Pacific County Resources

Genealogical Resources in Pacific County

Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum - Ilwaco

P.O. Box 153

Ilwaco, WA 98624-0153

Phone: (360)642-3446 E-mail: ihm@iwillapabay.org 
The Heritage Museum Historical Research Library is well worth the trip. The library holds a little of everything for the genealogist and historian. Their collection includes old ledgers, cemetery and census records, hundreds of old photos, county and local maps, and a microfilm collection of some Pacific County newspapers. They also have family histories written by private individuals as well as 'working' family files. The volunteers staffing the library are very friendly and can help you with your research (an appointment is suggested and the library is only open on Mondays and Fridays). They also take research requests over the phone. The museum gift shop also has a good collection of genealogy and history books available for sale. For information on the museum collection itself and about membership, contact the museum at the phone or email resource above.

Pacific County Courthouse
- South Bend
Phone: (360)875-9318 or (360)642-9318
The courthouse holds the original records that genealogists are interested in such as marriage, birth, death and land deeds, etc. These records are open to the public. The auditor's office will take research requests with specific (and known) information over the phone. More vague research requests should be done by mail and are done on a time available basis.

Pacific County Historical Society and Museum
- South Bend
Phone: (360)875-5224

P.O. Box P

Mile Post 54, Highway 101

South Bend, WA  98586-0039


The Society Museum has many references to help you with your research in Pacific County. The Museum Director may provide assistance and/or access to their historical collections, but due to staffing, this is by appointment only. Their collection includes an index of all surnames found in Pacific County Newspapers (available without appointment) and they can help you locate specific newspaper collections if they are not the museum's collection. They also have federal censuses, county directories and a very large collection of photos that is being constantly added to and indexed. The Society also puts out a quarterly publication, the Sou'wester. It is very informative and includes articles on Pacific County history and local families. If you would like to join the Historical Society and receive their publication quarterly, please visit their new website or give them a call. They now have a searchable index of Sou'wester issues 1966 through 1993 on their website and those (as well as more recent issues) may be bought online.  Effective December 2003, the Society and Museum has taken over publication of the Pacific County Genealogical Society's publications.

Pacific County Genealogical Society  UPDATED

The Society has disbanded.  However, if you have a query you may email Ruth Adams at wuff@willapabay.org and she will try to help you.  The Genealogical Society has transcribed and published very useful information for the genealogist, such as cemetery records and census records of Pacific County. These publications are now being published and stocked at the Pacific County Historical Society and Museum. 

Pacific County Libraries
These library links will give you addresses, phone numbers and business hours. Information on what is available at each library will be posted as I learn it. Keep in mind that although the libraries may have materials available to you, they may not be able to give you research assistance. (Thank you Bruce of the Historical Society for help with this section!)

        Original copies of the Chinook Observer Newspaper are available here.

        Naselle Library
        Ocean Park Library


        Raymond Library UPDATED

        Holdings of the Raymond library include:

       South Bend Library

        The South Bend Library donated their newspaper collections to the Historical Society a while back and there may not be much here anymore.

LDS Family History Centers      

Long Beach, WA

1306 Washington N.

Long Beach, WA

Phone: 360-642-8140

Hours: T 11am-5pm; W 11am-5pm

Raymond, WA (Attention: Remodeling Check back for updates)

245 Jackson

Raymond, WA

Phone: 360-942-3939


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