Aug 15, 1895

William Turner



Superior Court, of the State of Washington, County of Lincoln. In the matter of the estate of William Turner, Deceased. Petition for Probate of Will. To the Hon. The Superior Court of said County and State:--- This the petition of John Turner, of the County of Lincoln, and State of Washington, respectfully shows: That William Turner died on or about the 15th day of August, 1895, at the town of Wilbur, in the County of Lincoln and State of Washington; That said deceased, at the time of his death, was a resident of the said county and State; and left estate therein, consisting of real and personal property; That the probable value and character of said property are as follows, to-wit:---- The real estate consists of a tract of land, to-wit, a farm containing about one hundred and forty acres of land, in said county and State, of the value of two thousand dollars, or thereabouts. The personal property consists of his household effects, tools and implements, of the value of sixty dollars, or thereabouts. That said deceased was an unmarried man, and left a will bearing the date the 31st day of July, 1895, in the possession of one J H Friedlander, who was therein named as the executor thereof, which your petitioner believes, and herefore alleges to be the last will and testament of said deceased, and which is herewith presented to said superior court. That the said J H Friedlander, names in said will, as executor thereof, declines to act in that capacity, and as in writing renounced his responsibility in that behalf, which renouncement is hereunto attached; That Cornelius Turner is named in said will as devisee. That the subscribing witnesses to said will are _ N Salmon, of Wilbur, Lincoln County, and State of Washington, and V W Hinkle, of said town, county and State; That at the time said will was executed, to wit, on the said 31st day of July, 1895, the said testator was over the age of eighteen years----to wit, the age of fifty-nine years, or thereabouts, and was of sound and disposing mind and not acting under duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence, and was in every respect competent, by last will, to dispose of all his estate; That said will is in writing, signed by the said testator, and attested by the said subscribing witnesses, at the request of said testator, subscribing their names to the said will in the presence of the said testator, and the presence of each other; and that, as your petitioner advised, and therefore alleges, said witnesses at the time of the said attesting of said will, and the execution thereof, were, and are now, competent. That R U Hesseltine, who makes application for appointment as administrator of said estate of deceased, consents to act as such; Wherefore, your petitioner prays that the said will may be admitted to probate, and that for that purpose a time for the proving of said will be appointed, and that all persons interested be notified, and directed to appear at the time appointed for proving the same; and that all other necessary and proper orders may be made in the premises. John Turner, Principal creditor of said estate. (Lincoln County Superior Court);


I did not get the probate file #, though this is not exactly the will itself. All spelling is as found.)  Contributed by Marge Womach, April 2009 to the Lincoln County, Washington GenWeb.