Weddings of Lincoln County Pioneers                          



                                        These weddings are taken from "The Harrington Citizen" newspaper 

                       Submitted by Marge Womach, they are listed chronologically by the date they were in the newspaper.


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January 27, 1899

   A marriage license was granted at Colfax Tuesday to FRANK HELLINGER, a former citizen of Harrington, and Miss MATTIE BROOKS who was recently an employee in the Auditors office at Davenport.


November 8, 1907

   Cards are out announcing the marriage, at the Catholic church by REV. FATHER BROCKER, Wednesday, Nov. 6th, of Miss GERTRUDE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. PICKELL, to JACK A. ROBASSE.  Following a wedding trip to Buffalo Minn., where  Mr. Robasse's people reside, the happy couple will return to Harrington where they will make their home.  They will be "at home" to their many friends after December 1st.  Mr. Robasse is the pleasant day operator at this place and the bride is well and favorably known in Harrington. *


December 06, 1907

   Miss MAUDE GRAFF and Mr. THOMAS O. BURRILL were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. FRED GRAFF, at 4 o'clock p.m. Thursday, December 5th, by the REV. S. L. BURRILL Following an elaborate wedding dinner, and congratulations the newly married couple left for North Yakima, where reside the relatives of the groom.  The bride is a Lincoln county girl having passed the greater number of her years in this section.  The groom is a contractor and builder, and both have many friends in this portion of the county.  After a brief stay at North Yakima, they will return to their home at Harrington where  they will be at home to their friends after January 1, 1908. *


June 25, 1909

   Mr. W. M. HARPER  and Miss ETTA BELL KIME, were united in marriage at Spokane, Tuesday, June 22nd, by Rev. I. S. Leonard at Harrington's First Baptist church.  The event took the young couple/s many friends by surprise, and the groom was more than busy buying "smokes" for the boys at the picnic...


July 8, 1910

   Mr. LEE HUGHES of Ephrata, Washington and Mrs. L. ADAMS of Mohler, Wn., were married at the parlors of Columbia hotel at Davenport, Saturday in the presence of a few intimate friends of the bride.  REV. SCOTT officiating.  The bride was handsomely gowned in white silk net over white satin and carried a bouquet of white orchids while the groom wore the conventional black.  

They left for Seattle on the evening train for a brief honeymoon.  On their return they will take up their residence on their ranch south of Ephrata where the groom has 2000 acres seeded to wheat.  A Guest.


September 16, 1910

   The Citizen is informed, on the best of authority, that cards are out announcing the marriage, at the Evangelical church this evening, of Mr. E. O. MUDD and Miss ANNA BRUGGER.  The bride-to-be has been reared in this community and is highly esteemed by a large number of friends young and old.  The groom Mr. Mudd, while not of so long a residence here, has made many friends among his associates and seems to possess qualities of of temperance.


April 28, 1911

   Miss FLOSSIE E. JARBOE of Newport and Mr. W. L. CHRYSLER of Odessa were married Saturday April 15th in Newport.


June 02, 1911

  Our new electric light man, Mr. B. F. WHITEand Miss ETHEL SCHOLER of Medical Lake, were united in marriage at that place on Friday of last week, the Rev. Hunt, of the Congregational church performing the ceremony.  The happy couple have taken up their residence in the Earl house, recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Smalley.  We bid them welcome to our pretty little city, and may their life be as bright as the lights which the grooms keeps shining in Harrington. 


July 24, 1912    

   ARTHUR J. SOASH and Mrs. ORA BIRGE, two widely known and respected residents of our city journeyed to Spokane Monday and while there secured the necessary license and were united in marriage, returning to Harrington Wednesday morning in time to visit the Pioneer Picnic on Crab Creek.  Mrs. Birge has for some time resided in Harrington where she conducted a private boarding house and holds the esteem and friendship of all who know her.  The groom is also well known to everyone, as he ahs conducted a large blacksmith shop here for years and by diligence and close application to his work has built up a big business. *


May 23, 1913

   FRANK H. THOMAS of Harrington and Miss MAY HAWORTH of Hillyard, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's brother and sister-in-law at Hillyard on Thursday, May 15th.  The wedding was a quiet one and the pastor of the Hillyard Baptist church performed the ceremony.  The happy couple returned to Harrington that evening and at once set up housekeeping in the residence on Reservoir Heights which the groom recently purchased from J. D. Stone.  The Citizen welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas to the ranks of Harrington homekeepers. So quiet did Mr. Thomas keep the secret that it was not until Monday that the harvester factory boys, where he works, learned of the event.  Some 25 of them gathered at the factory that evening, dismantled an old disc harrow, mounted the steel discs on sticks, marched to his residence and demanded the groom's appearance.  He was placed at the head of the charivari procession and in military style, marching to the beat of twenty-five tom-toms, he was escorted to the Harrington Confectionery Co.'s store where he soon invested in a box of Havannas and soothed the boys with smoke.


February 20, 1914

   HENRY SWENSON, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. SWENSON of this city, aged 24 years, and  Miss ESTELLA TIBBS, 23 years of age, were united in marriage in Spokane on Friday, February 13th.  After spending a week or so of their honeymoon visiting nearby points of interest, they will return to Harrington, where the groom conducts a big farm for his father, and where twenty-four years ago he was born. Although the day of the marriage of this young couple was an unlucky one according to those superstitiously inclined Henry thinks it is the luckiest day of his life.  The Citizen hopes that the "Sea of Matrimony" may be calm as they sail along. *



February 20, 1914

   Miss ETHYL DESPAIN, a graduate of the Harrington High school and a former resident of Harrington, was united in marriage with Mr. CHARLES STEVENS a conductor on the Spokane Cheney electric road, the ceremony having been performed in Spokane on Sunday, February 8th.  The happy couple will reside in Spokane.   The Citizen joins with the Harrington friends of the couple in extending congratulations*


October 08, 1926

   JAMES G. ELLIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. ELLIS of Harrington, and Miss OLGA P. MICHAELSEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MICHAELSEN, of Odessa, were married in the Catholic parsonage at Odessa by Father DOSCH at 9 a.m. Wednesday of this week.  The bride and groom were attended by Mr. and Mrs. W. REX GWINN of Palouse, Mrs. GWINN being a sister of the groom.   Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride, some sixteen of the relatives being present.  Mr. ELLIS graduated from the Harrington high school in 1921 and at present is employed at the Harrington Manufacturing Company's plant.   Mrs. Ellis is one of the most popular girls in Odessa and is well known here where she has conducted a music class for the past year.  The newly weds went to Spokane for a brief trip but will make their home in Harrington.  Jim must have had something of this sort in mind last week for he rented the C. E. MOORE residence at the north end of Third avenue.  The Citizen extends congratulations and wishes them every happiness and success.*


October 8, 1926

   Mrs. LELA SHERWOOD and Mr. JOE FISHER surprised their friends by going over to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho September 16th and getting married.   The REV. MR. THOMPSON, pastor of the Baptist church in that city performed the ceremony at his home.  Mrs. Fisher is the daughter of Mrs. GEORGE MORGAN, SR. and has lived here many years.  Mr. Fisher lived in Spokane but he has worked here in harvest and is acquainted with many people.


January 10, 1930

   In a letter received Tuesday morning from Mrs. A. J. HUGHES (formerly a resident of the Harrington region, northwest of town) she tells of a marriage of her daughter.  Miss MAYBELLE HUGHES and Mr. HORACE WOODS of Butte, Montana were married at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. A. J. HUGHES, 3128 Edwards Ave. Christmas Eve in the presence of friends and relatives.  After the wedding dinner the whole party went to the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. F. A. WOODBURY, where a shower was given and many beautiful and useful gifts received. 


August 11, 1933

   August 18 is the date announced yesterday for the marriage of Miss CATHERINE BROWNING to DAVID ENTRICAN.  The ceremony will take place in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. BROWNING , at 3552 Sixth Avenue, with REV. W. C. WHITAKER officiating.  Only members of the immediate families of the couple will be in attendance.  Miss Browning attended Sacramento city schools and Heald's Business college.. Her fiance, the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Entrican of Robia, received his education in the State of Washington, and is employed by the VAN VOORHIES-PHINNEY company here. After the wedding the couple will enjoy a honeymoon trip in the Sierras, returning to make their home in Sacramento at 2660, 36th Street.


October 13, 1933

   Advance information to his father, H. C. TURNER is that HAROLD TURNER and Miss LETHA DAVIS were married Saturday afternoon, October 7th, at San Francisco, California.  They are at Cervantes Boulevard.  Harold grew up in Harrington and has many friends among the younger set, and Miss Davis is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE E. DAVIS, for many years located here, but who just recently took their departure for Coulee City.   They are both fine young people and The Citizen wishes them much joy


December 22, 1933

   Miss ESTHER GOUGH, daughter of Mrs. GRACE GOUGH and the late WARREN GOUGH, and DAN C. PUTMAN JR. were married in Spokane Sunday evening, December 3, at the home of P. J. HINKLEY, DR. JOEL HARPER reading the service.  The bride was graduated from Pasco high school.  Mr. Putman, son of D. C. PUTMAN of Spokane, and a resident of Sprague of several years, is also a Pasco high school graduate and attended the University of Washington.


February 02, 1934

   Friends of the WILL GREEN family in Harrington received announcements this week of the marriage in Pullman Saturday, January 27, of Miss JEANNE EMILY MURRAY and JOHN FRANKLIN GREEN.  The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ALLAN MURRAY, after which the twenty-two guests were served a wedding dinner at the Washington hotel in Pullman.  Mrs. W. J. GREEN and Miss HELEN GREEN, mother and sister and Miss MAUDE GREEN, aunt of the bridegroom were among the guests.  John Green was born in Harrington and when a child moved with his parents to Spokane.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. GREEN and the grandson  of the late John F. and Mrs. GREEN, all well known in and about Harrington.  Both young people have been graduated from W. S. C., Pullman.   Mr. and Mrs. Green will be at home at the Close Inn Apartments, Spokane.  Mr. Green is connected with the Federal Land Bank. *


April 5, 1935

   Miss JESSIE ELLEN PRUITT of Ephrata and ALEX SCHMICK of Colfax were united in marriage at high noon, Saturday, March 30, 1935, at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Frank Watson, the Rev. Ralph Weyrick of the Evangelical church, reading the ceremony. Dessie Mae Watson, niece of the bride, sand "I Love You Truly", with Mrs. L. H. Pruitt accompanying at the piano.  Mrs. Pruitt also played the wedding march.   The bride who was charming in a pale blue dress and a corsage of sweet peas and roses, was attended by her sister, Mrs. Frank Watson who wore a Nassau blue dress and carnations.  The bridegroom was attended by his brother, William Schmick.   After the ceremony Mrs. Watson served lunch to the guests.  A  large bride's cake was iced and decorated in pastel colors, and on top was a tiny bride and groom.  Those present included: the bride's father, Mr. George Pruitt of Ephrata; Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Pruitt and daughter Sheryl of Coulee dam; Mr. and Mrs. William Schmick of Colfax........


June 28, 1935

   We have it on the best of authority that our ROBERT STONE was united in marriage on June 25th to Miss CECELIA NACKE, in Idaho.  They will not return until after the 4th of July when they will make their home in the Kramer Apartments.  Mrs. Stone is a former teacher in the Harrington schools and therefore is not entering this community as a stranger, but as one well acquainted with the many of our people, and one whom we welcome to our city.


February 12, 1937

   Mr. and Mrs. DARRELL C. TURNER arrived home Monday evening by car from their California wedding trip.  They were snowbound four days on the return trip to Redding, California.  It wasn't snowing there, but four inches of rain fell in 48 hours.  The road authorities would not permit traffic to proceed because of snowbound conditions farther on.  The newlyweds spend most of their time in Los Angeles where they met GEORGE and JOHN TURNER, brothers of DARRELL, and Mrs. ANDERSON, his aunt.  The saw ROY TALKINGTIN and Mr. and Mrs.  LLOYD ("Shorty") TALKINGTON.  The Lloyd Talkingtons will probably return to Harrington about the first of March.  Darrell was talking with a traveling man who represents the citrus fruit industries of California and his estimate of frost damage to oranges and grapefruit was from 10 to 13 per cent less than has been reported.  Mr. R. G. TURNER moved into her residence on school hill the first of the week and the newlyweds are getting settled in the Turner residence which she is vacating. *



   JOHN ("JACK") H. ALBAUGH and Miss MARY KENT were married in Spokane Sunday, June 14, at the home of the bride's parents.  Miss DOROTHY HARRIS and JAMES MCMILLIAN attended the couple.  Mr. Albaugh, a graduate of Cheney Normal and University of Washington, is a former Harrington teacher and is now teaching in the Frances Willard School, Spokane. *


Oct 14, 1938

   PAUL GEIB, with his bride, returned to Harrington Wednesday night of last week, following the quiet wedding ceremony in Spokane that day.  The bride, the former GERRY GERVAIS, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HARRY L. GERVAIS, W. 615 Sixth, Spokane.  Mr. Gieb is a son of Mr. and Mrs. ETTIENNE GEIB of Wilbur.  Mr. and Mrs. EARL AKERS of Wilbur attended the couple.  Mr. Geib is a pharmacist at the Harrington Drug Company, and the newlyweds are living in apartments in Hotel Harrington.  The Citizen extend congratulations and a hearty welcome to Harrington.


October 21, 1938

   Mrs. OTTO TIMM was hostess to a group of friends, Thursday evening of last week, at a miscellaneous shower to honor Miss HEDRA HANSEN, bride-elect of ROY WILSON. The gifts were presented to the guest of honor, following a traveling game.....Miss Hansen was seated beneath a pink crepe-paper-covered parasol which held in secret recesses, small parcels of rice.  At intervals rice decended upon her, while she was opening her packages. Refreshments carried out the pink and white color scheme.  Out of town guests included Mrs. NELS NELSON and daughter ANNA, of Creston, Mrs. HARRY HANSEN of Odessa, Mrs. ROBERT WILSON and Mrs. JAMES CARSTENS, Lamona, and a number from Mohler.


Mar 24, 1939

   Another wedding of which both the contracting parties are to be congratulated by their numerous friends was solemnized Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock at the city residence of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. BUMPASS when their daughter  MABLE V. became the wife of Mr. ARTHUR HAMPTON.  The maids of honor were Miss BERTHA BUMPASS, a sister of the bride, and Miss ENDORA SCOTT an intimate friend of the family.  The groom was waited upon by Messrs Wm. PLUMLEE and CHAS. DARNELL.   Only relatives of the family were present.   REV. W. D. BARNHART of the Evangelical church officiated.  After the ceremony a sumptuous dinner was served and the young people left on the evening train for Spokane.  They will reside this winter on Mr. Bumpass' ranch in Lord's Valley.  The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bumpass, has lived in this vicinity since childhood, and is young lady of a strong Christian character. The groom is a prosperous young farmer. *


June 14, 1940

   Miss MARGARET BRADFORD of Baker, Oregon will become the bride of RODNEY KITTEL at a two o'clock nuptial service Sunday afternoon, June 16, in the Pioneer Methodist church at Walla Walla.  This wedding will culminate a romance which began at Whitman college when the bride-to-be was a freshman and Rodney, a sophomore.  Miss MARY CROOKS of Boise, Idaho will be bridesmaid; Mrs. WILLIAM O'BRIEN will play the wedding music; and Mrs. HARRIET SHERMAN of Walla Walla will be the soloist .  These Friends are sorority sisters with the bride in Phi Mu.  Mr. Kittel will be attended by his brother, CHARLES KITTEL, and REV. Mr. NELSON will read the service.  Miss Braford is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. BRADFORD of Baker, Oregon where Mr. Bradford is service manager for the Clark Motor company.  She was graduated in 1938 from Whitman and taught two years at North Power, Or.  Her work included the school glee club.  Miss Bradford is also a pianist.  Rodney, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. KITTEL of Ritzville, was graduated from the Ritzville high school in 1933 and from Whitman college in 1937.  He taught two years in the Harrington high school where he was in charge of music and swimming instruction.  He attended the University of Southern California at Los Angels, last year and following the summer session which he expects to attend, he will  received a Bachelor degree in Music Education, and after another summer session he will receive a Master's degree.  He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha, music and social fraternity. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. KITTEL and son Dale, of Ritzville, Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES KITTEL of Battleground, Washington, and Mrs. P. J. FRIESINGER of Sumner, Washington, aunt of Rodney's will attend the weddings, as well also the parents of the bride.  Almost thirsty guests are expected. Following a trip along the Coast, in a new Ford car, the newlyweds will arrive in Los Angeles June 30, where Mr. Kittel will attend school until August 8, when they will return to Washington State.  Rodney's Harrington friends extend congratulations and since good wishes for happiness to him and his bride.


August 2, 1940

   Miss FRANCES MILES, daughter of F. M. MILES of Tacoma, became the bride of WALTER REKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. HENRY REKER, at three o'clock Sunday afternoon at the home of her brother, WALTER MILES, in Tacoma  Miss FANNIE MORRILL of Davenport and EDWARD KIEHN of Harrington attended the couple.  The bride who is a graduate of Washington State College, has been with the county extension office at Colville.  Mr. Reker, a graduate of the local high school, Eastern College of Washington at Cheney, and Washington State College at Pullman, will teach manual arts in the Yakima schools this year.  He taught in the Harrington schools several years ago and during that time was Scoutmaster of the local Boy Scout troop.  He taught in the Ritzville schools several years, resigning there a year ago to take post graduate work at W. S. C.   En route to Dillon, Montana, and Yellowstone park on their wedding trip, the newlyweds stopped for two hours at Harrington, Tuesday afternoon.  The Citizen extends hearty good wishes and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. REKER.*


Mar 07, 1941

   Mr. and Mrs. GORDON CARPENTER of Spokane were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Birge.  Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter were married February 8.  Mr. Carpenter is the son of Mrs. Nellie Carpenter of Seattle and the late Forrest Carpenter.  They were residents of Harrington, coming 25 years ago, and after the death of Mr. Carpenter, the family moved away.  Owen Carpenter, the younger of the two sons is at Yakima.  Mr. and Mrs. Gorden Carpenter are at the St. Regis hotel in Spokane.


June 06, 1941

Miss FANNIE MORRILL and EDWARD KIEHN repeated their nuptial vows at a wedding service Saturday noon May 31 in the Presbyterian church at Davenport. REVEREND LEE E. KNOLL read the service.   Miss LILLIAN MORRILL, sister of the bride and a student at Seattle Pacific college, was bridesmaid, and WALTER REKER, of Yakima, was best man.  Miss Morrill wore a blue afternoon gown and an orchid corsage.  Miss CLEO FRY sang "Because' accompanied by Miss MARY SUZUKI.   Miss Fry played the wedding march on the pipe organ. The bride, daughter of Mrs. P. C. MORRILL of Friday Harbor, was reared in the community and attended Washington State college where she was a leader in 4-H club work.  She taught in the Sedro-Woolley high school and in June, 1938, accepted the position as Lincoln county home demonstration agent with headquarters in the county agent's office at Davenport. Mr. KIEHN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. CON A. KIEHN of Harrington.  He was graduated from the Harrington high school in 1939 and was salutatorian of the class.  He attended the University of Washington.   He is employed by the Boeing airplane plant in Seattle, where the newlyweds will make their home upon their return from a week's wedding trip.  Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. CON KIEHN and L. ROY KIEHN of Harrington, Mrs. WALTER REKER of Yakima, Mrs. P. C. MORRILL.  A wedding dinner was served following services at the Pease hotel.


July 22, 1949

   Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT HALE announce the marriage of their daughter, JUNE to JOHN IVARA, at the home of Rev. and Mrs. J. J. MCPIKE in Missoula, Montana, July 7th.  They will make their home in Spokane, where she will teach and he is proprietor of a used-car lot on Third avenue.


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