Wilson Creek Book Names

Family Memories of Wilson Creek Area 

          Rev David H Crawford  

                        Submitted by Marge Womach



Allen, Benjamin Goddard; arrived 1927 from Ephrata. p. 5; Urquhart ranch.

Anderson, George F; p. 79, to WC 1934;

Arlt, Kenneth; son of Fred; p. 6

Arlts, Fred; by Catheryn Arlt; p. 6; arrived 1926; m. Catheryn Becker, Odessa 4-29-1927.

Assembly of God; p. 194-5; organized 1947

Austin family; p. 131;

Ball, Mila James; b. Marlin, d/o Moorman James, he sold that to John Zickler; p. 7

Ball & Dodd; in Mila James Ball item; p. 7

Baptist Church at Soap Lake; p. 188; Young;

Baptist Church; p. 194; met in homes, 1950; org. 1956 as Grace Baptist Church;

Batterman, Ed; b. 1914 in OR; married 1937, to Marlin 1950, worked for Zickler; p. 7.

Bauman, Jim H; p. 7; arrived 1954; wife Vera Anderson.

Becker, Connie & Gladys; p. 11; Connie b. 1901 in Russia; to US 1905, m. Elinore Law.

Becker, Connie; div. Law after 2 yrs;  Connie marr. Gladys Weaver, 1933. p. 11.

Bendetti family; p. 135.

Bennett, Claude and Lula; p. 8; arrived 1911 in Seleen Valley.

Bethel, Leslie; p. 9; arrived 1901. mention Hale & Cunningham.

Biggs, Horace; p. 12; arrived 1906; marr. 1919, Carrie; mention Marlin.

Bischoff, Matthias Jr; Arley’s parents; p. 18-21; arr. 1945; s/o Matt & Marie

Bischoff, Matthias Jr; marr. Mildred Bischoff; p. 18-21.

Black Rock School; p. 186.

Black Rock; p. 131.

Blakemore, Haller & Bertha Gose; p. 184; WC 1907;

Bluhm, Ernest & Martha Millestead; p. 14; b. MN; arrived 1903, age 23; m. 1910;

Bohlen, Theodore; p. 168; committed suicide.

Bohnet, Bertha Schuh; p. 13, d. 12-03-1941; Fred marr., Mary Alice Morgan Morris 1948

Bohnet, Fred & Mary; p. 13; Fred b. 1901, raised in Black Rock area, m. Bertha Schuh.

Bohnet, Harvey Vern; p. 13; b. 1933 s/o Fred & Bertha; m. Kath. Sebastian 1960.

Bohnet, Harvey; p. 13; lived on Cunningham place.

Bolen, Ted; p. 186; Niedermeyer; Larsen; James family;

Bongiorni Family; p. 15; arrived 1910; several deaths; left 1930 to Ellensburg.

Bongiorni; p. 39; Angeline marr. Roland Fiess.

Borgens; p. 39; George & Loiuse.

Brannan, Jack & Louise; p. 16;  arrived 1906; s/o John W & Eliz. Kennedy Brannan.

Brannan, J W; p. 152, married Louise Schumacher, family of 7, Wilson Creek & Ephrata.

Brown, Phyllis Pfeifer; p. 175.

Browning, Rev Earl S; prior to Rev Crawford’s; filled pulpit at WC Presbyterian; p. 16

Bryant, J J; early 1900’s; p. 17; marr. Amanda Riggs Freeman w/ children;

Bryant’s blacksmith shop new owner, Percy Edwards; p. 167.

Burnham, Floyd & Lucille; p. 16; arrive 1931; teacher & coach.

Butler, Mrs Frank; teacher; p. 30.

Canfield, meat market w/ Schumacher; p. 151.

Carroll, Floyd; p. 22; Hugh came to Grand Coulee Dam 1939. arr. 1950.

Carter, Wilbur; p. 22; arrived 1956;

Catholic Church; p. 195; Mass held at section house 1901; private homes;

Catholic Church; p. 195; priest list;  building late 1920s.

Chester School No. 71; p. 52.

Christ, Geo A; p. 23; from Greece in 1898 returned 1912, back 1922.

Christofferson; p. 94; Colouzis; p. 94;

Churches; 3; p. 185; Evangelical, Catholic, Presbyterian.

Churches; p. 194; Presbyterian; Baptist; Assembly of God; Evangelical; Catholic.

Clark, A B; p. 42; McDonald; Geo Beck; p. 102-3;

Clark, Arthur, brother to Charlotte Cora Clark, who marr. Booker James.

Clark, Arthur B; p. 24; civil engineer; 1907 to WC; m. Maizi Weeks; swamp;

Colouzis, Chas; p. 25; marr. Mary Christ 1945; Chuck Chuck Tavern.

Cook, James; p. 25; Chas W Davis history; Amelia Chandler; Lamona Store; Kelby.

Cook, Lavene & Alma; 1947 bought Old Doc Mitchell place from Julia Mitchell. p. 27

Cook, p. 25; 1916 arrived; Pastime Confectionery;

Cook, Miss Ella; resided Harry Hirschel family; killed in rollover; taught Timm School.

Corrigan, Johnie; p. 28; arrive 1935; Christ; Larsons, Wagners, Zicklers, Johnson, Seleen.

Crawford, Rev David by Anne Crawford; p. 29. arrived 1967. Presbyterian pastor

Cunningham Photo shop; p. 167

Cunningham, Basil; p. 24

Cunningham, Ora; p. 49; built barn for Gilman; Kane; Schemmel; p. 153 built church.

Cunninghams; p. 11.

Curry family; p. 29; res. Stratford 1918-1937. Marie E Drittenbass wife of Wm J Curry.

Dahlgren family, 1906 and after; p. 108.

Dahlgren; Walfred; p. 30; Left Wilson Creek 1916;

Dammel, Israel; p. 37 in Fiess item; Marlin mention.

Dashiell, Bill; p. 59; drug store at Marlin;

Davidson, John; Hilda Mickelson; 1901 to area; married 1909; left 1919. p. 31;

Davis, C W; p. 93; from Harrington; arr. 1916; Pastime Confectionery.

Davis, C W; p. 93; Amelia Chandler of Mohler; arr. 1916 from Lamona

Davis, Chas W; family history in Cook on p. 25-6.

Divito family; p. 32; Irby; Paolini; Bruno killed in Harrington on RR in 1943.

Divito, Bruno and Ines from Italy in 1913; Alfonso Paolini; p. 31; Maxine Zicha.

Divito, Floyd; b. 1918; m. Eliza Gill, 1939.

Doctors: Mitchell, Cramton, Roberts and Harris; p. 167. (no dates).

Douglas Hotel; p. 129; Newlove;

Draining the Swamp; p. 192-3; Urquhart, Clark, McDonald; Mordhorst. Krupp.

Drittenbass family; 1916 near Round Lake near Stratford; p. 35. Adrian school.

Dudley, Idell; homesteading era; p. 33; 9 children; ran hotel; m. Grace Semro, 1922.

Dudley, Jeanie; p. 79; piano

Dudley, Stephen; p. 35; 1912 to Stratford; m. Gertrude Ingraham, 1909.

Early Dawn Ranch; p. 31; Urquhart farm.

Eckhart, Dave; p. 36; Dave marr. Alma Arlt 1936. Raised in Black Rock  & Weber.

Eckhart; p. 36; Fred Arlt; 1942 to Wilson Creek from Marlin vicinity.

Edwards, Percy; p. 167; Joe Bryant’s blacksmith shop.

Eggestein, Margareta, mother of Geo Roschmann; d. 1920, buried WC Cem; p. 147.

Elmer house; p. 40. (Fiess item)

Emmut place; p. 181.

Enos, Joe; p. 171.

Evangelical Church photo; p. 93;

Evangelical Church; p. 195; built 1910; dedicated 1911; Rev Helmer.

Evangelical Church; p. 195; disbanned and sold church to Catholics.

Evangelical Church; p. 66; Roschman, Helmke, Forster, Bach, Housefeldt, Downing.

Evangelical ministers: Powers, Helmer, Erhart, Wade. p. 167.

Evangelical pastors; p. 66; Zable, Almendinger, Ehert, Powers and Helmer.

Fairview district; p. 147; listing of names, circa 1901.

Fiess family; p. 37; to Krupp 1901; Israel Dammel;

Fiess, Keith A; p. 41; b. 1938 in Odessa, s/o Roland and Angeline of WC.

Fiess, Robert G & Marie Brenner; m. 1898 Bessarabia; 1901 to Krupp; Lutheran.

Fiess, Rudolph; p. 39; b. 1909 north of Marlin; unmarried twin, his twin d. at birth.

Fiess, Walter O; p. 40; moved to WC in 1951;

Finney, Cora; p. 24

Finney, Z; p. 42; traded land in 1888 to WC area. Lizzie Putnam

Finney, Zach; at saloon, p. 86.

Finney, Zach (Dick) & Lizzie; p. 41; 1885 came West; original homestead Odessa town.

Finney, Zach; p. 164, property.

Forster, Leonhard; p. 43; arrive 1902; patent 26-24-29 in 1904; m. Carolina

Forster, Leonard; lent shack for school, 1905-6; 26 scholars.

Forster, Leonard; p. 87;

Freeman, J Q; p. 86; Joe Bryant; Vickery & Son; O’Leary;

Friend, Lester; p. 55; grad. 1915.

Gill, Richard and Susie Eads; p. 55, marr. 1918 Davenport; Stratford Lake; café 1935.

Gilman Bros; p. 49; homesteaded bet WC & Hartline;

Gilman, James P; p. 49; Hartline in 1900; Cora E Morris, marr. 1890. WC.

Gilman, Lewis; p. 51; Heathman; 1899; 1907-1916 at Wilson Creek. Mary Jordan.

Gilman; marr w/Weaver; p. 179; McEvoy; Parker; Presbyterian Church.

Glick, Perry; owned Wilson Creek World; undated, p. 167.

GN Railroad; p. 193; 1892 main line west of Spokane through Wilson Creek.

Goetz, Carolyn; p. 51; parents Jim and Bessie Ralls; Carolyn b. 1944.

Goetz, Carolyn; p. 51; 1st m. Dick Ford, d. 1970; 2nd m. Les Goetz.

Goldsmith, Geo, p. 51, 1st mayor of WC; City charter in 1903; lumber business.

Goldsmith, Geo; p. 51; m. Ida Schopmeier 1902.

Gose, Geo E; p. 184; WC 1900-1930; brother Fletcher; uncle Winton D at Adrian.

Grace Baptist Church; p. 8.

Graham, Frank & Ida Hedrick; p. 53; arrive 1917; Dipper Ranch; Mikelson;

Grant Co Basketball Champions 1928-29; Girls Photo with Coach; p. 45.

Great Northern coffee shop, the Beanery; p. 167

Griesinger, Gertrude; p. 84; teacher in WC; marr. Keller;

Griesinger; 1901 arrive by train w/Oscar Wagner; p. 55; August d. 1904.

Griesinger; p. 129; active Evangelicals.

Gross History; p. 60; Gottlieb Gross, b. 1840; homestead 34-24-29 in 1900.

Gross, Sam; b. 1908, north of Wilson Creek; p. 57; Schumacher; Ralls place;

Gross, Sam; homestead 34-24-29; Timm School; p. 56; Matilda Hoffman.

Gross, Sam Sr; p. 91;

Gross; Hirschel; Myers; Roschmann; p. 43

Gulick, Perry; p. 11; Big Bend Chief; Wilson Creek World;

Hale, Bob; p. 11

Hale, Bob; p. 160; Geo Hale; Lilliangreens; Bongiorni; Nelson; Chamberlain.

Hale, Bob; p. 52; Old Chester School No. 71.

Hale, Leah; p. 31; teacher; Dahlgren history.

Hale, Tom; p. 129; livery stable.

Harlow, Geo; 1903 to Moses Lake; Palace Billiard Hall; p. 62; Anna Mordhorst.

Hart, Rev C H; to WC in 1949; p. 62; Presbyterian; to Nebraska in 1960.

Hartline Cemetery; p. 187; Youngk or Yungck, Rev Charles. d. 1-10-1894, age 82.

Hausfeld; p. 64, marr. widow of Helmke.

Hein, Rev Geo; p. 84;

Helmer, Rev; pastor Evangelical Church, to WC 1911; Dowells, Bennett, Taylor; p. 63.

Helmer’s class, p. 63: Tichacek, Helmke, Bach.

Helmer’s class: p. 63; Fairchild, Moore, Gross, Kohrsen, Hirschel, Downing, Roschman,

Helmke, Fredrick; resided 1901-1927, he died 1927. p. 64; wife Sophia A Peterson;

Helmke; p. 64; arrived 1901. Christian d. 1906 on return to MN; son Fredrick;

Helmke, Frank; d. Aug 1939; widow and young children to Latah; p. 64.

Hill, Ethel Beck; d/o John H Beck of Krupp; p. 65. short item.

Hirschel marr. Roschmann; p. 147; 1913;

Hirschel, Adam B; p. 67; arrive 1901, age 7. Emma Helmke.

Hirschel, Elmer; p. 68; arrive 1901 with parents; m. Florence Leibing of Tekoa.

Hirschel, Emma; p. 87; died 1908;

Hirschel, Harry; p. 70; arrive 1901; s/o Adam; marr. Lillie Roschmann, 1913.

Hirschel, Howard; p. 72; b. 1914 at the Vorba farm, north of WC;

Hirschel, Maria Willmann; p. 75; b. 1818; arr 1901; homestead 35-24-29; wid. Adam.

Hirschel; p. 118-122; Mordhorst; Zach Finney place;

Hirschell, Erhard; p. 69; arrive 1901, with widow mother;

Hoech, Louise Charlotte Mordhorst; p. 76; m. 1918 at Rosenberg’s home in WC;

Hoover; p. 177; in Oscar Wagner item.

Hose data in Oscar Wagner item; p. 177; arr. 1899.

Hose, Fred; mention in p. 168; in Thomsen and p. 170.

Hose, Fred; p. 186.

Hudson, Anna Woolman; a widow; p. 99; m. MacCheyne;

James family; p. 77; Wm F; Elsie James Newman; Moorman; Wm F;

James, Maynard; p. 11

Jensen, Maria; p. 91; 1911; marr. 11-12-1912 Larsen.

Johnsen, Niels; p. 77; marr. 1913 at Mabton; Abt 1915 to WC & in town 1921.

Johnson, Anna Margaret; m. John Seleen; p. 154-6.

Johnson, Mrs J P; widow in 1932; ‘. 118; hired Mordhorst boy.

Jones, Clarence W; p. 79; moved into the Fred Mordhorst house 1934;

Jones, Mrs; her father died; p. 79, before 1943.

Kane, family; p. 79; Elva Mae Timm, d/o Henry & Louise Timm, marr Earl Kane;

Kane, Patrick homestead north of WC; p. 80; abt 1893 to WC.

Kelby, Dana; p. 80; b. WC, left age 4, returned 1946, US Navy; postmaster 1972.

Kelby, Ray W; p. 26; arrived 1923, married 1924 Audrey Davis

Kelby, Raymond Wm; p. 82; b. 1899; Gallaghar; O’Carnahan; Webley; WC 1946.

Keller family; West in 1903; p. 84; Young Chris Keller d. 1910.

Keller, Christoff & Elizabeth Kafer; d. 1916 & 1933; p. 84; ?burials?

Keller, Jacob; m. Gertrude Griesinger; 1916, res. Ruff, arr. 1919 to WC.

Kirchner home; p. 24

Kirchner, J G; arrive before town platted; p. 85; 1901 to WC; Edith M Hayden.

Kirchner, Rudolph; owned Blue Front Saloon; d. 1914; p. 142.

Knopp, Frank; p. 87; Hirschel to WC 1901; Knopp to WC in 1910;

Kotick; Pauline; married James Strouf; p. 164; res. west of Stratford.

Kreiter, Bill & Emma; p. 88; arrive 1942; worked for Bill Arlt.

Lane family; p. 89; Emma Lane died 1972; Ben & Emma arr. 1922 from Coulee country.

Larsen, Martin; p. 93; b. 1884; marr. 1910 to WC shortly after.

Larsen’s; p. 91; August & Martin arrived WC 1903; Chris, 1910;  Mary Jensen.

Lee family; p. 93; R H Lee to WC in 1900; Mrs Lee died 1914;

Lee, Dr; Drug Store; p. 9; sold store to Doc Eastman; postmaster.

Lich, J P; land to Donald Urquhart; 1927 to BG Allen. p. 5

Lindblad family; p. 95; Caroline Nelson Lindblad d. 6-05-1910 buried WC;

Lindblad, Chas grad. 10th grade; Effie Lindblad grad. 1915; p. 55.

Lindblad; p. 95; arrive 1901; Bennett; Otto & Caroline arr. 1901.

Lindblad; p. 97; Seleen; Dick; Allen; Breiler; Lorentzen

Loewen, Abe; p. 98; Stella Rice; married 1932 at Davenport to WC; Ran garage.

Logue, Mrs; p. 79; had orchestra.

Lone Star Telephone Co; p. 56;

Lorentzen, Laura and brothers; p. 24.

Lundquist, Bertha; cook & housekeeper for F Graham, p. 54.

MacCheyne family; p. 99; to WC 1939 until death in 1954; arrive 1906;

MacCheyne, Jack, 1939-1954 at WC; m. widow Anna Woolman Hudson.

MacLennan, Murdo; arrive 1904; cousin to Mrs Don Urquhart; p. 100; short item.

MacLennan, Murdo; m. Margaret Robertson of Scotland in 1907; Left 1906; p. 100.

Mangis family; p. 100; Charles Mangis, 1899, m.Eliz. Underwood; short item.

Mangis, Orville; p. 100; m. Mildred Dunning.

Marlin & Dashiell; page 59.

Marx School No. 108; p. 155; Seleen item;

McAnelly, Mrs Frank; taught music;

McAnnelly, Pearl; wife of Fred Griesinger; p. 129. She d. Big Sandy, MT.

McCormick, Chas & Marjorie; to WC 1928-1936; p. 100; Harrington.

McCoy, Oscar & Arlene; arrive 1945; Hirschel; p. 101;

McCoy; Bryant; p. 91; Frick; p. 92;

McDaniel; R C; principal of school, 1914; p. 11.

McDonald, Don K; b. 1861; m. Maud Seelye 1897; p. 102; Early Dawn Dairy. Swamp.

McDonald, J Henry; to WC in 1911; Glen Brae; p. 103; draining the swamp.

McDowell; arr. 1909 from Alberta; father, Wm R; attended Rev Helmer’s church.

McDowell; Mordhorst; p. 103; The Big Store; Hales; Butlers; Bonjournies; Hedges.

McKeehan, Ben & Elsie; p. 104; arrive 1942; long item.

McKenzie; Bruce; p. 79;

McMartin, Miss; taught abt. 1932 after the old school fire.

McQueen, Eleanor; m. Moorman James in 1949.

Melrose Hotel; p. 11.

Melrose Hotel; p. 157-8; origin dance hall, remodeled by Semro. Later sold to Schroeder.

Michelson, Jonas; p. 148; came 1901 with Rosenberg; Fairview district;

Mickelson, Jonas; arr. 1901; p. 148-9; Severson, Stenquists, Lundquists.

Mickelson, Jonas; m. Sana Johnson, 1880; she d. Warren, MN; he & 8 kids arr. 1901.

Mickelson; p. 154, Seleen;

Mikelson, Mike; a brawny Swede, employed by Frank Graham; p. 53.

Mills, Roy family; arr. 1955, lived old Buddrius place; p. 109. Baptist; 9 children listed.

Mills, Roy; m. Freda Puhl; p. 142.

Mitchell, Old Doc place; p. 27;

Mitchell’s ranch east of town; p. 79;

Mordhorst, Darrel; p. 118-127; b. 1925. snake bite;

Mordhorst, Detlef Fred; p. 116; b. 1888; WC State Bank; robbers.

Mordhorst, Detlef; arr. 1906; p. 109; mother died; Timms; Heick; Schumacher

Mordhorst, Frank; p. 117; b. 1904 in MT; Shorthill teacher; Longhill neighbors.

Mordhorst; Christ & Clara; p. 112; school trivia; 1924 marr. Clara Hirschel. Long.

Mordhorst, Cris; wrote item Draining the Swamp; p. 192-3.

Mordhorst; p. 63, Clara;

Nagel; A F & Clara; p. 128; teacher and supt in WC Schools.

Neidermeyer ranch; p. 129; also as Niedermeyer.

Newlove Hotel; p. 11; 91

Newlove family from MI, arr. 1900; to Cashmere in 1918. p. 129

Newlove; built 1st 2-story bldg; old Douglas Hotel; p. 129; Presbyterian.

Newloves and Griesingers; p. 129; arr. 1901 & shortly after; Neidermeyer ranch

Niedermeyer School; p. 185; teacher Mrs Furness; Friend; Hose; Griesinger; p. 129.

Niedermeyer ranch; p. 129; farmed by Griesinger.

Norcross; p. 78; 1928 at WC; Jake Keller at Union Grain Warehouse.

O’Larey family; p. 130; Presbyterian; arr by 1902; Catherine O’Larey, widow.

O’Larey, Wm; p. 130; large family. Elton marr. teacher Jennie Blair pre-1905.

O’Leary’s Grocery; p. 9

Oliver family; p. 131; Wilson Creek Café; Dr Oliver & Alice; Wilson Creek Tavern

Osborn, Daniel Thos & Flora Gilbert; arr. 1907; p. 133; Waterville; Gloyd; Ainey.

Osborne, Ralph; p. 131; Austin family from SD; Hazel Austin.

Paolini, Danny J; s/o Primo; p. 135; born WC 1914; Benedetti; Divito.

Parrish, Mrs Laura E; 1932-33; p. 188; gave money to Young for education.

Peace Lutheran Church; p. 15; (Bluhm article)

Pearce, Thos & Alena; p. 135; Pinto Ridge, north of Stratford in 1902. Kennedy.

Pfeifer, August; p. 137; Philip and Maria Adolph Pfeifers; Lydia Beck Pfeifer; Yanke.

Pfeifer, Cecil; p. 140-41; b. north of WC; s/o Philip & Nettie.

Pfeifer, Ronald; p. 141; graduated WC 1967.

Physicians: p. 66; Mitchell; Crompton; Roberts.

Pianists list: p. 169; Mordhorst; Bischoff; Bohnet; Hotchkiss; Hill; Hardt; Kreiter, West.

Pioneer Blacksmith Shop; p. 34 photo.

Presbyterian Church photo; p. 120;

Presbyterian church, Rev James Thomsen 1911-1916; p. 146.

Presbyterian Church; p. 111; Rev Course.

Presbyterian Church; p. 153; built by Scott & Cunningham; no date.

Presbyterian; p. 194; org. 4-20-1902; Rev D O Ghormaly;

Puhl family; p. 142; left MN 1901 to WC; Newlove Hotel; Otto & August.

Puhl, died 1906; wife remarried Rudolph Kirchner, he d. 1914; p. 142.

Puhl, Otto; p. 9

Rabidue, Robert W; b. 1948, South Dakota. p. 144. Kallenberger-Pfeifer.

Railroad; pages 193-194.

Railroad Round House: photo p. 63.

Ralls family; p. 144; to WC 1939 from Ruff. Emma d. 1922.

Ralls place burned down; p. 58; Schumacher.

Ralls, Jim and Bessie; p. 51; divorced 1964; Bessie marr. W Sterling.

Ralls, Miller; p. 175.

Raven Rock; p. 160.

Ribail family; p. 145; Gary married 1964;

Ribail Ranch; p. 8

Ribail, Ralph; p. 145; married 1941. Westwind Ranch. 1948 to old Urquhart ranch.

Richardson, Tony; Dipper Ranch; p. 91;

Roschmann, Emma; d. 2-01-1908; body to MN. Grave locations WC.

Roschmann, Geo; p. 147; marr. Emma Jagodzinske, 1893, MN; arr. Before 1908.

Roschmann, Geo; p. 43; arrive 1902;

Roschmann, Geo; p. 75; arrive 1902; mother Margareta Eggestein, bur. WC Cem.

Rosenberg, Geo and Clarence; sheep farmer 25 yrs, then cattle; p. 148-9)

Rosenberg, John; p. 148; wife Lena Dahlgren, 5 children, arr. Nov 1901.

Rosenberg; at Fairview district; Stenquist, Hoffman, Sprague Bros, Lundquist; p. 147.

Rosenburg; p. 30; Mickelson; Fairview School. Mordhorst; Lindblad; Butler; Hale.

Ruhlman, Thomas P; p. 150; b. 1949, s/o Rev John J Ruhlman; arr. 1975.

Salem Lutheran Church, Marlin, p. 139;

Sand Ranch; p. 15; Bluhm;

School Burned Feb 1932; photo; p. 97;

School; p. 87;

School; p. 90; built in 1913; firebell 1-16-1932;

School Photos page 48.

Schroeder, Jack; p. 58;

Schroeder, JP & Maude Hendrick; p. 150; 1898 to Harrington; 1900 to WC;

Schumacher on the Ralls place; burned down; p. 58.

Schumacher stock yard; p. 157;

Schumacher, Anton; p. 152; m. Isabelle Trumbley, 3 children. Louise m. J W Brannon.

Schumacher, Louise and parents; p. 16; arrived 1901; she married Jack Brannan.

Schumacher, Wm; p. 152; Christine Anna Knoss. 1901 to WC. Pioneer Meat Market.

Schumacher; p. 151; to WC 1900; Meat Market; Frank m. Emma Zickler, 1917.

Schumacher’s butcher shop; p. 24

Schumacher’s Meat Market; p. 91;

Schwab, Jerry; b. in Almira in 1937; p. 151; s/o Fred & Anna; Schaffer place; Baptist.

Scott, Bessie; teacher; p. 30.

Scott, Dave; p. 153; town marshall;

Scott, James C; p. 152; to WC in 1906; Presbyterian Church; Orie Cunningham.

Seleen, John & br. Jeddy; p. 159; arr. 1908; br. Lee arr. 1910; Lee m. Mrs Severin.

Seleen, John E; p. 154; b. 1878 Iowa, to WA 1881; marr. Anna M Johnson 1906.

Seleen, John; p. 154; WC, 1908; Wegele house;

Seleen; Anna Bakaas; p. 154.

Semro, John; History; p. 158; 1883 marr. Ida Schmudlock in WI; Melrose Hotel.

Semro, John; p. 156; arr. 1902; Melrose Hotel built, 20 bedrooms; p. 157.

Semro; page 33; hotel & Newlove family;

Severin, John; p. 159; d. 1910; widow Alma M Severin m. Lee Seleen;

Severin, Paul; p. 159; his twin died at birth; sister Lillian d. in 1910, 37 days;

Severin, Paul; raised by step-father Lee Seleen; p. 159;

Shorthill, Miss; teacher, circa 1913; p. 104.

Sibley, Chas W; purchased Wilson Creek World in 1920; p. 86.

Smith, Annabel; grad. 10th grade; p. 55.

Smith, Miss Helen; hired as first teacher, called Timm School. Also p. 56.

Southard; p. 63; Timm School; p. 63, Lillian Helmer teacher; Appling District.

Southard, Virginia; grad. 1915; p. 55.

Southards; p. 161; 2 brothers, Ed & Ben; Almira to WC in 1903; Long item.

Southards; p. 163 photo of family at homestead shack; poor quality.

Spangle Poor Farm; p. 87; Bushnell;

Stiff, Leslie; p. 164; 1950 moved onto the Zack Finney place. Adopted boy & girl.

Stratford Cemetery; p. 187; Jake Young buried July 1944.

Strouf, James; p. 164; 1910 to Soap Lake, Brook Lake at Stratford, 1911 marr.

Swaim, John; p. 87

Swartz, Elmer Frank; p. 158; marr. Sarah Semro in 1907;

Teachers at Wilson C: p. 56; Mrs Jake Keller, Mrs Milton Weaver, Evelyn Rosenberg.

Teachers at WC; p. 90; McMartin, McCoy, Waite, Anderson, Osburn, Belcher, Burnham.

Teachers at WC; p. 90; Perigo, Smith, T E Terrell, Lester Abbey, Frank Best.

Thomsen at Wilson Creek; p. 170; move to WC in 1918

Thomsen, Hans; p. 168; 1900, 7 mi. S of WC; Gene Snook, Fred Hose; Spanjer.

Thomsen; p. 168; Gose, Von Holt; Bohlen; Larsen;

Thomsen; p. 169 in Presbyterian Church;

Thomsen, Mrs Ruth; taught piano lessons; p. 88.

Tichacek, Chas; p. 165; after 1901 to Stratford; good family listing.

Tiedt, Elmer A; p. 166; father F W, to WC Dec 1902. Elmer m. Hattie Wegele 1918.

Tiedt, Fred W family;  p. 167; Mr Doty; burials Cheney; John Gillette. Fassler.

Tiedt, Mrs Elmer (Hattie; p. 167; recollections;

Timm family, Otto; p. 168; WC farm 1898 from Iowa;

Timm School; p. 43-44; p. 66; also p. 181.

Timm School; p. 67; No. 72; later Dist. 22. Douglas Co;

Timm School; p. 79; Henry Timm died May 1943;

Timm, Henry & Louise & children; p. 79.

Timm, Otto; marr. Marie Schlee; arr. 1898 homestead.

Timm, Otto; p. 168; also a minister, marriages & funerals; he d. 1908, Marie, 1910.

Truman, Pres.; p. 176 to WC overnight;

Ullam, Mrs; p. 167; hotel and restaurant. Undated.

Underwood (Newell) Story; p. 171; 1884-90 to WA, MN 1891-1900; 1900 N. of Krupp.

Underwood, Floyd; p. 172; son of Louie and Mable, b. 1911, WC; Marlin school.

Underwoods: p. 171: Baker, Pope, Haverstick; Hersey; Engles;

Underwoods; p. 171; fiddler and violin; Joe Enos; Playfair; good family data.

Urquhart, Donald; p. 173; 1877 to area, with two br. Alex. & Geo; Henry Marlin;

Urquhart, Donald; ranch formerly owned by J P Lich; sold to BG Allen. p. 5

Vedrich, Arlene Pfeifer; in school band in 1949, trombone.

Vedrich & Brown, both nee Pfeifer. p. 175; parents Aug. & Lydia Pfeifer;

Voras couple; no children, boarded teachers for the Timm School.

Wagner, Oscar; Amiel Wagner to WC in 1899; John Zickler; p. 177; gfather: H Hose.

Washington State went ‘dry’ Jan 1, 1916. (p. 185)

Weaver, A A & Ellissa; arr. 1902-4 in WC, teacher; General Store w/Bob Ralph; p. 178

Weaver, Gladys; p. 11, b. 1911 9 mi. N of WC; m. 1933 Becker, & Barnett in 1977.

Weaver, S Milton; taught WC school in 1904 and Whitehall School.

Webb memories; p. 179-81; James H Webb; Hartline, 1899; 4 separate items.

Webb, James H & Eliza; to Hartline 1899; p. 180; Reilly; Dr Compton; mules.

Webley, Bud; marr. the div. Mona Gallaghar O’Carnahan in 1915.

Wegele, Pete & Kath; 1901 to WC; p. 181; John Wegele; barber shop;

Wegele, Pete; p. 155; property

Wegele; Bennett; Blanchard; Pete Litt; p. 182;

Welk, Lawrence; p. 84;

West, James; p. 183; b. PA 1859; arr. WC 1912; Dr Roberts; Pfeifer. Children.

West, Wilbur; p. 182; b. WC 1915; rebuilt school w/Mordhorst; Nadeen Kennedy.

Whitehall School; Edna Lamb teacher; p. 49; p. 178 in Weaver item; 8 mi. N. WC.

Whitehall School; p. 166, 167.

Wilhelm, Fred; teacher in WC in 1951; m. Jo Ann Dorr, Sept 1952. p. 184

Wilson Creek 1912 Businesses; p. 183-4. Population 600.

Wilson Creek City Officers listed p. 202-204;

Wilson Creek Frolic; p. 191; 50th Anniversary, 10-03-1953, 800 people.

Wilson Creek History; p. 197-201; overview of town; businesses, fire.

Wilson Creek School band photo; p. 47.

Wilson Creek School photo; p. 46

Wilson Creek School that burned in 1932; photo page 12; p. 17;

Wilson Creek School; p. 168; Gross & Hirschel hauled lumber; land from Timm.

Wilson Creek School; p. 195; Faculty list 1926-1977;

Wilson Creek State Bank; p. 189; history of name changes and owners.

Wilson Creek Town photo by R J Young; p. 157.

Wilson Creek World, owned by Perry Glick; p. 167.

Wilson Creek World; photo p. 44;

Wilson Creek, Reminiscence; 1948-1962 by A F and Clara L Nagel; p. 128

Xmas Crop Train Photo; p. 48.

Yeager, Carl; Memories Before 1929; p. 184; Jesse m. Elda C Gose; arr. 1915

Yeager, Paul; My Early Years; p. 186; 7 children of Jesse Yeager; Hose; Thompson;

Yeager; p. 184; good town article on businesses

Young Family; p. 186;

Young, Will; p. 187; married Emma Rosenburg, 1902; farmed to 1938.

Younkck, Rev; 2nd burial in Hartline Cemetery; p. 186;  d. 1-10-1894.

Younkck spellings: Yungck; Jungck; Younkck in Young item p. 186-7.



1912 Business Directory by Frances West: 

(p. 183-184; Family Memories of Wilson Creek Area)


Population Approximately 600

GN Beanery; Bob Ralph, also Chinamen


Water Tank

Pump House

Club House for Rip track Gang

Coal Shute

Rip Track, back of grain elevators

Section House; Foreman’s residence

Tool Shed

Round House

Three Saloons: Carl Golley’s, Deans and Blue Front

Big Bend Land Office

Two Hotels: Melrose and Newlove

Boarding Houses, several (unnamed)

Livery Stables: Tom Hale, another south from Dudley Garage

Grist Mill: Tom Hale

Dray Service: Tom Hale and Doty Barlow

Blacksmith Shops: 2

Light Plant

City Hall and Fire Station, Jail

Grade School; one room; teacher, Miss Cooper; also used as movie theater

Barber Shops: 2

Tile Buildings: Two Weaver Store bldg, and A E Nichols Garage built later

Cement Block Bldg: 2, J D Eastman, Druggist; Baldy Armstrong, Gen. Merchandise.

A-Muse Theatre Block Bldg; Upstairs, also Masonic Lodge rooms.

Custom Threshing outfits: 2, Joe Bryant and Timm Brothers

Lawyer Offices: 2, Lambert, E of Bank across street; Southards in PO Bldg.

O’Leary’s Grocery


WWP Office (later)

Grocery Store: Broadwell’s

Restaurants: 2.

Wilson Creek World; Printing; Jobs Sibley.

Masonic Lodge Hall.


Barber Shop

Bob Ralph Gun Shop

Maltbie & Friel; Hardware and farm machinery

Pastime Billiard Parlor; Charles Davis

Schumacher’s Meat Market

Hardware & Lumber Yard.