Maps of Washington

These links are to sites that contain a variety of maps that cover the whole of Washington state. Individual sites may also link to county level maps or you can check out the county GenWeb Project pages for more information.

Use the GNIS Data Base Query form to find specific locations within the state or any state. Remember you can locate most cemeteries as well as towns, etc.

Historical Maps of Washington from the University of Alabama collection.

USGenWeb United States Digital Map Library, links to digital maps and more.

Follow the development of the counties of Washington, at Ed Stephan's site.

Shaded Relief map of Washington State by Fred Bentler.
Click to switch between state Relief and Road maps for comparison.

The David Rumsey Map Archives has an excellent search engine. Search by state or keyword and find maps not easily accessable in any other way. For Washington state, find maps produced in 1866 and 1879.

Washington State Maps site is a commercial site, but it also has maps to view on screen, such as topographic, airports, lighthouses and more.

The Color Landform Atlas of the United States links to several large file maps, including an 1895 and a colorful land form maps all based on a satellite map, except the 1895 map.

Have fun play with maps on theNational Geographic site. These are very large files and load slowly.


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