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Jackie Ryan Tue May 13 16:10:36 1997
I am searching for information about my Grandfather, William Beecher Smith. I especially need to know his date of death. I believe he is buried in the Friday Harbor cemetary. I am also researching the Burr family. The Smith and Burr families lived on SanJuan from the mid 1800's into at least the 1940's.

Dave Obee Wed May 21 00:01:50 1997
I'm looking for information on or contact with the family of Harold Tiedtke, who lived in Friday Harbor, San Juan County. I believe Harold died in the 1980s.

Jeannine Cascadden Wed Jun 4 09:35:58 1997
Looking for info on the Cascadden Family on Orcas Island. Our father, Arthur Cascadden, graduated from a Eastsound High School in 1932. His father Fred, a farmer/carpenter is said to have had an apple orchard in Orcas possibly from 1921-33. Fred and his wife Anna Matilda may have given birth to their youngest daughter, Callie Cascadden on Jan 14,1922. Their other children were Sidney Eugene (aka"Gene") and Betty. Any assistance is appreciated.

chad nuckles-flinn Sun Aug 3 23:07:32 1997
My family lines are through Herbert (1852-1922) and Mary (1856-1926) Sargent; Lightheart's - Alice, Fred, Arthur, Henry, Ethel, Dorthy, Mildred Tinkham, Calvin J., Annie Maria, Alexander H., Laurie Raymond, Ella Deborah; and the Flinn's - Robert and Nellie ( AnnEllen), Pearl Mae, Roy, Grover, Fred, Bob, Del. I would be interested in any information about any of these peoples and their activities or other relations. Thank you.

Michael Williams Nov 26, 1997
I am looking for information on the families of George GALLANGER (born 1875) and his wife Sarah WILLIAMS (1878-1946) who moved to Lopez, San Juan County from Harbor Beach, Michigan. They had daughters Sarah who married Harlon WEEKS and Frances who married Gerhardt KRING. Will gladly share information on the Williams family. Many thanks. Michael Williams, 1643 Lafrance Drive, Orleans, Ontario, Canada, K1E 2L7

Paul Herbert Dec 23, 1997
my children's great grandfather was George Franck ,first democratic mayor of Friday Harbor,1899-1946,His wife was Louise Nelson,1879-1962. George was born on san juan,the son of George? Franck ,1870-1903 and ? Dougherty, 187?-1950.They owned 480acres of south beach which is now mostly National Park.

Mark Butler Monday, February 23, 1998 11:28 AM
I am looking for information on the JOHNSON, BUTLER and ROBINSON family names. All the information I have so far is that Alice Johnson was born in Roche Harbor on Sept 30, 1906, the daughter of John Alfred Johnson and Elsie Robinson. John Alfred Johnson was born in Stockholm and Elsie Robinson was born in England but grew up in Australia. They were married in Roche Harbor. Alice Johnson married Jackson Floto Butler presumably in Roche Harbor or Friday Harbor as their son Alfred Mason Butler was born 10 Jan 1926 at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.



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