Wedding Anniversaries of Lincoln Co. Pioneers               


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1903 March 19

(Davenport Times: 3-28-1968; photo in original at anniversary dinner)

“Pioneers Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary.  Mr and Mrs Walter Beieler recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at their home. Attending the March 19 event were their four children and their spouses, Mr and Mrs Arno Mellenhauer and Mr and Mrs Orville Miles, all of Spokane, Mr and Mrs Earnest Beieler, of Davenport, and Mr and Mrs Elbert Gould, of Carnation. Also attending were three of their five grandchildren, Mr and Mrs Vern Beieler, of Wenatchee, Mrs Robert Scott of Harrington, and Roger Beieler, a student at WSU. Two of their 11 great grandchildren, Sheri Scott and Michel Beieler, also attended. Mr Beieler came west in 1883 with his parents from Missouri to California by rail, from there to Pasco by boat and again to Cheney by rail. From there, they made the trip to Davenport by wagon team, where the elder Beieler homesteaded on land nine and a half miles north of town.  Mrs Beieler, the former Cora Teel, came to Davenport from Pomeroy with her parents in a covered wagon in 1886, when her parents purchased railroad land six miles north of town. The Beielers were married on March 19, 1903, and purchased a farm six and a half miles northwest of Davenport, upon which they lived until they retired and moved to Davenport in 1943. The couple tells many interesting stories of pioneering days in Lincoln County, such as the soldiers stationed at Fort Spokane going by their school house to pick up supplies and the payroll, or of the local Indian war scares, or of the thousands of sharp-tail grouse and sage hens that inhabited the area.  Other stories include the wild horses they would see while they were getting their cows, the cutting of prairie grass for hay, of a buggy ride with Chief Moses or of Washington Territory becoming a state and the coming of the railroads and the dispute that followed. They also tell of the trips to Almira, Coulee City and Mansfield to visit relatives, the Charivari and home parties, the literary club and the Chinese gardens on Hawk Creek. In the days of their early marriage, ox teams were used in logging to haul logs to a saw mill on upper Indian Creek, a horse-powered grain thrasher was used, and the IWW’s ‘who usually left as soon as they had a good meal’, were in the country.” (Davenport Times: 3-28-1968; photo in original at anniversary dinner)


The Harrington Citizen, March 6, 1908

   Last week, Thursday, the 27th, being the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. ANDREW BRIGGS' wedding day, a goodly number of their friends visited their country home to help them celebrate. All who know Mr. and  Mrs. Briggs know that their large bodies were given to shield large hearts, and those who were fortunate enough to be present on their most happy day were delightfully entertained from beginning to end.  Their two sons, WALTER and MORRIS, who are attending Whitworth College in Tacoma, could not be present in person, but we know their delight in helping to plan the occasion, and that their thoughts were with their mother and father at home many times that day. They sent a box of ferns, Oregon grape and other greenery which were tastefully used to decorate the rooms.  The afternoon was spent in playing games and good old fashioned visiting, and the serving of a most bountiful and delicious repast by the hostess who knows all the mysteries of the culinary art.  The guests were loathe to make their adieus , but the parting time came at last, and Mr. and Mrs. Briggs were given the warmest of hand-clasps and  the heartiest wishes of all for many, many happy returns of the day, even to the golden and diamond anniversaries.  They were the recipients of a number of beautiful and useful pieces of silverware, among them being a silver tea-set from the Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian church.  ONE OF THE GUESTS. +


The Sprague Advocate, December 29, 1938

Thirty-Two attend Party, Lived at Lamont, Now in Sprague

   Mr. and Mrs. DENNIS CORCORAN celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Sunday at the Masonic hall, which was rented for the occasion.  Thirty two were present.  A one-thirty dinner was served and the afternoon was spent in playing games and visiting.  MRS. SUSAN CORCORAN, their only remaining parent, was one of the guests and all of the other members of their immediate families except a sister and brother of Mr. Corcoran and three sisters and a brother of Mrs. Corcoran were there.  Present were Mr. and Mrs. CLARK REED and son of St John; Mr. and Mrs. LEE MEEKER, Mr. and Mrs. CURTIS COOPER, and Mr. and Mrs. HOWARD MEEKER of Spokane; MR. and Mrs. GILBERT BUTLER of Valleyford; Mr. and Mrs. HARVE JORDAN and children of Amber; Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD RINGWOOD and children, Mr. and Mrs. LEO MCCUTCHEN and NORMAN; Mr. and Mrs. JERRY VERBECK, Mrs. SUSAN CORCORAN, JO CORCORAN and LOYD HASSLER and the honored couple of Sprague.  The couple were married in Spokane and lived on a farm near Lamont until eleven years ago, when they moved to Sprague.  Mr. Corcoran is employed by the state highway department.  *


The Sprague Advocate, August 25, 1921

On Wednesday, August 16, occurred the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. MIKE HILLGERS of Sprague.  It was celebrated at a family gathering on that date at the Hilgers home in the north part of town, there being present, Mr. Hilgers, his wife MATILDY M. HILGERS, and sons, ALBERT, WILLIAM, JESSE, and EARLl.  Mr. and Mrs. Hilgers were brought up as children in the same neighborhood back east.  Mr. Hilgers was born January 17, 1848 and Mrs. Hilgers on June 17, 1854.  They were married August 16, 1871, in their home town of Potosi, Wisconsin.   After being married they stayed at Potosi for a short time and then took their honeymoon trip to Ogden Utah and made their first acquaintanceship with the great West which they have preferred to make their permanent home.  Soon they went to Oroville, California and lived there.  After a stay of two years in Oroville they went on to San Jose, Calif. staying there for a short time after which they moved to Carson City, Nevada.  At Carson City Mr. Hilgers took employment on a mail line for Kilngey and Parker carrying mail between Carson City and Bodies. After working at this for a time they went back East returning to Spokane in 1882 and came to Sprague two years later.  At Sprague they got on a ranch and stayed with it continually until about 12 years ago when they moved to town where they say they have come to stay.  They have the heartiest congratulations and the best wished for long life and happiness from large circle of friends....Mr. and Mrs. Hilgers own a farm of 640 acres 9 miles west of town and are still active in its management.....*


The Cheney Free Press, July 28, 1933

   Mr. and Mrs. HOLMQUIST celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on Friday with a picnic at Fish Lake. *


The Times-Tribune, Davenport,   Jul 19, 1923

Members of the Methodist Sunday School Bible class gave a surprise party for Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Jarvis, at the Jarvis home Saturday night in honor of the fifty-seventh wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis, which occurred July 14.  Twenty two people attended the party.  J. A. Hill presented the couple an oil painting.....*


The Sprague Advocate, Feb 23, 1917

   Last Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. CYRILL KLEBA entertained 34 of their friends at a card party to commemorate their sixth wedding anniversary.  Mrs. J. CORCORAN won the first prize having 33 scores and Miss ETHEL RAMSEY received the consolation prize. Refreshments were served at a late hour after which the guest returned to their homes having had a most enjoyable evening. *


The Sprague Advocate, December 29, 1938

   Mr. and Mrs. ALBERT KLEIN of Edwall celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

   After a program given principally by children of the honored couple a receiving line was formed and several hundred people wished them many more anniversaries.  Among those present were parents of both.  Mr. and Mrs. EMIL POLENSKE of Sprague, and Mr. and Mrs. J. J. KLEIN of Edwall, and both families will celebrate their golden wedding anniversaries in two years having been married forty-eight years.  A large wedding cake was a feature of the refreshments.  Miss ETHEL KLEIN, Sprague music supervisor, MARVIN KLEIN, former state college student, who is home on the farm this winter, and MARJORIE and GERALD KLEIN, Edwall high school students, all had places on the program of both vocal and instrumental numbers.  Mr. Klein's sisters, Mrs. CHRIS  BUOB and Mrs. LUTHER PLANKENHORN, brother-in-law, Mr. BOUB and the couple's nieces, INEZ and CAROLYN POLENSKE also presented numbers.  REV. PLANKENHORN acted as chairman for the evening.  A poem written by Mrs. JOHN MOOS in honor of the occasion was ready by Rev. Plankenhorn.   The church was decorated appropriately for the occasion in silver and blue, with a large bell at the rear of the platform and a Christmas tree with blue lights at the side to bring in a touch of the holiday season.  Many gifts were received and through her informative conversation, Mrs. Klein made this an exceedingly interesting part of the program reminiscing over old times as the names on the various packages brought to her mind items of interest to all present.  Twenty-two of those present were among the 100 attending her wedding in 1913, it was revealed.

Among gifts was a miniature house complete to an electrically lighted porch and bride and groom with the house number "25".  This was given by Edwall neighbors and friends and contained a gift of bright new silver dollars.  Another event observed on the occasion was the birthday anniversary of CECIL COLE, prominent Edwall farm owner, who was presented a birthday cake. *


The Sprague Advocate, February 11,1960

   Mr. and Mrs. T. A. MILLS celebrated their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary February 6th, greeting many friends and relatives at an Open House Reception held at the Masonic Temple.  The Lamont Union, dates February 11, 1910, said in part:  "T. A. MILLS and Miss BLANCHE CAMERON of Sprague were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. IVY in Spokane Saturday evening, the REVEREND W. J. HINDLEY officiating.  While not unlooked for the friends of this popular young couple were kept in the dark and they slipped away unannounced.

Both were popular members of the young social set of Sprague amid their host of friends showered upon them heartiest congratulations. The bride for a number of years has been on of the most obliging assistants the Sprague Post Office ever had.  Mr. Mills has committed a theft its patrons will scarcely forgive.  Mr. Mills, a highly respectable farmer resides east of Lamont where the couple will make their home"  The purchased a stock ranch near Ritzville, living there eleven years before returning to Sprague in 1941.   Appearing on the program were REV. STEWARD, MRS. SHERWOOD JONES, MRS. JIM GOUGH, MRS. JOHN OTT and Mrs. ROY SNIDER. Out of town relatives attending were JUDGE and MRS. R. OTT of Olympia, the R. H. MILLS of SPOKANE; VERN CAMERON's of Seattle; ROBT ANDERSON's, JACK and LARRY CAMERON's of Benton City; ART and WM. CAMERON's of Republic; WILLARD HENNING's of Ritzville; MRS. BILL DAVIES and daughters of Spokane and DON M. SMALLEY of Santa Barbara, California.*


The Harrington Citizen, October 14,1938

   Mr. and Mrs. F. E. MURRAY, who after a residence of four years here moved to Sprague this fall, enjoyed the blessed experience of celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday, October 9. The holy sacrifice of the mass was offered at their home with the REV. HERMAN LOEFFLER, pastor of the parish at Sprague, officiating.  He was assisted by the REV. MAURICE MULCAHEY of  Republic and the REV. JOHN PRINCE of Odessa.   A once o'clock dinner was served at the St. Joseph's academy, followed by a program.  Musical numbers included a violin solo by Miss ELEANOR TRACY and a piano solo by Miss MARTHA JAYNE DOOLY.  During a social hour, a wedding cake was served.  Mr. Murray married MARY ANN CARR, at Pacific Junction, Iowa, in(Oct) 1889.  In 1898 they moved westward where Mr. Murray became a salesman.  The last few years he has been circulating manager for the Cowles publishing company, and his territory covers quite a large part of the Big Bend. The Murrays lived at Bonners Ferry during the World War, and Mrs. Murray was actively associated with the Red Cross.  Because of Mrs. Murray's poor health, the Murrays were not especially active outside their home during their stay here, but neighbors and those associated with them in church work, and otherwise, enjoyed their sterling personalities, and jovial manner..  Among those attending the celebration were a son, E. L. MURRAY, and his wife, from Chicago;  a son-in-law, F. L. 
WHEELER, and his son and daughter, JACK and ANN, of Montana; S. H. DAVIS, a brother-in-law, from Lewiston, Idaho; Mrs. B. L. RUSSELL, Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. LEO MCGOUGH, Sprague; Dr. and Mrs. E. L. REINKING, Reardan; Miss VIOLA HAACK, Oregon; the following Spokane relatives:  Mr. and Mrs. JOHN MCAULIFFE, Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN TRACY, MRS. ROBERT SLY, Mr. and Mrs. WALTER SLY, Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD SLY, Mr. and MRS. ALBERT OLIVER, Mrs. and Mrs. J. F. MCNEILLY, Miss ELEANOR TRACY and Miss PATRIcIA OLIVER.   The Citizen is happy to extend a friendly greeting to the Murrays who have come so companionably down the pathway of wedded life, to their golden anniversary.  +


The Harrington Citizen, November 1, 1940


   REV. and Mrs. F. M. KNOLL and family attended the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. EMIL POLENSKE in Sprague, Saturday.  VIVIAN and ROBERT KNOLL are grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Polenske.  A dinner was served at noon in the dining room of the Community church by the children of Mr. and Mrs. Polenske--ALBERT of Yakima, ELMER, OSCAR and Mrs. A. C.  KLEIN, Edwall.  There are thirteen grandchildren, all of whom were present.  Mr. Polenske who came to Sprague in 1889, returned to Chicago the following year and brought his bride to Sprague.  Five years ago they retired from active farming and moved to Sprague.  Mr. and Mrs. J. J. KLEIN, parents of Mrs. A. C. KLEIN, of Edwall, and CAPTAIN BEARD of Seattle, an old time friend were among the guests present Saturday. Following the dinner, open house was held at the Polenske home and many friends called to extend greetings.   Although Mr. and Mrs. Polenske had requested no gifs, their children presented  them with a lovely spring rocker.  +


Oct 30, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. LOUIS SCHULTZ celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary Monday with the following guests present: Mr. and Mrs. THEODORE STENTZEL, FRED STENTZEL, NONA DAWD and ELLEN SCHULTZ, Spokane; Mr. and Mrs. HERBERT MOHR, Mr. and Mrs. EUGENE MOHR, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. KRUGER, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. KLINGBEIL and Mrs. ED KRUGER, Colfax; and FORENCE GERALD, and HERBERT MOHR, ORVILLE KRUGER and DURALL KRUGER, Colfax; Mr. and Mrs. BURIAGE ARMSTRONG and Mrs. JAKE LAMPARTER. 


Dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. LOUIS SCHULTZ Tuesday, October 27 at a house-warming were: Mr. and Mrs. OTTO TIMM, Mr. and Mrs. CHARLIE DUNCAN, Mr. and Mrs. GOTTLIEB KNAPP, Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE E. KNAPP, Mr. and Mrs. ED GOOLEY, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. UNBEWEST, Mr. and Mrs. John FREESE, Mr. and Mrs. HERMAN MANKE, Mr. and Mrs. ELWOOD TURNER, Mr. and Mrs. KARL KNAPP, BEN BORGEN, Mrs. GENE MOHR, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. KRUGER and Mrs. JOHN UNBEWUST.  Mr. and Mrs. Schultz moved into their new home on the farm after harvest. *


The Harrington Citizen, November 5, 1936

   Mr. and Mrs. M. V. YALE observed the 16th anniversary of their wedding with a luncheon served at their home Sunday evening, October 31stl  The guests gathered in the late afternoon and enjoyed a pleasant social hour until the delightful buffet supper was served.  Following this the guests indulged in singing sacred music until church time.  Those attending were  REV. and Mrs. E. A. ALLIN, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. BASSETT, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. CORMANA, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. DOWNIE, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. NICE,  Mr. and Mrs. A. F. MUNSON,  and Mrs. and Mrs. E. E. GAY. +


The Davenport Time-Tribune, Oct 19, 1939

   Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES STRAUB entertained some 35 friends Sunday afternoon to celebrate the 4oth anniversary of their wedding.  The affair was held at the Straub farm home eat of town where the couple has resided since their marriage. Mr. and Mrs. W. HOWARD MANN and son and Miss LOUISE STRAUB were here from Pullman for the day.*







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