Weddings of Lincoln County Pioneers

                                 Submitted by Barbara Curtis


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The Sprague Herald, Dec. 20, 1893

   At ten o'clock this forenoon, at the residence of Engineer JOHN A. MILLER, on Fourth street, REV. M. BASKERVILLE of the Congregational church united in the holy bonds of matrimony Mr. ALFRED MAY and Miss ETTA WEITTENHILLER, in the presence of only the most immediate relatives and intimates.   Mr. V. J. ABBOTT supported the groom while Miss ADDIE WEITTENHILLER was bride's maid.  After congratulations and refreshments the happily married pair stepped on the east-bound train and departed upon a short wedding tour.  Upon their return they will occupy the residence recently purchased by the groom on Fourth street.  Mr. and Mrs. MAY have always been identified with the Congregational church in this city and are thoroughly respected throughout the community.  The Herald tenders its most cordial congratulations.  Up to the hour of going to press with this issue the following presents had been received:  Handsome piano lamp by Miss MAUDE SEELEY and MRS. C. A. HAWKINS; carving set, Mr. W. DeF. HYDE and Miss MAGGIE EVANS; pair of comforters, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. ANDERSON; pair of portiers, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MILLER; silver pickle castor, Miss ANNIE WEITTENHILLER; handsome silver tea set, Mr. MAY's parents in England; silver plated knives and forks, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. LINDSAY; nut cracker and picks, Miss FLORANCE BOSWORTH; Moquet rug, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. BURDASS; set of cut glass, Mr. and Mrs. M. BASKERVILLE.  



   By oversight the marriage of Mr. WILLIAM B. SIRGINSON and Miss IDA E. WHITAKER has never been published in the Herald.  This happy event occurred Wednesday, Nov.29, 1893, at the residence of the bride's parents near Harrington, REV. ADAM BUEHLER officiating. 



   Last Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 13, 1893, JUSTICE HOLLINGSWORTH united in marriage NELSON B. LONG and JOSEPHINE TRUMBALL. 


The Lincoln County Times, Davenport, Wa,  March 29, 1895

The Nuptial Ceremony in the Hotel Columbia Parlor Wednesday Evening-Brilliant Affair

Married--At the home of the bride's parents, in the parlor of the Hotel Columbia, at 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 27th, Miss LILLY GRISWOLD, of Davenport, to Mr. HENRY RUDOW, of Seattle, REV. WALTER MARVIN, post chaplain of Fort Spokane Officiating.

   The occasion of the above ceremony was one of the most brilliant that has ever occurred in the town.  Preparation for the affair had been in progress for many weeks, and since the cards were issued announcing the wedding, the many friends of the bride and groom have been looking forward to the happy event with no small degree of interest and pleasure.  The elegantly furnished and brilliantly illuminated parlor, the richly dressed and happy looking bride and groom, formed a pleasant sight.  the guests present were as follows:  GOV. and MRS. LUCE, MR. & MRS. A. W. TURNER, MR. & MRS. M. McGOWAN, MR. & MRS. I BRESLAUER, MR & MRS. I. WISE, MR. & MRS. M. MILLIS, MR. & MRS. WM. FINNEY, MR. & MRS. E. E. PLOUGH, MR. & MRS. CHAS. WATERS, MR. & MRS. R. CRATTE, MR. & MRS. R. TISCHNER, MISS OTTIE FINNEY, MISS JESSIE TURNEY, MISS JENNIE RIGGS, MRS. C. L. YOUNG, MRS. L. THOMPSON, MESSRS. C.C. MAY, P. W. DILLON, A. L. SMALLEY, H. A. P. MYERS, C. A. NEYLAND, FRED GRUTT, EDGAR HOWARD, C. G. SNYDER, W. H. FINNEY, J. H. REDICK, O. OSWALT, DONALD J. McKAY, of San Francisco, ST. CLAIR INKSTER, AL INKSTER, L. A. INKSTER, ALLEN FAULKNER. At 8:30 sharp the wedding march began, the bridesmaid, Miss SADIE GRISWOLD, accompanied by the groomsman, Mr. ALLEN FAULKNER, led the way in past the guests, followed by the bride and groom, who halted directly underneath a beautiful wedding bell of roses and smilax suspended from the ceiling...........guests began to take their departure, all availing themselves of the final opportunity of bidding the happy groom and bride good by and wishing them renewed happiness before their leave taking for Seattle the following morning.  Everything passed off smoothly and pleasantly and in every sense was a very happy event.  The pretty bride has long been a resident of Davenport, and is a young lady highly esteemed by a wide circle of friends all over Lincoln county, and has long ranked as a leader of many accomplishments, and deserving of the excellent young man she has won.  Mr. Rudow is a representative of the firm of FISHER BROS of Seattle, and is well known all over the state as a young business man of high character and true worth.  It affords the Times a great pleasure to join in with the many friends of the young couple in wishing them a full measure of all the joy and happiness that may be in store for mortal man.  ( A long list of presents received followed)


   Just after the wedding ceremony at the Columbia, Wednesday evening, a tin can serenading party stormed the hotel from without for about ten minutes, terminating with a volley of fire-crackers.  


The Lincoln County Times, October 7, 1898

   A short time ago W. J. OLWELL, manager of the Big Bend flour mill, purchased the ROBT. TISCHNER residence.  When the transfer was made a grave suspicion was confirmed this week when it became known that Mr. OLWELL had gone to Spokane to be married.  The happy event occurred Tuesday evening, and the bride was Miss EMMA C. MURRAY, of Edwall, a bright, pretty and accomplished young lady well known in this county.  Mr. Olwell has resided in Davenport for several years, and has a host of  friends in the city and vicinity who will wish him joy in his new departure.  The Times joins heartily in extending congratulation to the newly wedded couple.  May happiness and prosperity be and remain with them always, and nothing but small squalls cast a ripple over the placid stream of their matrimonial life. 


The Sprague Times, Sprague, Lincoln County, Wash., Friday, June 8, 1900
     FRED J. STIPS and Miss ROSE HUGHES were married Wednesday evening June 6th, at the bride's home on Fourth street, Rev. MOTE officiating.  A few friends and relatives were present.   The bride and groom are both so popular and well known in this vicinity that any eulogy on our part would be superfluous.  The Times, however, wishes to join everyone else in wishing the happy couple all the good things on the calendar


The Sprague Times, Sprague, Lincoln County, Wash., Friday, June 15, 1900  
     The most beautiful wedding of the season was that of HENRY FREY and Miss DORA MARSH at the Catholic church last Sunday morning.  Amid a profusion of flowers the handsome young couple, attended by DAN SULLIVAN and Miss JENNIE MARSH as best man and bridesmaid, walked up to the alter at 10 a. m. and the Rev. Father VAN DE VEN pronounced the Catholic marriage ceremony which is a very pretty service.  The bridal party was attended by twelve little flower girls dressed in white. Mr. Frey is a stalwart young man, whose long residence and good habits have won for him many friends here.  Mrs. Frey is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WESLEY MARSH and is also very popular in this city.  The young couple left on the Sunday night train for Spokane where they spent a couple of days. May health, wealth and happiness be their lot.        



June 15, 1900
     Mr. C. E. SCHELL and Miss NELLIE SMITH were married at the home of the bride's parents at Alki last Sunday evening, Rev. GEORGE EDWARDS officiating.  About 75 guests witnessed the ceremony.  Mr. Schell is a prosperous young farmer well known and popular both in the country and city.  Mrs. Schell is the oldest daughter of HON. CLEVELAND SMITH and wife. She is a very pretty and accomplished young lady and with her husband is receiving the congratulations of their many friends.  The young folks, after a short trip to Spokane, will reside in the Euos brick house on Second street.


The Sprague Times, Friday, October 5, 1900

   At 10:30 o'clock last Sunday morning occurred the marriage of WILLIAM W. SHIELDS and Miss ETHEL IRENE McFADDEN, of Whitman County, REV. GEO. EDWARDS, officiating.  The ceremony was performed at the home of Rev. Edwards in this city in the presence of a few relatives. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN W. SHIELDS and has resided 10 miles southeast of Sprague for a number of years. 


The Sprague Times, October 5, 1900

   DAN COOK and Miss PEARL IMBLER of Alki were married at the residence of REV. G. W., GIBONEY at Spokane last Monday.  The young couple are well known in this city and were receiving the congratulations of friends here yesterday. 


The Sprague Times, Friday, November 2, 1900

   At the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. ROBERT McLAREN near Edwall, on October 25th, Dr. CHARLES R. McKINLEY  and Miss EUNA HINKLEY were united in marriage by REV. A. L. THOROUGHMAN, of Spokane. After the ceremony and wedding breakfast the happy young couple left for Portland, Ore., where the doctor will attend a medical college this winter, returning in the spring to his practice at Edwall. The young couple are well and favorably known by a large circle of friends in this city.  The groom was at one time a teacher in the Sprague public school, and the bride made her home here for several years. The congratulations of other friends are extended to Mr. and Mrs. McKinley.  


The Sprague Times, November 9, 1900

   Miss GRACE McKUNE, formerly of this city, and Mr. CHARLES DOANE of Davenport were married at Cheney last Tuesday by REV. FATHER FAUST.  The bride was a very popular young lady here and a host of friends extend their hearty congratulations to the happy couple.  


The Sprague Times, Nov 30, 1900

   A very pretty public wedding took place at the Catholic church last Monday morning at 8 o'clock, the contracting parties being Mr. JOSEPH MURRAY  and Miss MARIE ORLORSKI, both of Edwall.  The bride, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JULIUS ORLORSKI recently came up from Walla Walla where she has been attending school.  She is a very pretty and accomplished young lady and looked handsome in her bridal costume.  The groom is a progressive young farmer and the happy couple will live at the old Murray farm. 


   Immediately following the wedding of Mr. MURRAY and Miss ORLORSKI, was that of Mr. JOSEPH RICHTER and Miss MARIE SCHMIDT of Fletcher.  After this ceremony had been performed by Father VAN DE VEN the bridal parties adjourned to Hotel Clinton where an elaborate wedding breakfast was served to the contracting parties and their friends. 


   J. F. PARKS and Miss LULU WICKER were made man and wife at the home of Mr. Park's sister in this city last Monday evening by REV. J. T. HOYLE.  The young couple will go to housekeeping on Third street. 


   Miss DELLA WORMALD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH WORMALD and WILLIAM STRAUB, who is in the service of the North Pacific Railway company, were married Tuesday evening at the residence of J. E. WORMALD on East Sprague Avenue.


   At their new home, corner Logan and Eighth streets, Davenport, Friday evening in the presence of a few friends of the groom occurred the marriage of  CLIFFORD A. HERSEY and Miss EDNA D. SIMMONS.  Mr. Hersey is an attorney of Davenport and Miss Simmons for a number of years has been engaged as a teacher in the schools of Cedar Falls, Iowa.


   Miss CARRIE L. CHAMBERS, formerly of this city, and WILLIAM L. SCHMIDT, a business man of Colfax were married at Spokane last Tuesday evening.


   Mr. PERRY PARKS and Miss OLIVE HELTZEL were married at Spokane on Nov 22nd.  Both the young people are well known in this city where they have made their home for the past few years.  They will make their home on the Parks' place north of town.    


The Lincoln County Times, Davenport, Wa. Friday, May 3, 1901

   Mr. CHARLES RUX and Miss JULIA BURSCH, of Rocklyn, were united in marriage by REV. JOSEPH HEPP, on Thursday, April 25th, at the latter's residence, only one or two immediate friends being present.  Mr. Rux is one of the sold young German farmers of the Rocklyn community, and his young bride is neighbor girl of equal worth. 


The Lincoln County Times, Friday, June 21, 1901

   Married--- At the residence of M. E. HAY, in Wilbur, at 8:30 p.m., on June 11th, 1901, REV. HERBERT THOMPSON officiating, Mr. JAMES MUIR and Miss MARION ROBERTS.  Both of the contracting parties are employees in M. E. & E. T. HAY's big store, and are as highly respected as they are well know. 


The Lincoln County Times, Tuesday, June 25, 1901

   Last Thursday evening Mr. J. P. LAWRENCE and Miss MARY E. WILLIAMS were joined in holy wedlock at the Baptist parsonage by REV. J. J. TICKNER.  The affair passed off quietly, only two or three immediate relatives being present.  Miss Williams came from Pennsylvania a year or so ago, and last year was a teacher in the Davenport school.  The groom has lived near town many years, and is well known hereabouts.  They have gone to housekeeping in the groom's home, just west of town.  Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence have the best wishes of friends for a happy married life. 


The Lincoln County Times, July 5, 1901

   Mr. CONRAD JENNE, of Rocklyn, and Miss MINNIE MILLER, of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, were married Monday June 23, at the home of the bride's parents.  The young couple will take up their residence on the farm tow and a half miles west of Rocklyn. *


   Edwall---Mr. WALTER McGOURIN and Miss JULIA CROWLEY will be united in marriage at the Catholic church Sunday, June 30th, and thereafter will travel life's journey together.   


The Lincoln County Times, July 19, 1901

   Mr. IRVING JAYNE, of this place (Pleasant Valley) and Miss SUSIE JAYNES, of Davenport were united in marriage in Davenport July 11.  Mr. JAYNE is one of our most highly respected young men, and a host of friends will join in wishing him many years of happiness.   He will make his future home in this vicinity. 


The Sprague Times, Oct 17, 1902

   CHARLES E. M. SANDERSON and Miss EDITH LOUISE TRASK were married in All Saints Cathedral, Spokane, at 2:30 p. m., Wednesday, October 15th; BISHOP WELLS officiating.  The bride was born in Somerset, England, and with her family later moved to Hampshire where for several years their farm adjoined that of W. J. GRAY's father.  Upon the return of Mr. Gray and family from England in  June, 1901, she accompanied them and has since made her home in this city.  She is an accomplished and highly educated young lady and since she resided here has been an active participant in many society events.  Gowned in a beautiful wedding costume from Mrs. FARRELL's, she made a fascinating bride.  Mr. Sanderson is one of the pioneers of this city, having come here in the early 80's.  For several years he was in partnership with Mr. Cooper and together they worked up the first set of abstract books for Lincoln county.  Mr. Sanderson disposed of his interest in the abstract business after the fire and was in the east until 1899, when he again came to Sprague to accept the position of bookkeeper in WALTER J. GRAY's store.  Besides holding this position he has been city treasurer for the past two years.  He is a thorough and capable man and enjoys the respect and confidence of the entire community.  A number of beautiful and expensive wedding presents were presented to the bride and groom by their friends.   Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson will return from their trip the first of next week and will go to housekeeping in their home on Fourth street.  The glad hand of congratulation from the people of Sprague and vicinity is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson. 


The Lincoln County Times, Davenport, October 21, 1904

   The most beautiful and fashionable wedding of the season occurred Wednesday evening, October 12th, when the popular young couple, CAREY J. MELCHER and MINNIE E. FISH, were united in Holy wedlock at the bride's house.  Promptly at 4:30 to the strains of the Mendelssohn wedding march, the bridal party entered the parlor that had been beautifully decorated with flowers, and took their places under an arch, made of clematis and astors, adorning the bay window, which was banked with flowers, where Rev. G. H. WILBUR, pastor of the Congregationalist church, pronounced the words that made them man and wife.  The solemnization of the marriage was a very impressive ceremony.  A ring was given by the groom, and placed on the hand of the brides as a binding pledge. The bride, one of Sprague's fairest daughters, looked beautiful in a lovely gown of white silk, trimmed in silk applique and wearing a bridal veil.  In her hand she carried a boquet of white carnations and roses.  The bride's maid, Miss EDNA MELCHER, a sister of the groom, looked pretty in a becoming gown of cream white brilliance. The groom wore the regular evening dress.  The best man was Mr. BERT MELCHER, a brother of the groom.  After the ceremony the friends and relatives who had been invited, numbering some fifty in all, including Mesdames MISNER and ABBLEY, of Spokane, Mrs. PORTER of Davenport, and Mr. and Mrs. DOTSON, of Harrington, sat down to an elaborate wedding dinner.  Good things of all kinds were provided by the host and hostess.  Later in the evening the band arrived and provided some appropriate music and then were invited in, and sat down to the table to satisfy the inner man. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. I. FISH, who by her sweet spirit and winsome manner, has won many friends, having been employed as book-keeper for her father for the last three years, in his business as grain dealer.  The groom, the second son of A. S. MELCHER, is the popular young book-keeper for the firm of HERTRICH & MOYLAN, who by his sterling worth has won many friends.  The many beautiful and costly presents testify to the esteem in which the young people are held.  Among the presents a one hundred dollar check was given by the bride's father.  The evening was spent in a social way, with music and feasting, until the hour of the arrival of the east-bound train, when the happy couple and their many friends followed the band to the depot, where a large gathering of people were awaiting, with kind congratulations and others with pockets and sacks full of rice to shower upon them.  Their wedding trip, accompanied by their brother, Mr. BERT MELCHER will include the St. Louis exposition and several eastern cities, from which they will return sometime in December.  The good will of all their friends, for their future happiness and prosperity, will go with them through the journey of life. 


The Creston News, October 13, 1905


   Yesterday evening, in Spokane, occurred the marriage of Miss MINNIE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. THOMAS WORBY of this city, and REV. DAVID CLEMENS, a young minister of the Saints' denomination.  They will claim Spokane as their home, though most of their time will probably be spent traveling over the field of their religious labors.  The bride has been actively and earnestly engaged in church work for the past two or three years. 


The Creston News, October 13, 1905

   It was reported in town yesterday that MARCUS BAYLEY, the enterprising young fruit grower of Orchard Valley was married yesterday morning in Spokane, his bride being Miss NELLLIE MORAN, a stepdaughter of DAN LEONARD of Hawk Creek.  They are billed to arrive here on their way to their home in the Valley this evening.  The young people have the congratulations and best wishes of the NEWS, along with those of the rest of their friends. 


The Creston News, Feb 15, 1907

   The Davenport Tribune of last week notes the marriage of Miss MYRTLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. FRENCH, to FRED B. FREELAND at high noon on Saturday, February 1.  The happy event took place at the French home near Peach.  The bride is one of the accomplished and popular young ladies of the Valley and Mr. Freeland is in the service of the government at Daisy, Stevens County, where they are now at home. 


December 13, 1912, Lincoln County Times, Davenport, WA.

   A very pretty home wedding occurred at the home of MR. and MRS. F.  W. BRUNS, on Saturday, November 30, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when MISS NELLIE McNEILL, a sister of MRS. BRUNS, was united in marriage to MR. JESSE L. THOMPSON, of Bluestem, by the REV. F. C. SCOTT.  The room was prettily decorated with pink and white carnations. MISS ETHEL THOMPSON, a sister of the groom, was maid of honor, and VANE THOMAS, of Davenport, was best man.  After the wedding dinner MR. and MRS. THOMPSON left for a short honeymoon trip to Spokane. 


The Lincoln County Times, Davenport, Friday, December 13,1912.

   Unarmed with the necessary affidavits, having been informed in his home town of Harrington that only a witness was necessary, EARNEY HEAVENER 21,  was refused a lisence to wed Miss CLARA MASTERS, also of Harrington when he appeared here Monday afternoon.  C C. LONG of Harrington had accompanied the prospective groom on the cold drive of 16 miles.  In order that Heavener's trip might not prove fruitless County Auditor BRISLAWN telephoned a attorney of Harrington and informed him that the license would be granted when the bride to be signed the necessary affidavits before a notary and on the assurance of the attorney that the matter would be immediately attended to the young man decided to wait.  After an hour of waiting for the long distance bell Heavener left for Harrington.  A few minutes after his departure the message came that all was right and the license was issued but the wedding set for Monday night had to be delayed. 


Lincoln County Times, Davenport, WA., Fri, December 20, 1912

   A wedding occurred in this courtroom Saturday afternoon which makes the courthouse officials and their empoyees wish that affairs of his nature were more frequent, in that the men had big fat cigars to smoke and the ladies each had a box of candy. WILLIAM E. LOCKMAN, a barber of Hunters, and MRS. EMMA E. ROBBINS of Spokane secured a marriage license at the auditor's office Saturday afternoon and then went to the courtroom where JUDGE BASKE performed the ceremony.  When the groom asked the judge what the fee was, Judge BASKE replied that they were free.  The groom was feeling so happy that he turned to County Clerk JIM GOODWIN, who had acted as a witness, and handed him a $10 bill, with the request that he buy a treat for all in the courthouse.  Court Bailiff "DUTCH" VANBOOK was immediately dispatched down town with the $10 and he returned with his arms loaded with cigars and candy.  


January 3, 1913, Lincoln County Times, Davenport, WA.  

   Two citizens of Davenport on Monday demonstrated that Dan Cupid sets no age limit.  MRS. MARIE REINFELD, 73, who for several years has resided with her daughter, MRS. O. L. OWENS, walked up to the license desk at the auditors office with NICHOLEUS MEULI, 83, and Deputy NEELY issued the license, and in a few minutes later escorted the happy pair to the office of JUDGE F. K. P. BASKE, on the third floor where the wedding ceremony was performed.  Both bride and groom are natives of Germany. By the marriage the bride will forfeit a pension she has for many years received from the German government in whose army her first husband was enlisted.  The pension has been $24 every three months.  The groom is a well-known, well to do, citizen and is the father of MRS. JOHN FLORIN of Davenport.


The Sprague Advocate, Friday, January 3, 1913

   On Saturday evening Dec. 28th a quiet wedding took place at the home of Mrs. ELIZABETH A. BEASLEY, 3 miles southwest of town.  The contracting parties were STELLA J. BEASLEY of this place and LOUIE SPENO of Lewiston, Ida.,  the ceremony was performed by REV. JONATHAN EDWARDS, after which a sumptuous lunch was served.  The groom is a prosperous horticulturalist, and the bride is well and favorably known being a native of Sprague and educated in our schools.  A large number of friends wish them a life of joy and prosperity.  


The Sprague Advocate, September 5, 1913

   At 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon at the L. L. BARTON home occurred the marriage of Miss ETHEL TANNER and Mr. GROVE BARTON.  REV. J. EDWARDS of Spokane, former pastor of the Sprague Congregation Church performed the ceremony which  unites the lives of these two popular young folks. The bride who is an accomplished and beautiful girl was becomingly gowned in blue silk and the groom looked very handsome in the conventional black.  Miss LILA McCOY acted as bridesmaid and Mr. GODFREY BITTNER of Davenport attended the groom. The house was beautifully decorated with flowers embodying a color scheme of lavendar and white.  The ceremony was performed under a beautiful bell of lavendar and white flowers.  After the union was completed and the participants had been heartily felicitated, the party composed only of relatives and close friends sat down to a sumptuous dinner which was in keeping with so great an occasion.  A great variety of costly and beautiful gifts consisting of cash, silverware, cut glass, china, linen etc., were presented to them.  The bride, a sister of Mrs. L. L. BARTON are well known to many of our readers.  The former is a wholesome, energetic and well equipped young woman and the groom is very successful in his business, that of a piano salesman. They went to Keystone by auto Wednesday evening taking No. 257 there for the Coast on their honeymoon trip.  Definite plans as to residence have not yet been made. The good wishes of a host of friends go with them as they make the united start on life's journey. 


The Sprague Advocate, Friday, September 26, 1913.

   We are pleased to chronicle at this late date, the news? that Miss EFFIE RAFOTH and HARRY DAWELL are married.  The date of the important event is a secret having occurred some time since last Christmas.  In fact so long ago that it would not be in good taste for a charivaree to be held now.  The groom is a son of A. DAWELL and the bride is a daughter of WM. RAFOTH, prominent ranchers near Sprague and are both energetic hustling persons who bid fair to be successful in life.  That they may be successful and also very very happy is the wish of The Advocate and their many friends. 


The Sprague Advocate, September 26, 1913.

   Announcements have been received in Sprague by friends of CLARENCE DOOLEY conveying the information that Clarence was married on September 13, to Miss MARTHA JAYNE BONHAM of Tacoma.  The couple will be at home to their friends at Sprague on November 15.  

We are short on details of this happy event but learn that Mrs. Dooley is an old time Sprague girl, the family living here some years ago, Mr. BONHAM being employed in the Sprague Roller Mills. We extend heartiest congratulations to the couple and join with many friends in wishing them a safe and extremely happy voyage over life's tempestus sea in their little boat built for two--or more. 


The Sprague Advocate, Oct 17,1913

   On Sunday last Miss KATHALEEN DINSMORE quietly left town with CLARENCE F. MOORE of Pomeroy and the two proceeded to Ritzville where REV. R. A. GAILEY of the M. E. Church made them one.  Mr. and Mrs. CAS. DINSMORE and VERNON DINSMORE accompanied them to Ritzville and saw the knot tied.  Their plan was to leave Ritzville Monday morning by auto for Pomeroy where Mr. Moore and his father run a garage.  Here they will settle down to married life. Miss Kathaleen is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. DINSMORE. She was for a long time Chief Operator at the telephone exchange.  She is a young woman with many good qualities and has a host of friends who wish her much happiness in her married life.  Of the groom we know but little;  He is a brother to NED MOORE who ran the Sprague Garage a year or so ago.  His father CHAS F. MOORE has the Pomeroy Garage and the son will be associated with him in that business.   With so capable and energetic a wife as he has won he should be able to make a success in life and this is our best wish for both of them.  May the sun never set on a day which finds them less happy than they were on their wedding day. 


The Sprague Advocate, Oct 31,1913

   CHARLEY A. STOLP and Miss KIT CAMPBELL, well known young people of Sprague, were united in the bonds of matrimony at Spokane on Wednesday afternoon, last week.  The ceremony was performed by REV. JONATHAN EDWARDS, at the home of the bride's brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. CHRIS MELLIOR, 14th Avenue.  Mr. and Mrs. J. A. STOLP acted as a right man and bride's maid.  The groom is one of the successful young farmers of the Sprague country, clean and industrious and the bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. CAMPBELL, among the most pleasant, amiable and intelligent of our young ladies.  They will be at their nice rural home 7 miles west of the city in the near future.  The best wishes of a large circle of friends follow them as they embark on the matrimonial sea of life.  However high and rough the waves may rise, May their craft forever sail swiftly on. And every port be a real paradise, Day by day, until the journey's done.


The Sprague Advocate, June 5, 1914

   On Monday, June 1, at Colfax, Miss TILLIE CORCORAN of Sprague was married to LEO McCUTCHEN of Winona.  The ceremony was performed at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage.  The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JAMES CORCORAN of Sprague and is well and favorably known to nearly all of our readers.  Mr. McCutcheon is a farmer and sheepraiser of Winona.  The young people will reside in Winona and the husband will assist his father in the ranch work.  The newly weds arrived here Monday and will visit for a few days before returning home.


The Sprague Advocate, Nov 17, 1914

   Miss ISADIA MITCHELL a young lady well known to most of our readers and ESLEY HADEN a prosperous young rancher of Wilbur were married on Wednesday, November 25, at the Coeur d'-alene hotel in Spokane.  REV. WILBUR of the Congregational Church of Sprague went up Wednesday morning to perform the ceremony which was held at one o'clock. Miss Mitchell has been teaching school at Wilbur a number of years and boarded at the HADEN home where the romance began several years ago.  Some of the relatives of the contracting parties were present and a wedding dinner was partaken of after the ceremony. The parents of the groom will go to California to spend the winter and the young folks will live in the paternal home this winter. We join with many friends of both the young folks in hearty wishes for a long, pleasant and prosperous voyage on the matrimonial sea.  


The Sprague Advocate, December  3,1915

   On Thanksgiving day at 11 a.m. at the Catholic Church, Fr. L. W. FERLAND officiating the marriage rites of Miss WILNA MUMFORD and PETER GERTEN both of Lamont were solemnized.  The bride was becomingly gowned in white embroidered net and carried bride's roses.  Miss MYRTLE MUMFORD a sister, attended the bride and CLAUDE BRISLAWN of Sprague accompanied the groom. The wedding party consisting of friends and relatives of the contracting parties after the ceremony repaired to the home of the groom's parents where a sumptuous wedding dinner was served.  The happy couple left on the 2:50 p.m. train for a wedding trip which will include an excursion to several coast cities to visit relatives after which they will settle down on the groom's ranch near Lamont.  Both are highly respected members of their communities and their many friends in this and the Lamont vicinity wish them a long and prosperous married life. 



 December 3,1915

      On Wednesday morning November 24, at eight o'clock occurred the wedding of Miss KATHRYN BILLESBACH and LAVERN ANDERSON, both well known and highly respected people of Sprague. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father FERLAND.  It being a very quiet affair only relatives were present.  Mr. NICHOLS BILLESBACH, brother of the bride was groomsman and Mrs. JAMES KELLEY sister of the bride acted as Matron of Honor.  Miss Billesbach's folks made their home here until a few years ago they sold their ranch and are now living on the coast.  The happy couple departed on the afternoon train from Rodna for a brief honeymoon, after which they will settle down on Mr. Anderson's ranch.  Every good wish goes with them for a long and happy wedded life. 


The Sprague Times, December 25, 1914

   On Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist parsonage, Miss CLARA MACKLIN and EUGENE GOODWATER were united in marriage by REV. H. S. RANDALL.  Immediately after the wedding the happy couple departed for Spokane where they will remain until after Christmas when they will return to Sprague and begin housekeeping in the Goodwater home which Eugene recently purchased and furnished.  The bride was formerly stenographer in the JNO. I. MELVILLE  law office where by her genial and kindly disposition she made many friends.   The groom was a successful rancher now retired and interested in automobile business.  We wish the new family all the joy possible, promise them a very happy time upon their return and trust that their new found happiness may continue to gladden their hearts all along life's pathway. 


The Sprague Advocate, Jan. 14, 1916

   The following Seattle Times account of the wedding of a former popular Sprague girl has just been received and will no doubt be of great interest to many of our readers.  Miss McCOY is a graduate of the Sprague High School and lived here many years.  She is the daughter of Mr. IRA M. KING of Bremerton, and has many friends who extend congratulations. "MISS GRACE MCCOY and Mr. ALBERT RAYMOND REDBURN were married at the home of the bride December 29, with only immediate relatives and intimate friends present.  The bride wore a gown of cream chartruese overdraped with net and trimmed with pearls.  She carried a shower bouquet of bride roses.  The only ornament worn was a diamond brooch, the gift of the groom.  The double ring ceremony was used, with MARJORIE MCCOY, sister of the bride, for a ring bearer.  The little girl wore a pink dress and carried a pink bouquet.  The ceremony was performed by REV. DEEKER, under an arch of greens.  The bride is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, and a member of the Ladies' Musical Club and of the Musical Art Society of Seattle.  The groom is from New York City.  The young couple left for a trip and will be at home in New York City after February 1. 


The Sprague Advocate, Friday, Jan 28, 1916

   Miss MARIE WALLACE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DAN WALLACE and CHARLES J. MILLER son of Mr. and Mrs. JACOB MILLER, were united in marriage at St. Joseph's Academy on Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock by Father L. W. FERLAND of the Catholic Church.

   The bride was beautifully gowned in a steel grey creation with hat to match and was accompanied by Miss GRACE MILLER sister of the groom who was gowned in blue.  JOHN WALLACE, brother of the bride acted as best man.  Following the ceremony the newly married folks accompanied by the guests repaired to the Sprague Hotel where an elaborate wedding breakfast was served. The couple went to Spokane and other points for a ten day wedding trip after which they will settle down to the farmers life on the home place of JACOB MILLER which the groom has rented along with a portion of the DAN WALLACE ranch, making him about 800 acres in all. Among the valuable presents received by the couple was a deed to a lot in Spokane valued at $2,000. Both parties to the  contract are well known to nearly all of our readers who join with us in wishing that their path thru life may be strewn with roses and all their efforts crowned with great success. 


The Sprague Advocate, May 26, 1916

   Miss IDA LEIGH of Sprague and LESLIE HAM of Fishtrap were married in Spokane on Wednesday.  Accompanied by EDWARD and BEATRICE LEIGH they made the trip returning Wednesday evening to the home of the bride's parents where the relatives had assembled and the wedding feast was spread.  On Thursday they departed for Malden where Mr. Ham has a wheat ranch. Mrs. Ham is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CHAS. LEIGH and is a young lady of many good qualities.  We do not know the groom personally but his is well spoken of....


The Sprague Advocate, Friday ,July 7, 1916

   LESLIE SWANNACK son of Mr. and Mrs. WM. SWANNACK of Sprague and Miss ELVIA M. WILLIAMS, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. WILLIAMS of  Five Mile Prairie were united in marriage on Sunday last at 2 p.m. at the home of the bride.  The groom is a resident of the Sprague country and is well and favorably known to all of us.  The bride taught school in the Columbia district near Lamont and it was while thus employed that the romance started which culminated in the happy union Sunday.,  The young couple are on a several weeks honeymoon which they will spend in Idaho after which they return to Lamont and will settle down on a farm in that vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. WM. SWANNACK of Sprague, parents of the groom and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. POWERS of Spokane, and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. SWANNACK of Lamont attended the wedding which was a quiet one, only immediate relatives being present. We extend hearty good wishes for the life long success and happiness of the newly wedded couple.



The Sprague Advocate, Friday, July 7, 1916

   Miss BERTHA NICHOLS eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FRENCH NICHOLS and THOS. M. ALFORD son of Mrs. H. ALFORD, were married at Davenport on Monday, July 3 by REV. FREDERICK TONGE of the Presbyterian Church.  The party included Miss ADDA ALFORD and were taken to the county seat by B. F.. WARREN in an automobile.  The bride is well known to most of our readers having lived in the Sprague vicinity many years.  The groom is employed in the Sprague Roller Mills and the happy couple who are visiting at the ALFORD home will remain here for a time after which they may go to a neighboring state to seek their fortune.  We extend congratulations.  May they live long and prosper.



The Sprague Advocate, July 7, 1916

On Wednesday, June 08, Miss BESSIE POTTS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT POTTS of Sprague was married to HERBERT MARX of Louisville, Kentucky.   The ceremony was performed by REV. DEAN HICKS of the Episcopal church in the All Saints Cathedral in Spokane at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  The newly-weds are on a three weeks honeymoon trip upon the conclusion of which they will return to Sprague and make their home here.  The bride is the eldest daughter of the ROBERT POTTS family and has a large circle of friends who wish her well in her domestic life.  She was one of the graduates of the local high school of the class of 1916. Mr. MARX is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and has lived there several years being employed on the Rothrock & Day ranch in the live stock department, a business which he expects to follow shortly himself.  He is a graduate of the Louisville High School and has taken a course at Washington State College.

  Both of these young folks are well equipped for a successful career and that it may come to them in fullest measure is the wish of their many friends. 


The Sprague Advocate, December 29, 1916

   Sprague friends have received announcements of the marriage of Miss HELEN MARGARET SMITH daughter of Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON SMITH to WILLIAM EDWARD PENCE on Wednesday, December 27th, at Medical Lake.  The couple will be at home after January 10th at Chehalis, Washington.  Miss Helen has always been one of our favorites and we earnestly wish the new bride and groom all the happiness possible.



   WILLIAM NEECE and Miss LURA MAPES, both of Lamont, were granted a marriage license at Spokane, Thursday, December 21, 1916.  Mr. and Mrs. NEECE arrived home on No. 1, Friday morning.  This is another popular and well known young couple who live south of this city, and who have the best wishes of all friends and acquaintances for a happy and prosperous life.  


The Sprague Advocate, Friday, January 26, 1917

   Miss VIRGIE LEWIS of Colville became the bride of CHARLES POTTS of Sprague in Spokane on Wednesday afternoon.  The ceremony was performed by REV. KIRKMAN at his residence. The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. HERBERT MARX.  They came to Sprague on Wednesday evening and after visiting for a time with relatives will settle down on the Potts ranch near Lamont.  Mrs. ROBERT POTTS mother of the groom attended the wedding. REV. KIRKMAN was at one time in charge of the M. E. Church in this city and was for years Grand Chaplain of the Masonic Order in the state. We extend congratulations to the new family and trust that all their days may be blessed with contentment and prosperity. 



   Miss LILA McCOY of Spokane and ROBERT H. MILLS of Ritzville, former Sprague folks were married in Spokane on January 17, by JUSTICE STOCKER at the court house with the bride was her sister Miss MAMIE (McCOY) and KARL ROSENHOFF of Ritzville with the groom.   The party reached home about 4 p. m. and advised the mother that they were married and after receiving the parental blessing from the mother, (the father being in Seattle on a business trip) the party proceeded to Davenports where a few intimate friends joined them in a wedding dinner. Mrs. MILLS is or was one of Sprague's favorite young ladies.  Ever sweet, modest and kind, she was generally beloved while the groom numbers among his friends nearly every one in this vicinity.  We wish for them that life's journey may be like unto a long happy dream filled with genuine happiness and great success. They will probably live in Ritzville where the groom is a rising young business man. 


The Sprague Advocate, Friday, Feb. 16, 1917

   Miss MARGARET MOYLAN and LAMBERT J. MULLETT were married at St. Joseph's Academy here Saturday morning by REV. FATHER FERLAND and immediately departed for Spokane.  Later they passed thru Sprague on their way to the coast on a ten days honeymoon trip. Mrs. Mullett is the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN MOYLAN and one of Sprague's most highly respected young ladies.  She is a graduate of St. Joseph's Academy, has taught school several years and has recently been employed in her father's store, that of HERTRICH & MOYLAN, two of the pioneer merchants of this city.  She is an ernest, conscientious young woman, active in church and society and generally admired.  Mr. Mullett is the Secretary and Treasurer of the Farmers Supply Co. and energetic and capable young business man with splendid prospects.  Both of the contracting parties have resided in this community since childhood days, the union affords much satisfaction to their many friends, and if their journey thru life, is all their friends wish for them, it will be blessed indeed.  They will be at home to their friends in Sprague in about 10 days.


The Sprague Advocate, Friday, April 20,1917

   On Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock, at the Catholic church in Sprague, FR. L. W. FERLAND united in marriage, two of our popular young folks.  Miss EMMA SCHMITT, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JACOB SCHMITT, became the bride of PATRICK CYRIL BALFE, second son of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN BALFE.  The bride was prettily attired in a dark blue gown trimmed with gold and carried bride's roses.  She was attended by Miss JOSIE CORCORAN who wore dark blue trimmed with grey and who also carried flowers.  The groom was attired in the usual nuptial color and was assisted by his brother EDWARD BALFE.  Following the ceremony, the relatives and intimate friends gathered at the Jacob Schmitt home, where a delightful wedding breakfast was partaken of. The newly-weds left amid a shower of rice and old shoes, for Spokane by automobile, MILT MILLER acting as driver.  From there they will go to Coeur d'Alene for a few days.  The young couple will begin their married life on the John Balfe farm, which the groom will take charge of on his return, his parents moving to Spokane. These young folks thus will get an auspicious start and their well conducted lives up to this time, would indicate that they should be highly successful.  We join with a host of friends, in wishing them all manner of joy and happiness, all the way thru life.


The Sprague Advocate, June 8, 1917

   On May 24 at South Bend, Wash., occurred the marriage of a popular Sprague young lady, Miss EDNA CONLEE, to G. W. ADAMS of Lebam, Wash. Mrs. Adams taught school in Lebam the past two years and there met Mr. Adams who is postmaster and in the real estate and insurance business. They will make their home in Lebam.  We regret that they did not come to Sprague following their wedding, as we have a habit of making it agreeable for good natured brides and grooms upon their return from their honeymoons.  We congratulate the couple and assure the groom he has won one of the Sprague's best young women for his bride. 



   We are in receipt of the news that a former Sprague girl, Miss GOLDIE I. MITCHELL of Oroville, was married on May 30th to CECIL E. THAYER of that place. The happy event occurred in Oroville and the young folks have settled down to married life on the south side.

   Mrs. Thayer left Sprague when but a child, but many of our readers will remember her.  She graduated from the Oroville high school in 1916 and clerked in one of the leading stores there the past three years.  She is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. MITCHELL, who are known to nearly all of our readers.  We extend congratulations and best wishes. 



   Miss EDNA BOEHL and CLAUDE E. McELWAIN two popular Sprague young folks were married in Spokane on Thursday at 11 a. m. at the home of REV. JONATHAN A. EDWARDS, former pastor of the Congregational church at Sprague.  After a few days visit in Spokane and Coeur d'alene they will return to Sprague and will take up their abode in the GEO. SMITH residence recently vacated by PROF. R. C. McDANIEL.  Mr. McElwain has purchased this residence and has outfitted all ready for occupancy.  The bride is the fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. BOEHL and is a graduate of the Sprague High School class of 1917.  The groom is the popular proprietor of the Sprague Tailoring Co.  We welcome this couple to the ranks of the newly-weds and wish for them great happiness and prosperity on their journey through life.


The Creston News, June 4, 1920

   CARL V. ELLIOTT arrived Friday evening from Omak, with his bride, formerly Miss GERALDINE STEWART of Okanogan, at which place they were married Thursday. Mrs. Elliott has been employed in an Okanogan bank, while Carl is in charge of the F. R. WOODBURY Lumber yard at Omak, where they will reside.  Mr. Elliott is the son of Mr. and Mrs. JAMES ELLIOTT and grew up in Creston, graduating from High School here several years ago.  Best wishes of many friends here and elsewhere are extended the happy pair in their beginning of life as "Home Builders"



                   Special Correspondence

The Times-Tribune, Davenport, Wa. Nov 10,1921

  Mondovi, Wash. November 9--FRED ZEIMANTZ and MISS JUANITA NICHOLS were married at Davenport last Friday morning by FATHER M. P. SHIEL.  The happy couple left on their wedding trip to Spokane returning to Mondovi Saturday evening.  In honor of the event Mr. and Mrs. JOHN ZEIMANTZ prepared a a bounteous dinner and invited their relatives to spend the evening at their home.  Those present were Mr .and Mrs. H. T. PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. ADOLPH JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. FRANK DITMER, THEO ZEIMANYZ and family,  MARGARET ZEIMANTZ, Mrs. CATHERINE ZEIMANTZ, JOSEPH NICHOLS, and HOWARD NICHOLS.  The people of Mondovi assembled at the home of JOHN ZEIMANTZ Sunday evening and gave the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. FRED ZEIMANTZ, a genuine charivari with tin pans, whistles, horns and gun salutes.  The crowd was invited in the house and treated to candy, cigars and lunch.  After some time the friends left wishing the young couple a long and happy married life. 


The Sprague Advocate, July 4,1939

   Miss AMOTA KRAEMER and JAMES PAYNE were united in marriage Sunday at a 1:30 ceremony performed by the REV. H. MAN at the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. PAUL KRAEMER.  The wedding took place on the lawn and was attended by relatives and close friends of the couple. Miss LUCILLE GIBBS was bridesmaid and ELMO BAXTER best man.  A luncheon followed the ceremony and the newly married couple left for a few days visit with friends at Waitsburg.  The bride is a graduate of the Sprague High School, being a member of the 1938 class.  Recently she had been employed by Mrs. ERNEST MELVILLE at Lamont.  The groom is well known here having been employed at various jobs in the community for the past several years. Mr. and Mrs. PAYNE will return to Sprague this weekend where they will make their home. 

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