Instructions for USGenWeb File Submissions for 

                       Lincoln County, Washington




     It is the USGenWeb policy to provide this FREE information to help everyone with their research. You may
     rest assured that anything you donate to these archives will remain FREE to the general public. To insure
     that folks viewing your donations can contact you, please let us know if your email address changes or feel
     free to include your snail mail address in the files you donate.

     If you have public-domain documents that would help other researchers, please submit them to the
     Lincoln County, Washington Co-ordinator.  These archives depend fully on donations of files
     and volunteers to transcribe items for us. Contributions by folks like you, are what makes this project grow.

     NOTE: Due to storage space restriction we can not accept family gedcom's at this time.
     Some types of records we can accept:
     Anything in the public domain
     Anything published before 1921
     Items published after 1921 with authors written permission.

    What to Submit:
     Examples of Public Domain Information would be:
     Federal Census (free, slave, mortality, agriculture, veterans... schedules)
     State Census Vital Records
     4.divorce (or under court?)

     Court records (county, federal, civil, circuit, probate....) Church records (members lists, baptisms...) Bible
     Records Diary/Journal Transcripts Newspapers (obits, marriage & birth announcements, local events...)
     Prison Records
     Military Records (rosters, muster rolls, service records, pension applications...)
     2.Civil War
     3.Indian Wars
     6.War of 1812
     10.Viet Nam
     11.Persian Gulf

     Land Records (deeds, land transfers, federal land grants, surveyor's records...) Tax Records (land, property,
     state, federal, local....) Local Histories Local Directories (phone books, old county and city directories....)
     Occupational (?) (Mining inspector's reports, Accident reports, railroad reports, company newsletters....)
     Educational (?) (school histories, newsletters, school census', yearbooks?) Cemeteries - (Headstone
     transcriptions, caretakers records, burial records) Deeds/grants Misc* Newspapers/obits Ship Lists Tax lists


     1. Only virus-checked files will be accepted.

     2. Text is preferred and depending on the size, we may zip it. Also, no tables. Please use spaces and not tabs
     in the text. Tabs cause everything to go loopy when I post it. Non-text may be converted to text before
     storing. Large files may be split. We may, at our discretion, store the same data in several formats. Scanned
     documents will be considered, depending on their content.
       Ascii text (.txt) files are preferred. If you have created a .doc,
     .wri, .xls, .dbf, etc. file, please save it "as text" in your software program, and assign a ".txt" extension to the
     filename. Hard "tabs" are not encouraged, as they do not translate the same on all browsers. Please use "5 hard
     spaces" in place of tabs. Large files may be split.

     3. All data is free to the public, the USGenWeb Archives project will not pay royalties on any submissions.

     4. Data is provided for downloading "as is" -- no guarantees of anything

     5. File contributors must use their own discretion regarding the inclusion of data on living people.

     6. We will "not accept gedcoms" due to space considerations.

     7. No executable files will be accepted.

     8. Do not send copyrighted material, unless it is your own, and you include a statement of permission to use
     in the document.

     Note: Public domain records cannot be copyrighted.

     9. No anonymous submissions.

     10. We cannot guarantee permanency, in the event data is lost.

     11. Any obviously false, malicious, libelous, or copyrighted data will be erased. We do not guarantee the
     validity of any files.

     12. These guidelines are subject to change.

     13. Once submitted, the data can't be retracted by submitter. (This rule causes concern to many potential
     submitters. The reason for this rule is that the volunteer file managers spend many hours preparing the files in the
     proper format for viewing by all types of computers. We have to discourage submissions - retractions - submissions
     - retractions because of the volume of data that is submitted. The USGenWeb Archives are accessible FREE and
    will remain FREE, to researchers. The files within will not be used for any commercial purposes by the USGenWeb
     Project.) Copyright to data contributed to resides with the contributor, who agrees that the USGenWeb Archives,
     as a not-for-profit project, has permanent use of the data.

     14. We retain the right to refuse any submission.

     15. State archive coordinators must follow the rules established for the archives. The archive committee will
     have "owner" access to all state directories.

     16. Files in the USGenWeb Archives may not be copied for selling in any format.

                                             Keep Genealogy FREE.  Please submit your information now.

Thank you to Linda Russell Lewis for letting us use her list.