Meehan Family information submitted by Margaret Kirk

1880 Oak Point Census of Columbia County in Oregon 

House number 210:

James Meehan (James Edward, b. St. John, NB)

Kate (Catherine MURRAY)

Maggie (Margaret)

Mary (Mary Catherine/"Mame")

Annie (Anna Theresa/"Tanna")

Callie (not in family records)

John (Charles A./"Albert")

Sarah J. (J.=Jane/"Alydane")

[note: Their last child, James Edward was not yet born.]


They also lived on the Washington side of the Columbia River.  "Meehan Sands" (believe it has been dredged away) is where they had the last seining grounds on the river.  Charlie and Emma lived in Skamokaway, WA and are buried in the cemetery there.  Some of the family also lived near the current Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon.  Several lived in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake.  Alydane stayed in SF and is buried there.  The rest are buried in Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Portland, Oregon.


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