Deming main street

This card was postmarked Feb. 5, 1912.  Various buildings have been numbered with the description on the reverse side. The message reads "This is the main street of Deming.  Where I have marked a cross at the left of the big tree stump is where the station is & then comes the R R tracks & across the tracks is the Hotel Regina (Mrs. Griffins).  It doesn't show in picture. 1. Hall, 2. Gen. Store, 3. Gen. Store, 4. Meat Market, 5. Billiard & Pool, 6. Barber shop, 7. telephone office & post office, 8. one of the Gen. Store's warehouses, 9. Griffin's pool room & tobacco, 10. Harness shop & shoe repairing, 11. Blacksmith, 12. Church. 
Submitted by Joan Gillman

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