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The Sprague Herald, Sep 30, 1891

   A pretty wedding took place in the parlors of the Pacific hotel yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  The contracting parties were DAVID E. JONES and Miss NELLIE E. CORDILLl, of Sprague.  A small party of friends were present to witness the ceremony which was performed by the Rev. Mr. BEARD, of the First Congregational church, in his usual gallant style.  An elaborate wedding feast was prepared by the proprietor of the Pacific, and served in a style befitting the occasion.  Mrs. and Mrs. Jones will spend a few days in Spokane before returning to their future home in Sprague.


The Sprague Times, Oct 31, 1902

   Miss NELLIE O'DONNELL and HENRY  L. STINSON of Cheney were married Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of the bride's mother F. PYPER of Davenport performed the ceremony, which was witnessed by only a few intimate friends and relatives.  The newly married couple left at once for a tour through eastern states.  The bride is a sister of Mrs. JOHN EVANS of this city, who attended the wedding. 


   ARTHUR E. PHINNEY and Miss MILLIE L. BARNETT, both of Alki, Tuesday in Spokane, Rev. Clarence _Ro___, pastor of the Plymouth Congregational church performing the ceremony.  Mr. and Mrs. Phinney will reside at Alki, where the former is engaged in farming.


   SAMUEL WOMINGTON and OLIVE MAY LANCE were married in Spokane Wednesday.  Both are popular young people of this city where they will make their home.  Congratulations are extended.


The Sprague Advocate, Mar 31, 1911

   Postmaster BUCKLEY on Tuesday received the following announcement.   Mr. and Mrs. M. MARSH announce the marriage of their daughter ELIZABETH to Mr. JOHN MCPHERSON, Saturday, March the twenty-fifth 1911, Wilbur, Wash.   At home after May 15. The bride is well known to many Sprague folks her parents now residing near here.  She has been engaged in the school teaching profession.  Many friends of the contracting parties wish them joy in little bundles and happiness in a great measure. 



   How a sale bill and a report of a marriage became mixed in the write-up?  "WILL SMITH the only son of Mr. and Mrs. JOSIAH SMITH, was disposed of at auction to LUCY ANDERSON on my farm one mile east of here in the presence of seventy guests, including the following to-wit: Two mules, 12 head of cattle, Rev. JACKSON tied the nuptial knot averaging 1250 pounds on the hoof.  The beautiful home of the bride was tastefully decorated with a se-wash clam spade, one sulky rake, one feed grinder, one set double harness nearly new, and just before the ceremony was pronounced, Mendelsohn's inspiring wedding march was softly given by one milch cow 6 years old, one Jersey cow to be fresh next April carrying a bunch of flowers in her hand and looking charming in a gown made of a light spring wagon, 6 boxes of apples, 6 racks of hay, 1 grindstone mousine de sole trimmed with about 100 bushels of spuds.  The groom is well known and a popular young man and has always stood well among society circles of 12 Berkshire hogs, while the bride is an accomplished and talented teacher of a splendid drove of Poland. Chinas pedigreed if desired.  Among the beautiful presents were two sets of silver knives and forks, 1 spring harrow, 1 wheel barrow, go cart, and other articles......


The Sprague Advocate, Apr 28, 1911

   On April 17, at Pendleton, Ore. occurred the wedding of Miss JENNIE LEIGH eldest daughter of CHAS. LEIGH to J. G. JANNSEN of Hermiston, Ore.  Both of these young folks are well known to most of our readers.  Miss Leigh has been engaged in the Millinery business here with various stores and Mr. Jannsen was for a time the proprietor of the Hub store.  He has a mercantile position in Hermiston where he and his bride will live.  Both of these young folks are ambitious and energetic and their united efforts will no doubt bring them much success.  We wish them all the happiness possible and trust they may find life on long sweet dream. *


The Sprague Advocate, Jul 07, 1911

  At the Hotel Pedicord in Spokane on Jul 3, 1911, Mrs. CHRISTINA NEFF  united in marriage to R. B. GOURLAY of Colville, Wash.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. JOHN OSLUND.  Miss MARGARET CORCORAN was bridesmaid and JAMES JONES was best man.  Mrs. Gourlay is well known in an around Sprague, having lived here for the last 10 years.  The couple will be at home on their ranch near Colville after Jul 10. 


The Sprague Advocate, Dec 22, 1911

   Miss MONTIE G. WRIGHT, youngest daughter of JAS. WRIGHT of Rock Lake, and a Cheney normal student and C. E. MILLER youngest son of Mrs. C. H. MILLER of the Graves district, on Dec. 17 took leave without the consent of anyone and returned on Dec. 20 announcing to all interested that their two hearts beat as one and after considering the rare good taste displayed by each in their selection of soul mates all parental objection was forgotten and the elopers were welcomed with hearty "God Bless yous".  The wedding occurred in Spokane Dec. 18 and the couple have settled down to wedded bless on the groom's homestead in the Rock Lake country.  On Sunday evening "the bunch" arrived and filled the homestead building to the woodshed and then some.  There was no limit to the fun if room was at a premium and joy reigned supreme.  We extend congratulations and if Providence consults our wishes in the matter the homestead schack (sic) will soon grown into a palace the music of which will be, the voices of happy childhood.


The Sprague Advocate, Jan 28, 1916

   Miss MARIE WALLACE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DAN WALLACE and CHARLES J. MILLER son of Mr. and Mrs. JACOB MILLER, were united in marriage at St. Joseph's Academy on Wednesday morning at 8 0'clock by Father L. W. FERLAND of the Catholic church.  The bride was beautifully gowned in a steel grey creation with hat to match and was accompanied by Miss GRACE MILLER sister of the groom who was gowned in blue.  JOHN WALLACE, brother of the bride acted as best man.   Following the ceremony the newly married folks accompanied by the guest repaired to the Sprague Hotel where an elaborate wedding Breakfast was served.   The couple went to Spokane and other points for a ten day wedding trip after which they will settle down to the farmers life on the home place of Jacob Miller which the groom has rented along  with a portion of the Dan Wallace ranch, making him about 800 acres in all.  Among the valuable presents received by the couple was a deed to a lot in Spokane valued at $2,000.  Both parties to the contract are well  known to nearly all of our readers who join with us in wishing that their path thru life may be strewn with roses and all their efforts crowned with great success.


The Sprague Advocate, Dec 15, 1916

   A pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mrs. ALICE SOOY of the Rodna district on December 6, when her youngest daughter, IVY MABEL, was united in marriage to LEONARD C. CORDILL, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. CORDILL. The bridal couple entered to the strains of the wedding march played by Miss JOSIE ERLANDSEN.  The bride was accompanied by Miss AANNA HOWE and CHESTER SOOY was groomsman. The bride wore white crepedechine and carried bride's roses.  Her veil was caught back with lilies of the valley.  Her maid wore blue crepedechine and carried pink carnations.  The room was beautifully decorated with carnations, potted plants an an exceptionally profuse blooming Christmas cactus.  Rev. EARL MCKAY of the Church of Christ of Centralia, Washington, united the couple, using the impressive ring ceremony.  Following the happy event a three course wedding dinner was served the the bride's mother assisted by Mrs. EVERSON.  Many useful and valuable gifts were given the young couple to start them on their life's pilgrimage.  The newly-weds departed at once for a week's honeymoon tri to Portland, followed by the good wishes of a host of friends.  Their future plans have not all been made as yet and we can not say where they will reside. 


The Sprague Herald,  Jan 26, 1921

   Word has been received of the marriage last Saturday at Manilla, P. I. of Lieutenant MARK G. BRISLAWN to Miss ANNA WALLER of Pullman.  Lieutenant Brislawn is the youngest son of MATT BRISLAWN of Sprague and was born and raised in Sprague graduating from the high school here in 1911.  He later attended the W. S. C. receiving his degree in economic science and history in 1916.  He was affiliated with the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.  In 1917 he enlisted in the army and was assigned to the 13th division at Camp Lewis where he attained the rank of first lieutenant.  His duties first took him to Siberia and then to the Philippines where he is now stationed.  Mrs. Brislawn is the daughter of O. L. Waller, vice president of the Washington State College and is also a graduate of the State college and is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and was a leader in student activities during her college career.  Following graduation she has been teaching home economics at Sunnyside and Yakima.  She left for the Philippines last December on her romantic mission.

Lieutenant Brislawn expects to remain in the Islands for at least another year. 


The Sprague Herald,  Jun 30, 1921

  The news of the marriage of Miss LOIS MITCHELL of Sprague to DEAN SMITH of Portland came as a surprise to her many friends.  Miss Mitchell left June 15th for Portland ostensibly to resume her stenographic work there after spending a couple of months with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. MITCHELL.  A few days later news came that she was married, the ceremony taking place at Vancouver, Wn. Jun 18th.  The young people will make their home in Portland where Mr. Smith is employed.  S.C. KINCH, a former Sprague resident, now of Glendale, Cal. was married to Miss Benson of Minneapolis Minn. on June 12.  Mr. Kinch is well known to Sprague people having lived here a number of years before going to California.  The best wishes of the community are extended to him and his bride. A charivari party from Sprague and surrounding country waited on C. H,. ARNOLD and wife Saturday night but they must have got wind of it and when the crown arrived there was nobody home.  The visitors had WM. PLIMKETT and GEORGE SCHROCKDER, the troubadour orchestra with them and as the house was unlocked they took possession and danced until one o'clock in the morning.


The Sprague Herald,  Sep 15, 1921

   The marriage of Miss VINETTA FOX and ARCHIE DANISON, both of Sprague took place at Spokane last Saturday morning.  The ceremony was performed at the residence of Rev. GEORGE W. KNEPPER, pastor of the Central Christian church and was witnessed by a small group of intimate friends.   The bride is a daughter of Mrs. JAS. MORRISON of Sprague and has lived in Sprague for several years.  The groom  came here from Regina, Canada, about five years ago and has since made this his home.  He is an ex-service man.  The young people returned to Sprague the first of the week and are receiving the congratulations of their many friends. 


The Sprague Herald,  Oct 13, 1921

   The marriage of Miss MARGARET KELLER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH KELLER of Sprague to PAUL HEITSTUMAN of Uniontown took place at the Catholic church Tuesday morning at seven o'clock, Rev. FERLAND officiating.  The young people were attended by Miss MARGUERITE THOMPSON of Sprague and JOSE FUCHS of Uniontown. A wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents immediately following the ceremony which was attended by the relatives and a few intimate friends. Mr. and Mrs. Heitstuman left that morning for Portland where they will visit a short time before going to Uniontown where they plan to make their home.


The Sprague Herald,  Oct 13, 1921

   The marriage of Miss MARTHA COOK of Ritzville to WM. E. DOERSCHLAG, son of Mr. and Mrs. JACOB DOERSCHLAG of Sprague took place at Ritzville last Sunday at 1 o'clock at the church.  Rev. JUST officiating.  It was a quiet wedding, the young people leaving immediately for Spokane where they spent a few days.  They came to Sprague this morning and are the guests of the Jacog Doerschlag family today.  Mr. and Mrs. Doerschlag will make their home in Ritzville where Mr. Doerschlag is employed in a garage. 


The Sprague Herald, Nov 10, 1921

 An announcement party was given Wednesday evening at the JACOB DOERSCHLAG home by Miss LULU DOERSCHLAG for Miss NELLIE CORCORAN whose marriage to HAROLD RINGWOOD will shortly take place.  A Bundie doll in bride's attire occupied the center of the lunch table.  Favors in pink and white and place cards featuring cupids with his famous arrow on which the initials of Miss Corcoran and Mr. Ringwod were found at each plate.  During the evening each guest made a glass towel which was presented to Miss Corcoran.. Those who attended were:  The Mesdames L. I. BRISLAWN and JOHN MCLAUGHLIN and the Misses JOSEPHINE CORCORAN, HELEN DOERSCHLAG, MARY SHOOK, HAZEL O'CONNOR  and the honor guest, Miss Nellie Corcoran. 


The Sprague Herald, Nov 10, 1921

  The marriage of TRACY GIFFING, son of Mr. and Mrs. WM. FILLING of Sprague to Miss DOROTHY STOCKMAN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. OTTO STOCKMAN of Kootenai, Idaho occurred last Saturday, November 5.  The wedding party motored to Sand Point where the ceremony was performed at the home of a minister, an acquaintance of the young people. After the ceremony the party returned to the bride's home where dinner was served.  The newly weds left shortly after for Spokane where they spent a few days before returning to Sprague where they have a home ready to begin housekeeping.  Mr. Giffing will continue his work at the Table Supply Co..  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Giffing, their daughter, Miss Bessie and son, Billie attended the wedding. 


Davenport Times-Tribune,  Nov 14, 1939

   Securing a marriage license without the three day wait as prescribed by law, by securing a special order from Judge W. M. NEVINS, Deputy Sheriff HAROLD M. KINER  and Miss RUTH DOWNIE, deputy county auditor, were married last evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. DOWNIE, by the Rev. PAUL KOPER, Presbyterian pastor.  Only immediate relatives attended the ceremony.  After a wedding trip, the young couple will reside in apartments at the Adamson Apartments, now under construction.  The bride will continue her work at the auditor's office.  Mrs. Kiner is a native of Harrington and was graduated from high school there, later attending Washington State college.  She is a past matron of the Davenport, Eastern Star chapter and has been active in club and social circles here.  Mr. Kiner is a son of ED KINER, Wilbur pioneer, and was graduated from high school there, and was a star basketball player while attending school.  He has been a deputy sheriff here for about four years.

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