Bellingham Bay Directory 1890

Speirs & Anderson, Publishers
Whatcom, Wash.


Complete Business and General Directory of Whatcom, Sehome, Bellingham and Fairhaven, Washington

Considering the expense and difficulties of publishing a Local Directory of the Bellingham Bay Cities, every effort has been made that was possible to insure accuracy, and being the first work of the kind undertaken on the Bay, the indulgence of business people and residents generally is requested, with the assurance that the next issue will no doubt be an improvement on this one. The price is reasonable, and we trust that it will be acceptable to the citizens.

14th Street, Whatcom, Washington
16th December, 1889

Whatcom Directory

ABRAMS, Arthur, waiter (Blaine Restaurant), C street.
ADAMS, F. H., publisher and proprietor Reveille, res. 19th and D.
AFFLECK, L., cashier and office manager (Fairhaven Land Company's Mill), res. near mill.
AIKINS, W. M., clerk (Likins & Stenger) res. cor. H and 14th.
AKINS, Miss Ella, H street.
ALBERT, I.L., attorney (Black & Albert), union block, 13th st.
ALBERTSON, V., laborer, 12th street.
ALT, Nicholas, bartender (Brewery Saloon), res. Pacific House.
ALTON, J. W. (agent O. R. & N. Co.), res. corner Madison and Williams streets.
ALLEN, A. F., plumber, sheet iron worker, 13th, res. 14th and H.
ALLEN, Mrs. M. G. (widow), I street.
ANDERSON, Herman, carpenter, California House, D street.
ANDERSON, Andrew, laborer, postoffice.
ANDERSON, Alex. A., (Speirs & Anderson, job printers and publishers of the B. B. Directory), 14th street.
ANDERSON, Michael (merchant, Park), res. cor. 18th and E.
ANDERSON, Miss Isabel C., clerk (Reynolds & Battersby), 18th st.
ANDERSON, Miss Anna S., milliner (Gilson's Raquet), 18th st.
ANGELO, John, fisherman, 13th street viaduct.
ARMSTRONG, W. A., bench hand (F. L. Company's mill).
ASHER, W. L., teamster, 13th street, bet. D and E.
ATKINS, C. M., cashier, First National Bank of Whatcom, res. cor. 13th and H.
AUSTIN & TAIT, plasterers and contractors.
AUSTIN, W. C. (Austin & Tait), 17th street.
AUSTIN, H., Park street.
AUSTIN, Banning, Washington and Park streets.
AUSTIN, T. C., Editor and Proprietor, Evening Bulletin, res. cor. Henry and Monroe streets.
AXLE, Frank, carpenter, C street.
AXTON, Milton C., farmer, 17th street.

BACUS, William, farmer, Walnut street.
BACUS, Miss M., teacher (Lummi Public School), res. Walnut st.
BACUS, James, teamster, Walnut street.
BACON & ELLS, loan agents, C st., bet. 11th and 12th.
BACON, G. H. (Bacon & Ells) I and Front street.
BAKER, J. W., F street.
BALDING, R. (Pacific Clothing Co.), Lynn st. near Monroe.
BALLARD, Alfred, carpenter, Broadway.
BARBER, J., carpenter, J street.
BARNEY & MARCY, real estate and insurance, 13th street.
BARNEY, F. N. (Barney & Marcy), cor. 15th and H street.
BARDWELL, J. W., musician, C street.
BARON & REINACKE, carpenters, 13th street.
BARON, E. (Baron & Reinacke), D street, bet. 13th and 14th.
BARLOW, Frank, harness maker (Dickey) D street.
BATEMAN, S. S., contractor and builder, City Park.
BATEMAN, J. W., laborer, City Park.
BATTERSBY, R. W. (R. & B. B.) 13th, bet. D and E.
BATTERSBY, P. S. (R. & B. B.), 13th street.
BEARD, George, carpenter, F street.
BEARD, Dexter, millwright, F street.
BEARD, D. M., carpenter, F street.
BEARD, Charles, carpenter, F street.
BEARD, D. F., carpenter, F street.
BEARD, Horace, carpenter, F street.
BEATTIE, E. D., foreman Evening Bulletin, cor. 20th and D. 
BEAN, Carl, millhand (Phoenix Mill).
BECK, Conrad, carpenter, 14th street.
BECK, Jacob, proprietor Brewery Saloon, 13th st., res. Henry st.
BEEBE, George, carpenter, 21st street.
BELFORD, S., contractor, cor. 16th and E.
BELKLE, Anna, clerk (Whatcom Bakery), D street.
BELL, H. C., contractor, C street.
BENSON, W. H., cor. 13th and I.
BENTON, Hattie S., teacher, Public School, res. Utter st.
BERG, O. E., dynamo engineer, Central Whatcom.
BERG, A., laborer (Seelye).
BERT, Herbert, waiter (Stenger Restaurant).
BETHMAN, H. F., cook (Stenger Restaurant).
BIGGS, D. E., physician, bank block, 13th st., res. C street.
BIRK, John, proprietor Whatcom Bakery, D street.
BISHOP, James, clerk (F. G. Maresch), 13th and Broadway.
BLALOCK, J. A., laborer, D street.
BLACK & ALBERT, attorneys, Union block, 13th st.
BLACK, A. L. (Black & Albert), 13th street.
BLAINE RESTAURANT, C street, bet. 11th and 12th.
BLOMBERG, J., millhand (F. L. Co's mill).
BLOMQUIST, H. M., boot and shoe dealer, Marcy Block, 14th st. res. Broadway.
BLOMQUIST, John, sign painter, Broadway.
BLOMQUIST, F. M., sign painter, Broadway.
BOGLE, H. G. (Roberts, Fisher & Co.), 13th street.
BOLSTON, J. F., contractor and plasterer, post office.
BORCHORS, John, carpenter, Myer's addition.
BOTH, John, teamster, Walnut street.
BOTH, C. W., teamster, Walnut street.
BOWMAN, A. C., shingle manufacturer, Upper Falls, Whatcom Creek, res. 20th street.
BOWMAN, W. H., carpenter, C street.
BOWMAN, A. W., upholsterer (F. G. Maresch), 12th street.
BOYDE, A. W., carpenter, cor. H and 16th street.
BRAGG, R. S., physician, bank block, 13th st., res. C and 19th.
BRADLEY, J., mechanic, Edlridge's Donation Claim.
BRETT HOUSE, C, near 13th street, Wilson Bros. props.
BRETT RESTAURANT, C, near 13th street, Wilson Bros. props.
BRIDGE, Arthur, carpenter, H street.
BRIDGE SALOON, 13th street viaduct.
BRITTON, Fred, bartender (Sapp), Terminus Hotel.
BRONSON BROS., druggists, C street.
BRONSON, F. N. (Bronson Bros), cor. I and 16th street.
BROWN, L. O., apprentice (W. J. Pratt) J street.
BROWN, Miss Alice, tailoress (Martens & Grieb), cor. 15th and F.
BROWN, F. H., C street.
BROWN, W. M., cor. 15th and F.
BROWN, W. C., apprentice (Speirs & Anderson), cor. F and 15th.
BROWN, R. (Music Saloon), D street.
BROWN & DUFFNER, props. Music Saloon, D street.
BROWN & MARTIN, merchants, 14th street, bet. D and E.
BROWN, A. G. (Brown & Martin), cor. D and 14th street.
BRUNNER & STENGER, harness makers, 13th street, bet. C and D.
BRUNNER, D. C. (Brunner & Stenger), cor. Front and Madison.
Bulletin, Evening, union block, 13th street.
BURFIELD, Richard, foreman, Chuckanut Quarry.
BURNLEY, Charles E., auctioneer, cor. 15th and D street.
BURROWS, J. S., boot and shoe dealer, 13th street, res. Anderson's addition.
BUSWELL, A. C., barber (Inks & Early) C street, bet. 12th and 13th.
BUTLER, H. M. (Straight & Butler), Walnut street.
BUTLER, S. L., abstractor, 13th street, res. F, near 16th street.
BYER, Judas, carpenter, Keesling's addition.
BYER, William, lather, Keesling's addition.

CALDWELL & LANE, liquor merchants, 13th street.
CALDWELL, T. E. (Caldwell & Lane) Walnut street.
CAMPBELL, W. H., dentist, 14th street, res. Broadway.
CANFIELD, C. T., clerk (R & B. Bros), Walnut street.
CANFIELD, Eugene, president, B. B. R. & N. Co., C street.
CANFIELD, R., clerk (Eugene Canfield), C, near 12th street.
CARDER, Thomas, laborer, cor. Washington and Williams street.
CARLSON, C., millhand (F. L. Co's mill).
CASTERMAN, Prosper, (City Laundry) C street.
CASEY, J. J., proprietor Bridge Saloon, 13th st. viaduct.
CELENE, Arthur, contractor, cor. E and 20th street.
CENTRAL FISH MARKET, 13th street viaduct.
CHAMBERLAIN, John, laborer, Utter street.
CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Maggie, dressmaking, Utter street.
CHESTNUT, SORELLE & MILLER, real estate, Knox block, 13th st.
CHESTNUT, M. F. (Chestnut, SoRelle & Miller), cor. Williams and Madison street.
CHICHESTER, J. E., farmer, Broadway.
CHICHESTER, L. E., farmer, Broadway.
CHICHESTER, H. B., teamster (F. L. Co's mill), Broadway.
CHICHESTER, L., millhand (F. L. Co's mill), Broadway.
CITY LAUNDRY, C street, bet. 11th and 12th.
CLARK, T. E., carpenter, J street.
COHN & PEYRAN, wall paper and window shades, 14th street.
COHN, A. P. (Cohn & Peyran), 13th street, near D.
COHN, Emil, carpenter, Pacific House.
COLE, E. T., shoemaker, C street.
COLE, C. B., railroad superintendent, Park street.
COLE, A. S., attorney, C street, res. H street.
COLE, C. G., furniture dealer, C street, res. cor. 13th and J.
COLD TEA SALOON, union block, 13th street.
COLEMAN, W. M., merchant, C street, bet. 13th and 14th, res. Lynn street.
COLEMAN, J. W., clerk (W. M. Coleman), Lynn street.
COLEMAN, S., farmer, Lynn street.
COLEMAN, Wallace, clerk (H. T. Robinson) Lynn street.
COLEMAN, Elmer, laborer, Lynn street.
COLLIER, E. L., book-keeper (Auditor's office).
COLLINS & POWELL, real estate, 13th street.
COLLINS, J. Y. (Collins & Powell), taxidermist, F street, near 15th.
CONROD, C. W., laborer (Seelye).
CONNER & PURDY, real estate and insurance, 13th street.
CORWIN, H. B., farmer, D street.
CORNETT, A. W., carpenter, C, near 14th street.
COSS, J., laborer, H street.
COUGHLIN, H. C., prop. Whatcom Sausage Factory, Center st.
COUPE, W. T., city marshal, C street, cor. 18th.
COURSEY & VERHAEST, employment agents, 13th street.
COURSEY, J. E. (Coursey & Verhaest), C street.
CRAINE, B. F., teamster (Kingsey & Hall).
CRYDERMAN, J., civil engineer, C street, near 12th.
CUDWORTH, Charles, laborer, D street.
CUPPLES, H. G., civil engineer, 13th street.
CURTISS, F. E., butcher (Our Market), 14th st., res. E street.
CURTIS, G. C., sheriff, cor. E and 14th street.
CURL, Mrs. Kitty, waitress (Stenger Restaurant).

DAHLBERG, Alfred, carpenter.
DAVIS, Gilbert (Palisade Restaurant) C street.
DAVIS, Lulu I., waitress (Palisade Restaurant), C street.
DAVIS, John W., machinist (Whatcom Iron Works), H street.
DAVIS & KINGHORN, real estate and insurance, C st., near 10th.
DAVIS, F. E. (Davis & Kinghorn), C street.
DAVIDSON, W. C., laborer, J street.
DAVIDSON, J. P., J street.
DAWSON, Dan., teamster, cor. 16th and G street.
DECAN, D. H., prop. Phoenix Mill, F street.
DEHAVEN, I., farmer, 13th street, near Williams.
DEHAVEN, T. H., surveyor, 13th st., near Williams.
DEHAVEN, L. R., surveyor, 13th street, near Williams.
DEHAVEN, Miss J. M., teacher, 13th street near Williams.
DEIDRICH, Fred, millhand (F. L. Co's mill), C street. 
DELLINGER, P. N., millwright, cor. 22nd and J streets.
DEMATTOS, J. P., attorney and abstractor, C street, res. Pacific House.
DENEHIE, Frank, farmer, 17th streets.
DENEHIE, M., 17th street.
DESANTELS, William, prop City Laundry, C street, near 11th.
DETIERE, John, real estate, 13th street.
DHERMILLY, E., cook (French Restaurant) 13th st., near E.
DICKEY, A. E., harness maker, D street, res. Park street.
DICKS, Herbert, teamster, res. E street.
DICKINSON, P. E., vice-president, First National Bank, res. cor. H & 15th street.
DICKINSON, J. L., sawyer (Phoenix Mill) res. 13th street.
DIEHL, J. H., carpenter, Walnut street.
DOBINS, L., millwright (F. L. Co's mill.)
DONALDSON, B. D., millwright (F. L. Co's mill.)
DONOVAN, C., cor. 16th and E street.
DORSEY, E. D., printer, res. Holly street.
DOUD, William, carpenter, beach.
DOUGLASS, Oscar, printer (Reveille office).
DOWNIE, Frank, dairyman, cor 22nd and J street.
DULLNER, Nick (Music Saloon), D street.

EARLY, T. G. (Inks & Early), 13th st., res. Holly street.
EBERSON, Chris., carpenter, Broadway.
EDSON, Ed. clerk, (City Drug Store), res. 18th street.
EHLE, Frank, laborer, 13th street.
ELDRIDGE, E., vice-president, Bellingham Bay National Bank, res. Eldridge's addition.
ELDRIDGE, Hugh, county auditor and farmer, res. Eldridge's donation claim.
ELWOOD, T. R., farmer, res. Lynden street.
ELWOOD, W., farmer, res. Lynden street.
ELLIS, Charles G., contractor and builder, res. 15th street.
ELLS, H. H. (Bacon & Ells), C street, near 11th.
EMERSON, W. H., laborer, Keesling's addition.
ERICKSON, M., millhand (Nostrom's), res. H street.
ESTABROOK, A. B. (Holmes & Estabrook), res. C street, near 18th.
EVANS, J. C., publisher and proprietor Reveille, res. cor. 19th and D street.
EVANS, R. A., cor. 19th and D street.
EVANS, W. D., hackman, res. cor. D and 14th street.
EYDEN, F., carpenter, Myer's addition.
EYTEL, J. W., butcher, Keesling's addition.

FAIRCHILD, H. A., attorney, bank block, res. I street.
FAUCHER, Henry, carpenter, Keesling's addition.
FEATHERMAN, W., laborer (Seelye).
FERGUSON, John A., clerk (Bronson Bros), res. C street.
FINCH, E. D., attorney, union block, 13th street, res. Central Whatcom.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WHATCOM, cor. C and 13th street.
FISHER, Charles, potter, cor. 15th and I street.
FISHER, G. W., merchant (Roberts, Fisher & Co)., res. Walnut st.
FLAGLAR, N., carpenter, Whatcom House.
FLATCH, Eli, wood chopper, Walnut street.
FOBES, Oswell, clerk (W. J. Pratt).
FOLGER, John, tobacconist, 13th street.
FOUTS, W. H., merchant, cor. 14th and D street.
FOWLER, C. E., dentist (Hiatt & Fowler), bank block, 13th st.
FRANKLIN, G., merchant, 13th st., bet. C and D.
FRANCKE, F., laborer, Henry street.
FRASER, A., clerk (Whatcom News Co), res. Madison street.
FRASER, I. C., carpenter, cor. I and 23rd street.
FRENCH RESTAURANT, 13th street, near D.
FRITZ, J. G., real estate, union block, res. Keesling's addition.
FRITZ, Peter, blacksmith (Legoe) beach.
FULLER, E. G., painter and paperhanger, res. cor. 14th and J st.

GANNON, Mike, manager, Oklahoma Saloon, res. Walnut street.
GANNON, James, logger, Walnut street.
GARDENER, W. W., mechanic (J. Stenger), 13th st., near I.
GARR, Frank, laborer, Utter street.
GARR, E. F., carpenter, Utter street.
GATES, S. F., farmer, res. Henry st.
GAWLEY, Hector, Utter street.
GEER, A., I street.
GEER, Jonas, I street.
GEER, William, teamster, G street.
GEER, George, stage driver (Halstead & Isensee).
GEORGE, Harry, bartender (Occidental), res. 16th and I st.
GETZ, E., teamster, 18th st., near E.
GETTLE, W. W., surveyor, 18th street.
GHARST, William, laborer, Champion st., Central Whatcom. 
GIRAULT, E., prop. Paris Hotel, 13th st.
GILLESPIE, Chas., Park st.
GOLDEN, Louis, bartender (Stenger), res. C street.
GOLDMAN, F. G., clerk (Chuckanut Quarry).
GOODMAN, R. G., machinist.
GOSSARD, Sherman, teamster (W. A. Utter), 20th st.
GRAFFIS, Ira, engineer, 17th st.
GREEN, F., laborer, cor. 17th and F street.
GREENBERG, Charles (San Francisco store), 13th st. viaduct.
GREER, J. W., teamster, Central Whatcom.
GRIEB, G., tailor (Martens & Grieb), res. D st., near 15th.

HADLEY, H. E., attorney at law, Slade block, Sehome.
HALSTEAD & ISENSEE, props. Pioneer Livery Stable, F street.
HALSTEAD, D. C. (Halstead & Isensee), res. Broadway.
HAMBURG, Agnes, clerk, 13th street.
HAMBURG, Fred. (Whatcom Laundry), res. 13th street.
HAMER, Lulu, waitress, Pacific House.
HAMILTON, Wm. M., carpenter, Jefferson, near Park street.
HANSARD, C. T., contractor, I street.
HARMAN, S. E. (Johnson & Harman), res. cor. 15th and I st.
HARGIN, E., tinner, Plymouth Hotel.
HART, C., printer (Reveille office), cor. Madison and Utter st.
HARTUP, Grant, laborer, City Park.
HARTNESS, George, laborer (Seelye), City Park.
HARRIS, C. L., laborer (B. B. & B. C.), 14th street.
HARRIS, W. H., probate judge and attorney, res. cor. Madison and Utter street.
HASKKELL, O., millhand, 20th st.
HATTLER, J. H., laborer, Eldridge's donation claim.
HAYES & MERRIAM, dry goods merchants, E street, near 14th, and props. FAR WEST SALOON, C street, cor. 14th.
HAYES, J. P. (Hayes & Merriam), res. cor. 16th and E st. 
HEATHERS, W. F., laborer, Walnut street.
HEADY, George, night watchman, H street.
HEADY, Thomas, night watchman, H street.
HEATTY, William, carpenter, K street.
HEATTY, James, carpenter, K street.
HELLER & MCGREGOR, contractors, 13th street.
HENDERSON, H. E., physician (VanZant & Henderson), res. Central Hotel.
HEROLD, J. H., engineer (Stenger mill).
HERTZ, Ken, Lottie Street.
HERYOG, Henry, tailor (Martens & Grieb), D street.
HIATT & FOWLER, dentists, 13th street.
HIATT, O. C. (Hiatt & Fowler), res. D, cor. 16th st.
HIATT, C. millhand (F. L. Co's mill).
HIATT, J. M., millhand, (F. L. Co's mill).
HICKMAN, Allen C., farmer, res. I street.
HILL, J. C. (Hutchinson & Hill), res. cor. 17th and F street.
HINCKS, E. S., draughtsman, 13th st.
HINDMAN, Mrs. Mary, widow, I street.
HINSDALE, N. L., tinner.
HIXON, David, farmer, res. Park st.
HIXON, G. A., clerk (August Miller) res. Park st.
HIXON, C. C., county clerk, Park st.
HIXON, O. T., clerk (Stenger Hotel.)
HIXON, B. M., traveling salesman, Park st.
HODGES, J. H., (soda works) res. C st.
HODGES, Mrs. M. E., prop. Vienna restaruant, C st.
HOLM, O., proprietor Swea saloon, 13th st.
HOLMES & ESTABROOK, boot and shoe dealers, C, near 14th st.
HOLMES, F. R. (Holmes & Estabrook), res. cor. 17th and E sts.
HOLT, John, laborer.
HOPKINS, C. G., real estate (Leitch & Hopkins) res, cor. 13th & G.
HORNE, Herman W., city engineer, J st.
HOSKA, J. C., harness maker (Brunner & Stenger.)
HOUCK, Jos., carpenter, D st.
HOUSTON, W. T., carpenter, Magnolia st.
HOUSER, M. T., laborer, Park st.
HOUSER, A., laborer, Park st.
HOUSER, F. F., farmer, res. Monroe and Cherry sts.
HOUSER, A., grocer, cor. Washington and Utter st.
HUBBARD, H. W., res. C, bet. 11th and 12th sts.
HUMMER, A. C., butcher, res. beach.
HUSTON, W. T., carpenter, Flora st.
HUNT, Addie B., waitress (Palisade restaurant) C st.
HUTCHINSON & HILL, hardware merchants, 13th st.

INKS & EARLY, barbers, union block, 13th st.
INKS, J. C., (Inks & Early) res. cor. 15th & E sts.
IRELAND & PANCOAST, grocers, 13th st.
IRELAND, D., (Ireland & Pancoast) res. cor. 14th and D sts.
ISENSEE, Miss Kate, teacher public school, res. 18th st.
ISENSEE, P.M., (Halstead & Isensee) res. 18th st.

JACKSON, A. D., barber, res. D st. near 24th.
JACKSON, Frank, contractor (Shewey, Jackson & Miller) res. cor. D and 18th sts.
JAMES, R. C., laborer.
JANSON, J., prop. California House, D st.
JENKINS, D. C., postmaster, 13th and Williams sts.
JENKINS, Miss Gertie, asst. postmistress, 13th and Williams sts.
JENKINS, J. R., prop. Whatcom House, cor. 14th and E sts.
JENKINS, Sheridan, asst. postmaster, 13th and Williams sts.
JENKINS, Will D., city editor Daily Bulletin, res. Reveille Hill.
JENRO, O. S., foreman F. L. Co's planing mills, res. C st.
JEWETT,  A. B., apprentice (Reveille office) cor. Madison and Henry.
JOHNSON, G. B., principal, Public Schools, res. Walnut street.
JOHNSON, Manne, laborer, K street.
JOHNSON, J. E., laborer, K st.
JOHNSON, Mrs. Lois L., dressmaker, D street.
JOHNSON, Ira T. Y., carpenter, 18th st., near I.
JOHNSON, William, laborer, 18th street, near I.
JOHNSON, Miss Sarah, cook (Pacific House).
JOHNSON, O. N., millhand, Pacific House.
JOHNSON, Charles, carpenter, E street.
JOHNSON, J. T. (Johnson & Harman) res. E street.
JOHNSON, & HARMAN, contractors and builders, F street.
JONES, A. E., contractor and builder, 13th st.
JONES, G. A. M., contractor, 13th street.
JONES, J., cook, D street.
JORDAN, R. C., contractor and builder, office, 13th st.

KEARNEY, F., laborer, C street.
KEELER, R. B., painter, Walnut street.
KEESLING, C. F., nurseryman, cor. Monroe and Cherry street.
KEIDEL, Frank, laborer, City Park.
KEIDEL, J. W., carpenter, City Park.
KELLOGG, Mrs. M. J., widow, cor. Madison and Henry st.
KINGHORN, F. J. (Davis & Kinghorn), C street.
KIEKENUPP, W., carpenter, C st.
KNOX, Robert, real estate, 13th, near E.
KONO, H., prop. Blaine Restaurant, C. st.
KOOGLE, D. P., bartender (Palace) res. C st.
KRASS, Antonie, carpenter, cor. I and 25th.
KRICK, Jos., farmer, res. C st.
KRICK, John, steward (Stenger Res.)
KRUSE, C. C., farmer, res. H. st.
KURL, John, teamster, (Seelye.)

LACK, Wm., carpenter.
LAMBERT, Frank, res. Pacific House.
LANEHART, Conrad, laborer, 21st st.
LANE, T. W., res. Glass building, 13th st.
LASWELL, Newton, boatman, res. D st.
LATTA, M. C., contractor and builder, Broadway.
LAWRENCE, A. J., deputy sheriff (Pacific House.)
LAWRENCE, F. C., jeweler, 13th st., res. Park st.
LAWRENCE, J. G., barber, 13th st. bet. D and E.
LAWSON, John, millhand, C st.
LEACH, W. M., city clerk, cor. E and 17th sts.
LEE, W. F., laborer, Elm street.
LEE, Samuel, laborer, Elm street.
LEE, Fred, travelling salesman (W. J. Pratt), res. J street.
LEE, William, pressman (Reveille office), 13th street.
LEEDY, C. H., salesman (Likins & Stenger), C street.
LEEN, S. O., carpenter, 25th and J street.
LEGOE, William, blacksmith, 14th st.
LEITCH, S. B., laborer, 14th street.
LEITCH & HOPKINS, real estate, C street.
LEITCH, W. B. (Leitch & Hopkins), C street.
LESOURD, Rev. D. D., pastor M. E. Church, res. I street.
LETHBRIDGE, H., builder, Terminus Hotel.
LEVITT, C. P., laundryman, 13th street.
LEWIS, John P., expressman, Henry st.
LEWIS, H. L., laborer, Henry st.
LEWIS, F. V., laborer, Henry st.
LEWIS, Joe, laborer, Henry st.
LEWIS, Ed, bartender (Bridge saloon).
LIBERTY, Joseph, manager Paris Hotel, C st.
LIKINS & STENGER, merchants, C st.
LIKINS, J. L., (L. & S.) res. cor. 16th and D.
LIKINS, C. T., attorney, cor. 16th and D.
LIKINS, W. E., teamster, cor. 16th and D.
LITTLEFIELD, Mrs. F., milliner and dressmaker, F st.
LODGE, Walter, transfer driver.
LOGAN, P. J., machinist, res. Walnut st.
LONG, A. P., salesman (City Drug Store) res. 18th st.
LONG, D. H., laborer, Eldridge donation claim.
LOTT, A. B., carpenter, C st.
LUBECKE, John, ship carpenter, J st.
LUKE, F., blacksmith, cor. Walnut and Madison sts.
LUTZ, Charles, farmer.

MACK, Harry, 14th st.
MAHRINGER, John E., (F. E. Curtiss) 14th st.
MALSON, N., res. 17th st.
MARBLE, Henry, millhand (F. L. Co's mill.)
MARCY, E. H., H and 15th st.
MARCY, L. W., (Barney & Marcy) res. cor. 15th and H.
MARESCH, F. G., furniture dealer, 13th st., res. cor. J and 13th.
MARANE, J., plasterer, Utter st.
MARSTON, A. C., farmer, Eldridge donation claim.
MARTENS & GRIEB, tailors, 13th st., near D.
MARTENS, Geo., (Martens & Grieb) res. D st.
MARTIN, F., carpenter, D st.
MARTIN, W. H., baker and confectioner, C st.
MARTIN, L., merchant (Brown & Martin.)
MARTIN, Chas., painter, cor. E & 21st.
MARSHALL, H. D., engineer and machinist, cor. D and 25th.
MARSHALL, Robert, painter, Central Whatcom.
MASON, D. P., (Whatcom News Co., Mason & Rathbone, props.) res. The Sehome.
MATHEWS, I., (Soda Works) 13th st.
MAYHEW, Alonzo, ship carpenter, 13th st.
MCANDREW, John, carpenter, H st.
MCCONNELL, James, carpenter, beach.
MCCARTY, Ed, waiter (Stenger Rest.)
MCCARTY, Morris, county and city treasurer, 13th st.
MCDANIEL, W. E., prop. Telephone, etc.
MCDONALD, M. G., laborer, res. Pacific House.
MCDONALD, Norman, laborer, res. Pacific House.
MCDONALD, John, laborer, res. Pacific House.
MCGILL, Wm., bartender (Stenger) res. 13th st.
MCKINLEY, J. R. (Wallace & McKinley), real estate and insurance, res. cor. Monroe and Cherry street.
MCKENNA, W. J., teamster, Eldridge donation claim.
MCKEOWN, Jas., expressman, cor. D and 22nd street.
MCLEOD, W. D., carpenter, cor. 19th and D street.
MCLEOD, M. C., carpenter, 17th street, near J.
MCLEOD, Simon, (Vautier & McLeod), palace, 13th st.
MCLEOD, M. W., prop. Bridge saloon, 13th st. viaduct.
MCMAHAN, J., saloonist, Walnut street.
MCMILLAN, D., blacksmith, res. Brett House.
MEHILL, Michael, laborer (Seelye).
MELSON, John W., painter, cor. 18th and D.
MERRETT, C. A., carpenter, res. cor. 16th and F street.
MERRETT, C., carpenter, res. F street.
MERRIAM, J. C., millwright, cor. 14th and E street.
MERRIAM, G. W. (Hayes & Merriam), res. Prospect street.
MEYER, Joe, clerk (San Francisco Store), 13th st. viaduct.
MILLARD, W. J., laborer, Magnolia street.
MILLER, L., carpenter, Broadway.
MILLER, Henry, laborer, Broadway.
MILLER, Ed., carpenter (Shewey, Jackson & Miller), res. E st.
MILLER, August H., manager, Puget Sound Cigar Co., res. Park st.
MILLER, W. T., carpenter, 13th street.
MILLER, LEACH & CO., real estate, 13th street.
MILLER, W. L. (Miller, Leach & Co.), res. Nooksack.
MILLER, J. M. (Chestnut, SoRelle & Miller).
MILLS, S. S., plasterer, Roeder's reserve.
MILLS, Peter, carpenter, cor. J and 20th street.
MITCHELL, J. E. clerk (Hayes & Merriam), G street.
MOLLEN, W. T., architect (Taylor & Moller), 13th st.
MORGAN, George W., printer (Bulletin office).
MULLEN, J. teamster, Broadway.
MULRINE, B., res. D street.
MURRAY, W. E., laborer.
MUSSER, B. E., res. 13th st.
MYER, Chris., cabinet maker, K street.
MYERS, Solomon, laborer, Utter st.

NATION, J. B., real estate, 13th street.
NELSON, Thomas, clerk, res. Terminus Hotel.
NICKLIN, T. G., real estate, res. cor. C and 18th street.
NOBLE, A., carpenter, cor. H and 16th street.
NOIQUIST, N. J., laborer (Maresch), cor. 14th and J street.
NOLTE, George, stock dealer.
NORLING, A., millhand (Norstrom), C street.
NORSTROM, J. E., saw mill owner, res. C street.
NORTHRUP, Frank, carpenter, Whatcom House, 14th st.
NOWLEN, C., mill hand, 20th street.
NUGENT, H., laborer.

O'BRIEN, Pardon, prop. Pioneer Saloon, C street.
OCCIDENTAL SALOON, 13th st. (Caldwell & Lane).
OKLAHOMA SALOON, C street, bet. 13th and 14th.
OLIGNEY, Louis, cook (Palisade Restaurant), C street.
OLSEN, Peter, sailor, 13th street.
O'NEIL, T. F., carpenter, 18th street.
O'NEIL, Thomas, real estate, cor. 19th and D street.
ORCHARD, John, real estate, Elm street.
ORCHARD, B. F., laborer, Elm st.
ORTEIG, O., prop. French Restaurant, 13th st.
OSBORN, William, farmer, E st., near 22nd.
OSBORN, John, carpenter, E st., near 22nd.
OSBORN, Oliver, laborer, E st., near 22nd.
OSER, Fred, contractor, D street.
OSGOOD, G. C., contractor and mason, Washington, near Williams.
OUR MARKET (F. E. Curtiss), 14th st., near E.

PACIFIC CLOTHING COMPANY, cor. 13th and E street.
PACIFIC HOUSE (G. H. Singleton prop.), 13th street.
PACIFIC STATES SAVINGS, LOAN and BUILDING CO. (E. C. Gray, special agent), Walnut st.
PACKER, F. M., contractor, Elm st.
PACKER, J. J., painter, D street.
PALMER, H. H., prop. Stenger Restaurant, 13th st.
PALISADE RESTAURANT, C street, near 14th.
PANCOAST, Albert, grocer (Ireland & Pancoast), C st.
PARKER, J. H., C st.
PARKS, L., carpenter, F st., near 21st.
PARIS HOTEL, cor. C and 12th st.
PARADIS, Alfred (Paris Hotel), C st., near 12th.
PARSONS, John A., waiter, Pacific House, 13th st.
PATTEN, Mrs. C. W., prop. Palisade Restaurant, C st.
PATTEN, Perry, cook, Palisade Restaurant, C st.
PATTEN, C. W., engineer, C street.
PECK, L. H., teamster (R. I. Morse) D street.
PECK, Mrs. N. M., clerk (Whatcom News Co.) D street.
PENCE, A. J., mill owner, Lummi, res. C street.
PENCE, Miss Anna M., clerk (Auditor's office), res. C st.
PENFIELD, W. H., laborer, 17th and J street.
PETERS, William, shoemaker, Anderson's addition.
PETTIBONE, F. C., & CO., real estate, 13th st.
PETTIBONE, Fred C., real estate and abstractor of title 13th st. res. Front st.
PETTIBONE, A. W., Front street.
PETTIBONE, W. R., real estate, 13th st., res. Front st.
PEYRAN, P. H. (Cohn & Peyran), 13th, near E.
PICKERD, J. S., carpenter, Lynden street.
PIONEER DAIRY, Eldridge's donation claim.
PITICH, Frank, engineer (Henry's mill), beach.
PLANTYE, F., laborer, Eldridge's donation claim.
PLANTYE, Miss Flora, dressmaker, Eldridge's donation claim.
PLASTER, G. A., manager, Cold Tea Saloon, res. Holly st.
POTSPINSKY, A., tailor (Martens & Grieb), Whatcom House.
POTTER, A., mason, cor. 14th and F street.
POTTS, F. W., laborer, Washington street.
POTTS, Frank, plasterer, Utter street.
POWELL, M. C., Stenger Hotel, 13th st.
POWELL, C. W., laborer, 25th st., near F.
POWELL, William (Collins & Powell), res. H st.
POWER, M. C., carpenter, D st., near 20th.
PRATT, W. J., hardware merchant, C street, res. 17th and F.
PURDY, E. W. (Conner & Purdy), 13th st.

RAE, John K., prop. Oklahoma Saloon, C st.
RAFERTY, Thomas, laborer, 22nd st., near J.
RAMSAY, T. A., machinist (F. L. Co's mill).
RANDALL, G. W., farmer, res. 17th st.
RANDALL, M. E., farmer, res. 17th st.
RAPELJE, C. O., book-keeper, First National Bank of Whatcom, res. Walnut st.
RALSON, Isaac, contractor, D street.
RAWSON, Alonzo, jr., attorney, res. Park street.
REINECKE, Wm., carpenter, D street, near 15th.
REILLY, W., Inspector of Customs, res. C street.
REYNOLDS & BATTERSBY BROS., merchants, 13th st.
REYNOLDS, J. F. (Reynolds & Battersby), 13th st.
REVARA, Benard, waiter (French Restaurant), 13th st.
REVEILLE, Weekly newspaper, Adams & Evans, publishers, Knox block, 13th st.
RICE, G. L., printer, res. cor. C and 18th.
RICE, Walter, laborer, (L. Stenger).
RICHARDS, Frank H., real estate, res. 14th st.
RIDDLE, J. M., millhand (Phoenix Mill).
RILEY, J., laborer, 13th st.
RISTINE, C. F., engineer, Lynden st.
ROBERTS, J. S., real estate (Jones & Carlyon).
ROBERTS, FISHER & CO., merchants, 13th st.
ROBERTS, C. P. (Roberts, Fisher & Co.), Walnut st.
ROBERTS, Willis H., carpenter, C st.
ROBINSON, H. T., fruits and stationery, 13th st., res. F and 17th.
RODGERS, Mrs. P., cashier (French Restaurant), 13th st.
ROEDER, Henry, res. Elm st.
ROGERS, A. A., real estate, cor. F and 14th.
ROGERS, Miss Nellie, apprentice (Mrs. Littlefield).
ROGERS, J. W., tinner (Hutchinson & Hill), Central Whatcom.
ROLLINS,  J. R., prop. Sapp Saloon, C st.
RONALD, J. H., clerk (Stenger), 13th st.
ROOD, C. F., engineer (Phoenix Mill).
ROPER, W. A., carpenter, H st.
ROSNER, J. H., machinist (Whatcom Iron Works), Park street.
ROSS, Clarence, apprentice (Inks & Early), 13th st.
ROSS, H., painter, C st.
ROTH, Chas. I., attorney, Elm street.
ROUNDS, A. W., painter, cor. 13th and D street.
RUDOLPH, Henry, baker, C st.
RUSSELL, M. S., barber, 13th, bet. C and D.
RUSSELL, B. N., waiter (Brett Restaurant), C st.

SANDERS, L. M., carriage maker, cor. F and 17th st.
SANFORD, W. H., stationery, 13th st., res. 14th.
SAN FRANCISCO STORE, 13th st. viaduct.
SAVAGE, L., cook (Brett Restaurant), C st.
SCHUTT, Chas., manager, Sapp Saloon, C street.
SCHENECKER, George, hardware salesman (T. J. Smith) 17th st.
SCHROEDER, H., hardware salesman (W. J. Pratt), 18th st.
SCOTT, W. M.,  attorney and abstractor, cor. 13th and Walnut st.
SEANOR, W. A., contractor, Whatcom House, 14th st.
SEELYE, L., contractor, I street.
SEELYE, C., laborer, I street.
SEIGFREID, W. E., printer (Reveille office).
SEMON, Chris. (Bodega Saloon), 13th st., res. C, cor. 18th.
SHATTOCK, Lewis, apprentice (A. F. Allen) 14th st., near G.
SHAFFER, Peter, carpenter, cor. 14th and I st.
SHAW, J. W., carpenter, I st.
SHEA, S. S., operator (P. P. Tel. Co.), C st.
SHELDON, F. W., merchant, 14th st.
SHERMAN, William, laborer, 20th st.
SHEWEY, Allen, carpenter, E street.
SHEWEY, JACKSON & MILLER, contractors.
SHEWEY, Chas. (S. J. & M.), E street.
SICLEY, C., contractor, cor. 17th and F st.
SINGLETON, G. H., prop. Pacific House, 13th st.
SIPE, Adam, carpenter, Eldridge addition.
SKINNER, George, carpenter, 13th st.
SLADE, Thos., attorney-at-law and loans, Slade building, Sehome, res. cor. 14th and F street.
SMALLEY, J. P., teamster, 13th st., near E.
SMITH, Samuel D., laborer, cor. 24th and I street.
SMITH, W. R., cor. 19th and D st.
SMITH, T. J., hardware merchant, C st., res. 15th and D st.
SMITH, H. A., manager (T. J. Smith), res. 15th and D st.
SMITH, Ed., bartender (Cold Tea).
SMITH, J. E., ironer (City Laundry) C st.
SMITH, W. R., manager (Stenger Stables), res. D and 19th st.
SMITH, A. J., laborer, Utter st.
SNELSOM, M., C st.
SOPER, Wm., laborer, cor. 19th and J sts.
SORELLE, Geo. M., (Chestnut, RoRelle [SoRelle] & Miller) cor. Williams and Madison sts.
SPANKENBURGER, A., bartender (Far West) C st.
SPEARS BROS., painters and decorators, 13th st.
SPEARS, Alexander, (Spears Bros.)
SPEARS, William (Spears Bros.)
SPEIRS & ANDERSON, job printers and publishers of B. B. Directory, 14th st.
SPEIRS, George, (Speirs & Anderson.)
STAIGHT & BUTLER, real estate and loans, 13th st. viaduct.
STAIGHT, W. R., (Staight & Butler) res. Lynden st.
STAPLETON, Joshua, farmer, res. cor. 20th and I.
STENGER, L. sr., cor. 19th and D sts.
STENGER, L. U., merchant, res. cor. 14th and D sts.
STENGER & LIKINS, flour and feed, 13th st.
STENGER HOTEL, 13th st., Lewis Stenger prop.
STENGER, Lewis, prop. Whatcom Transfer and Stenger hotel.
STENGER, J. H., prop. The Bellingham and mill owner, res. Central Whatcom.
STEPP, John, laborer, C st.
STEWART, Carl, teamster (Stenger stables.)
STEWART, Chas., cigar maker, 13th st.
STIMSON, L., agency agricultural implements, cor. J and 13th sts.
STOLBERG, John, carpenter, C street.
STRANGE, Vivian, assistant city engineer, J street.
STROTHER, R. F., tailor, 15th st.
STULL, W. C., jeweler, 14th st.
SUNBERG, Andrew, laborer.
SWEA SALOON, 13th st.
SWEENEY, Ed., millhand (F. L. Co's mill).
SWEENY, Gus., sawyer (F. L. Co's mill).
SWENSON, Gus., cook (Stenger Restaurant).
SWENSON, L., jeweler, 13th st.
SWIFT, J. C., laborer, 22nd st.

TAIT, W. E., contractor, 17th st.
TAIT, J. R., prop. Cold Tea Saloon, 13th st.
TARBOT, J. C., carpenter, I and 15th st.
TAYLOR, Elmer, harness maker.
TAYLOR & MOLLER, architects, 13th st.
TECK, F. C., bartender (Bodega) res. cor. C and 18th sts.
TECKLENBURG, Byron, laborer, 18th st.
TECKLENBURG, John, laborer, 18th st.
TELEGRAPH office, 13th st.
THE BELLINGHAM, 13th st., J. Stenger, prop.
THOMPSON, G. W., janitor Union block.
THOMPSON, J. A., carpenter, 14th st.
THOMPSON, T. R., farmer, res. Pacific House.
TOPES, August, millhand (F. L. Co's mill.)
TOUSE, C. I., bench hand (F. L. Co's mill.)
TRIMBLE, E. T., abstractor, 13th st.

UTTER, W. A., prop. Whatcom Iron Works, res. 20th st.

VALKHEIMER, Michael, wood chopper, 18th st.
VANZANDT, E., physician (VanZandt & Henderson.)
VANZANDT, J. H., clerk (First Natl. Bank.)
VANZANDT, S. B., res. 17th st.
VANZANDT & HENDERSON, physicians and surgeons, 13th st.
VAUTIER, George, (Palace) 13th st.
VAUTIER, & MCLEOD, props. Palace, 13th st.
VERHAEST, Victor, (Coursey & Verhaest, employment agents).
VERNON, J. S., carpenter, E st., near 14th.
VEST, C., engineer Fairhaven.
VIENNA RESTAURANT, C st., near 15th.

WAHL, George, carpenter (Stenger Sash and Door Factory), res. K street.
WALLACE & MCKINLEY, real estate and insurance, cor. 13th and C.
WALLS, L., line repairer (P. P. Tel.), 13th st.
WATERS, H., blacksmith (F. L. Co's mill).
WATKINS, H., blacksmith, 14th and J.
WATKINS, H., butcher, C street.
WATSON, Charles T., printer, York addition.
WATSON, F., carpenter, H street.
WATSON, Miss Hattie M., printer, York addition.
WATSON, Thos. carpenter, York addition.
WEBB, N. A., barber, 13th street.
WEISENBURGER, J. J. attorney, 13th st., res. 14th and J.
WEISENBURGER, A., millhand (F. L. Co. mill).
WELCH, W. E., carpenter, 17th street.
WERDEN, M. G., C street
WERDEN, Mrs. M. M., milliner, cor. 14th and C st.
WERDEN, William, dentist, C st.
WERMERSTON, S. M., shoemaker (Bloomquist), res. Broadway.
WHATCOM IRON WORKS (W. A. Utter, prop.) 12th st., near F.
13th street (Mason & Rathbone, props).
Centre st.
D st.
cor. C and 13th sts.
cor. E and 14th st., J. R. Jenkins, prop.
C. st., J. A. Blomquist, prop.
mill hand (Phoenix mill) C st.
prop. City Drug Store, 14th st., res. 18th st.
cook (Brett House) res. Flora st.
tinner, J st., near 13th.
attorney, Prospect st.
medical student, Prospect st.
(Brett House) C st.
clerk Brett House, C st.
prop. Brett House, C st.
mill hand (F. L. Co's mill.)
(Stenger Hotel.)
livery, Park st.
WOLFE, Clinton,
laborer, D st.
carpenter, D st.
WOOD, H. D.,
candy, tobacco and cigars, 13th st.
merchant, 14th st.

YOUNKINS, Moses, jr., (Halstead & Isensee) F st.
YOUNT, F. M., carpenter, E st.

Copied by Susan Nahas, November 2000


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