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Davenport Public Library

P. O. Box 1169

411 Morgan St.

Davenport, WA.99122

Phone: 509-725-4355


Harrington Public Library

P. O. Box 496

11 S. 3rd St.

Harrington, WA. 99134-0496

Phone: 509-253-4345

Fax: 509-253-4370


Odessa  Public Library

P.O. Box 218

21 E. 1st

Odessa, WA. 99159-0218

Phone: 509-982-2654

Fax: 509-982-2410


Reardan Memorial Library

P. O. Box 227

120 S. Oak

Reardan, WA.  99029

Phone: 509-769-3921

Fax: 509-769-3912


Sprague Public Library

P. O. Box 264

2nd & C St.

Sprague, WA. 99032

Phone 509-257-2662

Fax: 509-257-2691


Wilbur's Hesseltine Library

 P.O. Box 185

Wilbur, WA. 99185-0185

Phone: 509-647-5337


 Lincoln County Courthouse

The Lincoln County courthouse has served as the seat of county government since 1897. However, on December 21,1995 it was heavily damaged by an arson-caused fire.  The "Grand Old Lady" was restored in one year by an architect and contractor who used a "fast track" format where selective demolition and construction was used on the structure's interior.  Photos documented the interior trim and woodwork then architects used these along with full-scale details of all the structure's woodwork to restore it's historic features, duplicating the interior trim and moldings.   A "topping off" ceremony on Jun 26, 1996 placed the rebuilt cupola atop the roof by a crane.  The cupola featured a pre-aged copper roof and custom made windows to protect the interior from weather related damage.
The Lincoln County courthouse now stands fully refurbished inside and out, conforming to all building and safety codes, and still serving the citizens of Lincoln County. It was reopened in a formal ceremony on December 20, 1996


Lincoln County Courthouse

450 Logan St

Davenport, WA. 99122

       Courthouse hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


      Assessor: P. O. Box 400, Phone 509-725-7011; Fax 509-725-5045

 Auditor: P. O. Box 28, Phone 509-725-4971; Fax 509-725-0820

Clerk: P. O. Box 68, Phone 509-725-1401; 509- 725-1150

 Health Dept: P. O. Box 1207; Phone 509-725-2501; Fax 509-725-4104

     Treasurer: P. O. Box 370, Phone 509-725-5061; Fax 509-725-2037


       The Davenport Times
      P. O. Box 66
         Davenport, WA. 99122-0066
        Phone: 509-725-0101 

   The Odessa Record
      P. O. Box 458
        Odessa, WA. 99159-0458
      Phone: 509-982-2532

   The Wilbur Register
     110 S.E. Main
 Box 186
    Wilbur, WA. 99185

 Fax 509-647-5552

Cemetery Associations:

  Wilbur Cemetery Association
% Carol Bodeau
Rt. 1 Box 61
    Wilbur, WA. 99185


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