Road names in Lincoln County, Washington

Many roads were named for people who lived on them.
Can you find your Ancestor's Surname?  I chose these from an Atlas/Gazetteer and noticed a lot of familiar
surnames of Lincoln County.
Have fun looking!

Alderson Road
Arlt Road
Amnen Road
Bagdad Road
Bahr Road
Barbre Road
Bates Road
Batum Road
Bennett Road
Bergerson Road
Bisson-Benner Road
Bly Road
Bob Reinbold Road
Bodeau Road
Borgens Road
Bowie Road
Boyk Road
Bullrun Road
Burnett Road
Carlson Road
Carstens Road
Childers Road
Christensen Road
Cloverdale Road
Coffee Pot Road
Cook Road
Costello Road
Davis Road
Deakin Road
Deppner Road
Detour Road
Doerschlag Road
Dogett Road
Douglas Road
Dreger Road
Duck Lake Road
Edens Road
Engel Road
Everhart Road
Fink Road
Frasier Road
Gale Road
Ghers Road
Gollehon Road
Govan Road
Gravelles Road
Green Canyon Road
Groh Road
Hanes Road
Hanson Harbor Road
Harding Road
Hardy Road
Harwell Road
Hatton Road
Hayden Road
Heimbigner Road
Hemmerling Road
Holderby Road
Irby Road
Jahn Road
Janoff Road
Jenkins Road
Johnson Road
Jones Road
Keller Road
King Ranch Road
Kissler Road
Kluster Road
Knack Road
Krause Road
Kriupke Road
Kuchenbuch Road
F.Kuntz Road
G.Kuntz Road
Kupper Road
Laney Road
Larene Road
Larmer Road
Lentz Road
Level Road
Limestone Road
Manke Road
Mann Road
Marlin Road
McCall Grade Road
McDowell Canyon Road
McMillian Road
Mecklenberg Road
Menke Road
S.Menke Road
Mielke Road
Missile Site Road
Mohler Road
Monson Road
Moore Grade Road
Murbach Road
Naff Road
Oestreich Road
Olson Hills Road
Omans Road
Pankey Loop Road
Parr Road
Paster Road
Peha Road
Perkins Road
Phipps Grade Road
Platter Road
Plefer Road
Pump House Road
Quirk Road
Ranch Road
Reich Road
Reith Road
Ring Road
Robert Reinbold Road
Robertson Road
Rocklyn Road
E.Roderick Road
Rux Road
Sand Flat Road
Schafer Road
Schuh Road
B.Schlimmer Road
Schlimmer Road
Schorzan Road
Schuster Road
Shandenie Road
Sheffels Road
Sherman Draw Road
Smeltzer Grade Road
Smith Road
Stear Road
Stolp Road
Stromberger Road
Swanson Schoolhouse Road
Tanke Road
Teel Hill Road
Telecky Road
Telford Road
Thorson Road
Tokio Road
Tolunen Road
Trejabal Road
Underwood Road
Wagner Road
Watson Road
Weber Road
Weishaar Road
Widow Road
Williams Road
Wilson Road
Windmill Road
Zellmer Road
Ziemantz Road
Zondel Road
Zwaintz Road

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