Report of Secretary of Old Settlers' Association

Meeting at Birch Bay, August 8, 1896, was called to order by the president and secretary. The temporary organization was made permanent by the election of the following officers for the ensuing year: Byron KINGSLEY, president; John MATZ, vice president; J. L. LIKINS, secretary; Frank BRONSON, treasurer. Directors: F. M. SEVIER, R. L. KLINE, P. D. HARKNESS, S. C. TRACEY.

The following resolutions were adopted:

1st. That the association be incorporated under the name of the Old Settlers' Association of Whatcom County.

2nd. That all persons having resided in the county for 10 years and over be entitled to membership on the payment of 50 cents to the treasurer of the association.

3rd. That the dues be fixed at 50 cents per annum and the membership fee paid at the first meeting be all the dues required for one year from August 8, 1896 to August 8, 1897.

The following named persons contributed to the association and all those having resided in the county in the required time are entitled to membership:

Byron KINGSLEY - 50c
John MATZ - 50c
J. L. LIKINS - 50c
S. C. TRACEY - 50c
Frank BRONSON - 50c
F. M. SEVIER - 50c
P. D. HARKNESS - 50c
N. W. PRATT - 50c
M. T. GEE - 50c
J. N. LINDSEY - 50c
M. H. UPSON - 50c
J. H. STENGER - 50c
R. B. ROBERTS - 50c
C. S. KOLE [KALE]- 50c
E. H. BRUNS - 50c
Harrison COWDEN - 50c
Robt. KNOX - 50c
J. E. LOVEALL - 50c
G. C. BROWN - 50c
F. E. SELANE - 50c
A. E. MEAD - 50c
A. C. BUSWELL - 50c
S. P. HUGHES - 50c
P. C. JAMES - 50c
M. DUKES - 50c
H. P. WYNN - 50c
L. HICKS - 50c
J. Y. COLLINS - 50c
P. R. WOODWARD - 50c
J. F. TARTE - 50c
C. T. MOORE - 50c
Alex VAN WYCK - 50c
Mr. EDDY - 50c
J. H. SARGENT - 50c
Sam BARRETT - 50c
Robt. SHIELDS - 50c
H. A. SMITH - 50c
Jas. MILHOLLIN - 50c
T. G. NICKLIN - 50c
C. M. LOGSDON - 50c
F. H. RICHARDS - 50c
Thos. H. EDWARDS - 50c
H. SHIELDS - 50c
J. SLATER - 50c
G. O. McHEFFY - 50c
H. J. REMETZ - 50c
J. H. KNITER - 25c
C. W. MATTHEWS - 50c
Geo. W. FAIRHURST - 50c
Jay PIERCEY - 50c
W. F. ROEHL - 50c
C. F. NOLTE - 50c
A. Y. SEELEY - 50c
Geo. HUNT - $1.00
Jacob MATZ - 50c
Thos. H. WHITE - 50c
S. H. HORTON - 50c
J. C. EVANS - 50c
F. A. BRUNS - 50c
J. B. WILSON - 50c
W. J. MALLOY - 50c

Total $31.60. Amount collected from persons not named and not entitled to membership, $6.15; amount collected from platform, dancing and lunch stands, $47.35; clams sold to STENGER, $1.00; amount paid for membership fees, $31.60; total $86.10.

From The Weekly Blade, New Whatcom, Wash., April 14, 1897; Copied by Susan Nahas 2003

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