Bellingham Bay Directory 1890

Speirs & Anderson, Publishers
Whatcom, Wash.


Complete Business and General Directory of Whatcom, Sehome, Bellingham and Fairhaven, Washington

Considering the expense and difficulties of publishing a Local Directory of the Bellingham Bay Cities, every effort has been made that was possible to insure accuracy, and being the first work of the kind undertaken on the Bay, the indulgence of business people and residents generally is requested, with the assurance that the next issue will no doubt be an improvement on this one. The price is reasonable, and we trust that it will be acceptable to the citizens.

14th Street, Whatcom, Washington
16th December, 1889

Sehome Directory

ABBOTT, H. engineer, (B B & B C) Michael st.
ACHESON, J. N., clerk, (Pacific Clothing Co), Elk st.
ACKERMAN, Fred, barber, Holly st.
AINSWORTH, A., laborer, (B. B. & B. C. railroad), Elk st.
ALBERT, F. A., bootmaker, Forest st.
ALBERTSON, Olaf, laborer, Kentucky st.
ANDERSON, J. F., bartender, Elk st.
ANDERSON, H., carpenter, (B. B. & B. C. railroad), Elk st.
ANDERSON, Andrew, laborer, Government st.
ANDERSON, R. J., Maple st.
ANDERSON, Alfred, carpenter, Holly st.
ANDERSON, E., laborer, Forest st.
AOKI, M., waiter, (Sehome Restaurant), Holly st.
ARNOTT, George, painter, (T. Leonard).
ARONSON, M., prop. Combination Store, Holly st.
ARTHUR, T. F., laborer, (B. B. & B. C. railroad), Elk st.
ATWOOD, J. C., leveller, (B. B. & B. C. railroad), cor. Forest and Rose sts.
AUSTIN, G. S., prop. livery stable, (Foster & Austin), res. Plymouth Hotel.

BABCOCK, H. H., dealer second hand goods, Elk st.
BADERE, J. P., flour and feed, Holly st.
BADLEY, E. H., carpenter, Forest st.
BAILEY, H. L., painter, (T. Leonard).
BALMAIN, John, carpenter, (railroad), Elk st.
BARNES, A., laborer, Forest st.
BARRY, T. F., bartender, (Horse Shoe saloon), Holly st.
BARRY, Wm., laborer, (railroad), Elk st.
BARRY, Newton, teamster, (Croft & Irish), Elk st.
BARNETT, Henry, cabinet maker, Forest st.
BASS, Samuel, real estate, Holly Blk., Holly st.
BAUM, B., grocer, Elk st.
BAUM, Phil., (B. Baum) res. The Sehome.
BEATTY, J. J., plumber, Forest st.
BECK, Saml., (railroad company).
BEDFORD, Miss Bessie, chambermaid, Plymouth Hotel.
BELKE, Herman, painter, Forest st.
BELKE, John, painter, Forest st.
BELLINGHAM BAY WATER COMPANY's office, cor. Forest and Rose.
BERTHELSKJOLD, John, prop. Scandinavian House.
BINGMAN, D. M., carpenter, Maple st.
BLAKPENSTAD, H. O., tailor, (A. G. Wickman), Holly st.
BLONDIN, R. O., laborer, Michael st.
BOLINGER, W. A., (Wilson & Bolinger), Plymouth Hotel.
BOLLISTER, John, laborer, (railroad), Elk st.
BOND, Head F. G., draughtsman, Garden st.
BOUNELL, J. W., manager, (Croft & Irish), Elk st.
BOULGER, J. W., mechanic, Eureka House.
BOYD, G. W., (Pioneer drug store), Elk st.
BOYLE, H., carpenter, (railroad), Elk st.
BRENNEMAN, Mrs. Belle, clerk, (Marcuse & Kleinberg), Holly st.
BRISTOL, L. B., sash and door factory, Railroad ave.
BROWN, S. J., painter, Elk st.
BROWN, Thos., laborer, (railroad).
BROWNING, Luke, mason, Forest st.
BROYLES, John, engineer, Holly st.
BROYLES, Mrs. L. J., prop. Grand View Dining Hall, Holly st.
BRUNNER, Albert, jeweler, Elk st.
BUNNING, A., contractor, Railroad ave.
BUNNING, David, carpenter, Holly st.
BURLINGHAM, H. I., merchant, Elk st. near Maple st.
BURKHART, L., prop. Pacific Clothing Co., res. Garden st.
BURNS, K. D., carpenter, Holly st.
BURNS, Alfred, real estate, Elk st.
BURNS, A. T., laborer, (railroad).
BUSBEE, G. B., millhand, Maple st.
BUSH, C. S., laborer, (railroad).
BUSS, Albert, laborer, Forest st.
BUTTERWORTH, H. B., machinist, Forest st.
BUTTERWORTH, Henry, joiner, (railroad).

CALHOON, A. F., (Griffin & Calhoon), Holly st.
CAMPBELL, Jas., laborer, (railroad).
CAMPBELL, Miss Minnie, waiter, Plymouth Hotel, Elk st.
CAMPBELL, Miss Louisa, waiter, Plymouth Hotel.
CAMPBELL, A. R., civil engineer and surveyor, Elk st.
CANADA, D., laborer, (railroad).
CARTER, C. W., merchant, Elk st., res. Garden st.
CARLSON, A., (Johanson & Carlson), Holly st.
CARLYON, E. F., (Jones & Carlyon), Holly st.
CAZART, S., laborer, Elk st.
CAZART, G. B., laborer, Elk st.
CHETHAM, N. D., bookkeeper, (Jones & Carlyon), The Sehome.
CLARK, A. S., clerk, Plymouth Hotel.
CLARK, J. C., railroad foreman, Eureka House.
CLARK, J. E., railroad hand, Eureka House.
CLAYTON, J. M., City Laundry, Elk st.
CLAYTON, P. B., yardman, Holly st.
CLIFF, Chas., railroad hand, Elk st.
CLISHAM, W. G., railroad hand.
CLOUSER, Perry, carpenter, York add.
COLLINGSWORTH, S. F., prop. Eureka House, cor. Chestnut and Railroad ave.
COLLINS, John, laborer, Elk st.
COLLINS, G. E., laborer, Elk st.
CONGDON, J. S., laborer, railroad.
CONGDON, J., carpenter, Forest st.
CONNELL, Medill, prop. Gazette, res. Forest st.
COOK, T., railroad laborer, Elk st.
COOPER, ___, planing mill, (B. B. & B. C. railroad).
CORDWAY, A., railroad laborer.
COSGROVE, Jos., teamster, Elk st.
COSGROVE, Edmond, real estate, Elk st.
COSGROVE, E. P., railroad laborer, Elk st.
COX, William, Plymouth Hotel.
CROFT & IRISH, Sehome Livery, Elk st.
CROFT, E. R., Sehome Livery, Elk st.
CROOKS, William, second hand store, Elk st.
CUNNINGHAM, T., painter, (T. Leonard).
CUNNINGHAM, C. J., millhand, railroad company.
CURLEY, Walter, postoffice.
CUSTER, A. W., merchant, Holly st.

DAHLQUIST & HALBERG, merchants, Elk st.
DAHLQUIST, Thos. F., (Dahlquist & Halberg), Elk st.
DANEL, W. W., dentist, Elk st.
DANSKY, ___, laborer, York add.
DEVIS, H., blacksmith, Elk st.
DEWITT, J. D., joiner, Elk st.
DIBBLE, Carmi, real estate, Maple st.
DOBBS & FLEMING, photographers, Holly st.
DOBBS, B. B., (Dobbs & Fleming), Holly st.
DOBBINS, Miss D., dressmaker, (Mrs. Swift), Holly st.
DOOLITTLE, O. O., merchant, Holly st.
DOOLIN, W. J., miner, Maple st.
DORR, Chas. W., attorney, Elk st, res. High st.
DORVILLER, P., railroad laborer.
DOTY, A. N., lumberman, Elk st.
DOTY, N. N., lumberman, Elk st.
DOTY, F. A., lumberman, Elk st.
DOUD, Wm., railroad laborer.
DOUGLAS, J. W., machinist, (railroad), High st.
DOUGLAS, O., millhand, Eureka house.
DOULON, John, carpenter, Scandinavian house.
DRAKE, L. D., Garden st.
DRANGE, O., carpenter, cor Forest and Laurel.
DUNCAN, J. N., shipping clerk, (R. I. Morse).
DWYER, James, carpenter, Keystone hotel.

EAKY, O. F., railroad laborer.
EASTMAN, W. A., prop. Gem Chop House, Holly st.
EASTMAN, Josephine, prop. Gem Chop House, Holly st.
EDSON, J. M., prop. Gazette, res. Garden st. near Berry st.
EDSON, O. E., miller, Railroad ave.
EICHNER, George, butcher, Laurel st.
EICHNER, John, butcher, Laurel st.
ELKINTON, J. H., Holly st.
EMERSON, C., cook, Scandinavian house.
ENGLE, A., railroad laborer.
ERHOLM, Chas., ironer, City laundry, Elk st.
ESMOND, Chas., prop. Sehome Restaurant, Holly st.
EXTRUM, John, laborer, Elk st.
EXTRUM, J., York add.

FANCHER, H., carpenter, (R. C. Jordan).
FARMIN, G., laborer, Keystone hotel.
FARRELL, P., saloon, Elk st.
FERRELL, R. E., saloon, Elk st.
FELDMAN, H. C., Elk st.
FENTON, R., real estate, Front st.
FERGUSON, William, cook, Elk st.
FISCHER, E. land agent, B. B. & B. C. R. R. Co., cor Forest and Rose, res cor Chestnut and Garden sts.
FISH, F. F., carpenter.
FITZGERALD, Thomas, teamster, Laurel st.
FLANDERS, Geo. A., painter, Railroad ave.
FLEMING, F. F., (Dobbs & Fleming), Holly st.
FOLEY, P., carriage maker, Garden st.
FOSTER & AUSTIN, livery stable, Elk st.
FOSTER, E. E., carpenter, (Foster & Austin), Elk st.
FOSTER, Frank, laborer, Forest st.
FOSTER, Robert, clerk, (C. W. Carter), Elk st.
FOUNTAIN, William, millhand, Laurel st.
FOWLER, Wm., carpenter, Plymouth hotel.
FOWLER, C. B., carpenter, Plymouth hotel.
FRANKS, B. L., carpenter, Minnesota house.
FRASER, R. A., printer, Gazette office, Plymouth hotel.
FREE READING ROOM, Maple st, near Forest.
FRIZELL, W. M., prop. Frizell Hardware Co., Holly st.
FRIZELL, J. M., clerk, (Frizell Hardware Co.), Holly st.
FRYE, L., carpenter.
FUHRMAN, Otto, prop. Bay View Saloon.
FULLER & KAGAY, wall paper, Elk st.
FULLER, E. H., (Fuller & Kagay), Elk st.
FULLER, Geo. A., clerk, (C. W. Carter), Elk st.
FULMAN, Charles, carpenter, Elk st.

GALE, W. E., carpenter, Holly st.
GALLAHER, E. D., real estate, High st.
GALLAHER, Phil., attorney, Forest st.
GALLAHER, Miss Ida, teacher private school, Maple st.
GALLAGHER, J. F., laborer.
GALLAGHER, A., laborer.
GARRISON, F. E., laborer.
GASSERTH, Adam, clerk (B. Baum).
GAZETTE, The, Edson & Connell props. Elk st bet Chestnut and Maple sts.
GEORGE & MORGAN, merchants, Elk st.
GEORGE, H. F., (George & Morgan), Elk st.
GERNON, Pat, laborer.
GILBERTSON, H., assistant wharfinger, Dock st.
GILSON, R. K., agent Northwestern Express Co., (Racquet), Holly st.
GILSON, Mrs. Ella A., millinery and modiste parlors, Holly st.
GLOBE CLOTHING HOUSE, (Lowery & Nobles, props.), Elk st.
GODFREY, J. W., clerk, (Mrs. Llewellyn), Elk st.
GOODING, H., soda works, Elk st.
GRAND VIEW HOTEL, Wm. McGillevray, prop., Holly st.
GRAY, E. C., agent Pacific States Savings, Loan & Building Co.
GREGORY, C. J., carpenter, Elk st.
GREEN, C. H., fruits and tobacco, Elk st.
GREEN, Jacob, painter, Keystone hotel.
GREEN, J. W., Garden st.
GRIFFIN & CALHOON, pianos, organs, musical merchandise, Holly st.
GRIFFIN, J. F., (Griffin & Calhoon), Holly st.
GUNDERSON, G., carpenter, York addition.

HAGER, E., carpenter, railroad.
HALBERG, Peter, (Dahlquist & Halberg), Elk st.
HALL, J. P., carpenter.
HALL, W. Finley, real estate, Maple st.
HALL &MCKINLY, draymen, Elk st.
HAMILTON, T., carpenter.
HANRAHAN, J. B., painter, Railroad ave.
HASTINGS, Robert, foreman of construction, (B. B. & B. C. Co.).
HAYES, Rufus J., engineer, Plymouth hotel.
HEGG, E. A., photographer, Elk st.
HELMS, R., carpenter, St. Elmo hotel.
HENDRICKSON, J., laborer, Elk st.
HENRY, E., plasterer, Eureka house.
HENSON, Miss M., bookkeeper (R. K. Gilson).
HENSON, J. W., Laurel st.
HERON, John L., clerk (R. I. Morse), Elk st.
HERRON, R. B., contractor and builder, Elk st.
HEWETT, H. J., laborer, York addition.
HEWETT, J. H., farmer, Michael st.
HIATT, G. C., salesman (C. W. Carter), Forest st.
HIGBY, George, clerk (Golden Rule Bazaar).
HIGGINSON, R. C., druggist, Elk st.
HINSDALE, N. L., Dock st.
HODCHES, J., Japanese bazaar, Holly st.
HOFERCAMP, Ed., apprentice (Gazette office), Forest st.
HOFERCAMP, F., barber, Elk st., res. Forest st.
HOFERCAMP, H., postmaster, Forest st.
HOLDSWORTH, Samuel, lunch counter, Casino theatre, Holly st.
HOLMES, Morris, Forest st.
HOLTON, G. L., bartender, Eureka house.
HORST, C. A., harnessmaker, Chestnut st.
HORTON, H., blacksmith, Railroad ave.
HOWE, Henry, carpenter, Government st.
HUGHES, L. H., real estate, Holly st.
HUGHES, Robert, carpenter, Keystone hotel.
HUGUENIN, Robert L., prop. Keystone hotel, Elk st.
HUNTOON, D. R., president Sehome Land, Hotel and Improvement Co., res. Elk st.
HURNNELL, Mrs. M. A., (widow) Forest st.
HUTSON, J. T., Horse Shoe Saloon, Holly st.
HUTSON, C., bartender, Horse Shoe Saloon, Holly st.
HUTTON, A., tobacconist, Elk st.

IRISH, S. B., (Sehome Livery).
IRISH, H. A., Forest st.
IRISH, ___, bookkeeper (Leonard mill), Forest st.
IVERSON, O. B., draughtsman and surveyor, res York add.

JACKSON, G. L., (Frizell Hardware Co).
JACKSON, W., barber, Elk st.
JACKSON, J., plasterer.
JACKSON, John, plasterer, Maple st.
JAMES, Henry, carpenter, Eureka house.
JAMESON, M. L., physician, Elk st., res. Garden st.
JANSEN, Joe, barber, Elk st.
JOHANSON & CARLSON, saloon, Holly st.
JOHANSON, M., (Johanson & Carlson), Holly st.
JOHNSON, Andrew, laborer, Cherry st.
JOHNSON, Fred., railroad laborer.
JOHNSON, Mrs. L. E., dressmaker (Mrs. Gilson).
JOHNSON, W., bartender (Casino Theatre), Central Whatcom.
JOHNSON & SON, boot and shoe dealers, Elk st.
JOHNSON, W. P., (Johnson & Son), res Magnolia st.
JOHNSON, F. R., (Johnson & Son), Magnolia st.
JOHNSON, E. A., washer (City Laundry), Elk st.
JOHNSON, Miss Lena, ironer (City Laundry), Elk st.
JOHNSON, T., laborer, York add.
JOHNSON, H., carpenter, Keystone hotel.
JOHNSON, Edward, railroad laborer.
JOHNSON, Frank, railroad laborer.
JOHNS, S., driver (J. F. Shidler), Eldridge add.
JOKI, Michael, Lanse nr Michigan.
JONES, Ira T., carpenter, Michael st.
JONES, W., railroad laborer.
JONES & CARLYON, real estate and insurance, cor. Elk and Holly sts.
JONES, Reginald, (Jones & Carlyon), res. cor. Elk and Holly sts.
JORDSHOUGER, Leif, carpenter, York add.
JORGENSON, H., railroad laborer.

KAGAY, C. E., (Fuller & Kagay), Elk st.
KALLMAN, J. C., clerk (B. Baum), res. The Sehome
KARTES, C., The Sehome
KASSON, J. H., blacksmith, Forest st.
KATAYAMA, G., waiter (Sehome Restaruant), Holly st.
KATZ, O. J., (U. S. Clothing Co.), Holly st.
KEIF, Chas., clerk (Whatcom Natl. Bank), res. Forest st.
KELBERG, Hans, laborer, York add.
KELLER, A. W., (Casino), Dock st.
KING, G. A., carpenter, Elk st.
KING, CHAS., laborer, Maple st.
KINSMAN, R. F., millhand, Plymouth hotel.
KIRKWOOD, W., railroad laborer, Mechanics' house.
KLEINBERG, W., (Marcuse & Kleinberg), Holly st.
KOOT, Chas., laborer, York add.
KRATZIG, Robert, butcher, Elk st.

LAMOTTE, Claude, machinist (Casino), Holly st.
LANDO, L., clerk (B. Baum), Elk st.
LANG, Henry, carpenter, Forest st.
LANGING, F., bartender (Roehl Bros.), Elk st.
LAPLAIN, W. P., real estate, Forest st.
LARSON, John J., laborer, Forest st.
LARSON, Chas., prop. Swea house.
LEE, Hiram, laborer, Forest st.
LEONARD, Arthur, cook (Casino), Holly st.
LEONARD, T., painter and contractor, Plymouth hotel
LIBGREEN, A., railroad laborer.
LINSE, Ed., (Pacific Harness Co.), Chestnut st.
LLEWELLYN, Mrs. A. E., merchant, Elk st.
LOBE, L., prop Golden Rule Bazaar, res Chestnut st.
LOBE, Miss C., clerk (Golden Rule Bazaar), Chestnut st.
LOWERY, D., (Lowery & Nobles), res Forest st.
LOVE, B. F., plasterer, Laurel st.
LOVE, H. J., plasterer, Laurel st.
LYNCH, E. E., carpenter, Keystone hotel.

MABBETTE, J. W., steward, The Sehome.
MACK, Peter, carpenter.
MADISON, George, carpenter, Elk st.
MARCUS, J., prop. Combination store, Holly st.
MARCUSE, J. (Marcuse & Kleinberg), Holly st.
MARION, E. J., shoemaker, Elk st.
MARMONT, T. A., merchant, Elk st.
MARMONT, T., teamster, Elk st.
MANN, T. J., livery, Elk st.
MANUEL, W. J., teamster, Keystone hotel.
MARESCH, F. G., furniture dealer, Forest st.
MARSHALL, Robert, painter (T. Leonard).
MATTHEWS, W. D., teamster, Forest st.
MATHIEWS, J., carpenter.
MAYER, Conrad, (McKinnon & Mayer) Forest st.
MCARTHUR, H. D., insurance agent, Elk st.
MCARTHUR, D. J., Elk st.
MCARTHUR, D. H., carpenter (R. C. Jordan).
MCCALL, Charles, res. The Sehome.
MCCANN, Mrs., dressmaker, Holly st.
MCCANN, J. L., carpenter, Holly st.
MCCASKLE, A., contractor, res. Pacific House, Whatcom.
MCCASKILL, Malcolm, prop. Thistle Saloon, Holly st.
MCCLAINE, L., book-keeper (B. B. N. Bank), res. Holly st.
MCCORMICK, James, waiter (Casino), Eureka house.
MCCOSKRIE, Ed., architect, Elk st.
MCCONNELL, James, carpenter (R. C. Jordan).
MCCURDY, J., laborer, Laurel st.
MCDONALD, Malcolm J., prop Thistle Saloon, Holly st.
MCELMON, Rev. R. B. (Presbyterian Church), res. Elk st.
MCEWEN, Hugh, carpenter, Forest st.
MCGILL, W. M., laborer.
MCGILLIVRAY, William, prop Grand View Hotel, Holly st.
MCIVER, Kenneth, carpenter, Albion house.
MCKEE & CO., real estate, Holly st.
MCKEE, William (McKee & Co)., res Chestnut. st.
MCKELLAR, P. D., prop The Sehome.
MCKELLAR, Colin, The Sehome.
MCKELLAR, Dan., manager, The Sehome.
MCKENTY, J., bricklayer, Plymouth hotel.
MCKINLEY, Wm., machinist, Keystone hotel.
MCKINLEY, McIntosh, carpenter, Holly st.
MCKINNON & MAYER, blacksmiths, Chestnut st.
MCKINNON, B. (McK & M), res Forest st.
MCKINNON, W., carriage maker, Elk st.
MCKNIGHT, W. J., prop Plymouth hotel, Elk st.
MCLAUGHLIN, ___ , carpenter (R. C. Jordan).
MCLAUGHLIN, F., draughtsman, Railroad ave.
MCLENDON, R., carpenter.
MCLEOD, D. (P. S. Lager Beer Depot), Elk st.
MEAD, A. E., attorney, Railroad ave.
MECHANICS' HOME (Mrs. Cowley), Elk st.
MEYER, H., laborer.
MILLARD, Wm., laborer.
MILLER, W. E., real estate (Thomas & Miller), res Holly st.
MILES, Thomas, millhand (B B & B C), Forest st.
MILLER, W., piledriver, Keystone hotel.
MILLER, P., millhand (B B & B C), Holly st.
MILLER, E. A., painter, res South Fork.
MILLS, George T., York addition.
MINTURN, W. L., (Underwood & Minturn), res cor Elk and Chestnut sts.
MITCHELL, W. B., millhand, Maple st.
MOELLER, F. M., yard foreman (B. B. & B. C.), Forest st.
MONROE, Dan., cook (The Sehome).
MOODY, Thos., laborer, Holly st.
MOORE, L., laborer.
MORCK, Aleck, laborer.
MORGAN, E. R., teller B. B. Natl. Bank, res Holly Blk, Holly st.
MORGAN, J. W., cashier B B Natl Bank, res cor 15th and I sts, Whatcom.
MORGAN, J., (George & Morgan), Elk st.
MORRISON, A. H., attorney, Elk st, res Forest st.
MORSE, David C., Elk st.
MORSE, R. I., hardware merchant, Elk st.
MOSMAN, F. J., clerk (R. I. Morse), Plymouth hotel.
MOULTON, Chas., carpenter, Elk st.
MOUNT, J. N., manager Wash Real Estate and Investment Co., res Railroad ave.
MOUNT, J. F., attorney, Railroad ave.
MUNHLBERG, R., carpenter, Elk st.
MURPHY, John, laborer.
MURPHY, M., shoemaker, Elk st.

NEDRY, G. D., jewler, Elk st.
NEIMAN, H. H., Forest st.
NEIMAN, Henry, Forest st.
NELSON, Geo., wharfinger, Dock st.
NELSON, Albert, laborer.
NICHOLS, J. B., laborer.
NICHOLS, C. A., laborer.
NOBLES, Ed. T., (Lowery & Nobles), res The Sehome.

OGDEN, H. J., rodman (B B & B C) cor. Forest and Laurel sts.
O.K. sample rooms, Railroad ave.
OKEG, George (Gilsons' Racquet), Holly st.
OLSEN, Amund, laborer, Elk st.
ORCHARD, W. L., merchant, Elk st.
OTTERSTAD, L. (U. S. Clothing Co.), res C st., Whatcom.
OWENS, Alfred, piledriver, Keystone hotel.

PACIFIC CLOTHING CO., cor. Elk and Laurel st.
PALACE, Joe, waiter, The Sehome.
PALMER, L. P., stenographer, The Sehome.
PALMQUIST, O. L., laborer, Gladstone st.
PARMLEY, E. M., engineer, Elk street.
PATTER, F. M., mason, Maple st.
PERRY, George W. (City Laundry), Elk st.
PEPPER, COX & WILKINSON, contractors and builders.
PEPPER, Thomas, carpenter, Plymouth hotel.
PETERSON, ___, laborer, York addition.
PETERSON, John, carpenter, Railroad ave.
PETTERSON, Louis, laborer, Scandinavian hotel.
PAN, J. L., mechanic.
PARR, John, carpenter.
PARKS, L., carpenter.
PLASTER, G. A., Holly st.
POMEROY, C. E., carpenter, Keystone hotel.
PURDY, E. W., (Conner & Purdy) res Forest st.

QUACKENBUSH & CO., real estate, Holly st.
QUACKENBUSH, J. L., (Quackenbush & Co.), Holly st.

RAMP, Wm., plasterer, Elk st.
RAMSEY, R., railroad laborer.
RAPER, W. A., railroad laborer.
RATHAGEN, Hans, laborer, Scandinavian hotel.
RATHBONE, M. R. W., brick manufacturer, Ohio st, res Holly st.
REED, S., carpenter.
RESMERSON, ___, laborer, York add.
RICE, Frank, stage manager, (Casino), res Dock st.
RICHARDSON, John, millhand, Forest st.
RIDDERBJELKE, A., sea captain, Garden st.
RILEY, Wm., construction foreman, (B B & B C), Railroad ave.
RIPLEY, W. C., Keystone hotel.
ROBERTS, J. S., master mariner, (Jones & Carlyon), Elk st.
ROBERTS, W. H., laborer.
ROEHL BROS., liquor merchants, Elk st.
ROEHL, Wm. (Roehl Bros), Elk st.
ROEHL, F. C. (Roehl Bros.), Elk st.
ROGERS, Ellery, real estate, Forest st.
ROGERS, Hugh, laborer (B B & B C R).
ROHN, Wm., laborer.
ROLANDS, E., laborer (B B & B C R).
ROLLINGS, Mrs., milliner, Elk st.
ROLLINGS, J. F., carpenter, Elk st.
ROSCOE, J. W., prop Casino Theatre, res. Dock st.
ROSLYN, O. O., laborer (B B & B C R).
ROSS, John, steward, Russell House, Elk st.
RUFFIC, J., laborer (B B & B C R).
RUSSELL HOUSE (Thos. Russell, prop.), Elk st.
RUSSELL, Thos., Elk st.
RUTHRUFF, H. C., carpenter, Plymouth hotel.
RUTHRUFF, Chester, carpenter, Plymouth hotel.
RYAN, John, tinner (Underwood & Minturn), Elk st.

SATTERBY, Amos, laborer, Railroad avenue.
SCHARLST, G. F., carpenter, Railroad avenue.
SCHOLLAR, E., butcher, Elk st.
SCHUMAUN, J. F., carpenter, Grand View hotel.
SCOTT, W. H., teamster (Croft & Irish), Elk st.
SEAL, L. A., painter, Forest street.
SEEGER, E. P., butcher, Elk st.
SEHOME LIVERY (Croft & Irish), Elk st.
SEEVER & KRATZIG, butchers, Elk st.
SEEVER, A., butcher, Elk st.
SEVIERE, S. M., real estate, Holly st.
SEVIERE, Sadie, dressmaker, Holly st.
SHAFER, P. C., laborer.
SHAWL, Fred, carpenter, Plymouth Hotel.
SHERMAN & HOWARD, attorneys, Elk st.
SHERMAN, Albert, (Sherman & Howard).
SHIDLER, J. F., grocer, Elk st.
SIEVE, Antonie, butcher, Railroad ave.
SIGRALD, Peter, carpenter, cor Forest and Chestnut sts.
SIMON, W. J., real estate, Forest st.
SMALL,  F. W., transfer, Forest st.
SMITH, Miss Nannie saleslady (Mrs. Swift), res cor 15th and D sts, Whatcom.
SMITH, John O., blacksmith.
SMITH, J. W., prop Esmond Saloon, Elk st.
SMITH, W. C., bartender, (Esmond Saloon), Elk st.
SMITH, E. P., treasurer, Forest st.
SMITH, J., laborer.
SMITH, Isaac, millwright, Elk st.
SMITH, L., laborer, Elk st.
SOLOAN, Albert B., cook, Plymouth hotel.
SOLVEY, J. E., carpenter, Elk st.
SPEPARD, J. W., engineer, Elk st.
SPROULE, R. E., physician, Elk st.
STANGROOM, J. S., cashier B B & B C Co, Elk st.
STANGROOM, M. L., general agent and supt B B & B C Co, office cor Forest and Rose, res Elk st.
STANTON, Samuel, lather, Keystone hotel.
ST. ELMO HOUSE, (Mrs. Thos. Wilson), Elk st.
STEVENS, W. T., foreman, Gazette office, res Eureka house.
STEWART & CO., real estate, Elk st.
STEWART, W. A., (Stewart & Co.), Elk st.
STENGER, J., prop B B Bakery, Elk st.
STOCKLEIN BROS., dry goods, Elk st, near Laurel st.
STOCKLEIN, H. J., (Stocklein Bros.) Elk st.
STOCKLEIN, Chas. C., (Stocklein Bros.), Elk st.
STOCKTON, Mrs., widow, Rose st.
STOWERS, C. H., capitalist, Garden st.
STRADER, J. G., bookkeeper.
STRAUSS, J., (U. S. Clothing Co.), Holly st.
STUBBS, Miss E. L., waiter, Grand View, Holly st.
STURGEON, E., real estate, Elk st, res Garden st.
STURGEON, Miss ___, clerk (Stocklein Bros.), Elk st.
SWADLEY, Mrs Martha, widow, Forest st.
SWANK, J., blacksmith, Forest st.
SWEA HOUSE, Forest street.
SWIFT, Mrs. M. N., milliner and dressmaker, Holly st.
SYBERT, W. H., clerk (Pacific Clothing Co.), Garden st.

TANNER, A. D., carpenter, Eureka house.
TARTE, J. W., sea captain, Railroad ave.
TAYLOR, Geo. N., architect, Elk st.
TENSTEAD, H., laborer, (B B & B C R).
THE SEHOME, hotel, Elk st.
THE OFFICE, saloon, Elk st.
THOMAS & MILLER, real estate, Elk st.
THOMAS, J. H., (Thomas & Miller), Elk st.
TORSLEY, Ed., cook, Plymouth hotel.
TORSTENSON, F., carpenter (R. C. Jordan).
TRAGLOAN, Stephen, laborer, Laurel st.
TRULLSON, J. F., carpenter, York add.
TRUMBLE, C., railroad laborer.
TRUTTLE, J. W., engineer, (B B & B C R), Railroad ave.
TUBBS, M. V., physician, York add.
TUMBLE, A., railroad laborer.
TURNBAUGH, J. W., marshal, Railroad ave.
TUTTLE, J. C., railroad laborer.

UDNESS, Olaf, City Laundry, Elk st.
UHLMAN & ALSOP, butchers, Elk st.
UHLMAN, C. T., (Uhlman & Alsop), Elk st.
UNDERWOOD & MINTURN, hardware, stoves and tinware, cor Elk and Chestnut sts.
UNDERWOOD, F. G., (Underwood & Minturn), res Forest st, bet Chestnut and Maple.
U.S. CLOTHING CO., Holly st.
UTZ, Thos., carpenter, Keystone hotel.

VAN SCHOIACK, Ortie, washer (City Laundry), Elk st.
VAN WYCK, A. W., cor Chestnut and Elk sts.
VERCHAT, Louis, railroad laborer.
VERGER, L., railroad laborer.
VETZ, Chas., railroad laborer.

WAIT, Jas., prop O. K. Sample Rooms, Railroad ave.
WAITY, H. E., real estate, Elk st, res cor High and Maple sts.
WALDMAN, C. J., barber, (F. Hofercamp), Elk st.
WALDMAN, Mrs. M., tailoress (A. G. Wickman), Elk st.
WALLACE, W. H., laborer, Elk st.
WALLACE, Thos., railroad laborer.
WALTON, J. S., bookkeeper (B B & B C R) High st.
WALSH, C., prop Albion house, Elk st.
WALSH, F., prop Albion house, Elk st.
WALSH, Wm., prop Albion house, Elk st.
WARD & WELLS, tobacco and confectionery, Elk st.
WARD, C. E., (Ward & Wells), Elk st.
WARD, Chas. E., loan agent, office B B Natl Bank, res Holly st.
WARD, Frank, carpenter (railroad).
WEAVER, E. C., laborer, Elk st.
WEBB, Samuel, carpenter, Star lodging house.
WEGENER, John, boot and shoe dealer, Holly st.
WELCOME, J. C., saddle, Forest st.
WELCOME, Mrs. L., (widow), Forest st.
WELLS, R. G., (Ward & Wells), Elk st.
WESTLUND, Erick, carpenter, Forest st.
WHEELER, C. P., bookkeeper (B B Natl Bank), res 15th and I sts, Whatcom.
WHEELER, Bradford, assistant engineer (B B & B C R).
WHITE HOUSE, dry goods, gent's furnishings, (Marcuse & Kleinberg), Holly st.
WHITE, L., druggist (G. W. Boyd), Elk st.
WHITE, Chas. K., Eureka house.
WHITMAN, ___, The Sehome.
WICKMAN, A. G., tailor, Holly st.
WILCOX, ___, tinner (Underwood & Minturn), Elk st.
WILCOX, W. C., farmer, Holly st.
WILLARIS, Paul, clerk (Dahlquist & Halberg), Elk st.
WILKINSON, R., carpenter (Pepper, Cox & Wilkinson), Plymouth.
WILLIAMSON, J. M., clerk (J. F. Shidler), Elk st.
WILLIN, A., mechanic (B B & B C R).
WILRAN, C., mechanic (B B & B C R).
WILSON, I., Elk st.
WILSON & BOLINGER, grocers, Elk st.
WILSON, A. S., (Wilson & Bolinger), Plymouth hotel.
WILSON, C. R., prop The Office saloon, Elk st.
WILSON, J. B., bartender (The Office), Elk st.
WILSON, Cris., carpenter, Plymouth Hotel.
WILTEE, A., carpenter, Plymouth hotel.
WINTER, J. T., millwright, Eureka house.
WOOLARD, A. E., real estate, Elk st near cor Chestnut st.
WOODS, John, fruit stand, Holly st.
WOODS, J. J., mill foreman, Albion house.
WRIGHT, Geo., laborer, Elk st.

YORK SYNDICATE, real estate, Maple st.

ZABLE, A., clerk (B B Bakery), Elk st.

Copied by Susan Nahas, November 2000


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