Chronological Events of 1900


 The Sprague Times, Sprague, Washington, December 28, 1900

"In running over the files of the "TIMES" for 1900 we have taken there from a few items of local history which we hope will interest our readers."


Jan. 1,  MRS. M. S. MEEKS buried in Spokane.

Jan. 4,  J. P. HAY and Miss CHRISTINA SCHEUSS married.

Jan. 8,  Mayor PETERSON and new city officers sworn in.

Jan. 14,  Death of ALBERT SMITH.

Jan. 21,  MYRTLE MILLER and Miss GEORGIA THOMPSON married.

Jan. 23,  Two masked men hold up the operator and rob the depot.

Jan. 25,  Death of ORVIL MORRIS.

Jan. 27,  MAURICE HAYES returns from the east with his bride.

Feb. 5,  Death of W. S. RIDOUT.

Feb. 9,  Death of Mr. and Mrs. JAMES MURPHY's baby.

Feb. 9,  M. CLINTON occupies his new store.

Feb. 16,  Word received of the death of LOUIS MCPHERSON in the Philippines.

Feb. 17,  THOMAS MASON fell from an engine near the stock yards and was killed. #

Feb. 19,  Death of THEODORE BOSTWICK, aged 94 years.

Feb. 27, THOMAS E. DOWNS and Miss MARGARET KEOGAN married.

Mar. 3,  Sprague Rod & Gen Club organized.

Mar. 12, D. VINYARD goes into business at Spokane.

Mar. 13,  Death of Mrs. NELS TRUEDSON.

Mar. 17,  St. Patrick's day entertainment by the pupils of the convent.

Mar. 30,  W. J. BRYAN was at Spokane.

Apr. 1,  Trout season opened with good catches.

Apr. 12,  Mr. & Mrs. G. S. BROWN entertain town folks at country home in honor of REV. & Mrs.


Apr. 16,  F. J. GEHRES starts for the Old Country.

May 30,  Memorial day exercises.

Jun. 3,  C. E. SCHELL and Miss NELLIE SMITH married.

Jun. 6,  Death of Mrs. JOE S. TAVARES.  #

Jun. 6,  FRED STIPS and Miss ROSE HUGHES married.

Jun. 7,  JOHN MCDONALD hit by passenger train and killed.

Jun. 10,  HENRY FREY and Miss DORA MARSH married.

July 4,  Grand celebration of our Natal day.

July 8,  Death of Mrs. G. W. CANNON

July 13, Republican county convention.

July 16,  Death of EDWARD VEST.

July 18,  Fusion county convention.

July 19,  A number of business houses robbed.

July 21,  Death of Mrs. JANE EVANS.

July 28,  F. J. GEHRES returns from his trip half around the world.

Aug. 13,  Bank Store fire.

Aug. 15,  Bad day for ducks.

Aug 28., THOMPSON SMITH shoots PETE MCCORMACK in self defense.  #

Sep. 24,  Death of GEORGE TRUMBLE.

Sep. 30,  WILLIAM SHIELDS and Miss ETHEL MCFADDEN married.

Oct. 3,  Death of Mrs. C. E. SANDERSON.

Oct. 12,  JOHN FOGARTY injured by horse falling on him.

Oct. 24,  Death of THOMAS MCDONALD.

Oct. 24, CHARLES R. MCKINLEY and Miss EUNA HINKLEY married.


Nov. 6,  National election.

Nov. 22,  PERRY PARKS and Miss OLIVE HELTZEL married.


                 SCHMIDT;  J. F. PARKS and Miss LULU WICKER married.

Nov. 27,  D. K. MCPHERSON retired from the Sprague Roller Mills.  #

Dec. 1,  Death of Robt. HUELSIEP.

Dec. 2,  Death of Mrs. J. W. NIXON.

Dec. 4,  City election.  #

Dec. 14,  H. F. MENGES & CO and HENKEL & LUCAS make plans for new brick block.

Dec. 25,  Christmas Day.


#  The complete news item found on our page of  PIONEER NEWS.


Our thank you to Barbara Curtis who submitted this list in 2004. Used with permission.



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