1891 - 1892

These records were copied by WGS Member Bob Witherspoon from the original books at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2117 Walnut Street, Bellingham WA, with the permission of the Rev. John W. Gibbs, Rector of St. Paul's, and the help of Pearl SWEENEY, St. Paul's Church Secretary. The oldest record book on hand at St. Paul's begins with entries dated about seven years after St. Paul's was established; however, data in this book can be interpreted as being records of the coexisting St. James' Episcopal Church, Fairhaven, rather than of St. Paul's. St. James' closed about the turn of the century. The "Families" record sheets in the first book include date of entry, names, age, BCC (baptized, confirmed, communicant) status, and "Residence etc." often used for remarks. The residence/remarks of "removed," "here," "died," etc., appear to have been entered while preparing to transfer information into a new record book. Most records of "Families" appear to have been completed when a new record book was started and only individual family entries occasionally thereafter. Linking husband and wife was shown in the original record book only by bracketing the two names. This linkage and other remarks by the copier are shown in brackets, such as "[wife]."





Page 10
March 1, 1891 ALBEE, Wm. R. Removed
Ada V. [wife] BCC
Morton Aurel 4 B
Wilson Ector 1 B
March 1, 1891 ANDERSON, Fred H. Removed
Ada M. [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 ATKINSON, Pascal LeClerc BCC Removed
Mary [wife] BCC
Florence BCC
March 1, 1891 ABBOTT, William E. B Removed to Whatcom
Henrietta [wife] BCC
Nellie 18 BCC
Florence 16 BCC
Harry 14 BCC
Waddington 4 B
March 1, 1891 ALLERTON, William C. B Removed
Margaret G. [wife] BCC
Charles H. BCC
Page 11
March 1, 1891 BISSELL, Wolcott Richard BCC Removed
Mary Augusta [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 BRATT, Thomas
Sarah [wife] BCC
Hannah Tandy B
March 1, 1891 BROWN, Horace T. Removed to Spokane
Mary E. [wife] BCC
Horace 17 B
Mary B. 14 B
Waldo W. 1 B
March 1, 1891 BLACK, George A. Removed to Spokane
Anna Belle [wife] BCC
THORPE, Mrs. E. A. BCC Died
March 1, 1891 HUGHES, Mrs. (widow) BCC Removed
BROWNE, W. DeLancet, M.D. (son)
Page 12
March 1, 1891 BALDY, James D. B Removed
Blanche [wife]
Belle Lamreaux (sister) 12
April 1891 CRESSWELL, Henry John BC R. to Shaw's Is.
Helen Ann [wife] BCC
Cyril 1 [mo.?] B
April 1891 CHRISTOPHER, Zachariah W. B
Sarah Matilda [wife] BCC
Darrington 32 B
Woolen Craig 24 B
Rita 16 BCC here
April 1891 DARLING, James M. BCC
Clara C. [wife] BCC
Dwight K. (D.D.S.) BCC
Charles A. BCC
April 1891 EVANS, Pierce Removed to Cal.
Ida A. [wife] BCC
Page 13
April 1891 GILLETT, Thomas W. here
Latetia [wife] BCC
Halbert BCC
Walter 18 B
April 1891 HILL, Edwin B. R. to Oregon
Mary Theresa [wife] BCC
April 1891 HAKES, Wm. Harrison Removed
Maria Douglas [wife] BCC
Gertrude Douglas 15 BCC
Rae McD. 10 B
April 1891 HURLBUT, Wilmer D. here
Elizabeth [wife] BCC
Mary Charlotte 6 B
Celia M. 3 B
April 1891 HARVEY, James McL. B dead and family removed
Minnie [wife] BCC
James McL. 6 B
Matilla E. 4 B
Page 14
March 1, 1891 JONES, George BCC R. to Shaw's Is.
Mary Ann [wife] BCC
Henry 20 B
Frederick 18 BCC
George Edward 7 B
March 1, 1891 JONES, William BCC Removed
Sarah [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 KIRKPATRICK, John A. B
Elizabeth B
March 1, 1891 LEWIS, Philip Winston BCC R. to Virginia
Mary Latue BCC
John Waring B
Annie Winston B
March 1, 1891 LLOYD, William H. Removed
Ellen M. BCC
Frank Marcy (ROBERTS) 17 B
Page 15
March 1, 1891 LYSLE, George W. Died
Annie M.
Mrs. E. T. MEREDITH Removed
Mabel [MEREDITH] 12
March 1, 1891 LENT, Alvin R. to Olympia
Mary C. [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 MORRELL, J. K. Removed
Nannie [wife] BCC
Earnest Wheat 17 B
Joe L. B
March 1, 1891 MOSES, Thomas Removed
Catharine BCC
Lottie K. BCC
March 1, 1891 McGUIRE, Frank E. Removed
Rosina A. [wife] BCC
Page 16
March 1, 1891 McLEAN, Alexander at Whatcom
Margaret [wife] BCC
William B
Elizabeth B Died
Rose B married and here
Archibald 20 B
March 1, 1891 MAGEE, Charles Whatcom
Frances [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 McKINLEY, John R. B Removed
Frances S. [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 MACKAY, Samuel G. Here
Lillian V. [wife] B
Persis 15 B
Josephine 12 B
May 5 B
March 1, 1891 PARKER, Winfield T. Removed
Jennie [wife] B
Guy 12 B
Bertie 10 B
Page 17
March 1, 1891 SEYMOUR, Barrett B. BCC Removed
Mary G. BCC
March 1, 1891 THUM, Myron C. Died
Mary K. [wife] BCC Removed
Marion D. 7 B
March 1, 1891 WARDNER, J. F. Removed
Mary A. [wife] BCC
Elsie 17 BCC
Kate 15 B
Edward 13 B
Golden 8 B
Alice 3 B
Charlotte 1 B
March 1, 1891 WALDRON, Charles W. here
Alice [wife] BCC
Grace Frances 9 B
Fred (PERRY) 14 B
March 1, 1891 WILSON, Mrs. M. A. BCC
E. M. B here
Elbry BCC
Lavilla HAYS [appears to be later entry] Removed
Page 18
March 1, 1891 WYLLIE, John Reid BC Removed
Julia Dodge [wife] BCC
John Ronald 1 B
March 1, 1891 WIERS, Mrs. Caroline BCC here
Brice A. B
March 1, 1891 WOODS, Frank A. B Removed
Fannie E. [wife] BCC
Henrietta 10 B
March 1, 1891 WHEELER, W. H. Removed
Flora R. [wife] BCC
Mabel 9 B
Maud 8 B
Cleveland 6 B
March 1, 1891 AMES, George H. here
Lydia E. BCC
Walcott 9
March 1, 1891 PERRY, Joseph E. Removed
Rosetta [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 STRADER, Peter Wilson BC here
Sarah [wife]
Page 19
March 1, 1891 STRADER, George H. BC Removed
Margaret M. [wife] BCC
George MacLeod B
Infant [appears to be entered later in pencil]
March 1, 1891 HART, E. A. Removed
Natalie [wife] BC
March 1, 1891 MAYER, George Frederick BCC Removed
Louise Alice [wife] BCC
Valerie 9 B
Page 20
March 1, 1891 DOHERTY, James M. B Removed
Marie Virginia [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 VISSCHER, William Lightfoot BC Removed
Emma Blanche [wife] B
Viva/Vira Glenn 14 B
March 1, 1891 MOHR, William H. Removed
Millie L. [wife] BCC
Nellie J. 5 B
Frederick M. 3 B
March 1, 1891 DUNN, Lewis A. Removed
Martha [wife]
William T. (step-son) 16 B
Lewis 6 B
March 1, 1891 GREENLAND, Edward B Removed
Mary Elizabeth BCC
Baby [appears to be written later in pencil]
Page 21
April 7, 1891 PALMER, Austin S. Removed
Effie [wife] BCC
March 1, 1891 GETTY, John here
Alicia [wife] BCC
Annie Elfreda 1 B
Mabel Gertrude B
Hardress James B
March 1, 1891 GIFFORD, Arthur C. BC Removed
Millie [wife] B
Vernon S. (brother) BC
April 27, 1891 GEST, Clifford H. Removed
Frances BCC
April 27, 1891 THOMAS, Charles P., M.D. Removed
Mary J. [wife] BCC
Page 22
May 1891 LEWIS, James Purdy B Removed
Wilhelmina [wife] B
Jay Lindstedt 2 B
May 1891 MOORE, Mary (widow) BCC Removed to Spokane, Wash. June 10, 1895
Nellie BCC
May 31, 1891 CLARK, Jay W. B here
Margaret [wife] B
Dewey Jay 7 B
May 31, 1891 PRICHARD, _____ here
Edith M. [wife] BCC
May 31, 1891 WILSON, Posey E. B Removed
Augusta E. [wife] BCC
Margaret P. B
Page 23
May 31, 1891 CURTIS, Charles M. B Removed
Ida [wife] BCC
Helen Elise 7 wks B
Mrs. Minnie A. CARSON BCC
May 31, 1891 KINNEY, Harry W. B here
Elizabeth [wife] BCC
June 1, 1891 COVERDALE, George BC Removed
Mary Elizabeth [wife] BC
John 5 B
Gertrude 3 B
June 12, 1891 WYCKOFF, Herman H. BCC Whatcom
Nellie H. [wife] BCC
Halsey P. 4 B
Hulett J. 2 B
Aug. 1, 1891 DUFF, R. H. B Removed
Luella BCC
James Elijah 17 B
Page 24
[Linkage of husband and wife not shown in remaining records, and data in Age and BCC columns frequently switched.]
Sept. 1, 1891 MESSER, Minnie (widow) BCC here
Frank 9 B
Sept. 1, 1891 KING, Frederick Removed
Anna BC
May 1, 1892 MANUELL/MARWELL [?], Isaac Newton BC Whatcom
Medora BC
May 1, 1892 BENSON, Bertel B here
Mary BCC
Mary [dau.?] BCC
William 17 B
Fred 15 BCC
Jennie (?) 15 BCC
June 1, 1892 COMPTON, Hayes A. (M.D.) here
Lydia BCC
Page 25
Sept. 1, 1892 WALCH, James T. Removed
Florence E. BCC
Mary 19 BCC
Charles Frederick 15 B
Hazel Virginia 9 B
Sept. 1, 1892 CULVER, _____ Removed
Fred N. BC
July 1893 Dr. HEBERDEN Whatcom
[No records on pages 26 - 39; pages 27-34 missing from book.]
Page 40
[The following, marked "Individuals," were in two adjacent columns, without space for a date. They were probably entered March 1, 1891, and were in separate columns for men and women.]
March 1, 1891 Miss Mattie E. EGGLESTON BCC Removed
March 1, 1891 Miss Edith THORNTON BCC Removed
March 1, 1891 Miss Ellen PRENTICE BCC Removed
March 1, 1891 Mrs. Richard HAWES BCC Removed
March 1, 1891 Miss Jessie TEMPLIN BCC
March 1, 1891 Miss Anna HOPKINS BCC
March 1, 1891 Miss Emma Hattie LANGDON BCC
March 1, 1891 William Clark BELL BCC
March 1, 1891 Fred N. CULVER BCC
March 1, 1891 _______ DRAKE BCC
March 1, 1891 James T. GANDER BC
March 1, 1891 Clinton W. HOWARD BCC
March 1, 1891 Horace Barton KANE BCC Removed
March 1, 1891 DeLancey LEWIS BCC Removed
March 1, 1891 DeForest H. MERRIMAN BCC
March 1, 1891 William REED BC
March 1, 1891 Christopher REID BC
March 1, 1891 Morris JONES BC
March 1, 1891 John EASTON BC
March 1, 1891 Ronald M. PORTER BCC
Apr. 21, 1891 Leighton LEWIS BCC Removed
Apr. 25, 1891 John T. ADAMS BCC Removed
May 31, 1891 Francis J. MATTINGLY BCC Removed


These records begin with entries dated about ten years after St. Paul's was established. All entries on the "Families" record sheets in this book are dated "Aug. 1894." In addition to listing names, column entries show if the person was baptized ("B"), confirmed ("Cd") and/or a communicant ("Ct"), the family residence, and notes. it is obvious some entries, such as "removed," were "do after August, 1894 but there in no indication when they were made. The next record book begins in 1909. Remarks or notes by the copier or editor are shown in brackets such as [unclear). " These records were compared with the 1889 Territorial census, 1900 U.S. Census and city directories of 1891 and 1899.

Page 7:




ABBOTT, Mr. G. W. [William E.] B. Cd. Ct. 1257 Garden St.
Mrs. Henrietta, his wife B. Cd. Ct.
Miss Nellie B. Cd. Ct.
Miss Flossie B. Cd. Ct.
Mr. Harris [Harry] B. Cd.
Waddington (7 yrs.) B. Cd. Ct.
[1900 census lists ABBOTT, William E, b. 1846; Henrietta, b. 1847; Nellie b.1874; Harry, b. 1877; Florence, b. 1878; Washington, b. 1887]
ATKINS, Mr. C. M. B. Cd. Ct. 14th St. Removed
Mrs. Maria, his wife B. Cd. Ct.
C. Burwell (17 yrs) B.
Arthur C. (12 yrs.) B. Cd.
Lew. M. (9 yrs.) B.
AUSTIN, Mrs. J. Holly St. Mr. Austin Belongs [overwritten removed]
AUSTIN, Mr. H. 402 Washington St.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists Austin, Henry, farmer, res.402 Washington, with 4 other Austins - all teachers]
BOWEN, Miss Elma B. Cd. Ct. 1648 1 St.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists Bowen, Elma, res. 1650 I St; 1900 census lists Bowen, Miss Elma, age 60]
Page 8:
BRAGG, Jennie M., Mrs. B. Cd. Ct. 1676 1 St. Dr. BRAGG no ch.
Leister, Moss.(7 yrs.) B. Removed
[1889 census shows Lester, 1, male, son of R. S. and Jennie Bragg]
BLACK, Alfred Laurence, Mr. B. Cd. Front St.
Ada Francis, Mrs., his wife B. Cd. Ct.
Alfred Laurence (10 yrs.) B.
Francis Abbott (7 yrs.) B.
BARKLEY, York Addition
BIGGS, Alice M. Mrs. B. Cd. Ct. 253 Walnut St. Mr. Biggs deserted his family
Statira B.
Doris B.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists Biggs, Alice M., teacher, res. 233 Walnut; 1900 census lists Biggs, Mrs. Alice M., b. 1859; Satira, dau. b. 1883; Dorris E., dau. b. 1885]
BRUCE, Mary S. Mrs. B. Cd. Meikle St., York Addition Mr. BRUCE Not church
BRUCE, Walter, Mr. B. Cd. Meikle St., York Addition Mrs. BRUCE Presbyt by association
COLE, Miss Marion A. B. Cd. no church Utter Deceased Father and mother
Page 9:
CHRISTMAN, Mr. F. B. Cd. 1074 Garden St. Removed
Minnie E.(?) Mrs. his wife B. Cd.
Carl B. Cd.
Bertha B. Cd.
Freda B.
CRITES, John R. Mr. B. Cd. Garden St.
Delia Mrs. his wife B.
Gertrude B. B.
Newton B.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists CRITES, J. R., Lawyer, res. 1234 Garden; 1900 census lists CRITES, John R., Delia, Gertrude B. b. 1889, Newton H. b. 1891]
CONNER, H. O. Mr. Garden (& Holly St. C.P.R.) Removed
(Perhaps DICKINSON, P. E., wife Susanna, dau. Margaret b. 1888 and son J. Eugene b. 1890 as listed in 1900 census)
DUNGAY, Henry Leicester Mr. B. Cd. Ct. Meridian St.
Cornelia Ann his wife B. Cd. Ct.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists DUNGAY, Henry, res. cor. Peabody and Illinois: 1900 census lists DUNGAY, Henry L., wife Cornelia A. and son Harry C. b. 1897]
Page 10:
DUPEN, Wm. 2238 13th St. Joined Ch. of Later House of Israel
Rebecca his wife
Elizabeth 16 yrs. B.
Rebecca 15 yrs. B.
James 13 yrs. B.
Annie 12 yrs. B.
William 11 yrs. B.
Mary 7 yrs.
George 4 yrs.
[1900 census confirms DUPEN family as listed except the 2 eldest daughters, Rebecca and Elizabeth, not enumerated with the family)
EASTERBROOK, Minnie Mrs. B. Cd. 235 Henry St.
Roy 6 yrs. B.
Sam 4 yrs. B.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists ESTABROOK, A. B., Sheriff, res. 235 Henry St.; 1900 census confirms ESTABROOK, A. B. , wife Minnie, son J. Roy b. 1888 and son Samuel C. b. 1890]
ELDRIDGE,Mrs. Jr. Front (Squalicum Creek) Comes to Ch. husband R.C.
FISCHER, Mr. Edward Garden St.
Mrs. his wife
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists FISCHER, Edward, real estate, res. 1201 Garden: not in 1900 census]
FRANCIS, Mrs. C. D. 1169 Garden St. (Forest (?) St.) Removed
FENTON, Mrs. 962 Garden St. Removed
Page 11:
FYAN, D. D. Garden Street
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists FAGAN, D. D. , res. 1240 Garden St.; 1900 census lists FAGAN, David D., Wife Alice C. and son Roy C.]
FADDEN, Bertha Mrs. B. Cd. Walnut St. Deceased
Geo. Garfield 15 yrs. B. Removed Seattle
GRANDIN, Mrs. Cor. H and 17th St. Removed
GOTEO (?), Mrs. Maria B. Cd. 1374 1 St. Removed
HITT, J. M. Mr. B. Cd. Ct. 1447 1 St. Removed Pt. Townsend
Ida A. Mrs. his wife B. Cd. Ct.
Henry C. B.
William M. B.
JENKINS, Mrs. W. D. B. Cd. Deceased Forest St. Husband Socialist
[1889 census shows a Will D. JENKINS family - Will D. was Mayor of New Whatcom about 1891]
JEWET, Arthur B. (23 yrs.) B. 3552 Front St. Son of Mrs. KELLOGG
[1889 census shows an A. B. JEWITT, age 18; 1900 census shows JEWETT, Arthur B., age 28, with wife Viola (married 3 yrs.)]
Page 12:
KELLOGG, Mary J. Mrs. B. Cd. 3552 Front St. Exit
Alice B. B. Cd. Removed
Walter 14 yrs. B.
Mary Jane B. Cd. Removed
[1889 census shows C. M. KELLOGG 27, Mary 27, Alice 14, Mary 11 and Walter 9: 1900 census shows KELLOGG, Mary J. 62, Mary Gem 23 and Walter, C. M. 20]
KENTH Removed
LEES, Fannie Miss B. Cd. Ct. 1648 I St.
Florence Miss B. Cd. Ct.
[1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists a LEES, E. A., surveyor, res. 1648 I St with boarders Fannie (teacher), Florence (teacher) and Frank (clerk) LEES (siblings of E. A.): 1900 census confirms LEES family, Isaac B 42, Lucina 42, Fannie E. 30, Florance E., Frank W. 27 and Edward A. 23]
LOWRY, Mrs. Laura B. Cd. 1157 Garden St. Husb. and children
R. C.
[Mrs. Laura LOWERY, prop. Globe Clothing House, res. 1157 Garden, listed in 1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory: LOWERY, prop. Globe Clothing House, Elk St., listed in 1891 New Whatcom directory: 1900 census lists LOWERY, Laura 41, Daniel H. 11, Edward A. 9 and Francis P. (son) 7]
LYSLE, Mrs. Mary S. B. Cd. Ct. Walnut
[1889 census shows a Mary F. LYSLE 54, probably mother of G. W. LYSLE 29 and his family: 1900 census shows Mary F. LYSLE 67 living with dau. and son-in-law William H. & Hallie W. CAMPBELL and grandson Lysle and granddau. Hallie E. 2]
MCKEE 1240 Garden St. Come to ch: remove
[Perhaps Wm. McKEE, real estate, Garden St., listed in 1891 New Whatcom city directory: W. McKEE, real estate, is listed in 1889 census]
Page 13:
MORGAN, J. W. Mr. No church Garden St. Removed
Jessie P. Mrs. his wife B. Cd. Ct.
Willie W. (12 yrs) B.
Jessie R. (7 yrs) B.
James M. (3 yrs) B.
[Perhaps J. W. MORGAN, cashier B. B. National Bank, res. cor. Chestnut and Garden Ste., as listed in 1891 New Whatcom City Directory; not in 1899 directory or 1900 census]
MORGAN, E. Mr. Baptist Front St. Removed
Mrs. Comes to ch.
[Perhaps Ed. MORGAN, teller B. B. National Bank, cor. Elk and Pine Sts., as listed in 1891 New Whatcom City Directory; not in 1899 directory or 1900 census.]
MacINTOSH, Carrie Mrs. B. Cd. 2096 E St. Removed
Carrie (16 yrs) B.
Harris (23 yrs) B.
MACINTOSH, Horace A. Mr. Goshen Station Removed
May G. Mrs. his wife B. Cd.
Gladys F Caroline (1 yr) B.
[1900 census in Nooksack lists MACINTOSH, Horace 39, wife May G. 29, dau. Glades C. 7, dau. Dorris 3 and son Horace A.5 months]
MOORE, Marian Miss B. Cd. Ct. Married and moved to Willows, Cal. Sister Mrs. BIGGS
KANN, Edjuillia Miss B. Cd. Ct. Removed
Page 14:
POWELL, Mrs. Jennie B. Cd. 13th St.
Miss Lydia B. Cd.
[1889 census lists a POWELL, Wm. 53 m, J. G. 52 f, and Lydia 16 f: 1891 city directory lists POWELL, Wm., real estate, 13th and H Ste; 1900 census lists POWELL, William 64 and dau. Lydia B. 27]
PIERCE Mr. 1186 Garden St.
Mrs. Removed
PETTIBONE, F. Mr. B. Cd. Walnut St.
Mrs. Lizie B. Cd.
Dwight C. B.
[1889 census lists a PETTIBONE, Fred C.: 1900 census lists PETTIBONE, Fred C. 37, wife Elizabeth 38, son Dwight 9 and father Alfred W. 65]
PURDY, Dr. H St. Removed
[1891 New Whatcom directory lists PURDY, A., physician, 13th Street, res.18th and H Streets; 1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists PURDY, Dr. Alexander, physician & surgeon, res. 308 18th St.]
PURDY, E. W. Front St.
[1889 census lists a PURDY E. W.; 1891 New Whatcom directory lists PURDY, E. W., real estate, 13th St., res. 16th and E Sts.; 1899 New Whatcom, and Fairhaven directory lists PURDY, Ernest W., bankers, res. 3648 Front St.]
Page 15:
RAYBURN, J. W. 3551 Front St. Removed Seattle
ROBERTS, Miss 2252 N. Elk St.
[1889 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory lists ROBERTS, Miss E. M., music teacher, bds. 2251 Elk (res. of ROBERTS, C. W., city treasurer)]
SMITH, Mrs. C. A. W. B. Cd. 2725 Front St.
Eddie (her son) B. Cd.
SHORT, Frank Lummi Island A.
SINCLAIR, Mrs. Luella B. Cd. B. B. Bank Build.Cor. Elk & Holly Removed
Marguerita (11 yrs) B. Removed
SIMMONS, Mrs. Libby E. B. 304 Washington Removed
Page 16:
THOMPSON, Mrs. High St. Removed
[Perhaps THOMPSON, Mrs. T. C., widow N.M., res. High and Holly as listed in 1899 New Whatcom and Fairhaven directory]
THOMAS, Mrs. E. A. 183 Walnut St. Removed
THORALDSON, Mrs. Grace Cor. D & 14th Removed
WELLER, Mrs. 1169 Garden St. Removed
WALTON, J. S. B. Cd. Walnut St.
Mrs. B. Cd.
[Perhaps WALTON, Jos. S., bookkeeper, Elk St, as listed in 1891 New Whatcom directory]
WILLIS, John A. B. Cd. 2 miles beyond Squalicum Cr. Removed
Kra. Thirza B. Cd.
Harry Ambrose (16 yrs.) B.
Edward (13 yrs.) B.
Gordon B.
Page 17:
WEBSTER, Mr. 846 Garden St. Fairhaven

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