Lincoln County Marriages Earliest   


First 100 Marriage Index: Lincoln County, WA

(unconfirmed information not from the court house)  

Submitted by Marge Womach


Abbott, Henry; Warburton, Ellen; 10-01-1886

Adams, Maggie S.; 10-26-1886; groom: Jensen

Adams, Minnie C; 9-10-1884; groom: Scott

Adwell, Hattie M.; 1-01-1885 and 6-14-1885; groom: Ingalls

Ahlf, Henry; Kruger, Albertina; 1-01-1886 (ck yr)

Alox, Wowe; 5-23-1885; groom: Armstrong

Armstrong, James T.; Hagen, Olga A.; 3-01-1884

Armstrong, L. W.; Alox, Wowe; 5-23-1885

Bartlett, Charlotte; 6-30-1886; groom: Slusher

Bartlett, John; Davis, Elizabeth; 2-06-1885

Bauman, Lena; 4-16-1885; groom: Riggs

Beeler, Kathrine; 12-12-1885;  groom: Foehr

Benson, Edna L.; 11-22-1885; groom: Smith

Bentley, James A.; McDougal, Grue; 10-22-1885

Benwy, Francis M.; Blake, M. E.; 12-03-1886

Blain, Lucian; McNeill, Emma J; 10-31-1885

Blair, Marcus; Herron, Mary; 2-02-1886

Blake, M. E.; 12-03-1886; groom: Benwy

Boon, Nettie; 3-03-1886; groom: Bracken

Bosworth, Lizzie; 1-04-1886 (ck yr); groom: Hagen

Bowen, William W.; Setters, Amanda N.; 9-30-1886

Boyes, Lizzie L.; 7-11-1886; groom: Keedy

Brace, Harriet E.; 12-17-1884; groom: Johnston

Bracken, John; Boon, Nettie; 3-03-1886

Brislawn, Ferdinand; McGlade, Elizabeth; 11-28-1885

Brown, Minnie E.; 1-01-1886 (ck yr); groom: Misner

Burke, Mary A.; 10-06-1886; groom: Gaffney

Burton, Carrie; 3-26-1885; groom: Duncan

Butter, Edward; Logan, Lillian M.; 3-07-1886

Cameran/Cameron, James B.; Harb, Minnie B.; 4-10-1886

Camp, John L.; Merrill, Belle L.; 6-09-1886

Campbell, Jas N.; White, Ida; 7-01-1885

Chapman, J. H.; Redman, Sarah; 12-28-1886

Chilton, Lillian E.; 11-06-1885; groom: Strehm

Chirhilod, Martha; 7-20-1886; groom: Hart

Conover, Hollis D.; McKinney, Rachel; 12-06-1885

Coulson, Charles A.; Taylor, Hattie E.; 7-01-1886

Darcy, John; Moran, Delia; 4-29-1886

Davidson, Elizabeth A.; 9-01-1886; groom: Lynch

Davis, Elizabeth; 2-06-1885; groom: Bartlett

Duncan, James; Burton, Carrie; 3-26-1885

Dungan, James M.; Rhodes, Eunice E.; 11-29-1886

Enes, Effie; 1-23-1886; groom: Starling

Ewell, F. M.; McNew, Esther; 2-20-1886

Fairweather, Addie; 6-30-1885; groom: Putman

Feeley, J. W.; Honser, Maybelle; 7-08-1886

Ferwillinger, Oliver; Green, Emma J; 6-20-1886

Fish, Charles L.; Smith, Hattie M.; 12-25-1884

Fisher, George; Whitney, Etta; 10-26-1886

Foehr, Matthew; Beeler, Kathrine; 12-12-1885

Freese, William O.; Selde, Hannah H.; 9-09-1884

Gaffney, Michael R.; Burke, Mary A.; 10-06-1886

Glassburn, Sarah; 11-28-1886; groom: Rice

Glazebrook, Ferba A.; 1-29-1884; groom: Humphrey

Green, Emma J.; 6-20-1886; groom: Ferwillinger

Greene, Albert T.; Turner, Florence A.; 11-04-1886

Greenwood, George W.; Purdy, Emma K.; 1-30-1886 (ck yr)

Greenwood, William L.; Paine, Sophia; 10-07-1884

Gunning, Mary A.; 12-17-1885; groom: Hayes

Hagen, Charles A.; Bosworth, Lizzie; 1-04-1886 (ck yr)

Hagen, Olga A.; 3-01-1884; groom: Armstrong

Halferkorn, Nettie; 2-10-1884; groom: Skelton

Hall, Annie B.; 10-17-1886; groom: Seaman

Hammerschmidt, Anna M.; 10-24-1886; groom: Walch

Harb, Minnie B.; 4-10-1886; groom: Cameran

Hart, W. J.; Chirhilod, Martha; 7-20-1886

Harvey, Amanda; 4-26-1884; groom: Kelley

Hayes, Thomas; Gunning, Mary A.; 12-17-1885

Hearly, Thomas S.; Hopkins, Layry A.; 5-20-1886

Hellinger, Mary; 5-28-1884; groom: Timm

Herron, Mary; 2-02-1886; groom: Blair

Heuston, Sallie J.; 4-22-1886; groom: Long

Hiscott, Sophia; 11-22-1885; groom: Misner

Honser, Maybelle; 7-08-1886; groom: Feeley

Hopkins, Layry A.; 5-20-1886; groom: Hearly

Humphrey, Lucian H.; Glazebrook, Ferba A.; 1-29-1884

Ingalls, Luceus L.; Adwell, Hattie M.; 1-01-1885 and 6-14-1885

Jacker, William; Volta, Annie; 6-15-1885

Jackson, Daniel J.; Smith, Malinda J.; 11-15-1885

Jensen, O. C.; Adams, Maggie S.; 10-26-1886

Johnson, Lorinda; 5-28-1885; groom: Watson

Johnston, Knox;  Brace, Harriet E.; 12-17-1884

Jump, Rose E.; 1-21-1885; groom: Snider

Kaeser, Caroline; 9-21-1886; groom: Tanner

Kartak, Tillie M.; 12-20-1885; groom: Oleson

Keables, John H.; Stewart, Sarah E.; 10-03-1884

Keedy, Harry C.; Boyes, Lizzie L.; 7-11-1886

Kelley, Flora B.; 8-04-1884; groom: Ryan

Kelley, William B.; Harvey, Amanda; 4-26-1884

Kik, David; Rux, Louise; 4-13-1885

Krueger/Kreuger, Herman; Voigt, Dora; 2-12-1885

Kruger, Albertina; 1-01-1886 (ck yr); groom: Ahlf

Laub, Eva; 5-25-1884; groom: Weyen

Linder, William H.; Logsdon, Sarah C; 6-23-1885

Logan, Lillian M.; 3-07-1886; groom: Butter

Logsdon, Fielden; Rideout/Ridout, Clara E; 11-22-1886

Logsdon, Nancy; 1-04-1886; groom: Traul

Logsdon, Sarah C.; 6-23-1885; groom: Linder

Long, Francis M.; Heuston, Sallie J.; 4-22-1886

Lynch, Frank; Davidson, Elizabeth A.; 9-01-1886

Maloney, Ellen B.; 11-25-1885; groom: Muehelman

Malton, Etta; 11-30-1886; groom: Reed

Matheson, Donald W.; Schauerhern, Mary C.; 3-06-1886

McClintock, John L.; Pellissier, Agnes; 10-05-1885

McDougal, Grue; 10-22-1885; Bentley

McGlade, Elizabeth; 11-28-1885; groom: McGlade

McKenney, James M.; McNall, Susan A.; 1-06-1886 (ck yr)

McKinney, Rachel; 12-06-1885; groom: Conover

McLaughlin, Edward; Stripe, Lillie F; 2-16-1885

McMillen, Eva D.; 12-09-1884; groom: Simmons

McNall, Susan A.; 1-06-1886 (ck yr); groom: McKenney

McNeill, Emma J.; 10-31-1885; groom: Blain

McNew, Esther; 2-20-1886; groom: Ewell

Merrill, Belle L.; 6-09-1886; groom: Camp

Mielke, Augusta; 6-17-1885; groom: Miller

Mielke, Bertha; 1-03-1886; groom: Miller

Miller, Jacob; Mielke, Augusta; 6-17-1885

Miller, John A.; Nettenheller, Jennie; 6-25-1885

Miller, Phillip; Mielke, Bertha; 1-03-1886

Misner, James H.; Brown, Minnie E.; 1-01-1886 (ck yr)

Misner, William E.; Hiscott, Sophia; 11-22-1885

Mobley, Lucy; 1-03-1886 (ck yr); groom: Wolf

Moran, Delia; 4-29-1886; groom: Darcy

Muehlman, Charles H.; Maloney, Ellen B.; 11-25-1885

Murphy, Catharine; 8-07-1885; groom: Smith

Oleson, Ole; Kartak, Tillie M.; 12-20-1885

Osborn, Date R.; 6-10-1885; groom: Vetter

Osterkamp, Gertrude; 6-15-1884; groom: Seeman

Oxley, Joseph W.; Vandershe, Mary; 10-04-1885

Paine, Sophia; 10-07-1884; groom: Greenwood

Parker, Gilla; 11-03-1886; groom: Vent

Parks, Leletia N.; 2-22-1886; groom: St Johnston

Pellissier, Agnes; 10-05-1885; groom: McClintock

Plummer, Martha B.; 12-25-1886; groom: Thornbrue

Pryor, Charles H.; Turner, Margaret A; 11-04-1886

Purdy, Emma K.; 1-30-1886 (ck yr); groom: Greenwood

Putman, Dr. W. P.; Fairweather, Addie; 6-30-1885

Quirn, John H; Thresher, Kate; 11-04-1884

Ramm, Edward; Selde, Anna; 12-30-1884

Redman, Sarah; 12-28-1886; groom: Chapman

Reed, Coralla; 6-07-1885; groom: Richardson

Reed, Malcom; Malton, Etta; 11-30-1886

Rhodes, Eunice E.; 11-29-1886; groom: Dungan

Rice, Jeremiah F.; Glassburn, Sarah; 11-28-1886

Richardson, Wallace B.; Reed, Coralla; 6-07-1885

Ridout, Clara E.; 11-22-1886; groom: Logsdon

Riggs, Alonao; Bauman, Lena; 4-16-1885

Rogers, Harvey O.; Winchell, Belle; 10-12-1885

Rux, Louise; 4-13-1885; groom: Kik

Ryan, J. W.; Kelley, Flora B.; 8-04-1884

Schauerhern, Mary C.; 3-06-1886; groom: Matheson

Scott, Stephen E.; Adams, Minnie C.; 9-10-1884

Seaman, Charles G.; Hall, Annie B.; 10-17-1886

Seeman, Henry C; Osterkamp, Gertrude; 6-15-1884

Selde, Anna; 12-30-1884; groom: Ramm

Selde, Hannah H.; 9-09-1884; groom: Freese

Setters, Amanda N.; 9-30-1886; groom: Bowen

Simmons, David M.; McMillen, Eva D.; 12-09-1884

Skelton, Clarence E;  Halferkorn, Nettie; 2-10-1884

Slusher, George; Bartlett, Charlotte; 6-30-1886

Smelcher, Bord A.; 1-17-1886; groom: Williams

Smith, Guy; Benson, Edna L; 11-22-1885

Smith, Hattie M.; 12-25-1884; groom: Fish

Smith, Malinda J.; 11-15-1885; groom: Jackson

Smith, Thompson; Murphy, Catharine; 8-07-1885

Snider, George L.; Jump, Rose E.; 1-21-1885

St Johnsten, James; Parks, Leletia N.; 2-22-1886

Starling, Jacob E.; Enes, Effie; 1-23-1886

Stephey, David E.; White, Eva L.; 12-22-1884

Stewart, Sarah E.; 10-03-1884; groom: Keables

Strehm/Strawn, John N.; Chilton, Lillian E.; 11-06-1885

Stripe, Lillie F.; 2-16-1885; groom: McLaughlin

Tanner, Michael; Kaeser, Caroline; 9-21-1886

Taylor, Hattie E.; 7-01-1886; groom: Coulson

Thornbrue, Elijah H.; Plummer, Martha B.; 12-25-1886

Thresher, Kate; 11-04-1884; groom: Quirn

Timm, Frederick; Hellinger, Mary; 5-28-1884

Traul, Richard; Logsdon, Nancy; 1-04-1886

Turner, Florence A.; 11-04-1886; groom: Greene

Turner, Margaret A.; 11-04-1886; groom: Pryor

Vandershe, Mary; 10-04-1885; groom: Oxley

Vent, John R.; Parker, Gilla; 11-03-1886

Vetter, Maurice L.; Osborn, Date R; 6-10-1885

Voigt, Dora; 2-12-1885; groom: Krueger/Kreuger

Volta, Annie; 6-15-1885; groom: Jacker

Walch, Fred; Hammerschmidt, Anna M.; 10-24-1886

Warburton, Ellen; 10-01-1886; groom: Abbott

Watson, John H.; Johnson, Lorinda; 5-28-1885

Weyen, John W.;  Laub, Eva; 5-25-1884

White, Eva L.; 12-22-1884; groom: Stephey

White, Ida; 7-01-1885; groom: Campbell

Whitney, Etta; 10-26-1886; groom: Fisher

Whitney, John D.; Woodin, Angie S.; 2-20-1884

Williams, H. L.; Smelcher, Bord A.; 1-17-1886

Winchell, Belle; 10-12-1885; groom: Rogers

Wolf, Abel; Mobley, Lucy; 1-03-1886 (ck yr)

Woodin, Angie S.; 2-20-1884; groom: Whitney


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