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Nikky Melton---JOHNSON---November 29, 2002
Orcitychick@aol.com Looking for information about my grandma. She is buried in the old cemetary in Naselle. She was married to Herb Johnson and had three daughters, Erma, June, and Virginia. Virginia married Herbert Penttila and passed away at the age of 23. All the girls went to Naselle High, also a brother Teddy. My grandmas name is Lillian Irene Koski Johnson, she had a brother Hempy who lived in Longview, a sister Ethel who lived in Naselle with her daughter May, and a sister Elsie Jarvinen who lived in Astoria. I have no one to give me the information I request. I want to know my grandma's birthdate and the date she passed away. thank you for any help you can supply me. also, I would like the address and directions to the old cemetary if possible. Thanks, Orcitychick@aol.com

Rob Strandoo---MILLS---November 29, 2002
Looking for information / obituary re : Charles Hibbard Mills / b. 1872 Tama, Iowa Lived most of life in South Bend, Washington.Thank you. rob@autoventure.com

Franki Loring---ROBERTS---September 10, 2002
I have in my possession a picture of Earle Roberts, probably taken in the early 1900's or late 1890's. The back of the picture says Earle Roberts North River, Pacific County friend of Gladys Smith. I would like to get the picture to a decendant of Earle. Not sure if Earle is male or female as this person is in a dress with girls. If you know of such decendant drop me a line, thanksfranloring@msn.com

Looking for any information, regarding the above family surnames, in and around Raymond, Pacific County, Washington. jasonc@ywave.com

Gloria Scott---BAILEY---September 10, 2002
Would like the obit and burial location of Curtis A Bailey, Born 30 July 1934 and died 3 june 2001, Tokeland, Pacific Co. , WA. I am hoping he is the son of Curtis Bailey, who is the son of Jasper Bailey, who is the Son of Benjiman Franklin Bailey who moved with the family to Fall City, WA in 1885(From KS) There were 13 children of Ben and Mildred (Banks) Bailey. They all remained in the Western WA area. I am slowly, ever so slowly, finding the grandchildren. I have found 2 still living and am in contact with them. Any help you can give would me much appriciated. I am a member of the Eastside Genealogical Society of Bellvue, WA and I live in Western Montana. Gloria Scott, [great-great granddaughter of Ben and Millie] cmsminihorses@centurytel.net

Rhonda Foster---FOSTER---July 25, 2002
I am trying to find ANY information or documents on Charles Leonard Foster (My grandfather). His name is on the Pacific County birth certificate of my father, stating that he was age 44 in 1926 (Making his approximate date of birth 1882?). He had another son in Pacific County (South Bend) named Robert Francis Foster, born in 10/1928. He was married to Alice Varney at the time of the births. He was a lumberjack by profession, and born in the state of Washington (don't know the county). He died in the state of Oregon in approximately 1936-37? He was married once before, and had children in his previous marriage. My elderly father can't remember much about him. I would welcome ANY help. I want to find out some information and give it to my father as a gift before it is too late, and he, too is gone. Any info would be wonderful, birth certificates, marriage/divorce records -- anything! I will be happy to pay a reward for any located copies of documents! Thank you in advance. PostCool1@aol.com

Mike Engel---NEAL---July 12, 2002
Looking for any information on Carl Neal married to Goldie. He died Long Beach Jul 1970. His son Edwin Neal died Long Beach Nov 1986. Carl also had daughters Betty and Shirley. dejeme@juno.com

Mel Coffin Sr.---CORNELL---June 16, 2002
Looking for some History or genealogy on John & Milton Cornell. They lived in Menlo Wa. Also in P Ell. John & Milton Cornell are my uncles. I am trying to find their past familes. They are from Wisconsin, moved to Washington in the early 1900s to P Ell or Menlo. They were farmers. John had 7 childern by wife#1 & 10 by wife#2 - 17 in all. Milt had 7. All living in Raymond / Menlo the last I knew of in 1950. I do not know their father's name I think it was John? Can you help? Wildlife75@msn.com

Pat Ramsey Chitty---MAPLE / RAMSEY---May 11, 2002
Lillie Marie Maple b. 12 Jan 1904 Puxico, Stoddard Co, Mo. d. 19 Jan 1993 Raymond, Pacific, Wa. Would love to hear info about her as this is a new link to my Ramsey family tree. Contact me at pattyc@jcn.net

T. Sheldon---KNUTSON---April 22, 2002
Amelia Josephine KNUTSON was a resident of Pacific County at the time of her death on 8Jan1917 (age 69). All that I have on her is that her death was due to pulmonary adema, and she died at home near South Bend. She was born in Sweden to John Walden and Amelia Nolstrom. On the death record it says she was widowed, but I have no spouse for her. Because I'm lacking a spousal name, I haven't been able to find out whether she had issue. This could make a very tall brick wall. T Sheldon. tsheldon@tss.net

Dee Enos-Friedman---WETTERING---March 2, 2002
I am looking for any information regarding a Violet McCoy Van Wettering and Edward Van Wettering in the early 1940's. They ran the restaurant located in Illwaco that burned December 7, 1944. Thank you for your service - Dee Enos-Friedman. dfriedman@cdpr.ca.gov

Andrea Healy---POST---March 2, 2002
I am looking for Loris D. POST born abt. 1905 in Lane county, OR. His last known address Seaview, Pacific County, WA. Father: Walter English POST, mother: Effie May Tucker POST, siblings: Ardith Lena POST Wilma Leona POST. If anyone has information on Loris POST or the POST family, please email me. Loris is my Granduncle. Andrea Healy AhealyDS9@aol.com

John Darst---BROWNING---March 2, 2002
I am searching for info on great uncles who came to Washington in the late 1890's or possibly up to 1910. Some stayed, some returned. Any info you could find would be much, much appreciated. Here is a list: they were all brothers. Alfred Perry Browning Jr. b. 8-1-1877 Elk Garden, Va. d. 1946? Raymond, Wa. Rose White was 1st wife. 2nd wife was ???????? Hilton Browning b. 9-5-1881 d. 1945 Washington. He married Clara ______. Harvey Browning, William Browning. Thank you, John Darst. johndd03@hotmail.com

Tamara Newton---HYDE---February 3, 2002
I am looking for information on the Joshua HYDE family. This family lived in Half Moon Precinct, Pacific Co. WA, in 1900. Joshua's wife was Mary HYDE (CUNNINGHAM). They had approximately 9 children in 1900. They moved to Pacific Co. from Michigan. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. tln001@bellsouth.net

Pat Dunson Smith---DUNSON---February 3, 2002
The 1900 census of Pacific County- Raymond City- lists my grandfather Claude Dunson and his wife Avis Hall, my dad Joseph Dunson age one yr. Claude was born in Nebraska, Avis in South Dakota. No other data available. Joseph went to grade school in Raymond for a few years, then the family movEd to Seattle area (MOVED ALWAYS JUST BEFORE OR AFTER A CENSUS). Can't make a giant leap on finding my roots. My dad deserted Mom and I during the depression. If anyone knows of the Dunsons in Pacific County, I would appreciate any news- grasping at straws! Thanks Pat Dunson Smith terracehills@msn.com

Judy McAllister---NESTELL---December 23, 2001
Looking for any information on Paul Nestell who was born July 27, 1918 and died in Tokeland, Pacific County, WA in October 1984. Judy Nestell McAllister. jmcalli@firstsaga.com

Carolyn Holt---GRABLE / MASON / MILLER---December 23, 2001
I am seeking information on the Jason GRABLE, md. Hulda MILLER family. The information I have shows that Jason died in Illwaco about 1896 and that Hulda was still living there in 1904. I also have information that their son, Silas GRABLE, married Ellen MASON in Ilwaco. ceemariejzz@go.com

Nora Figgins---SWEENEY / FESSENDEN---December 23, 2001
Hello, I am looking for info on Maude SWEENEY, daughter of Frank and Bell Sweeney, born Dec. 10, 1889 in Chinook Wa., died on Dec. 10, 1919 in Rainier Or.. She married William E. FESSENDEN in 1910 in South Bend Wa.. He was the son of Polly and Edward D. Fessenden. He was born in Wisconsin on March 16, 1888. They lived in South Bend for 2 years then Nasell then Seaview then Astoria and in Rainier for the last 3 years of her life. They had 4 children, 3 daughters and on a son. The son Clifford Leroy is my father, one of daughters name is Leona. My father was later adopted by his aunt Henrietta Estelle (Fessenden) Straw. After this I don't know what happened to William or two of the girls I do know that Leona got married and lived in Helena Mont. where at the age of 18 her husban was killed. After that I don't know where she went. If anyone knows anything about any of these people I would really appreciate hearing from you.Thank you for any help, Nora. dwni@aol.com

Debra Critter---MANNEN---October 21, 2001
Looking for information on my grandparents. My grandmother's name is Alberta Mannen, born August 23, 1893 and died Oct 27, 1992. According to her obituary her funeral was at 2:00 PM on a Friday at Stoller-Murphy Funeral Home in Raymond, Wa. Burial was at Menlo Cemetary. My grandfather was Charles Mannen, born May 14, 1887 and died Sept. 3, 1962. They are buried next to each other. Thank you for any info you may have. I am trying to do a family history for our kids. DEBRA DEBRACRITTER@AOL.COM

Timo Laakso---HARJU / AHO---September 23, 2001
My name is Timo Laakso and as as hobby I locate missing relatives in Finland and the former Soviet. In Russia lives Jevgenija Polubelova, whose origin name is Jenny Aho. She was born in Russia in 1928. She wishes to find information on relatives in the USA and Canada. Her father was Santeri Aho, born about 1886-1888 in Finland. The parish we do not know. He emigrated to the USA or Canada when he was young, about 1900, with his aunt (name unknown), brother Manteri Aho, born about 1885 and sister "Fiina" Aho, born about 1890. It is very probable that they have "shortened" their family name. In 1922 Santeri Aho emigrated to the Soviet, got married and had 2 children. Santeri Aho was arrested in 1938 during the Stalin purge and executed. About in 1934 "Fiina" Aho, then Fiina Harju, emigrated to the Soviet - believed that the Soviet was a state of future. Her husband might have been Hjalmar Joonas Harju, who died in the Soviet before was would have been arrested. about in 1937 the Harjus managed to get away from the Soviet and return to Ilwaco. Jevgenija Polubenova remembers the name "Ilvako". The Harjus had two sons, Tenho Harju and Arnold Harju, and most probably those, who according to the death index died in 1997 and 1986, Arnold in Long Beach and Tenho in Ilwaco. After 1938 the correspondence with western relatives was totally impossible, during the Soviet regime. Please, could somebody help and to find out, did Tenho and Arnold have any descendants. timo.laakso@welho.com

Carlos D. Montgomery---BLACK---September 14, 2001
Arthur C. BLACK, son of Eldridge F. and Katie G. (Ford) BLACK was born May 30,1896 in OK and died Dec 1968 in Raymond and is buried in Finn Hill Cemetery. I wrote to the Raymond Library requesting a copy of Arthur C. BLACK'S Obituary and received no reply. Would like to get a copy of his obituary. Please advise as to the cost and I will forward as soon as received. monty3@prodigy.net

Nancy Holsted---GOULD---September 14, 2001
Am Looking for information on Hiram Russell Gould and his wife, MARY MATILDA. I don't know her maiden name.. I have a picture of a boarding house in Raymond that she and others are standing in front of. It says that she is the owner. This would be in the early 1900's. My g.grandmother, their daughter, Lydia Ellen Gould, is also shown in the picture along with her husband, Ernest Clayton Gunter. I think there were other Gould children and siblings to Lydia in this family. Merton, Fanny, Roy, Bertha are some of the names that are shown on the backs of the Gould pictures I have..Anyone familiar with those names, I would appreciate contact information. Thanks nholsted52@hotmail.com

Maryann Stalpers---HOARE / HARDIN---September 3, 2001
I am looking for information on Mrs. W. C. Hoare who lived in Ilwaco, Washington in April 1933. She was mentioned in an obituary for her father, William Mark Hardin in Costa Mesa, California and I would like to know her first name and any other family. Mabs@earthlink.net

Bill Wages---STILL---September 3, 2001
David P. Still married Bertie E. Meloy in Lebam, WA on 25 December 1896. Is there any info on either or both of these people? If anyone has anything, relatives in Scotland would be very appreciative to hear. Thanks. BMWAGES@AOL.COM

Leona Wilson---WILSON---August 20, 2001
I am looking for an obituary or how to obtain one for my gg-grandmother. Her name was Anna E. Wilson, her maiden name was Mills; and Collins by her first marriage. I believe she was born in the latter 1870's or early 1880's, and died sometime in the 1950's at Long Beach. I also think that she may be buried at the Ilwaco Cemetery, because her son/my grandparents Samuel & Laura Collins were buried there. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I am a volunteer to do lookups and cemetery photos for Cowlitz County, Wa. so I would be happy to return the favor. Leona-- lonnie@tdn.com

Gloria Lange---LONG / WILLIAMS---August 20, 2001
LONG--JAMES EARL, CALLED JAMIE.-- looking for any newspaper mentions of him from 1924 to his death in 1930 of appendicitis . He lived in Raymond, Pacific Co. Wa. WILLIAMS--PHILLIP VERNON and CLAUDE.-- lived in the Hoquiam area and the Raymond area. Any info. gloriamlh@juno.com

Stafford Rau---MATTSON---August 4, 2001
Looking for any information about Andrew MATTSON. I don't have his birth or death dates, but he lived in Pacific County, Washington, and would have been there around the late 1800's through the early 1900's. He was born in Finland, and his name was probably not originally Mattson. His wife was Mary Frederikka Johnson, born May 8, 1867, in Skibotten Lvngen, Norway. Died 11/17/1936 in Aberdeen, WA. Buried in Ilwaco Cemetary. Their children were Ben, Walter, Milka, Aleta, Esther, Sylvia, Pauline, Martha, Jennie Sophie (my grandmother), Olga, and Hilda. Thanks much, Stafford A. Rau. stafford.rau@integratelecom.com

Hammond Lewis---STOUT---June 30, 2001
looking for information on Stout family. Known-grandfather Harry Hammond Stout his wife Eva Stout (maiden name Pickering?) their children: Geraldine Stout, Edward Stout, Helen Stout, Penny Stout. Looking for any info that may be available. Thank you Hammond Lewis, son of Geraldine stout. linc3@olynet.com

J. Perdue---FLOETKE / MILLIRON / TOLLE---June 3, 2001
Looking for information on the FLOETKE, MILLIRON, TOLLE family that came to South Bend, Pacific, WA, after 1908 from Pennsylvania. aprudue1@cogeco.ca

Dianne Wyngaert---CHURCH---May 12, 2001
Looking for information on Joseph Church and his wife Mary. He was a Methodist minster and is credited with giving the first Protestant sermon in Pacific Co. jdc127@webtv.net

Penny Carstens---ST. MARTIN/AUTOCHTONE---May 12, 2001
Looking for the name of the woman who married Joseph St. Martin early 1800's. She is a Chinook woman, listed in history books as "woman of the country/land" or "Femme Autochtone", which means the same thing in French. They had 2 girls Genevieve and Marie. Genevieve married Pierre Belleque/Bellec (many variances in spelling). Marie Clementine Cornoyer Sommerville, a granddaughter told Fred Lockley that her grandfather and his son drowned in route to Canada. Joseph was in the Northwest Company. We have nothing more on a son. Any information would be greatly appreciated. carstens@gorge.net

James Shapiro---LYM---March 18, 2001
I am trying to find any information about my wife's grandmother. Her name was Lenora Hammel LYM. She was born in 1872 and moved to Pacific County from Milwaukee, WI sometime between 1924 and 1940. She was born in Waterville, LeSeur County, Minnesota. The last information that I have on her is that she corresponded with Steele County, Mn, concerning her son's birth certificate in the 1940's and there was a county stamp from Pacific County on the documentation, but no address. For now, I am assuming that she died while living somewhere in Pacific County, WA. For some reason, Raymond sounds familiar. shapiro@swlink.net

Kathy Benskin---ALEXANDER---March 9, 2001
Searching for my uncle Malcolm Otto Alexander born to Golda (Tegarden) Alexander and William Daniel Alexander. They were married april 19,1911 in King County Washington by the minister of the Auburn Wa presbyterian church. Last contact with Malcolm was in 1945 in Raymond, WA- he worked at a lumber yard. doglover@mobil1.net

Gayle E. Helmke---RIDDELL / ABERCROMBIE / SALLAKIE / CAFFEE / ARMSTRONG---February 13, 2001
Looking for any information on Valentine Joseph Riddell, son of Albert "Doc" Riddell and Hannah E. Caffee (Elizabeth Sallakie?). Valentine had a sister named Marie Riddell and a brother named Thomas Riddell. He was also grandson of John Riddell and Mary Nechars (Armstrong) Riddell of South Bend/Bruceport/Bay Center WA. John Riddell and his brother Valentine Starbuck Riddell were important pioneers for this area. Looking for anyone with info on Valentine Joseph Riddell and his marriage to an Edna/Edwina P. Abercrombie. Have been at a dead end for 6 months. Have learned plenty on history of Riddell family other than on Valentine Joseph himself. Any info would be appreciated, no matter how small. Thank you. Gayle E. Helmke. helmke@nwrain.com

Marie Lonnblad---GAMMAL---February 13, 2001
Hello!I'm searching for Charles Gammal, born 1875 in Replot, Finland. He came to the USA in 1892 and died in Anacortes, WA 1944. He lived in various cities, mostly in Raymond, WA. He also worked as a policeman in Astoria, OR for a few years in the beginning of the 20th century. He owned a bar called the "Astoria bar" in Raymond. He also worked in a Fishing company called "Farwest fisheries". I wonder were he might be buried, and where I can find more information about him. Sincerely: Marie Lonnblad- Vasa, Finland. marie@lonnblad.mailbox.as

Alexsandra Stewart---LANGWORTHY / FOSS / BELL---January 27, 2001
I am looking for information on the following families: LANGWORTHY; Henrietta, and Lilly F. FOSS; Elizabeth A, (nee Langworthy), and children Laura E., Minnie J., Thomas H., and female/infant and BELL; Sarah A. (nee Langworthy) , and Bell, Nellie B., Stanley E., and William W. All listed in the 1880 Federal Census as living in Pacific Cnty, Knappton Precinct WAS. I'm interested in the geography, living conditions and distance to Gray's River and Astoria-- as well as any connections you have to the families. Thank you for your assistance, Alexsandra Stewart. alexsa@pancultural.com

Cathy Larkins---PORTER / PALMS---January 4, 2001
Seeking information on the PORTER/PALMS families. They lived in and around Labam, Raymond,Walville and South Bend. Some of them are buried at the Labam cemetery. I am trying to locate a few obits...Walter Porter died abt 1924 leaving behind his widow Marie Elizabeth "Betty" PALMS Porter and 18 month old son Robert Porter. It is told that the Porter family in important to the starting of Rainbow state park. Also looking for obit for Benjamin Palms, have no date, May have died in or near Walville..He was living there when his daughter Elizabeth married Walter Porter in 1921. Can anyone tell me abt the local cemeteries and who maintians them? I thank you for any help you can send my way, Cathy. CLar780335@aol.com


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