Gottfried and Herman PETRASCH

Gottfried PETRASCH was born about 1834 in Germany.  He was a stone mason by occupation. His son, Herman PETRASCH was also born in Germany about 1862.

The Blaine Journal of May 20, 1886 reports the following:

U. S. LAND OFFICE AT OLYMPIA, W. T. April 30th, 1886
Complaint having been entered at this office by Gottfried PETRASCH against William ZIRKENBACH for abandoning his Homestead Entry No. 6098, dated June 30th, 1884 ....

In The Blaine Journal of May 3, 1888 is found the following:

Herman PETRASCH went over into British Columbia yesterday in search of employment.

Herman seems to have been pretty independent out of the household by 1880. I have some pictues - not sure if they are Herman, but it shows the person with a railroad housing car, crew members, there also is a picture of some type of steam engine operation near a RR siding. I also have a landscape photo showing a small hotel, with a windwill and corral. Only a portion of the hotel Billboard can be made out but there are only 2-3 letters missing from the name - ___nsel Hotel. The background are rolling hills probably with grasses and sparce trees parbably not evergreens

I would like to know if the area of Whatcom has this type of terrain and any old hotels of 1880's 1890s by that name.

Herman as far as I know was single, supposedly by 1892 he had gone to the southwest. He became a ranch hand, and miner.


Paul Pettit

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