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Peninsula Cemeteries Only
of Pacific County Washington

Published 1988
Pacific County
Genealogical Society

Barbara Keist McClenny

Andrea Wieland

Pacific County

Marriage Applications 1890-1939
Published 1992

Note: This book lists marriage applications only and does indicate whether the marriage ever took place.

Pacific County
Genealogical Society
Andrea Wieland
Fern Hill Cemetery
and North County Cemeteries
of Pacific County
Pacific County
Genealogical Society
Andrea Wieland

The Willapa Country

The book describes the historical background of the Raymond, Willapa Valley, Tokeland-North Cove, Brooklyn, Lebam, Menlo, Holcomb, Upper North River, Baleville, and Frances areas. Many names of pioneers and community leaders are mentioned.

Edited by Mrs. Nels Olsen, 1965 Andrea Wieland
1880 US Census LDS CD Andrea Wieland
1880 Pacific County Census Pacific County Genealogical Society Andrea Wieland
1910 Pacific County Census Index Pacific County Genealogical Society Andrea Wieland
Naselle to Grays River and Knappton to Nemah, WA Cemetery Records and Genealogical Notes   Roberta E. Yancey, 1978 Gloria Rodas

Our Pacific County 

This is a brief history of the county including early settlers, industries and all major towns and settlements in the county.  There is an index of over 700 names.

L.R. Williams

Published by The Raymond Herald, 1930

Andrea Wieland
The Northwest Coast or Three Years Residence in Washington Territory

Description of his pioneer adventures, travels and the early history of what is now Pacific County, Washington. His book provides insights as to what it was like in and around Shoalwater Bay during the years 1852 to 1855. The book includes interesting stories about early Pacific County pioneers, including the native Indians of the Shoalwater Bay area now known as Willapa Bay.

James Gilchrist Swan,


Clark Wilson
Ilwaco Cemetery, Ilwaco, WA Pacific County Genealogical Society Andrea Wieland
Index to Cemeteries of Pacific County, Washington

This book includes a list of all cemeteries and burial sites in Pacific County along with an index of names and burial locations. However, it was mostly likely last updated in the 1970s.

Pacific County Genealogical Society Andrea Wieland
Ocean Park Cemetery, Ocean Park, WA

Sandra has extensive research information for this cemetery covering the time period from 1890 through 2005 with some obituaries over 100 years old.  It is her own project and is not published in book format. 

Sandra Tellvik Sandra Tellvik
Old Phone Books - Long Beach, WA Area

Old phone books pertaining to the Long Beach Peninsula area of Pacific County, WA.   These cover the small towns of Oysterville, Nahcotta, Ocean Park, Klipsan Beach, Long Beach, Seaview, Ilwaco and Chinook.   The years available are 1933, 1935, 1948, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1956 and 1965.

Ilwaco Telephone & Telegraph Company Sandra Tellvik
A really cool
An expert in the area
who has given me permission
to use their source!
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These and other Pacific County references are available for sale on the Pacific County Genealogical Society website.

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