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 diploma   Class of 1900   diploma
ALLFREE, Barney K.
BELL, Nella L.
BRAND, Nellie J.
CADE, Essie
DAKIN, Elsie R.

DECKER, Manetta
DONOVAN, Elizabeth
EDENS, Olive
GLOSTER, Richard I.

HARRIS, Lucius
LATTA, Nellie
SMART, Susie
SWEET, Laura E.

Mr. J. A. LEE, Principal Miss Anna GRAHAM Mrs. Alice M. BIGGS Miss Ina L. PRATT

  Alumni Update  
ALEXANDER, Will '94 - took two years' course in pharmacy at the State University; employed in the Copeland Medical Institute in Seattle.
AMBROSE, James '99 - in banking.
ATKINS, Burwell '93 - resides in Butte, Montana.
ATKINS, May '93 - now Mrs. MASON; graduated from Ellensburg Normal.
AUSTIN, George R. '92 - city teacher.
BURROWS, Richard '93 - attended two years at the University; preparing to go to Cape Nome.
CALVERT, Narcia '96 - employed in STOCKLEIN Bros. dry goods store.
CAULKINS, Glenn '97 - will graduate from U. of W. in the class of 1901.
CHESTNUT, Ross '93 - graduated from the State University and living in Tacoma.
CHILDS, Frank '96 - married Myrtle HOWE in April.
CISSNA, Arvilla '98 - now Mrs. WAPLES residing in Lynden.
COLEMAN, Mamie '96 - now Mrs. Minor MCLAIN; resides in Tacoma.
COLEMAN, Nettie '93 - teaching in city schools.
COLEMAN, Pearl '93 - teaching in city schools.
DARWIN, Miriam '98 - having taught 9 months, is spending the summer in the city, clerking.
DELLINGER, Hattie '98 - attending the State Normal.
DONOVAN, Mabel '96 - teaching in city schools.
DUFNER, Kate '93 - stenographer in Seattle.
DUNBAR, Cecil '98 - attending Ann Arbor college studying pharmacy.
FADDEN, Garfield '98 - attending the University of Washington; member of the University Glee Club.
FOUTS, Edith '97 - will graduate from the State Normal in the class of 1901.
GARNESS, Bertha '98 - teaches at Mountain View school.
GAWLEY, Josie '92 - happily married an a resident of Idaho.
GILLIGAN, Edward '98 - attending University of Washington.
GRIFFITH, Florence '97 - taught one year; will graduate in June from State Normal at Whatcom.
GRIGGS, Bessie '99 - attending the Normal School.
GRIGGS, Stephen '98 - attending the University of Washington.
GRIGGS, Urban '98 - attending the University of Washington.
HADLEY, Roy '96 - two years at Stanford University; now reporter for Fairhaven Herald.
HOWE, Lena May "Mamie" '94 - now Mrs. E. BOSTON; lives on G and 24th in this city.
HOWE, Myrtle '96 - as of April, Mrs. Frank CHILDS.
JOHNSON, Lillie '97 - teacher.
KNIGHT, Gyneth '98 - attended the State Normal but has withdrawn due to ill health.
KNIGHT, Jessie '98 - teaching in city schools.
LAUBE, Will '98 - attending the University of Washington; has distinguished himself as a debator.
LEE, Pearl '98 - attending the State Normal.
LENHARDT, Conrad '97 - member of the firm of LENHARDT & Son, contractors.
LEWELLYN, Sadie '99 - attending the State Normal.
LIKINS, Fred '98 - employed in the Fair store.
LINDBERRY, Charles '96 - attending State University.
LOBE, Gussie '97 - member of the firm of C. & G. LOBE Bazaar.
LUTZ, Walter '98 - attending the University of Washington.
MCBRIDE, Anna '94 - will graduate this spring from the California State Normal at San Jose.
MCBRIDE, Mary '98 - teaching in city schools.
MCLEOD, Jennie '97 - took a course at the Portland Business College; stenographer in a local law office.
MCMILLEN, Emmet '96 - deceased.
MCREA, Harvey '96 - teaching in a county school.
OERTLI, Ellnora '98 - attending the State Normal.
PACKER, Ray '92 - a prominent teacher in Skagit county.
PENFIELD, Bertha '96 - teaching in city schools.
PIERCE, Genevra '97 - teaching in city school.
PRATT, Hattie '97 - teacher.
PRATT, Will '96 - Deputy Postmaster in this city.
REASONER, Frank '97 - worked as engineer until 1899; enrolled at U. of W.
REID, John '98 - attending the University of Washington.
RICHARDSON, Harry '94 - graduated from the University of Washington in 1899; teaching in King county.
ROGERS, Rose '94 - teaching in city schools.
ROGERS, Roy '98 - employed in the city.
RYAN, Gertrude '98 - primary teacher in the city schools.
SIEMONS, Lina '98 - at home in this city.
STRAND, Jennie '93 - now Mrs. ROBIN; attended two years at the University; lives at Castle Rock; has daughter, Phoebe.
UNDERWOOD, Hattie '93 - now Mrs. COLLIER.
WATKINS, Nettie '97 - missionary in Juneau, Alaska.
WHITING, Nellie '96 - now Mrs. Arthur SHARPE, of Rossland.

School Board
Mr. J. M. EDSON, Chairman Mr. D. H. DE CAN Dr. H. J. BIRNEY Miss E. V. LILLEY, Clerk

City Superintendent


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