAIL, Laura M., Ferndale
WOOLET, Florence, city

From The Morning Reveille, May 11, 1907; copied by Susan Nahas

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