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LaNaye Hennen 3 August 1998
Hurley, Griggs, Murray, Lindsey, Sizemore, Allen, Durand, Callow, Carson, Calvert, Forbes--Looking for information on Dennis HURLEY (b. 9-15-1833 County Cork. d. 6-20-1902 on home place near Kamilche, WA) and Mary Higgins HURLEY (b. 6-10-1838 Roscommon Cty. d. 1-21-1917 Olympia WA) and their descendants. Dennis and Mary came to Mason County WA in approx 1880-1883 from IA. They homesteaded somewhere along the road to Shelton. Near Kamilche he had an oyster bed. Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Olympia. Their children were: Mary HURLEY born: 5-17-1858 d 5-21-1945 in Olympia WA m. Chrles GRIGGS John HURLEY b 2-14-1861 d 11-4-1937 in Beardsley MN m. Mary Katherine MURRAY Katherine HURLEY b 12-27-1862 d in Kamilche WA - Mason County m John Price LINDSEY Michael HURLEY b 7-7-1864 d 4-27-1930 Kamilche, WA Mason county m Nancy SIZEMORE Ella HURLEY b 2-17-1867 d 3-11-1940 in Laredo TX m Clarendon N. ALLEN Margaret (Maggie) HURLEY B 10-11-1868 d 2-15-1938 in Shelton, WA m Joseph DURAND Sr. Dennis HURLEY b 11-12-1870 m Carrie CALLOW Josephine (Nonnie) HURLEY b 10-12-1872 d 7-14-1906 in Olympia WA m William Henry (Harry) CARSON Nora Ann (Sina)HURLEY b 10-12-1872 d abt 8/1925 in Olympia, WA m George L. CALVERT Daniel HURLEY b 7-13-1875 d 7-5-1929 in Olympia WA m Mary Ivy FORBES I would appreciate any informaiton or contact from their descendants.

Jill Boyle 3 August 1998
Grisdale--Looking for family history information regarding Grisdales who went to Shelton, Washington at approximately beginning of century. Three brothers, George, William and Ralph went to work for their Uncle Solomon Simpson at the Simpson Logging Company. Another sister, Mary, also went to Washington. A visiting brother, Ralph died of appendicitis while visiting.

Jim Hoke 3 August 1998
Hoke, Hoch-- I'm looking for information on Marion L. Hoke (originally Hoch), wife Adelia Hoke, and daughter Eva S. Blake. Marion Hoke and family lived in the Pickering district of Mason County according to the 1910 and 1920 censuses. He was born about 1863 in Indiana, homesteaded in Kansas in the late 1800s, then moved to Washington state in the early 1900's. There are no estate records for Marion or Adelia, However, in Mason county. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jim

Peggy Culbertson17 June 1998
Turner, Wright, Wilson--Need info on Daniel (or Wm. Daniel) Turner born 1813 Tn and died 1858 Greene Co. MO married 1838 to Thurzah Wright born 1817 NC and died 1883 Christian Co, MO, 9 children, 2 born TN and others Lawrence Co, Mo. Early 1900's 3 sons moved to Mason Co and Spokane Co (John Wilson, Abel and Jesse Turner). Need Daniles birthplace and residence in TN (was he one of the Daniel Turners in Bedford Co, Tn before 1841?) Also need Daniel and Thurzahs parents and siblings. (Was Lawrence Co neighbor Wilson Wright her brother?)- Peggy

Trudy Spanier17 June 1998
Sutton, Uggen, Buffington--Need info on Melvin A Sutton and his sister Charlotte (Lottie) B. Baskett Uggen who was supposed to be buried in Shelton Cemetery. Looking for their mother. She was supposed to be one of my Buffingtons, daughter of Jeremiah Buffington and Catharine Eberhart Buffington, wife of Moses Sutton. She does not appear in Ballow Cemetery?, I see only Jeremiah, Anna Katherine Buffington, Robert, John G. and John Daniel Buffington. Do you show a Harriet Buffington anywhere there after 1940?. Are there any other Buffingtons?- Trudy

Kathy Yates 27 May 1998
Carstairs, Forrest, Wagner, Taylor, Dobson, Small --Researching surnames and Margaret Taylor born 5/10/1869 in Galena, IL- married James Carstairs 6/12/1891 in Matlock and Isabella Small born 1/3/1870, Perthshire, Scotland, married David Carstairs.

Trudy Spanier 28 April 1998
Buffington, Sutton-- Researching: Buffington, Jeremiah born about 1830 Indiana died August 19, 1915 Harstine, Mason Co, Wa. Buffington, John George born November 14, 1862 died October 9, 1940 Harstine. Buffington, Georgina died 9/11/1940. Sutton, Moses born 4/13/1857 died 3/20/1936. Trudy Spanier

Pat Brannon19 April 1998
Shorter, Maxwell, Tew--Margaret McLarty Shorter was married to William Shorter in Shelton. They are both buried there. She has a brother and sisters in the area. Sisters are Mary Maxwell and Jennie Tew. A brother Thomas, his wife Bertha are also buried in Shelton, as is Mary Maxwell. Anyone with info on any of these names, answer please.

Sandra Kisor 28 Mar 1998
LUND--I am researching the surname LUND in Mason County. My grandfather was born there in 1912. Trying to find his brothers and sisters.

Brian Avery 5 Feb 1998
AVERY--I am trying to find information about Joseph Henry Avery. He died in Shelton in March of 1932. He was born in 1876. I would like his fathers name and birth place.

Magnus Ekstrand, Oskarshamn, Sweden 5 Feb 1998
LINDBERG--I am trying to find information about Anton Lindberg. He was born in Sweden, probably in the 1860īs. He moved to Mason County in the 1890īs, and he still lived there (in Lilliwaup to be exact) in 1924. He married around 1914 a Mrs Anna Mattsson, a Swedish woman. I do not know what became of him after 1924. Any information about him would be very much appreciated.

Ellen McKanna 5 Feb 1998
McKANNA--I am looking for information regarding John McKanna, blacksmith. He is my husband's grandfather coming to Washington in 1889 with his wife Viola, sons Blaine Edward and John. Believed to have gone first to Elma and then sons went to high school in Shelton . I have not been able to find any info until after 1900 when they were living in Olympia. Thanks

Wayne L. Lehman 5 Feb 1998
SIMPSON--I am currently working on a family search in which the following names lived in Shelton through the late 1950's. Any help or information would be appreciated.
Millard F. Simpson
Anna Pearl Simpson

Maria 10 Jan 1998
MUCKENHAUSEN--I'm looking for any information on Harry MUCKENHAUSEN. He was a logger among other things. He died in Allyn Jan 11-1926, at the Overton Camp.I have been trying to find out information about this camp & who owned it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS. Maria in TX

Marty Willits 28 Dec 1997
WILLITS, REESE--I am researching the Willits and Reese families. Maben Elmore Willits and Sadie Irene Reese were married in Colorado in 1935. They moved to Thurston County in 1939. My father was born in Shelton. Maben's father Samuel Jefferson Willits was born in Indiana in 1869. He moved to Thurston Co. in 1941. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Shirley 17 Dec 1997
PICKETT--I would like any information available on James Tilton Pickett. This young infant was born in Bellingham, Washington ans was the son Of Capt. George Pickett later of the CSA.and a General. Jimmy Pickett was raised by a family surname was Collins. Mrs. Collins at the death of Mr. Collins remarried a Mr. Walters. This family raised Jimmy Pickett. I would appreciate any information at all on these two families.

Tami Froelich 20 Dec 1997
ROESSEL, MURRAY--Looking for descendents of George L. ROESSEL and Joanna MURRAY. They had 10 children in Whatcom Co., many of whom moved to Mason Co. Their children were;
1. Doris L. (dob 4/28/1907) married Garlon Brown
2. Theodore R. married Mary Parrott
3. LeRoy H. (dob 5/25/1893) married Della Brown
4. Marguerite M. (dob 6/9/1894) married John E. Collins
5. Carle G. (dob 9/10/1895) married Frances Media
6. Gracie L.(dob 12/17/1896) married Milton Cooper
7. Gladys L. (dob 1/13/1903) married Edwin Mickelson
8. Alice E. (dob 4/9/1904) married Oscar Mickelson
9. William H. (dob 7/31/1868) married Effie Collins
10. Jack F. (dob 5/9/1912)
Have heard one of their descendents became county sheriff, in recent years. Am interested in contacting any other researchers doing work on this line.

Carol 11 Oct 1997
RUSSELL, JEFFRIES--Looking for any information on my husband's grandmother's brother Elisha Polk RUSSELL born 1866 in Ark and died Dec 1940 in Shelton WA. We would also like anything on his uncle Russell Lee JEFFRIES who lived in the Hoodsport WA area. Believe he died around 1982. We have no other records of these two. Is there anyone who can help? Would really like copies of newspaper obits or any other info you may have. Thank you.

Deanna Johnson 8 Oct 1997
JOHNSON--Looking for information concerning my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My father, Russell Allen JOHNSON, was born in Shelton, WA on Aug. 15, 1915. I am trying to find any info on my father's brothers (Lester, Clair, and Walter JOHNSON) and sisters (Garnet and Esther) and their children. I would also like to know my grandmother's (Elizabeth JOHNSON) maiden name and if possible where in Tennessee she came from. My grandfather was Arthur JOHNSON and I know that he was born in Nebraska and that he died in Santa Cruz, CA but not much else. On the 1920 census it was mentioned that they had a boarder, Elsie MATNEY, so we would like information on her also.

Bonnie Parker 23 Sep 1997
GLENN--Am looking for more imformation on my grandfather Harry E. GLENN. He is buried in your cemetery. He was born in New Jersey 1877 and Died in Shelton Dec 15.1930.

Jenny M. Lord 4 Sep 1997
AHL--I am looking for information concerning John Alfred AHL. John was born in Sweden March 6, 1855, and came to the Hood Canal area in 1882, residing in Eldon, WA. In 1907 he married Allie WEBB (b. 1867), a pioneer Hood Canal resident, who came from Missouri in 1889. Also in 1889, John helped establish the first school in Eldon and served on the school board until his death September 4, 1920. John was also one of the chief promoters of what is now the Olympic Highway.

John AHL is my great-grandfather. I understand he was married prior to his marriage to Allie WEBB. During this previous marriage, he had three (3) children: John Dennis (born 1887), Jennie Elizabeth and John Stephan (born 1890). Jennie Elizabeth AHL is my grandmother and was born in Eldon, WA on January 13, 1888/89. I would like to find out what Jennie's Mother's name was and when she was married to John AHL. Also, I need information on Jennie's two (2) brothers, Dennis and Stephan, who were living in the Eldon area as late as 1950.

Kathy 5 Jul 1997
GOFF--Looking for information on the Alvin Mead GOFF Family. They had a homestead in the Northup/Kirkland area in the early 1900's. Alvin Mead GOFF b10 Mar 1827 (NY)-d 28 Apr 1892 (Northup,WA) married Mary Green b 15 Oct 1847-d 9 Feb 1939 in Mariposa,CA 20 May 1865.
Their children are as follows:
Alice GOFF-b 27 Sep 1866-d 13 Apr 1949 married James R. WILSON on 1 Feb 1898.
Ella GOFF-b 6 Jan 1869-d 21 Mar 1941 married Thomas R. HOPKINS on 6 Feb 1899.
Amos GOFF-b 9 Apr 1871-d 4 Apr 1934 married Mary DOWNER on 26 Aug 1915.
Mary GOFF-b 30 Jul 1873-d 2 Nov 1961 married John C. DUTCHER on 1 Jan 1896.
Lois GOFF-b 3 Jun 1876-d 22 Jan 1962
Forest Mead Goff-b.13 Aug 1878-d Nov 1879
Helen GOFF-b 16 Jan 1881-d 2 Sep 1961 married Herbert WELTON on 31 Dec 1903.
Hattie GOFF-b 25 Oct 1883-d June 1973 married James W. NORMAN on 12 June 1907.
Irene Grace GOFF-b 16 Oct 1886-d 15 Feb 1969 married Ben Stewart CARVER on 10 Aug 1908.

Irene Grace GOFFand Ben Stewart CARVER lived on Walker Park Rd., Shelton, in the 50's and early 60's. They even had their picture printed in the Olympian at one time. Irene attended the First Baptist Church in Shelton. They are both buried at the local cemetary in the Shelton city limits. Ben died in Shelton, Irene moved to Lewis County to live next to her daughter Helen Edith KEENAN, where she died. The families are believed to be still living in the area, but unknown to me. My main interest is in the King County area, as that is where the Goff homestead is located, but at this point, any information would be of help.

Kathy 9 Jun 1997
MACOMBER, WARIN -- Looking for information on MACOMBER. Believe to have been the first postmaster for the Brinnon Post Office. Names are Julius Western (Weston) MACOMBER, Jessie Benton WARIN (wife), children are William Warin, Jr., Albert, Daisy, Katherine Jessie, Ira, Addelaide, Harriet, Charlotte, and Hazel.

Skokomish Indian Reservation born 1846 died 24,March 1875 parents were Dolly Charles Illaho and Peter SKIa-abbsh Klanbish. Married William (Varin Stephanson) WARIN from France. He supposedly died in San Fransico,CA Feb. 1905. We only know of one daughter Jessie Benton WARIN b.25,Dec. 1858 d.27,Oct.1949. She married Julius Western(Weston) MACOMBER. Any information please e-mail me .
Thanks, Kathy

Anne Comer 8 Apr 1997
HOLMES -- Looking for information about Samuel HOLMES, born in New York, homesteaded in Thurston County in the 1850s. He is listed in the 1860 Census with his wife and two children. I want to know who were his parents and siblings.
Lars Erik Gille 7 Apr 1997
GILLE -- I am looking for information on my grandmother's brother, Johan (John) GILLE, born in Sweden 18/6 1877. Emigrated to USA in 1903. He was working for many years at the Simpson Logging Company. A man in the company office in Shelton WA, Reginald Sykes, administrated his will after his death 9 September 1933. He was not married and had no children.
Linda Dolby 20 Feb 1997
JUDSON -- Researching JUDSON surname; would like to exchange data; presently have 8500 names in database.

Joyce Sinnett 9 Feb 1997
Allen Stuart(Stewart)REED, b.11 Feb 1861 Calhoun Co., WV d. 21 Apr 1938 WA. m.[1] Elizabeth PARSONS, WV; m.[2] Ida E. SCHOOLCRAFT, WV
Children: Mary J. REED b. 1847; William REED b. 1850; George M. REED b. 1857
m.[3] Isabella PRITT, WV, divorced; Child: Elizabeth Daisy REED b. Aug 1883
m.[4] Gilla F. SCHOOLCRAFT, WV 17 Apr 1885; Child: Allen Stewart REED Jr b. Aug 1990
m.[5] Julia L. O'DELL m.[6] Enid SCOTCH
In 1884, Allen gave his daughter Elizabeth Daisy REED (my great-grandmother) to William & Charlotte COTTRELL for adoption. In 1896, Allen moved to Washington State where he reportedly remarried and became rich in the timber business. This information is from a handwritten history by Elizabeth written about 3 years before her death.
Matthew Moore 17 Feb 1997
MOORE -- I am looking for information relating to my father's family. I am afraid that I don't have much to start with. My father's name was Walter Emerson MOORE. He was born somewhere in the state of Washington, (he was very proud of that) and his father's name was Joseph Longfellow MOORE. Joseph's mother was a Blackfoot Indian. The family moved to New York during the Depression. I believe that my father was born around 1919. Sorry for the paucity of information, but that's all I have. Can you please help me? thank you.

Betty VanLeer 9 Feb 1997
McCABE -- Looking for information on William D. McCABE b. Ripley Co., Ind in 1847. He and his mother and father (Alexander and Rodah Knapp McCABE), and a brother Perry Hill McCABE came west after 1860. Perry H. Died in Polk Co., Ore in 1903. I know by old genealogy that William died in N.W. Wa., and he had at least 2 children Ivy Pearl and Ed. Perry was 7 years older than William so he may have died earlier than 1903 or later. Can anyone be of assistance? I realize I have very little info but I am hoping someone will help.Perry left an estate in Ore., so William probably did also. Is there a database online? Thanks for you time.
Stephen Schweyen 29 Dec 1996
REED -- Seeking info on parents of Ernest Warren REED b March 12, 1890 in "Whiteman Cove", WA (Gig Harbor, Longbranch area), the youngest of eight children born to (Warren?) or (John?) REED b ca 1830? in Maine, wife Elizabeth, a Snohomish Indian. Warren (or John?) came to Washington with two or three brothers. The REED brothers were thought to be loggers/lumbermen who did business in the Shelton area.

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