Sprague High School Annual 1921


  "The Scarlet and Gold"


        Submitted by Marge Womach


Board of Education:

Putnam, I J; president

Varnes, A H; director

Jones, Ralph R; clerk



Cooil, C H; Supt.

Butsch; Principal & Commercial

Massey, E L; Manual Training

Folsom, Flossie; Mathematics & Science

Shook, Mary E; Domestic Science

Hanna, Eva; English & Latin



Hargrave, Cecil; Pres.

Boehl, Mabelle; Vice Pres.

McGlade, Leo; Sec. Treas.

Mason, Walter

Ramsey, Earl

Whiteside, Charles

Melville, Dean

Boehl, Edward

Brislawn, Maurice



Shumaker, Leota; Pres.

Brislawn, Guy; Vice. Pres.

Cushman, Doris; Sec. Treas.

Robacher, Ralph

Hultgrenn, Elart

Smith, Roy

Hay, Edna

Brislawn, Paul

Lawton, Helen

Baker, Harold

Pechtel, Gustav

McGlade, Ambrose

Nelson, Sidney



Mielke, Clarence; Pres.

Halliday, Mary; Sec. Treas

McLaughlin, William

Mitchel, Kenneth

Myers, Mildred

Cole, Geraldine

Ludtke, Lottie

Armstrong, James

Armstrong, William

Hay, Mabel

Thompson, Francis

Balfe, Louis

Ramsey, Florence

Smith, William

Salt, Charles

Williams, Arthur

Doerschlag, Lulu

Emmington, William



Mielke, John; Pres.

Underwood, Floyd; Vice Pres.

Mielke, Myrtle; Sec.

Sanborn, Ruth; Treas.

McGlade, Mary

Deroshia, Helen

Burrows, Mabel

Caldwell, Colonel

Keller, Rose

Stolp, Violet

Daweritz, Louise

Hay, Pearl

Straughan, Claude


In Memoriam:

Lee, Valmore



Class of 1907:

Dechenne, Ernest

Wood, Elva A

Melcher, Mirtie (Mrs  M Version)

Shearer, Grace D (Mrs Otto Keefe)

Meisner, Henrietta I (Mrs Newell)

Ettelson, Sadie (teacher)


Class of 1908:

Brislawn, Louis

Luce, Elizabeth A

Brown, Zaida A (Mrs P C Culp)

Dinsmore, Linnet O (Mrs Wm McNall)


Class of 1909:

McCoy, Ray

Brislawn, Ferde

Reding, Eugenia (Mrs Ray McCoy)

Campbell, Eugenia (Mrs E Preasley)

Raforth, Flora (Mrs A Crane); deceased.


Class of 1910:

McCoy, Lila (Mrs R Mills)

Rafoth, Effie (Mrs H Dawell)

Fish, Julia (Mrs Ray Harris)


Class of 1911:

Brislawn, Lt Mark G

McCoy, Grace (Mrs R Redburn)

Logsdon, Bessie M (Mrs H C Hays)

Mitchell, Isaida (Mrs Esley Haden)

Hall, Athol

Smith, Rex

Burrow, George


Class of 1912:

Mills, Alta (Mrs P N Smalley)

Melville, Amy (Mrs O W Kuhlman)

McDonald, William J

Brislawn, Robert

Fish, Ella (Mrs C Coleman)

Williams, Beulah (Mrs Bradley); deceased.


Class of 1913:

Paine, Pearl (Mrs Matt Brewer)

Mays, Mildred (Mrs M Marly)

Hoffman, Geroge

Lindley, Edna

Edwards, Jayu

Mitchell, Lois

Jensen, Claude


Class of 1914:

Melville, Gladys (Mrs Sidney Connell)

Lee, Veva (Mrs C H Boydston)

Stolph, Rosa (teacher)

McCoy, Mayme

Underwood, Virgie (Mrs Edwin Arnold); deceased.

Cannon, Frank

Shanahan, Oliver

Matheson, Birdie


Class of 1915:

Wynstra, Olive (Mrs Floyd Swegle)

Fish, Emma (Mrs G Hamilton)

Hoffman, Frank

Campbell, Annie (Mrs Edwin Stolp)

Morgan, Maybelle (Mrs Roy Fry)

Robinson, Lloyd; deceased.

Melville, Kenneth


Class of 1916:

Smith, Sadie (teacher)

Potts, Bessie (Mrs Herbert Marx)

Brislawn, Claude

McCroskey, Lucile (Mrs O Howell)

Gresham, William

Cole, Thelma

Ridout, Florence (Mrs R Yount)

Ramsey, Gladys (Mrs L R Sutton)

Tracy, Joseph

Logsdon, Orin

Hooper, Ethel (teacher)

Bracken, John

Smith, Elizabeth (Mrs Jay Edwards)

Bittner, Eric

Nickles, Hazel (Mrs Luther Chambers)


Class of 1917:

Golden, Margaret

Hinton, Edward

Renn, Leonard

Hargrave, Elsie (teacher)

Thorsland, Delmont

Simas, Frances

McCroskey, Robert

Linder, Benjamin

Sirginson, Gerald (Dental College, Portland, OR)

Stolp, Henry

Boehl, Enda (Mrs Claude McElwain)

Ringwood, Harold

McLaughlin, John


Class of 1918:

Fenn, Helen

Lucas, Fred

Brislawn, Francis

McLaughlin, James


Class of 1919:

Smith, Alta

Smith, Mina

Fish, Carolyn

Faulkner, Marjorie

Davis, Marie (teacher at Ritzville)

Fish, Charles

Brislawn, Gerald


Class of 1920:

Smith, Hattie

Smith, Elizabeth

Winchell, Itha

Moylan, Joe

Williams, Ronald


Business Advertisements:

Farmers Supply Co

Sprague Tailoring Co

Home Bakery

McKee Printing Co

The Child & Browne Co

Sprague Roller Mills

Lee’s Store

Black’s Pool Hall (A J Black)

Bank of Sprague: Officers: A L Smalley, D W Matheson, R R Jones, J A Dempsey.

Bank of Sprague Directors: A L Smalley, D W Matheson, S B Burdass, R R Jones.

The Table Supply Co (Wm Giffing, proprietor)

Hertrich & Moylan

Pastime Club (Fred Crisp, proprietor)

The Farmers State Bank

Jeffrey’s Drug Store (W H Jeffrey; F J Jeffrey)

A H Varnes (jeweler)

Davies Studio

Samuel P Weaver

Sprague Hotel (C L Ashby, proprietor)

Hamley’s Drug

Hall & Smalley Co

Myrtle Hospital (D M Strang, physician & surgeon; Althea Tindall, RN, Supt)

Sprague Hardware & Implement (Geo W Miller; Ivan J Putman)

Dr Wm Gresham (dentist)

Jno I Melville (lawyer, notary public)

Sprague Feed Mill (M S Wellman, owner)

Buick-Dodge (W A Buckley, agent)

The Sprague Advocate



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