Books on Whatcom County History

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Morris, Carol Teshima. Guide to Historical Resources of Whatcom County, 1994.
Roth, Lottie Roeder. History of Whatcom County, Washington - 2 vol., 1926.
Edson, Lelah Jackson. The Fourth Corner, Highlights from the Early Northwest, 1968.
Edson, Lelah Jackson. Pioneers Along the Bend in the Nooksack, 1945.
Jacobin, Louis. With the Colors from Whatcom, Skagit and San Juan Counties, An Honor Roll, 1921.
McMillan, Bess, Dolores Morey, & Mary Irvin. Tilakum Tales: Stories of Early Whatcom County, 1979.
Clark, Donald H. Eighteen Men and a Horse: Story of Bloedel Donovan Lumber Mills, 1949.
Bellingham Herald. Bellingham and Northwest Washington, nd.
Mullen, Neill D. Whatcom County Post Offices and Postmasters, 1857-1985, 1986.
Metsker's Atlas of Whatcom County.
Janis, Elsie. The Big Show: My Six Months With the American Expeditionary Forces, 1919.
Whatcom County Retire Teachers. Noisy Waters: An Historical Story of Whatcom Creek, 1975.
Judson, Phoebe Goodell. A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home, 1925.
Scott, James William. Archival and Other Source Materials Available.
Scott, James William. Description and Inventory of the Howard E. Buswell Collection, 1985.
Murray, Keith A. Centennial Churches of Washington's "Fourth Corner", 1985.
The Daily Reveille. Whatcom County, Washington, the Bellingham Bay Country, 1899.
Koert, Dorothy and Galen Biery. Looking Back, vol.2, 1982.
Koert, Dorothy. Portrait of Lynden, 1976.
Koert, Dorothy. Lynden Time, 1995.
Koert, Dorothy. The Wilderness Days: Lynden, 1858-1904, nd.
Koert, Dorothy. The Lyric Singer: A Biography of Ella Higginson, 1985.
Koert, Dorothy and Galen Biery. Looking Back, The Collectors' Edition, 2003
Nelson, Ed. A History of Lynden, 1995.
Nelson, Ed. Nelson's Corner.
Blasdell, Irene Russel. Memories, 1991.
Rammerman, Allan. It Took a Village to Raise This Child.
Rammerman, Allan. It All Began in Lynden.
Hawley, Robert Emmett. Skqee Mus or Pioneer Days on the Nooksack, 1945.
Blaine Neighborhood Association. Blaine's Historic Homes, Buildings and Churches, 1996.
Arbuckle, Marie. A Symbol of Our Heritage, The Old Fir Tree: Blaine Centennial History, 1985.
Blaine Chamber of Commerce. Blaine, Washington: The International City, nd.
Thomas, Emrys Price. The Congregational Way in Blaine, Washington, 1947.
Whatcom Genealogical Society. Pioneers of Peace: Diamond Jubilee of Blaine, Washington, 1884-1959, 1976.
Siegel, Chris C. Early History of Ferndale and Ten Mile Townships, 1948.
Ferndale School District, No. 502. History of Ferndale Consolidated School District, 1968.
Johnson, Louise. Tales of Ten Mile, 1981.
Taft, Frank M. The Lummi Island Story.
Mansfield, Gen. J. Inspector Gen. Mansfield's Report of the Inspection of the Post of Semi-ah-moo, 1858.
Spees, Boyden B. My Town on the River.
Thomas, Robert B. Chuckanut Chronicles, 1971.
People of the Community. Chuckanut Memories, 1995.
Hamilton, Mary Gillilan. Echoes From the Past, 1979.
Huestis, Phyllis A. Treasures From the Past, 1981. (sequel to Echoes From the Past and Treasures From the Past)
Husfloen, Hazel B. Gems From the Past, 1984. (sequel to above)
Zobrist, Elaine B. Ghost Towns of Lake Whatcom, 1979.
Moore, F. Stanley. An Historical Geography of the Settlement Arund Lake Whatcom, 1973.
Zobrist, Elaine L. Ghost Towns of Lake Whatcom, 1979.
Todd, Frances Bruce. The Trail Through the Woods, 1982.
Jeffcott, Percival R. Blanket Bill Jarman, 1958.
Jeffcott, P.R. Nooksack Tails and Trails, 1949.
Jeffcott, P. R. Chechaco and Sourdough, 1963.
Smith, Marian Weley. The Nooksack, The Chilliwack, and the Middle Fraser, 1950.
Tremain, David G. Indian and Pioneer Settlement of the Nooksack Lowland, Washington to 1890, 1979.
Schmier, Alan C. Northing Up the Nooksack: Tales of Frustration and Reward in the Settlement, 1983.
Bacon, George H. Booming and Panicking on Puget Sound, 1970.
Johnson, Dorothy and Percival R. Jeffcott. John A. Tennant, Early Pioneer and Preacher, 1978.
Jones, Roy Franklin. Boundary Town: Sumas, 1958.
Royer, Marie Hamel. The Saxon Story, 1982.
Olmsted, M. C. A Brief History of the Mount Baker School District, 1956.
Miles, John C. Koma Kulshan, 1984.
Easton, Charles F. Mt. Baker Cartogram, A Pictorial Brochure, @1912.
Heller, Ramon. Mt. Baker Ski Area, 1980.
Clark, Richard E. Point Roberts, USA, 1980.
The Librarian, Bellingham Public Libraries. History of Bellingham, 1926.
Hunsby, George. Birth, Death and Resurrection of Fairhaven, Book 1, 1975.
Hunsby, George. Birth, Death and Resurrection of Fairhaven, Book 2, 1976.
Hunsby, George. My, How Time Flies, 1977.
Hunsby, George. The Timber Beast, 1984.
Visscher, William Lightfoot. The Story of Fairhaven, 1898.
Van Miert, Rosamonde. Fairhaven Hotel Journal, 1889-1956, 198?.
Van Miert, Rosamonde. Pacific American Fisheries, nd.
Van Miert, E. Rosamonde Ellis. Remembering the old settlers of Whatcom County, 2004, Published by Applied Digital Imaging.
Taft, Frank M. The Lummi Island Story, 1953.
Harris, William H. Journal of Lake Samish, 1883-1896, nd.
Cyr, Alice. Hovander Homestead, Tennant Lake, Pioneer Park, 1997.
Roberts, Frances Bacon. The Crocketts, The Donovans and Their Times, 1987.
Harris, William H. with Galen Biery. The Harris Journal, 1968.
Cornwall, Bruce. Life Sketch of Pierre Cornwall, 1906.
Ahlstedt, Cleo K. Harold Ahlstedt: An Autobiography, 1982.
Eklund, Donald D. Washington's "Wild Scotsman": The Early Aeronautical Adventures of L. Guy Mecklem, 1897-1910, 1974.
Davis, Gay Wickersham, Sheldon, Helen, and Escalante, Patricia. The Wickersham Family In America. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 2001.
Smith, Curtis F. The Brothels of Bellingham, 2004, Published by the Whatcom Historical Society.
Berg, James. The Nooksacht's Trail and Crossing, 2004, Published by Tuxedo Publishing.
Pediment Publishing. Bellingham Fire Department: the first 100 years, 2004.
Gannaway, Wes. Whatcom Then and Now: A Pictorial History of Whatcom County with an Emphasis on the Cities on Bellingham Bay During the Centennial Year of Bellingham, 2004, Published by LoneJackMountain Press

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