Harrington Voters 1938


Submitted by Marge Womach



Voters Signature Poll Book: 9-13-1938


Abbott, R _

Baker,  B. L.

Baker, Augusta

Baker, Dana L.

Baker, Maxine

Biggart, Glen A.

Biggart, Madge

Birge, U. J.

Cassels, Molye

Coleman, C. D.

Cormana, C. E.

Cormana, Ruth

Crawford, Rilla N.

Cronrath, Harold

Davidson, James A.

Davins, Philip B.

Davis, Sallie

Dobson, Emma

Dobson, Grace

Dormaier, J. R

Dormaier, Mrs Anna E.

Ellis, Olga

Flemming, John L.

Garfield, Rosine

Gilbert, Chester F.

Gilbert, Ernest F.

Gilbert, Iva L.

Gilbert, Thelma I.

Gillis, J _

Gooley, Clarence A.

Gooley, Eleanora M.

Hambright, Finis

Hambright, Mrs Finis

Hawkins, D. C.

Hawkins, Lorena

Herbst, Elsa

Hinshaw, Bertha R.

Hopp, Jake Jr.

Hopp, Mrs Ilah

Johnson, Walter

Kerr, Helen

Kerr, W. J.

Kiehn, L. R.

Kitt, W. H.

Kloster, A.

Kloster, Ernest

Kloster, Geo

Kloster, Lennie

Kloster, Louis

Knapp, Maria

Kremsreiter, John

Kruger, Edd

Kruger, Helena

Kruger, Herbert

Laabs, Lawrence

Lamp, Edward

Larsen, W. E.

Lee, Henry

Lehman, J. E.

Logan, E. M.

Long, Mary

 Long, O. E.

Lybecker, Gilbert G.

Lynch, Juanita

Major, T. O. or I. O.

McKellips, Annie M.

McKellips, Vern

Mielke, Ed

Mielke, Mrs. Frieda

Mills, C. R. or G. R.

Moellering, A. H.

Moellering, M. F.

Munson, A. P.

Owen, O. V.

Purcell, William J.

Purcell, Zelma

Ricketts, Henry

Roth, John

Sawyer, Alma

Schmitz, Hubert H.

Schoonover, G. C.

Schoonover, Martha

Schultz, Bertha L.

Schultz, Christ

Schultz, E. C.

Sherrill, W. E.

Simpson, George A.

Smith, Harrie L.

Smith, Ruth C.

Sonek, J. W. (illegible)

Stone, Cecilia Nacke

Stone, Robert

 Stoner, Esther L.

Tagami, Tokeo

Talkington, Belle

Talkington, helyn

Talkington, N. E.

Talkington, Roy E.

Tate, Frank

Tate, Lois

Taylor, John S.

Timm, Albert

Timm, Florence E.

Timm, Josephine

Timm, Otto

Tinner, John

Tinner, Virgil

Turner, Darrell

Turner, H. C.

Turner, Mildred D. Stiles

Warwick, Martha

Warwick, Moss

Wegele, Harry

Wegele, Helen

Wesp, Guy

Williams, Karl

Wilson, Emma

Wyatt, Georgia

Wyatt, K. E.

Yale, Dean R.

Yale, Dorothy

Yale, M. V. or M. W.

Yale, Milo W.


Submitted to the Lincoln County, WAGenWeb by Marge Womach

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