Sumas, Washington

March 22, 1894:

Mrs. CORTWRIGHT, the mother of Mrs. C. H. HARRISON of Columbia Valley died yesterday of old age and general debility. The funeral services will be held at the Tuxedo cemetery tomorrow.

Sumas can boast of a new barber shop and meat market. There are now three barber shops and two meat markets.

Messrs. L. J. FLANAGAN, E. D. HALL, A. SCHUMACHER, J SCOFIELD and McDONALD were at Mission Sunday.

R. T. McCOLLOUGH has resumed his run on the Sumas & Seattle as R. P. C. after a weeks' vacation.

T. F. TRUSWELL is busy moving his stock of goods from Front street to Huntingdon.

F. M. WATSON, of Keese, returned from Whatcom Saturday by way of Sumas.

James CARMAN, of Nooksack, was a visitor to the boundary city Tuesday.

Miss Nancy PRITTS, of Nooksack, was in town Monday.

Miss Lilly CORFEY, of Clearbrook, was in town Monday.

Henry BARRON, of Nooksack, was in this berg Monday.

Jack MADDEN, of Clearbrook, was in town Tuesday.

L. I. WALRATH and wife left for their home at Kent, Tuesday.

The engine house of the S. L. S. & E. is almost completed.

The excitement of the past week culminated in a most successful masquerade dance at Mt. Baker Hotel Friday evening. Never before in the history of Sumas society has so gaily attired a crowd made its appearance. From the bashful school girl, of sweet sixteen to the dignified knight Errant of Old. Among the many especially attired for the occasion were Mesdames THOMAS, as a bewitching school girl; L. I. WALRATH, as "My Little Sweetheart"; T. F. TRUSWELL, in her regal robe represented night; F. E. BLACK, loyal to her country, as Columbia; P. A. LAWRENCE, as "Dear old Ireland"; P. WEST, represented a Shepherdess; G. PARKINSON, as a Spanish girl; E. FADDEN, Little Red Riding Hood was not afraid of the wolf; J. J. FULLER, as Martha Washington; Wm SHARPE represented the Sumas News; J. MURPHY, dominoe; GILES and GILBERT, as night; L. J. FLANNAGAN as lady of the nineteenth century. Misses THOMAS, as charming flower; Lella ODELL looked gay as a dancing Spanish girl; Mary PARKINSON as a flower girl; Mazie WHITE as morning; Carrie FULLER, spring; Gertie DALEY, BROWN and JOHNS as bashful school girls. Messrs L. I. WALRATH, as a knight of the nineteenth century and F. S. GARRISON, as a clown deserves credit for the way they concealed their identity; E. D. HALL, as a Siwash; Bert THOMAS, as a Knight; Thos. TRUSWELL, as a K. P. was studying astronomy; P. WEST, Chief; L. J. FLANNAGAN, Japanese; Lou FULLER, a Chinese; Emery HALL, a Clown; Geo. PARKINSON, McDONALD, J. J. FULLER, R. U. LEITCH C. L. HEADY, B. R. KING, gentlemen of the nineteenth century.

Going Out of Business March 31,

C. H. Mott, The Merchant

Shoes at actual cost.

Bargains in Everything.

Notions are fast disappearing.

Copied by Susan Nahas


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