Indian Henry's Grave
Submitted by Sue Renkert of Fairbanks, Alaska

" Indian Henry's grave is at the old Shaker Cemetery on the Mountain Highway past Eatonville. My sister, who lives in Eatonville, told me about the cemetery that is the burial place of "Indian Henry," who was very helpful to the early settlers, the Van Eatons, who settled in the Eatonville area. My sister gave me the following description to where Indian Henry's grave is located:

At approximately 450th on the Mountain Highway (heading toward Mt. Rainier), there is a big open area and an old dirt road (which was graveled a couple of years ago) that goes off to the right. Approximately two miles back are a couple of trailers with people living in them, and a fenced area with a monument to Indian Henry. The sign at the site says:

'Mashel Prairie
Indian Cemetery
Shaker Church'

And there is also a monument for Indian Henry. The monument looks to be maybe 30" tall, a mortared monument of field stones with a large metal engraved plate in front.

"Indian Henry
1825 - 1895
Silver Lake 4H Club
Standard Oil Company
Dedicated 1975"

Image courtesy of Historylink

More about Indian Henry at Historylink.. Indian Henry's Hunting Ground in Mt. Rainier National Park is named for him, as is Indian Henry's Patrol Cabin.