Ousdal/Ousdale Family

Tarjei Olsen OUSDAL (son of Ole Tarjeison OUSDAL and Siri Torjeisdatter ODEGARDEN) was born on September 29, 1858 in Sirdalen, Norway. He died on December 18, 1940 in Lunde, Norway. Tarjei married on Jun. 26 1885 in Norway to Ingeborg Salvesdatter HANDELAND. Ingeborg (daughter of Salve Torjeison HANDELAND and Gura Atlaksdatter HANDELAND) was born on May 22, 1863 in Sirdalen, Norway. She died February 26, 1944 in Lunde, Norway.


  1. Ola Tarjeison OUSDAL born May 14, 1886, Norway; died February 25, 1976, Ousdal, Tonstad, Norway.

  2. Salve Tarjeison "Sig" OUSDAL born August 8, 1888, Sirdalen, Norway; died April 16, 1985 Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington; buried Saxon Cemetery. Salve married Adlaug "Alice" ESPETVEIT on August 9, 1928, in Vancouver, Canada. (*These are my grandparents). My grandfather changed his name from OUSDAL to OUSDALE.
    Funeral notice for Sig OUSDAL

  3. Torjei Andreas Tarjeison OUSDAL born August 2, 1890, Norway; died December 5, 1977, Norway. Torjei married Karen Malena Persdatter OUSDAL in 1918.

  4. Gabriel Tarjeison "Gilbert" OUSDAL born January 20, 1893, Norway; died September 30, 1980 Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington; buried Saxon Cemetery. Never married.
    Funeral notice for Gilbert OUSDAL

  5. Samuel Tarjeison OUSDAL born December 4, 1895, Norway; died October 15, 1943 Norway.

  6. Siri Tonette Tarjeisdatter OUSDAL born Feb. 2 1897, Norway; died February 28, 1942, Norway.

  7. Anton OUSDAL born April 11, 1900, Norway; died December 11, 1931, Whatcom Co., Washington; buried Saxon Cemetery.

  8. Gurine Tarjeisdatter OUSDAL born August 2, 1902, Norway; died November 22, 1978, Norway. Gurine married Martin REIME.

Submitted by Diane Serena Payne

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