Lincoln County Register of Marriages

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Johnson, Floyd H; 27, white, 1st, Res. Creston, b. TN, railroading; f: C W Johnson; m:-; marriage: July 22, 1900, at Creston, by H F White, minister; Wit: Harry B Fletcher, Carrie M Fletcher, both of Creston. Bride: Florence I Fletcher, 19, white, 1st, Res. Sherman; b. WA, saleswoman; f: Harry B Fletcher; m: Carrie Allen.

Hall, Charles; 35, white, 1st, Res. Fruitland; b. WI; farmer; f. James Hall; m: Eunice Brown; marriage: July 25, 1900, at Davenport, by O B Parks, JP; Wit: Walter H Pearl, Davenport; and Steve O'Leary, Davenport. Bride: Laura M Little, 29, white, 1st, Res. Ohio; b. PA; nurse; f: David Little; m: Mary M Mingard.

Hatcher, Elmer J; 25, white, 1st, Res. Harrington; b. OR; farmer; f. James Hatcher; m: Anna Layton. Marriage: Aug 8, 1900, at Davenport, by R A Morter, minister; Wit: Ella Hoech of Hartline; L E Mortar, Davenport. Bride: Effie M Thompson, 20, white, 1st, Res. Harrington; b. OR; housekeeper; f: Wm Thompson; m: Jane Lewallen.

Clother, Geo L; 25, white, 1st, Res. Reardan; b. IA; farmer; f: D C Clother; m: Lena Friday. marriage: Aug 10, 1900, Davenport, by G R Schlauch, minister; Wit: E H Paige and Mrs G R Schlauch, both of Davenport. Bride: Jennie Anderson; 20, white, 1st, Res. NE; b. MN; no occupation. f: A N Anderson; m: Ella Ackirland.

Houch, Silvester C; 27, white, 2nd m.; Res. Wilbur, b. IL; photographer; f. Oliver Houck; m: Rebekah Parson; Marriage: Aug 15, 1900 at Tyler, by F B Doan, minister; Wit: Geo M Ryker of Harrington; Emma Houck of Wilbur. Bride: Bertha V Ryker; 22, 1st, Res. Tyler; b. KS; teacher; f: W J Ryker; m: California Askins.

Graham, Wm C; 26, white, 1st, Res. Davenport, b. OH; dentist; f: Geo P Graham; m: Phoebe Ahencheart. Marriage: Sept 2, 1900, at Spokane, by P A Cool, minister; Wit: Ethel M Enloe of Medical Lake; Marie L Cool of Spokane. Bride: Clara E Faulk; 22, 1st; Res. Davenport; b. Iowa; no occupation. f: John A Faulk; m: Lydia Minhirter.

Fraker, Frank; 32, white, 1st; Res. Creston, b. IA; farmer; f. Geo Fraker; m: E J Braine. Marriage: Sept 19, 1900, at Davenport, by F R Schlauch, minister; Wit: G T Logsdon of Davenport; L F Sumerlin of Creston. Bride: Elizabeth Wright; 37, white, 2nd m.; Res. Creston; b. MO; no occupation. f: Geo Sumerlin; m: Martha _____.

Shields, William W; 24, white, 1st; Res. Sprague; b. IL; farmer; f. John W Shields; m: __ Walker. Marriage: Sept 30, 1900, at Sprague, by Geo Edwards, minister; Wit: Lewis Swanick and Grace Logsdon, both of Sprague. Bride: Ethel I McFadden; 17, white, 1st, Res. Sprague; b. WV; farmer. f: Samuel McFadden; m: L Fletcher.

Wells, Gilbert D; 30, white, 1st, Res. Harrington; b. OR; farmer; f. John M Wells; m: Sarah Harvey. Marriage: Sept 26, 1900, at Davenport, by O B Parks, JP. Wit: W A Sinks, of Palouse City, Nellie M Barker of Davenport. Bride: Rosa E Sanders; 18, white, 1st; Res. Harrington; b. MI; housekeeper; f: Geo Sanders; m: Silvie Dailly.

Stookey, Seth; 29, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur; b. IL, farmer; f: A J Stookey; m: Susan Sanderman. Marriage: Oct 7, 1900 at Wilbur, by H Thompson, minister; Wit: Della Green of Wilbur; J M Lipincott, of Wilbur. Bride: Minnie E Partirdge; 24, white, 1st, Res. Wilbur; b. MO; no occupation. f: Wm Partridge; m: Elizabeth Riley.

VanWinkle, Loren E; 25, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur; b. IL; livery. f: John VanWinkle; m: Sophona Benson. Marriage: Sept 29, 1900, at Davenport, by B F Peck, minister; Wit: not shown. Bride: Susie Rouse; 26, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur; b. VA; no occupation. f: John Rouse. m: Sarah Bishop.

Zicka, Joseph; 23, white, 1st. Res. Odessa; b. MN; farmer. f: Zicka; m: Mary Newratte. Marriage: Oct 2, 1900, in Lincoln Co, by J B Ziegler, JP; Wit: Frank Quade and Emma Zicka, both of Odessa. (Zicha)

Grube, Albert M; 28, white, 1st. Res. Davenport; b. IA; clerk. f: Peter Grube; m: Susan Blackford. Marriage: not shown (ledger between Oct 2 and 18, 1900; license dated: Oct 2, 1900). at Davenport, by G R Schlouch, minister; Wit: Leonard Newton and Nellie S Hall, both of Davenport. Bride: Lula B Watkins; 22, white, 1st. Res. Davenport; b. MO; no occupation. f: W M Watkins; m: Emma Gavy.

Wolsborn, Jacob; 22, white, 1st. Res. Odessa; b. WA. farmer. f: Conrad Wolsborn; m: Sapharina Linsel. Marriage: Oct 12, 1900, at Odessa, by Geo Volz, minister. Wit: Geo Horst and Crarer Kink, both of Odessa. Bride: Kate Wolsborn; 20, white, 1st; Res. Odessa. b. not shown. no occupation. f: Jacob Wolsborn; m: Katharine Baff.

White, Chas W; 25, white, 1st; Res. Hesseltine; b. NC, farmer. f: Frank White; m: Margaret Stuart. Marriage: Oct 12, 1900, at Davenport, by O B Parks, JP. Wit: Walter H Peart, and M Harris, both of Davenport. Bride: Eva L Austin; 17, white, 1st; Res. Hesseltine; b. IL; housekeeper. f: Frank Austin; m: Cecelia Whiteside.

Starlin, Frank; 24, white, 1st; Res. Tyler; b. IA; farmer. f: R R Starlin; m: Mary Smith. Marriage: Oct 15, 1900, at Davenport, by G R Schlauch, minister. Wit: Mrs G R Schlauch of Davenport. Bride: Mattie J Diamond; (see affadavit attached to return, Mattie J Dyment); 24, white, 1st, Res: Tyler; b. Prince Edward Island. no occupation. f: Moses Diamond; m: Maria Boyant.

Nissilo, Mekka; 24, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur; b. WA, farmer. f: Mike Nissil; m: (deleted). Marriage: Oct 15, 1900, at Davenport, by Jos Hepp, minister; Wit: John Long and Kitty Hepp, both of Davenport. Bride: Elizabeth Fin; 25, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur; b. WA; no occupation. f: Jacob Fin; m: Anna Jako.

Reinbold, Wm; (age not given), white, 1st, Res. Egypt; b. Germany; farmer. f: not shown; m: not shown. Marriage: Oct 23, 1900, at Egypt, by G Koehler, minister. Wit: S Reinbold and Mrs S Reinbold, both of Egypt. Bride: Bertha E Conrad; (age not given), white, 1st, Res. Egypt, b. Germany; no occupation. f: Adolph Conrad; m: (not given).

McKinley, Chas R; 27, white, 1st; Res. Edwall; b. WI; doctor. f: (not given); m: (not given). Marriage: Oct 25, 1900 at Edwall, by A S Thoroughman, minister; Wit: F S Larrabee of Edwall and Wm W McCleary of Spokane. Bride: Emma Hinckley; 20, white, 1st, Res. Edwall; b. CA; no occupation; f: Joseph A Hinckley; m: Eunice Colburn.

Gotham, Charles; 26, white, 1st; Res. Sprague; b. IA, farmer. f: Charles Gotham; m: Caroline Sherwood. Marriage: Oct 31, 1900, at Sprague, by J T Hoyle, minister. Wit: Thomas Amery and T O Ridout, both of Sprague. Bride: Mildred Rhodes; 20, white, 1st, Res. Sprague; b. KS; farmer; f:D Rhodes; m: Edith Johnson.

Royce, Floyd J; 30, white, 1st, Res. Cheney; b. NY, saloon keeper; f: Oliver B Royce; m: Julietta Vey. Marriage: Oct 27, 1900, at Davenport, by C R Shields, minister; Wit: S M Richardson and I A Richardson, both of Davenport. Bride: Ollie L Cramer; 19, white, 1st, Res. Cheney; b. IN; no occupation. f: Wm H Cramer; m: Rachel Hendricks.

__ Smith, John C; 24, white, 1st, Res. Odessa; b. MO, no occupation. f: Thos Smith; m: Shimmel. Marriage: Nov 10, 1907, at Odessa, by John Smith, minister; Wit: Walter Asburg and Ada Acuff. Bride: Birdie E Acuff; 20, white, 1st; Res. Odessa; b. MO; no occupation. f: C M Acuff; m: Lee.

Wilhahn, Ed; 25, white, 1st, Res. Almira; b. WI; farmer. f: Ed Wilahn; m: Mary Fruffinger. Marriage: Nov 18, 1907, at Wilbur, by Father Deichmann, Priest; Wit: Peter Wilahn and Maggie Cotter. Bride: Mary Emma Cotter; 19, white, 1st; Res. Hartline; b. IL; no occupation; f: James Cotter; m: Eliza Kelley.

Hall, Benj.; 21, white, 1st; Res. Harrington; b. MN; farmer. f: Geo P Hall; m: Mary Seamon. Marriage: Nov 14, 1907, at Harrington, by J F Redfern, minister. Wit: G A McMillen and Mrs Eudocia Young. Bride: Angelina Simmons; 19, white, 1st; Res. Harrington; b. WA; housekeeper. f: David Simmons; m: Eva McMillen. (Earl district)

Pierce, W F; 32, white, 1st. Res: Peach, b. NC; farmer. f: J F Pierce. m: M T Stirgel. Marriage: Nov 13, 1907, at Peach, by J H Gardner, JP. Wit: Geo Gabbert and E J Messinger. Bride: Amelia Bayley (Denney); 43, white, 2nd. Res. Peach; b. IA; farmer. f: W H Denny; m: Kern.

Daly, Geo W; 42, white, 1st, Res. Miles; b. NY, farmer. f: Geo Daly. m: (not shown). Marriage: Nov 10, 1907, at Peach, by J H Gardner, JP. Wit: J A French and H Hawkins. Bride: Myrtle J Pierson; 21, white, 1st. Res. Miles. b. SD, housekeeper. f: Wm Pierson; m: Jennie Kiler/Kiles.

Pettijohn, Clive A; 27, white, 1st, Res. Davenport; b. WA. attorney. f: Dyer Pettijohn. m: Mary Kainwater. Marriage: Nov 11, 1907, at Sprague, by J G Cunningham, Priest. Wit: John Clinton and Sara Clinton. Bride: Zita Agnes Clinton; 20, white, 1st, Res. Sprague; b. WA. student. f: John Clinton; m: Mary McKune.

Robasse, John Andrew; 23, white, 1st, Res. (not shown); b. Wi; operator. f: Ed Robasse; m: Frances Behrenberker. Marriage: Nov 6, 1907, at Harrington, by L Brucker, minister; Wit: Mrs J F Tierney and J F Tierney. Bride: Gertrude L Pickell; 19, white, 1st. Res. (not shown). b. IA, no occupation. f: John Pickell; m: Linda Smith.

Wolsborn, Jacob; 29, white, 2nd, Res. Odessa; b. NE; farmer. f: Con Wolsborn; m: Katharine Thiel. Marriage: Nov 6, 1907, at Odessa, by H H Dagefrerde, minister. Wit: Jacob Schaefer and Marie Stumpf. Bride: Katharina Grimm (Pfaff); 26, white, 2nd. Res. Odessa; b. South Russia; no occupation. f: Wilhelm Pfaff; m: M Vogel.

Flood, James; 27, white, 1st; Res. Wilson Creek; b. IL, farmer. f: Phillip Flood; m: Mary O'Brien. Marriage: Nov 6, 1907, at Davenport, by W T Warren, Judge Sup. Court. Wit: C A Pettijohn and David Sullivan. Bride: Ludah Gadd; 18, white, 1st; Res. Wilson Creek; b. IA; housekeeper. f: Joel Gadd; m: Maggie Thomas.

Peterman, Edw.; 27, white, 1st; Res. Tipso; b. MO; farmer. f: E Peterman; m: A Smith. Marriage: Jan 8, 1908, at Tipso, by J E Herrinter, minnister. Wit: Humphrey and A Jamison. Bride: Vernie E West; 23, white, 1st; Res. Tipso; b. TN, teacher. f: T S West; m: M Essenler. (nearly illegible)

Keogan, Richard; 38, Ind, 2nd, Res. Bodie; b. WA; Fur. f: M Keogan; m: Ester (?). Marriage: Jan 9, 1908, at Davenport, by S T Warren, Judge SC. Wit: L W Armstrong and E E Rockhold. Bride: O Armstrong; 15, Ind, 1st. Res. Rock Creek; b. BC; no occupation. f: L W (or S W) Armstrong; m: D Pieters. (illegible)

Hyslop, Allison S; 25, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur; b. WI; Fur. f: R Hyslop; m: L Shippman. Marriage: Jan 10, 1908, at Wilbur, by J E Herrinton. Wit: F Wagner and Vergie Lewis. Bride: Louise L Livermore; 23, white, 1st; Res. WI; b. WI; no occupation. f: W Livermon; m: R Pellis.

Voss, Arthur C; 22, white, 1st; Res. Milon; b. WA; Fur; f: H Voss; m: H Radke. Marriage: Jan 15, 1908, at Edwall, by Carl Wentsch, minister. Wit: W Voss and S Wiedman. Bride: Clare A Weideman; 21, white, 1st; Res. Milon. b. NE. no occupation; f: W Wiedeman; m: M Berk.

Shuck, Norman; 25, white, 1st; Res. Creston; b. IL; miller; f: F M Shuck; m: S Wilson. Marriage; Jan 25, 1908, at Creston, by D F Peffley, JP, Wit: R Williams and S Peffley. Bride: Bratie McDaniel; 19, white, 1st; Res. Cashmere; b. IL; musician. f: J F McDaniel; m: M Rockbe__. (illegible)

Kelley, James A; 25, white, 1st; Res. Milton; b. VA. farmer. f: W M Kelley; m: M Creast. Marriage: Jan 30, 1908, at Miles, by J S Pence, JP. Wit: Mary Detillion and C E Detillion. Bride: Mary Detillion; 19, white, 1st; Res. (not shown); b. O_; no occupation. f: C F Detillion; m: M E Lewis.

Welliscrof, Gorer C; 22, white, 1st; Res. Wilbur, b. WI; painter; f: W Welliscrofs; m: F Lune. Marriage: Feb 2, 1908, at Wilbur, by E F Scarbroug, JP. Wit: L Phillips and M Phillips. Bride: Martha Krinz; 21, white, 1st; Res. Govan; b. WI; no occupation. f: M Krinz; m: (not shown). (illegible)

Klumb, Gustave; 30, white, 1st; Res. Mohler; b. WI; farmer; f: W Klumb; m: J Werner. Marriage: Feb 15, 1908, at Davenport, by J M Kenner, minister. Wit: Ed Yarwood and M Craig. Bride: Mary Brooks; 21, white, 1st, Res: Mohler, b. WA; no occupation. f: M Brooks; m: E Craig.

Breithaup, Wm; 29, white, 1st; Res. Mondovi; b. IA; farmer. f: J M Breithaup; m: T W Wendt. Marriage: Feb 5, 1908, at Reardan, by R D Streyffeler, minister. Wit: H H Guth and E E Guth. Bride: Mary Hinkle; 19, white, 1st; Res. Reardan; b. WA. no occupation. f: G E Hinkle; m: C S Abbott.

Herman, Mason; 24, white, 1st; Res. Edwall, b. OR; no occupation. f: C. S. Herman; m: K. Smith. Marriage: Feb 10, 1908, at Davenport, by W. F. Warren. Wit: V. C. Carson and E. Carson. Bride: Bessie Tuttle; 20, white, 1st; Res. Edwall, b. IA. no occupation; f: R. J. Tuttle; m: J. Pierce.



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