Catherine (McLeod) Mounts & Children

Catherine (McLeod) Mounts was born 6 November 1845 in Steilacoom, Washington. Daughter Christina Mounts was born 4 August 1862, Nisqually Indian Reservation, Pierce County, Washington. Son John Morgan Mounts was born 19 June 1868, probably in Pierce County, Washington.

This old photo found its way into the antiquities trade and was characterized as being a Nisqually area family. Fortunately, it was recognized, by a dealer, as being a picture of relatives of a known family still living in the Nisqually area. The dealer made contact with Albert "Bud" McBride, the great grandson of Catherine Mounts and grandson of Christina Mounts, and arranged to have the picture returned to the family.

Catherine McLeod was the daughter of a Scottish immigrant, John McLeod, who came to Puget Sound in 1837 to work for the Hudson's Bay Company. John McLeod had ventured across Canada with a group led by John Tod and was among the survivors of the disastrous boat accident at the Dalles of the Dead near present-day Revelstoke, British Columbia. Once in place at Fort Nisqually, John McLeod served the Hudson's Bay Company in several capacities including stoker on the steamship Beaver and head sheepherder at Steilacoom. Catherine McLeod's mother was Claquodate, Mary, a daughter of the prominent Cowlitz chief, Klaput Scanewah.

Catherine had a somewhat tumultuous childhood, seeing her father arrested by order of Governor Isaac Stevens who believed that a number of Hudson's Bay Company men, who had Indian wives, had been aiding the enemy in the Puget Sound Indian War. With her father being held at Fort Montgomery, near present day Spanaway, Catherine watched from a hiding place in the family's barn as Territorial volunteers ransacked their farm, killed their milk cow and roasted it over an open fire.

Tin type photo circa 1870 - roughly 4 in X 4 in, in folding leather case

Christina Mounts (age 8 yrs), Catherine (McLeod) Mounts (age 25 yrs),
John Morgan Mounts (age 2 yrs)
Submitted by Kelly Robert McAllister, Olympia, Washington

Catherine married Daniel Mounts and, together, they had ten children. Catherine died on 20 August 1933, at age 87.

Christina Mounts married George Gilmore McAllister and had four children: Ruby Georgia McAllister, Edward James McAllister, Grover George McAllister, and Pauline Leona McAllister.

John Mounts married Elizabeth Jensen and had two children: Daniel Morgan Mounts and Samuel Jay Mounts. 

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