Weddings of Lincoln County Pioneers

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The Lincoln County Times, October 7, 1898

   WM. KIRKHART, of Waterville, and MRS. MARY MANGEL of Spokane, were married in the parlors of the Hotel Columbia Saturday evening, JUSTICE G. K. BIRGE officiating.  Mr. Kirkhart is an old friend of the editor of this paper.  After living in single blessedness for over forty years Kirk has decided to make the balance of the race in.....


The Sprague Times, Oct 10, 1902

   GEORGE W. DECHENNE of Edwall and Miss MINNIE NOLAND of Sprague were married Sunday morning at 10;30 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. HENRY M. SCHNEIDER, 22 Riverside avenue, Spokane.  The ceremony was performed by DR. R. A. LAMBERT, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Dechenne is a hustling young farmer of Edwall.  The bride is an attractive young lady who has made her home in this city for several years.  Both are well known here and are extended the congratulations of many friends. Mr. and Mrs. Dechenne will live at Edwall.


The Sprague Times, Oct 17,1902

   CHARLES E.M. SANDERSON and Miss EDITH LOUISE TRASK were married in All Saints Cathedral, Spokane, at 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 15th; BISHOP WELLS officiating. The bride was born in Somerset, England, and with her family later moved to Hampshire where for several years their farm adjoined that of W. J. GRAY's father.  Upon the return of Mr. Gray and family from England in June, 1901, she accompanied them and has since made her home in this city.  She is an accomplished and highly educated young lady and since she resided here has been an active participant in many society events.  Gowned in a beautiful wedding costume from MRS. FARRELL's ,she made a fascinating bride. Mr. Sanderson is one of the pioneers of this city, having come here in the early 80s.  For several years he was in partnership with Mr. COOPER and together they worked up the first set of abstract books for Lincoln county.  Mr. Sanderson disposed of his interest in the abstract business after the fire and was in the east until 1899, when he again came to Sprague to accept the position of bookkeeper in WALTER J. GRAY's store.  Besides holding this position he has been city treasurer for the past two years.  He is a thorough and capable man and enjoys the respect and confidence of the entire community.   Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson will return from their trip the first of next week and will go to housekeeping in their home on Fourth street.  The glad hand of congratulation from the people of Sprague and vicinity is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson.  


The Independent Times, Sprague,  May 17, 1907

   The Spokesman Review of Friday last has the following:

   After waiting a year for the bride to become of age, during which time the course of true love ran anything but smoothly, IRA J. BARNHART of Sprague, Wash., and Miss MYRTLE MEAD of Effie, Wash.; appeared yesterday before "Cupid" HEYWOOD in the county auditor's office with an application for a marriage license, and a high noon today they will be married in the Cheney hotel at Cheney, Wash.

   A year ago the young couple wanted to wed, but there were objections on the part of the bride's parents as the young woman was considered altogether too young to marry, and the couple was forced to postpone the wedding. The groom is a young farmer living at Sprague, and is 23 years of age.  He is the son of A. C. BARNHART, an old soldier who has lived in the town for a dozen years.  Miss Mead is the oldest daughter of H. S. MEAD, a well-to-do farmer of Effie, Wash., where he has resided for 20 years.  "We don't want to say much about it" said the young groom yesterday afternoon, "for Myrtle's parents objected to her being married now, but after we are made man and wife we shall go back there and ask their forgiveness, and I guess that they will be willing to give it to us when they see how happily our little romance has ended." 


The Independent Times, Sprague,  May 17, 1907

   AUGUST WITT, a wealthy farmer living north of Sprague and Miss ETTA BROOKS of Kalamazoo, Mich.; were married at the Methodist parsonage on Thursday evening of last week.  Only a few of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties were present.  The newly wedded couple left on the evening train for Spokane on a honeymoon trip.  The bride is a recent arrival from the East and the groom is a well known farmer of this locality.  Both have the hearty good wishes of a host of friends for a happy voyage through life.


The Sprague Advocate, December 5, 1913

   On Thursday morning Nov. 27, at St. Mary's Catholic Church occurred the wedding of Miss ANASTASIA E. BRISLAWN and Mr. GUY THOMAS of Brewster, Wash.  The wedding party were attended by Miss ANASTASIA C. BRISLAWN a cousin of the bride and WALTER GRANGER of Brewster a nephew of the groom. Promptly at nine 9 o'clock while Miss MARY MCLAUGHLIN played Lohengrins Wedding March the young people were ushered to the alter by Mssrs. FERDINAND and CLAUDE BRISLAWN brother and cousin of the bride, and the solemn ceremony that joined them for life was performed by the REV. Father FERLAND, after the ceremony a nuptial High Mass was sung. Dinner was served at the home of the bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. MATT BRISLAWN, and the young couple departed on the afternoon train.  After several weeks spent with the groom's relatives at North Yakima and Seattle they will make their home in Brewster, where Mr. Thomas is employed by the Okanogan Power and Irrigation Co.  Mrs. Thomas is one of Sprague's fairest and worthiest daughters having been born and reared here.  She is a graduate of St. Josephs Academy of this place and has been a teacher in the public schools of Eastern Washington for the past four years. Mr. Thomas is a son of CAPT and Mrs. J. H. THOMAS of North Yakima and the highest compliment we can pay him is to say that he is a  man of sound judgment and rare ability to have wooed and won so fair a maiden for his wife. 


The Sprague Advocate, Friday Dec 04, 1914

   JOE W. BRISLAWN of the state tax commission of Olympia and Miss HELEN BOYLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. BOYLE of 1215 Dean, Spokane, were married on Wednesday, November 25, at 9 a. m., at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Spokane, REV FR. J. DEKANTER officiating.

   The bride was beautifully attired in a white suit in Redingote style, black picture hat, carried bride's roses and was accompanied by her sister Miss MARY.  The groom was attired in a dress suit of gray and was assisted by his brother LOU. The wedding party proceeded to the altar to the strains of Loenghrin, a Processional played by Miss FRANCES MOTIE, where the bride was given away by her father.  The ceremony was followed by nuptial high mass during which Mrs. J. G CUNNINGHAM sand "O Promise Me" and Gonoud's Ave Marie.  After the services the party proceeded to the bride's home where a wedding breakfast was served.  The newly married couple spent several days at Hayden Lake, visited the parents of the groom here a short time on Saturday last, after which they went to Olympia where they will settle down to housekeeping.  From Sprague the following were present at the ceremony: Mr. and Mrs. MAT BRISLAWN, daughter MARGARET, MOLLY, ANASTASIA and NELLIE, sons MARK, JOHN< FRANK and wife and M. T. and wife also Miss MARY BRISLAWN, M. H. CAVANAUGH of Phoenix, Arizona, and J. E. CAVANAUGH of Earlville, Iowa. From Spokane, Misses MAMIE KYLE, MARY SHOLDERER, and REV. FR. O'CONNOR.  A peculiar coincidence in connection with the wedding ceremony was that it occurred on the 41st wedding anniversary of the groom's parents, the 25th wedding anniversary of the bride's parents and the 17th wedding anniversary of the groom's brother FRANK.  JOE BRISLAWN is a popular Lincoln county man having served his county four years as an auditor and in the state legislature at the 1918 session and was appoint4ed to the state tax commission over a year ago by GOVERNOR LISTER.  He is a native son, being the first person born in Lincoln county to hold county office.  Mrs. Brislawn is a vocal teacher and quite well known to a large number of Sprague folks.  Joe and his bride begin their married life with the best wishes of a very large circle of friends. 


The Sprague Advocate, Friday Dec 04, 1914

   Miss HAZEL STRUTHERS daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. STRUTHERS of Eureka and PETER TULLY youngest son of Mrs. ANNA TULLY of Sprague were married at Walla Walla on Saturday, November 28, in the convent chapel.  The ceremony was performed by REV. FR. H. J. VAN DE VAN of Walla Walla former pastor of the Sprague church. The bride looked beautiful in a gown of white crepe meteor and wore a wreath of orange blossoms and a bridal veil and was attended by Miss CATHERINE MCHUGH of Sprague who was gowned in pink under chiffon.  The groom  wore the nuptial color and was assisted by his brother EDWARD. After the ceremony the wedding party departed for Eureka, where the bride lived with her parents who are extensive and successful farmers on Eureka Flat.  There a bounteous wedding dinner was served.  FR. VAN DE VAN accompanied the party to Eureka and by his genial good nature added much to the pleasure of the occasion.

   EDWARD TULLY, Mrs. McHUGH and daughter CATHERINE, EDWARD and Miss IRENE RINGWOOD, and E. J. MCEVOY of Sprague attended the wedding.  The groom is a prosperous young rancher known and respected by a large circle of friends.  The bride is a graduate of St. Joseph's Academy class of 1913 and has many friends here who wish for her and her husband  the greatest possible amount of prosperity and happiness in their married. A portion of their honeymoon will be spent at Portland and Seaside, Oregon.  They will settle down at Sprague where the groom has rented the McELWAIN place 8 miles west of town.


The Sprague Advocate, Friday Dec 04, 1914

   The third  of the trinity of wedding sthis week was Miss RUTH ARNOLD and DAVID S. WARD both well known to many of our readers.  The happy event occurred last Saturday in Spokane at the home of REV. JONATHAN EDWARDS, former pastor of the Congregation Church of Sprague. The couple returned to Sprague on Sunday to receive the felicitations of their many friends.  Mrs. Ward is the youngest daughter of J. ARNOLD and the groom is the eldest son of D. WARD, head miller at the Sprague Roller Mills.  The couple will live at the N. A. HAMLEY residence until the return of the Hamleys, after which they will reside in the Arnold home on Fourth Street. 

1915 WEDDING     

The Sprague Advocate, December 17, 1915

   The announcement of the wedding of Miss JANE HAMILTON to Mr. THURLOW McCAIN on Thursday the 25th of November at Sioux City, Iowa, has been received.  Miss Hamilton a graduate of the Cheney Normal School and the Northwestern Business College in Seattle, where she took a course to prepare her to teach in Honolulu..  She recently returned from the Islands and visited with friends here, who are happy to hear of her wedding.  Mr. McCain is a descendant of one of the pioneer families of the Dakotas and is a prosperous and progressive stockman of that region.  We extend to them our congratulations and best wishes.


The Sprague Advocate, January, 14, 1916

   The following Seattle Times account of the wedding of a former popular Sprague girl has just been received and will no doubt be of great interest to many of our readers.  Miss McCoy was a graduate of the Sprague High School and lived here many years.  She is a daughter of Mrs. IRA KING of Bremerton and has many friends who extend congratulations.  "Miss GRACE MCCOY and Mr. ALBERT RAYMOND REDBURN wee married at the home of the bride December 19, with only immediate relatives and intimate friends present.  The bride wore a gown of cream charmeuse overdraped with net and trimmed with pearls.  She carried a shower bouquet of bride roses.  The only ornament worn was a diamond brooch, the gift of the groom.  The double ring ceremony was used with MARJORIE MCCOY, sister of the bride, for ring bearer.  The little girl wore a pink dress and carried a pink bouquet.  The ceremony was performed by REV. DOEKER, under an arch of greens.  The bride is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, and a member of the Ladies; Musical Club and of the Musical Art Society of Seattle. The Groom is from New York City.  The young couple left for a trip and will be home in New York City after February 1.


The Sprague Advocate, September 01, 1916

  At the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. CHILD at 6:30 Wednesday evening occurred the marriage of their daughter LAURA THEO to Mr. ALGERSON O. COLBURN.  REV. J. F. COOK pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church officiated. Preceding the arrival of the wedding party Mr. FRED CHILD, cousin of the bride, sang "Because " and "I Love Thee". To the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march, played by Miss ALICE WELLMAN, the bride entered on the arm of her father, preceding the bride came the little flower girl, BARBARA BROWNE., niece of the bride; following her came the maid of honor, Miss Verna Child, sister of the bride.  The groom was attended by CLARENCE S. BROWN.   The bride was beautifully attired in white net over silver cloth and carried a shower boquet of bride's roses and sweet peas.  The maid of honor wore apricot tulle over taffeta and carried Ophelia roses. The bride is a graduate of the University of Washington.   The bride groom, a lawyer of Spokane, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and a member of the Spokane Amateur Athletic club. Only the members of the families of the parties and the employees of the Child & Brown Co., were present.  The bride and groom will be at home after October 1, at 420 South Chestnut St., Spokane.


Friday, January 12, 1917

   On Thursday, Jan. 4th. at Spokane in the Lady of the Lourdes Church, REV. FR. VER HAGEN united in marriage Miss JOSIE KRYSKO of Spokane and MILES MCCAFFERY of Sprague.  The couple came to Sprague on Friday and for the present will locate in Sprague until the groom can find a farm when they will engage in that business.  On Monday evening a dance and reception was given for the newlyweds at the GEO. LEIGH home at which about 140 neighbors and friends assembled to meet the bride. Many Sprague people attended and report a most enjoyable time.  We extend congratulations and wish the young folks all kinds of happiness and success.


Miss THERESA KELLER of Sprague and ARNOLD OULIN of Quincy were married at the Catholic Church here at 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning by REV. FR. FERLAND.  A wedding dinner was served to a party of relatives and friends following the ceremony. Mrs. Oulin is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. KELLER and the groom is mail carrier on a rural route out of Quincy.  The couple left on Wednesday morning for their home at Quincy taking with them the good wishes and congratulations of many friends. 


   A marriage license was issued on Saturday last at Spokane to BEN POOL of Lamont, Wash., and EMMA PICKLE of Oregon City, Oregon.  Mr. and Mrs. POOL arrived home on Wednesday morning's passenger from Spokane and went direct to Mr. Pool's farm southeast of this city, where they will make their home in the future.  They have the best wishes of a host of friends for a happy and prosperous journey thru life...Lamont Union.


The Sprague Advocate, February 23, 1917

   A wedding of interest to Capital city residents will be solemnized Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock in the home of MRS. J. L. BRAINERD in Williston, when her daughter, Miss MYRA HELEN STREET, will become the bride of JOHN P. CLINTON of this city.   REV. FATHER O'NEILLE, of Williston, will read the service.   Miss Street will be attended by Miss EDNA COLMAN of Fargo and D. A. LYONS of Minot will be Mr. Clinton's best man.  Only the immediate family of the bride will be guests.  After a short wedding trip to the twin cities, Mr. Clinton and his bride will reside in the Person Court, where they will be at home to their friends after March 1.  The groom is manager of the Stacy Fruit company and a member of the board of the Commercial club.  He is one of the most promising young business men of the city and has made many friends since coming here over two years ago.  The bride has a number of friends in Fargo and this city where she has visited on several occasions--Bismark, North Dakota Paper.  Mr. Clinton is the son of Mrs. MARY CLINTON formerly of Sprague and is known to many of our readers. 


The Lincoln County Times, Davenport, Washington,  November 16, 1917

...FLOYD ANGSTROM, 22, of Wilbur, and DELILAH A. ROBY, 19, of Creston, Wednesday.

...WARREN W. HAMMING, 22, of Peach and NELLIE M. CARPENTER, 18, of Creston, Wednesday.

...EDWIN TORGERSON, 21, Fox, Minnesota, and MARY M. MURPHY, 16, of Fruitland, Wednesday.

...F. A. BUCKLEY, 45, of St. Andrews, Wash., and MRS. OLLIE MOONAN, Monday.



...MEL JARVIS of the Banner Meat Co. left Friday for Salem, Oregon, where his marriage to Miss ALMA LIPPOLD was to take place Monday.  Miss Lippold graduated from the Davenport High school last spring and accompanied her parents this summer to Salem, where she has been attending the Willamette university.


The Lincoln County Times, November 23, 1917

   Miss LULA HILL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. HILL of this city and R. A. HARTWELL of Spokane, were quietly married in the parsonage of the Methodist church by REV. FRED E. WHITE Friday afternoon at 1:45.  Miss LETA HILL, a twin sister of the bride, and Mr. JACK MOORE, also of Spokane, attended the bride and groom.  The immediate family of the bride were the only others present.  Following the ceremony, the couple autoed to Spokane, where they will make their future home, and where Mr. Hartwell is associated with the Auto Supply Co., of that city.  Mrs. Hartwell attended the Davenport grammar school.  


The Lincoln County Times, Davenport, Washington,  November 16, 1917

...FLOYD ANDERSON, 22, of Wilbur, and DELILAH A. ROBY, 19, of Creston, Wednesday.

...WARREN W. HAMMING, 22, of Peach and NELLIE M. CARPENTER, 18, of Creston, Wednesday.

...EDWIN TORGERSON, 21, Fox, Minnesota, and MARY M. MURPHY, 16, of Fruitland, Wednesday.

...F. A. BUCKLEY, 45, of St. Andrews, Wash., and MRS. OLLIE MOONAN, Monday.


The Lincoln County Times, February 1, 1918

   IDA PORHMAN, sister of Mrs. W. J. of this city and R. E. WILL, representative of the LESLIE JUDGE Publishing Co., at Walla Walla, were quietly married Wednesday evening by REV. F. E. WHITE at the home of Mr. and Mrs. CARR. Following the wedding ceremony, a supper was served after which the newlyweds departed by way of Spokane and Walla Walla for La Grand, Oregon, where they will be at home after February 25.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HENRY POHRMAN who own extensive farming interests near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where they make their home.  She made her home at La Grande for several months before coming to Davenport last week to be married.*(typed as is)



  AUGUST OCHS (26) of Davenport and INES LIGHT (26) of Davenport, were granted a license to wed by the Spokane county auditor Monday.

   REINBOLD A. WILL (40) of Walla Walla and IDA ANNA POHRMAN (29) of Chippewa Falls, Wis., were granted a license to wed by County Auditor J. E. HOWARD in this city Monday.

   F. L. MARCELLUS (38) of Davenport and IRMA BORCK (18) of Spokane, were issued a marriage license in Spokane.

   FRANK SELL and ESTELLA RAILEY, both of Davenport, were issued a marriage license in Spokane Monday.  


The Times, Mar  01, 1918

   ROBERT SPARKS and BERTHA MCLEAN of Mold, were married at the Presbyterian manse Monday at noon by REV,. D.W. FERRY.


The Davenport Times-Tribune, Thursday, January 3,1935

   WALTER W. INMAN of Bluestem, age 21, and Miss GRACE BRUNS of Bonner's Ferry, Ida., formerly of Bluestem, were granted a marriage license here lat Thursday afternoon by the Lincoln county auditor.  They were married here by JUSTICE GEORGE E. HERRING.  Each of the contracting parties was reared in this region, and attended high school in Davenport.  The bride is a daughter of FRED BRUNS of Bonners Ferry, formerly of the Harrington and Bluestem regions.



   A marriage license was issued by the county auditor Saturday morning to VALLIE L. VAN SICKLE, age 20, of Creston, and FAYE COCHRANE, age 19, of Peach.   C. S. VAN SICKLE, Creston garage man, father of the bridegroom was the witness.  The couple were married here by JUSTICE GEORGE E. HERRING.  The bride is a daughter of MRS. MABEL HILL of Peach and was born and reared there, attending high school at Creston.  Mr. Van Sickle has been a resident of Creston for many years.



   ROBERT W. WALTER, son of Mr. and Mrs. CONRAD WALTER, Odessa, and Miss OSA CLAYPOOL, Davenport, were married Christmas afternoon at the home of the groom's parents, south of Odessa with the REV. O. GRADEL, grandfather of the groom, officiating, before members of the family.  The bride was attended by NORENE POWELL, Davenport, and the groom by RUBIN KISSLER, Spokane.

   Following the wedding ceremony the young couple left on a wedding trip to Spokane, after which they will return to make their home on a ranch south of Odessa--Odessa Record



   Miss ANNA ELIZABETH CARSTENS, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. CARSTENS of Spokane, and HAROLD TIERNEY, prominent young business man of Reardan, were married December 31 at the Church of St. Anthony and the Holy Ghost in Spokane, with the REV FATHER FEIST officiating in the presence of relatives and friends.  JAMES TIERNEY was best man for his brother and LUCILLE JACKSON attended Miss Carstens as maid of honor.  A wedding breakfast at the Carstens home followed the ceremony.  Mr. and Mrs. Tierney are motoring to California for a month's visit in Los Angeles after which they will reside in Reardan.  Mr. Tierney was reared in Harrington and is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. TIERNEY, pioneers of Harrington.  He has been in the service station business at Reardan during recent years. 



   Announcement was made here this week of the marriage at Chelan of STANLEY D. GIBSON, formerly of Davenport, and Miss RUTH STIDD, a teacher in the Chelan high school.  The wedding took place at the new apartments of the bride and groom, with the REV. BROMELEY using the ring ceremony.   After the wedding breakfast, the couple motored to Seattle and other coast cities for a few days honeymoon trip.  They will reside in Chelan where Mr. Gibson is employed by the Washington Water Power company.  The bride formerly resided at Staples, Minn, and her parents, now located at Staples, formerly lived at Ellensburg, where her father was a Methodist minister. -------------------------------------------------


   Mr. and Mrs. NEIL A. SMITH of Wilbur last Thursday announced the engagement of their daughter, MARIAN, to STANLEY ALLGEIER, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. ALLGEIER of Deer Park.  Miss Smith is deputy in the county auditor's office here.  She was reared in Wilbur, graduating from high school there and later from Washington State college.  She has been in the auditor's office here for two years.  Mr. Allgeier is a graduate of Washington State college and was employed with the General Electric company at Schenectady, N. Y., and Erie, Pa., Meriden, Conn., and in Illinois, and then returned to Washington and was in newspaper work for several years before employed by W. W. GILLIES on papers at Sprague and later at Wilbur.  He is now an engineer with the reclamation serviced, stationed at Almira.  The wedding probably will take place during the coming summer.


The Davenport Times-Tribune, September 28, 1939

   Dr. EDWARD A. TUGAW, who has been engage3d in veterinary work at Odessa, and MISS MURIEL PETERSON of Bremerton.  They secured a marriage license here two weeks ago. Each of the contracting parties attended Washington State College.



   Miss VERNA WIDENER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. WIDENER of Colville, formerly of Peach, became the bride of MERLE F. LELAND of Clarkston, September 10, at Orofino, Ida.   The bride was graduated from Colville high school in 1938 and has been attending business college at Lewiston, Ida.



   ELMER HILLE and Miss EDNA GROSS were married at the home of PAUL GROSS at Odessa, by the REV. M. J. GALLE.    The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G F. GROSS of Odessa, and the bridegroom, a son of Mr. and Mrs. GOTTLEIB HILLE, pioneers of that region.  After a wedding trip they will reside at Reardan.



   RUSSELL MAGIN, formerly of Davenport, and Miss ALTA ANDERSON, both of Wilbur, were married Saturday at Chelan.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ZANE ANDERSON of Wilbur and graduated from high school in that city.  Mr. MAGIN, a son of Mrs. ANNA GALE of Spokane and HARRY MAGIN, formerly of Rocklyn, is a graduate of the Davenport high school.  He has been working at Wilbur for two years.


The Davenport Times, October 19, 1939   

Married in Seattle

   Word has been received here of the marriage in Seattle Saturday of Mrs. MARGARET HERMSEN and JACK LITTLEMORE.  After a two weeks wedding trip to California, they will reside in Seattle.  Mrs. Littlemore is well known in Davenport, as he was the state liquor board inspector in this region for several years, and was a frequent visitor here.  His sister, Mrs. DOROTHY LITTLEMORE DAVIS, taught in the Davenport high school for several years. 


Are Married In Odessa

   ROY SASSMAN of Port Angeles, formerly of Davenport, and Miss MARTHA LENZ of Odessa, also formerly of this city, were married Sunday at Odessa by the REV. A. HAUSAUER.   Miss ALMA LENZ was bridesmaid and JIM HUCK of Davenport was best man.  Davenport people attending the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. G. H. SASSMAN, Mr. and Mrs. JIM HUCK, Miss KATHERINE FALLERT, Miss HELEN HAMILTON and CHARLES YARWOOD.  The young people will reside at Port Angeles, where Mr. Sassman operates a service station.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FRED LENZ of Odessa, was graduated from high school there and then went to work in the Washington Water Power office in Davenport,  She was employed here for about three years before resigning last month and returning to her home.  Mr. Sassman, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. SASSMAN of this city, was raised in Davenport and graduated from the local high school where he was a football, basketball and  tennis star. 



   An application for a marriage license was filed here Thursday by G. F. GRINSTEAD, age 49, of Bend, Ore., formerly of Wilbur, and GRACE R. SPAUGH, age 35, also of Bend, Ore. NOLA G. WHITE of Wilbur was their witness.  The license was issued Saturday.   The couple were married Sunday at the home of Mr. GRINSTEAD's  mother, MRS. WHITE, in Wilbur.  The REV. ERNEST MITCHELL officiated. 


The Davenport Times, October 26, 1939


   An application for a marriage license was filed with the county auditor here Tuesday by JOSEPH K. KELLY, age 27, Electric City, and RUTH SEATON, age 24, ELMER CITY.  WILLIAM ROSHOLT of Electric City was their witness.



   An Application for a marriage license was filed with the Lincoln county auditor yesterday morning by WILLIAM A. GRAY, age 28, of Reardan, and ESTHER E. MILLER, age 22, of Wau7kon.  E. T. GRAY of Reardan was their witness.



   An application for a marriage license was filed with the county auditor here Monday afternoon by LEN ROOKE, age 24, and VERNA OENS, age 16, both of Creston.  ELTHA LYNN of Creston was their witness.  GEORGE OENS, Creston, father of the bride-to-be, gave his consent to the issuance of the license, as Miss Oens was under the legal age.


The Davenport Times, October 26, 1939

   Miss ESTHER OTT, daughter of County Commissioner JACOB OTT and Mrs. OTT of Irby, and MORRIS RYGG of Everett were married at the home of the bride's parents, Sunday by the REV. W. S. PRITCHARD of Spokane.  More than 100 relatives and friends attended the ceremony, which was solemnized on the 25th anniversary of the wedding of the brides' parents.  She is a graduate of Washing State college where she was prominent in debate work, and recently has been employed in a pharmacy at Everett.  Mr. Rygg is employed by a creamery company at Everett, where they will reside.



   A number of Davenport people were in Spokane Saturday evening to attend the wedding of Miss LEONA SCHMIERER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed SCHMIERER of Odessa, and GEORGE ZIER, SR. of Davenport, which took place at the Emmanuel Lutheran church in Spokane.  The REV. JOHN M. GROSCHUPT officiated. The bride, who was given in marriage by WALTER J. MARTI, wore a gown of royal blue velvet and carried a bouquet of rapture roses and swainsons.  Miss LORRAINE QUAST, maid of honor, wore wine velvet and carried Talisman roses.  The wedding music was played on the organ by Miss DOROTHY HEYER. Miss BEATRIX HORN and Miss DOLORES HORN of Davenport sang. Mr. Zier had WALTER BARTOLD as his best man and in his other group were his brothers, VIRGIL ZIER and PHILMER ZIER, and HERMAN SCHMIERER, brother of the bride. A reception followed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. MARTI, W103 Euclid.  Mr. and Mrs. Zier will make their home in Dayton.  Mr. Zier is a graduate of the Odessa high school, where his parents, resided before they moved to Davenport.  He also graduated from Washington State College.


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