Creston School Records 1912


Submitted by Barbara Curtis





 Grade I,  Alice Winslow, Teacher    

Ruby Kate Barbre          Zura Carey

  Alice Dungan              Chloe Dungan

  Irma Mangis               Stella McKay

 Vera Stambaugh            Dora Straub

 Myrtle Wassum             Orra Straub

 Irene Hoss                Violet Thew

   Nettie Haight             Kathleen Jump

Aldine Harrison           Frank Bell

Harold Hough              Irvin Bell

  Henry Houger              Glynn Haight

    Lloyd Sumerlin            Esther Hilliad


Grade II,  Alice Winslow, Teacher  

    Harriet Foster            Dwight Bishop

   Gerald Dodd               James Barbre

       Roosevelt Houger          Robert Cuddeback

      Harry Ruyle               Russell Walters

  Violet Cronn              Lela Mangis

 Ina McKay                 May Sigler

    May Fraser                Etta Sumerlin


    Grade III,  Marion L. Noyes, Teacher  

   Emma  Kennett             Ruth Parrish

    Nancy Bell                Pearl Burgess

  Thelma Stambaugh          May Burgess

      Mary Whipple              Viola Stevenson

     Uel Mangis                Ralph Bishop 

 Leo Allen                 Grace Horn

Lester Hilliard


       Grade IV, Marion L. Noyes, Teacher      

    Thelma Anyan              Mildred Hills

   Bernice Vincent           Vernie Worby

     Kathleen Fraser           Walter Kennett

  Ray Gollaher              Earle Hough

   Elven Titus               Colin Fraser

     Chester Hilliard          Jesse Sumerlin


Grade V, Bernice Jones, Teacher  

   Zola Dodd                 Marie Glover

    Iva Hoss                  Lukie Steffey

Sam Allen                 Rush Bell

Tom Kennett


Grade VI, Bernice Jones, Teacher  

 Georgia Cronn             Juel Inman

    Myrtle Hoss               Dorothy Hough

   Susie Houger              Macel Mangis

 Louiscenn Oldenberg       James Bell

     Harold Houger             Melvin Parrish

    Percy Haight


      Grades VII-VIII, Carl A. Reed, Teacher  

    Joe Dodd                  Arthur Haight

 Clyde Vincent             Harry Jump

    Willie Fisher             Howard Jessen

 Margaret Fraser           Edith Thew

      Amelia Allen              Willie Hilliard

  Marie Anderson            Bert Mangis

  Lilly Steffey             Alfred Hoss

     Marguerite Stambaugh      Thora Anderson

     Hazel Dungan              Anton Anderson

   Alice Woods               Marion Hough

     Claude Lock               Harry Milliken

     Lloyd Fisher              Wallace Foster

  Freddie Davis             Fred Mangis

    Edwin Vincent             Harry Furness

     Vivian Barnhart           Nellie Whipple

   Blanche Benham


   High School, J. W. Lindley, Principal

   Mrs. Lindley, Mr. Morgan, Assistants

     Marjorie Dick             Myrtle Dungan

       Florence Lock             Jeanette Simons

     Pearl Furness             Millie Haight

   Amy Simons                Olive Snook

     Minnie Simons             Jessie Fraser

  Mary Foster               Rena Snook

   Anna Davis                Vada French

    Carl Elliott              George Hough

   Basil Johnson             George Bell

    Paul Anderson             Frank Mangis

     Rufus Hudspeth            Will Deissner

    Roy French                Frank Tinker

 Clyde Watson              Joe Allen

     Elmer Moe                 Arleigh Hough

     Florence Thornbrue        Neva Milliken

     Daisy Boyles              Veda Barnhart

  Paul Dungan               Lydia Horn

      Lucy Sumerlin             Linnie Sumerli



Attendance records of Creston, Washington  

Schools published in the Creston News,

January 19, 1912.

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