Record of Veterans Attending the G. A. R. Re-Union at Lynden, Wash.,
on August 22, 1889, compiled from the Roll of the Association
by George W. MORGAN, Editor Press, Lyden, Wash.

Michael ANDERSON Co A, 7 Minn
---, 8 US
Jerome S. AUSTIN Co B, 133? Ind
Co B, 142 Ind
Vol Inf
Vol Inf
M. BARTLETT Co K, 152 Ill Infantry
Carmi BEADLESTON Co E, 4 Wis
Co C, 2 US
Vol Inf
C. A. BEAVERS Co D, 60 Ohio
---, 24 Ohio
Vol Inf
Lgt Art
J. A. BELL Confederate T.C. Bass Regt
W. C. BOOTH Co E, 52 Penn Vol Inf
George W. BOWEN Co K, 2 Wis Cavalry
Hugh BRECKENRIDGE Co B, 10 Ill Vol Cav
George M. BROWN Co B, 6 Ind
Co E, -- Ind
Vol Cav
Vol Cav
James CAIN Co K, 7 Iowa Cavalry
Alfred CARFEE Co C, 14 Wis Vol Inf
Edwin H. CARMAN Co K, 13 Ill Vol Inf
F. M. CAVENDER Co M, 7 Ohio Cavalry
George CHAMBERLAIN Co I, 7 Minn Vol Inf
Marshal M. CLOTHIER Co F, 31 Mass
---, 6 Mass
J. T. COFFMAN Co C, 35 Ky Vol Inf
Albert S. COLE Co F, 2 Wis
Co H, 22 Wis
Vol Inf
Vol Inf
F. COOK Co L, 2 Cal Cavalry
George C. CURTIS --- ---
John DALY Co M, 8 NY Cavalry
James DEEDS Co H, 91 Ill Vol Inf
Carmi DIBBLE Co A, 64 Ill Infantry
Rolland DURKEE Co G, 12 Ind Vol Cav
M. A. FILMORE Co M, 16 Kan Vol Inf
W. W. GARDNER Co I, 6 Mich Cavalry
Edson GERRY ---, 12 US Vol Cav
W. J. GOODE Co F, 16 Ill
---, 4 Mo
Harvey GOODING Co F, 148 Ohio Infantry
D. P. GREELY Co B, 11 Iowa
48 U. S.
Vol Inf
Colored Troops
Frank GREEN Co C, 19 Wis Vet Vol
J. M. GRIFFITH Co H, 87 Penn Infantry
George GRINNUETT Co D, 2 Ky Vol Inf
C. L. HARRIS Co A, 2 Ohio Cavalry
S. P. HUGHES Co L, 7 Iowa
---, 14 Iowa
---, 41 Iowa
J. B. KANE Co I, 18 Wis Vol Inf
C. M. KELLOGG Co M, 2 Ohio Hvy Art
F. W. KELLOGG Co A, 2 Ohio Vet Vol Cavalry
George W. KETCHUM Co F, 1 Minn Vol Inf
M. KULP Co K, 84 Penn Vol Inf
Hiram LEE Co B, 153 Penn Infantry
B. F. LOVE Co I, 193 Ohio Vol
C. W. MATTHEWS Co E, 144 NY Vol Inf
J. V. McCULLOUGH Co D, 10 Penn Res Vol Corps
O. D. McDONALD Co E, 8 Kan
Co A, 7 Kan
Vol Inf
Vol Vet Cav
M. A. McPHERSON ---, 47 Iowa
Co A, 1 Iowa
State Troops
R. T. MERRY Co L, 5 Ill Cavalry
W. L. MILLER Co H, 86? Wis Vol Inf
W. E. MITTEN Co K, 6 Mich Hvy Art
James MUNDELL Co H, 4 Iowa Cavalry
Frank O'NEIL Co G, 2 Wis Infantry
James O'NEIL Co H, 11 Wis Infantry
Burton PACKARD Co C, 6 Wis Vol Inf
E. PACKARD Co K, 31 Wis Infantry
W. M. PALMER Co F, 2 Wis Vet Vol Cav
L. D. PANGBORN Co D, 134 Ill Vol Inf
Co M, 13 NY
Vol Inf
Vol Hvy Inf
W. J. PARKINSON Co I, 44 NY Vol Inf
Charles PAUL Co H, 2 Minn Vol Inf
L. H. PIERCY Co H, 13 Ky Vol Cav
T. R. PRICE Co K, 18 Wis Infantry
Emery PROUTY Co B, 123 Ohio Vol Inf
Joe PYM Co F, 138 US
---, 9 NY
G. L. RAMSDELL Co B, 25 Wis Vol Inf
James  K. P. REED Co I, 102 Ill Vol Cav
E. J. ROBINSON Co B, 2 Penn Cavalry
Emery ROGERS Co B, 1 Oregon Vol Inf
R. M. ROGERS Co F, 24 Iowa
Co K, 1 Iowa
Vol Inf
Vol Inf
Michael ROSBRUGH   Co C, 4 Iowa Vol Inf
Charles RUNYON Co B, 14 Iowa Infantry
A. J. RUSCO Co C, 19 Wis Vol Inf
I. M. SCOTT Co H, 49 Ind
Co C, 1 Ind
Vol Inf
Vol Cav
Seymore S. SLOAN Co B, 8 Minn Vol Inf
A. L. SMITH Co H, 1 Minn Hvy Art
Henry W. SMITH Co B, 1 Minn Cavalry
Thomas STANCLIFF Co F, 3 Ill Cavalry
Henry J. SWIM Co B, 134 Ill Infantry
W. H. TEMPLEMAN ---, 22 Iowa Vol Inf
A. W. TIFFANY Co H, 9 Minn Vol Inf
Charles F VINUP Co E, 50 Ind
---, 52 Ind
Vol Inf
Vol Inf
A. H. WAMPLER Co I, 99 Ill Vol Inf
J. N. WARREN Co G, 2 Ind Cavalry
Joseph F. WOODY Co H, 12 Wis Infantry
James S. WRIGHT --, US (Penn) Navy
M. YOUNKIN Co L, 11 Kan Cavalry

From the Lynden Pioneer Press, August 29, 1889, copied by Susan Nahas, 2009

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