confederate soldier


Blaine, WA
August  27 & 28, 1890

union soldier

AITKIN, J. Co. H 11th Ill. Cav. Ferndale
ALLEN, G. Co. K 32d Wis. Inf. Blaine
ARNT, Dan Co. B 8th Wis. Inf. Blaine
BARRACKLAW, V. D. Co. K 4th Ind. Inf. Blaine
BEAVERS, C. A. Co. D 60th Ohio Inf. Lynden
BEHME, A. Vet. Res. Corp U. S. Blaine
BRECKENRIDGE, H. Co. B. 10th Ill. Cav. Lynden
BROILS (BROYLES), J. Co. C 4th Mo. Cav. Whatcom
BROWN, G. M. Co. B 6th Ind. Cav Ferndale
CAIN, J. Co. L 7th Iowa Cav. Blaine
CAVENDER, F. M. Co. M 7th O. Cav. Lynden
CHAMBERLAIN, G. Co. I 7th Minn. Ferndale
CLOTHIER, M. M. Co. F 21st Mass. Yager
COLE, S. L. Co. D 18th Wis. Inf. Blaine
COLEMAN, W. M. Co. L 1st Minn. Blaine
COLLINS, W. A. 2d Asst. Engr. Navy Seattle
DAVIS, Geo. Co. A 11th Wis. Inf. Blaine
DEEDS, Jas. Co. H 91st Ill. Inf. Ferndale
DEMENT, W. E. Co. D 142d Ill. Inf. Blaine
EATON, W. L. Co. F 1st Minn. Cav. Blaine
EVENS (EVANS), Wm. Co. H 6th Wis. Inf. Blaine
GARDNER, W. W. Co I 6th Mich. Cav. Whatcom
GOODE, W. J. Co. F 16th Ill. Cav. Lynden
GREELEY, D. P. Co. B 11th Iowa Inf. Blaine
GRIFFITH, J. M. Co. H 87th Penn. Yager
GRIMETT, Geo. Co. D 2d Ky Vol. Birch Bay
HARDIN, J. Co. I 7th Iowa Cav. Ferndale
HEATON, A. E. Co. K 28th Mich. Lynden
HOLZHEIMER, E. Co. G 5th U. S. Inf. Blaine
HOWE, G. W. Co. D 29th Mich. Inf. Pt. Huron
HUGHES, S. P. Co. B 14th Iowa Inf. Blaine
KELLOGG, F. W. Co. A 26th V. Cav. Fairhaven
KULP, M. Co. K 84th Penn. Delta
LEWIS, A. Co. I 3d Maine Delta
LOGAN, W. Co. B 2d Mo. Vol. Hillsdale
LONG, D. Co. E. 142d Ill. Custer
LOOMIS, A. J. Co E 8th Ill. Blaine
LYNDSEY (LINDSEY), J. N. Co. E 96th Ill. Blaine
MAHAN, H. Co. A 2d Iowa Inf. Blaine
MALTBY, C. M. Co. I 19th Ohio Inf. Lynden
McDONALD, O. D. Co. E 8th Kan. Blaine
MILLOW, W. Navy Blaine
MITTEN, W. E. Co. K 6th Mich. Lynden
MOORE, W. Co. B 17th Ill. Inf. Blaine
MORMAN, W. H. Co. G 12th Vt. Inf. Ferndale
NEAL, A. Co. H 4th Minn. Ferndale
NEWKIRK, I. A. Co. A 13th U. S. Inf. Ferndale
OMAL (O'NEIL), F. Co. G 2d Wis. Inf. Lynden
PACKARD, B. Co. C 6th Wis. Inf. Lynden
PALMER, W. W. Co. F 2d Wis. Cav. Lynden
PALMITEER, C. D. Co. D 62d Ill. Blaine
PAUL, C. Co. H 2nd Minn. Blaine
PAUL, V. Minn reg. Blaine
PIERCY, G. H. Co. H 13th Ky Cav. Ferndale
PINCKNEY, W. H. Co. E 9th Iowa Seattle
PRICE, T. R. Co. K 18th Wis. Inf. Lynden
PYM, J. Co. F 138th N. Y. Inf. Lynden
RANDOLPH, S. P. Co. D 2d Neb. Cav. Seattle
REED, J. K. P. Co. I 102d Ill. Inf. Yager
REEVES, Elza A. Co. A 4th Iowa Cav. Blaine
ROBB, T. N. Co. H 4th Iowa Cav. Kansas
ROBINS, Z. N. Co. B 20th Iowa Inf. Ferndale
ROGERS, R. M. Co. K 1st Iowa Inf. Blaine
ROGERS, W. L. Co. H 1st Ore. Inf. Blaine
ROSBRUGH, M. Co. C 4th __ Inf. Blaine
ROSCOE (RUSCO), A. J. Co. C 19th Wis. Inf. Lynden
SCOTT, J. [I.] M. Co. H 49th Ind. Inf. Blaine
SCOVILLE, H. Co. G 1st Wis. Cav. Lynden
SHAFFNER, L. P. Co. G 72d N. Y. Inf. Blaine
SLAYTON, C. Co. D 116th N. Y. Blaine
SMITH, A. L. Co. A (H) 1st Minn. Blaine
SMITH, C. C. Co. D 5th Iowa Cav. Blaine
SMITH, H. W. Co. B 1st Minn. Cav. Lynden
SMITH, M. 19th Heavy Art. Blaine
STANSCLIFFE (STANCLIFF), F. (T) Co. H 3d Ill. Cav. Ferndale
TEMPLEMAN, W. H. Co. G 22d Iowa Lynden
THOMAS, J. R. 10th Penn. Inf. Blaine
TIFFANY, A. W. Co. H 9th Minn. Ferndale
VAN HORNE, Wm. Co. G 8th Penn. Cav. Whatcom
VINUP, Chas. Co. E 52d Vet. Vol. Ind. Lynden
WADE, S. Co. I 7th Iowa Cav. Blaine
WALKER, J. H. Co. F 128th Ohio Seattle
WAMPLER, A. 199th Ill. Lynden
WARD, J. F. Co. H 11th Kan. Blaine
WEST, W. N. Co. B 10th N. Y. Art. Blaine
WITLER (WIFLER), J. W. Co. B 8th Wis. Inf. Blaine
WOODIE (WOODY), J. F. Co. H 12th Wis. Lynden

From The Morning Journal, August 29, 1890; copied by Susan Nahas

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