Whatcom County Logging Camp Scenes

logging scene
This is a picture of a Donkey and crew of a logging venture of Hoff & Pinkey, Fobbs & Wilson and Clear Lake Lumber of building a logging camp and running a railroad line up to the logging camp in the Maple Falls area of Whatcom, Co., WA. The people involved in this logging operation also purchased a steam locomotive from the Climax Manufacturing Co. in Corry, Pennsylvania. The engine was C/N 1063, built Dec 1910, Class size C and Weight 57 tons. The name of the engine was Clear Lake Lumber #6. This picture taken abt 1911.

logging scene
This picture shows the cook house and surrounding buildings that was constructed by Fobbs & Wilson for the Maple Falls logging operation of Hoff & Pinkey, Fobbs & Wilson and Clear Lake Lumber Co. In the lower part of the picture you can see the logging railroad running from left to right. This picture also taken abt 1911.

Submitted by James W. Pinkey

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