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“Wholm, - male. Born: Jan 8, 1907, male, Reardan. Father: F Wholm, 40, WI, farmer. Mother: B Fitzgerald, 38, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-08-1907)


“Rake, John G. Lincoln County Probate file #950 was filed 21 Feb 1907, showing the death of John G Rake on Feb 1, 1907 at Reardan with Alice Rake as executrix.” (probate file notes: 2-01-1907)  


“Gillette, - male.  Born: Feb 15, 1907, male, Reardan. Father: Ed Gillette, 27, WA, laborer. Mother:  M Mahrt, 18, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-15-1907)


“Carnegie, - female. Born: Feb 26, 1907, female, Reardan. Father: James Carnegie, 29, WA, contractor. Mother: Eclud Sisson, 20, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-26-1907)


“Enley, Bertha Marie. Died: Feb 28, 1907, at 8 miles north of Reardan. Age: 16 yrs.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death register: 2-28-1907)  



“Humphrey, Lauren Edward.  Born: March 19, 1907 at Reardan.  Father: Daniel Gable Humphrey. Mother: Margaret Eliza Wolford.” (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#191 for 3-19-1907)


“Ensley, Mrs Susan.  Died: March 20, 1907 at 8 miles north of Reardan.  Age: 76 yrs.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death register: 3-20-1907)


“Weipert, - female. Born: Mar 23, 1907, female twins, Waukon.  Father: Sebastian Weipert, 33, WI, farmer. Mother: Florence B Kerns, 34, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-23-1907)


“First Presbyterian Church of Reardan dedicated the new church building.” (Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy; page 331; Date provided: 4-08-1907) 


“Kelso, - female. Born: Apr 13, 1907, female, Reardan. Father: G E T Kelso, 37, farmer, VA.  Mother: Harriet L Brill, 31, WV.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-13-1907)


“Denney, - female. Born: Apr 14, 1907, female, Reardan. Father: E O Denney, 32, MN, carpenter. Mother:  M Crowell, 24, NE.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-14-1907)


“Bentley, - male.  Born: Apr 20, 1907, male, Reardan. Father: J Bentley, 30, MO, farmer. Mother: J Hermen (Hennen), 29, NE.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-20-1907)


“Kelso, - male.  Born: Apr 30, 1907, male, Reardan. Father: Lenard Kelso, 28, IA, blacksmith. Mother: Althea Lair, 20, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 4-30-1907)


“Fisher, - male.  Born: May 13, 1907, male, Reardan. Father: A E Fisher, 33, OH, farmer. Mother: Laura Clayton, 31, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-13-1907)


“Lou Driscoll and Miss Florence Buckman of Reardan were married at the bride’s home last week, Rev Father O’Brien officiating.” (Citizen: 5-17-1907)


“M E Peck of Reardan sustained a crushed leg at a house raising north of Reardan last week. An amputation may be necessary.” (Citizen: 6-14-1907) Perr Hauk, a pioneer of the Reardan district died Wednesday of last week. (Citizen: 6-14-1907)


“Horace Guth (27, of Reardan) and Eva E Hinkle (21, of Reardan) married 26 June 1907 at Reardan by R D Streyffeler.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor-Marriages Ledger: 6-26-1907)


“William Schulz, born in Germany on May 25, 1861, died on July 12, 1907 in Reardan. He migrated from Germany in 1885 to Minnesota and in 1888 to Reardan. In 1900 he was married to Bertha Tramm. They had five children.” (7-19-1907)


“Phillip Tatro. Male, white, married, farmer.  Birth: Dec 17, 1825, Vermont. Aged: 81 yrs 7 mos 7 days. Father: John Tatro, born Canada. Mother: Sarah ____, born Canada.  Informant: Phillip Tatro, Jr, Reardan, WA.  Death: July 24, 1907, 9 o’clock p.m.  Cause: Senile gangrene of 30 days duration. H Z Dean, MD, Reardan. Burial: Cemetery near Little Falls, July 25, 1907. Undertaker: O W Stone, Davenport, WA.” {Edit: TS appears in the Spring Creek Cemetery near that of his son, Phillip Jr who followed him in death shortly, on Aug 28, 1908.}(WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death:  7-24-1907) 


“William Schultz, a pioneer of the Reardan country, died at his home last week, from appendicitis. His death was shortly followed by the death of his infant.” (Citizen: 7-26-1907)


“William Schulz was born in Germany May 25, 1861, and died July 12, 1907, in Reardan. In 1885 he came to America, locating in Minnesota. Three years later he moved to Reardan. In 1890 he was united in marriage with Bertha Tramm, which union was blessed with 5 children. Twenty-two years ago he was converted to God and joined the Evangelical Church and remained faithful to the end. He acceptably filled various offices in the church he so loved and cherished. His marked religious experiences of the last few months will not soon be forgotten. An unconditional surrender of himself to his Savior was his daily purpose. He earnestly sought and obtained the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and he had great zeal for lost souls. He was sick only a few days when the physicians informed him he would have to undergo an operation for appendicitis. The operation was performed, but he succumbed to the disease 36 hours later. His suffering was intense, but he was perfectly resigned to the will of God. He leaves a sorrowing widow and 4 children, besides mother and other relatives and friends. Scarcely had the Death Angel plucked the flower in full bloom from the home when he, bending down gently broke the stem of the opening bud of scarcely two summers. Guna, the youngest of the family, was taken two days after the father. Her body was laid into the arms of the father, and thus together they await the blessed resurrection morning. Besides Rev R D Streyffeler, Rev Geo Koch and Rev J Ehret assisted in the funeral services. MS” (LCT: 8-09-1907)


“Missouri Surber. Female, white, married, ordinary housework. Birth: Feb 5, 1842, Missouri. Aged: 65 yrs 6 mos 2 days. Father: H W Stevens, born Kentucky; Mother: Nancy McMullan, born KY. Informant: John Surber, Reardan, Wash.  Death: Aug 17, 1907, 7 o’clock p.m.  Cause: pneumonia of 5 days duration. H Z Dean, MD, Reardan, Wash.  Burial: Spring Creek Cemetery, Aug 18, 1907. Undertaker: O W Stone, Davenport.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death: 8-17-1907)


“Mrs Emil Dueber, of Reardan, died in the hospital at Spokane last week, Monday and was brought home for interment, Tuesday. She was afflicted with paralysis.” (Citizen: 8-23-1907) “The office of the Reardan Gazette has been supplied with a new electric motor.” (Citizen: 8-23-1907)


“For giving liquor to an Indian Pat Lacy, a harvest hand at Reardan, was arrested Wednesday of last week.” (Citizen: 9-06-1907)


“Reardan News. From our special correspondent. Born—To Rev Croneck and wife, a son Jan 17. ** Will Breithaupt was down from Mondovi Sunday. ** Julius Rathke visited his parents at Edwall, Saturday.** Flossie and Harry King were Davenport visitors over Sunday.** Rev R D Streyffeler and daughter Etta visited Spokane Saturday.** A number of young folks drove out to the Bernard home, north of town, Monday evening.** The infant child of Mr and Mrs Chas Ditmar died last Saturday.  The funeral services were held from the Evangelical church Tuesday.** Mr and Mrs G M Hall entertained the Sunday School teachers and a few other members of the Evangelical church at dinner at their home Friday.  All those who were present were: Mr and Mrs M Moore, Mr and Mrs J F Lacy, Mr and Mrs R D Streyffeler, Mrs Hinkle and Mrs J W Denny.  Mrs Hall is superintendent of the Sunday School.” (Dav. Tribune: 1-24-1908) “Undertaker O W Stone of this city was called to Reardan Tuesday to conduct the funeral of the little child of Mr and Mrs Chas Dittmar. The child was but six months old and its death was caused by pneumonia which was contracted during an attack of measles. The funeral was held Tuesday from the Evangelical church, interment being made in Reardan Cemetery.”  (LCT: 1-24-1908)


“On Wednesday of last week, G H Capps, one of the pioneers of Reardan and at one time postmaster, died of heart trouble. Funeral was held Friday from the Evangelical church, Rev Streyffeler officiating.” ** “By the result of a fall Mrs Rich of Reardan had two ribs broken, the accident occurred last week.” (Citizen: 1-31-1908)


“Wm Breithaup, 29,  born IA, (of Mondovi) and Mary Hinkle, 19, born WA, (of Reardan) married 5 Feb 1908 at Reardan by R Streyffeler; witnesses: H H Guth, E E Guth. Father of groom: J M Breithaup; Mother of groom: T E Wendt; Father of bride: G E Hinkle; Mother of bride: C S Abbott.”   (Lincoln Co Auditor-Marriage Ledger: 2-05-1908)


“Reardan people complain that the electric light system in that  town is so poor that the sudden disappearance of illumination disturbs lodge meetings.” (Citizen: 3-06-1908)


“Editors Meet. Saturday afternoon the Lincoln County Editorial association met in the office rooms of the Harrington Citizen. Before the noon hour the visitors took a look around the town and met a number of the citizens.... The business meeting was devoted to questions of direct interest to the publishers and was a very harmonious one.  The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: James Odgers, of the Davenport Tribune, president; Miss Catherine A Brakefield, of the Big Bend Outlook, vice-president;  H S Bassett, of the Harrington Citizen, secretary and treasurer.  Those present were N Russell Hill and G A Haynes of the Lincoln County Times; Roy Irvine of the Reardan Gazette; H S Bassett and Col. R F Steele, of the Harrington Citizen; Lee Odgers of the Wilbur Register...” (Dav. Trib.: 4-09-1908) 


“Miss Gertrude Sullivan is at present presiding at the switchboard of the Reardan telephone exchange. Miss Jessie Price, recently filling the position at Reardan, has returned to Davenport.” (Citizen: 4-10-1908)


“An athletic field meet will be held in Reardan April 25th in which all the school districts in that vicinity are expected to participate.** Hi Moore of Reardan, says that he caught a trout last week measuring 17 inches in length.** At Reardan the jewelry business of L W Scherflius has been purchased by H C Tanner.** From Crescent to Curby the Farmers’ West Crescent Telephone company is extending its lines.” (Citizen: 4-17-1908)


“The fourth annual Mule Day will be pulled off Wednesday, June 17th, and, with suitable restrictions, horse racing will be permitted in the public streets, at Reardan.” (Citizen: 5-22-1908)


“Jay Barnhart, a 16-year old lad, was last week drowned in the Spokane River, near the Detillion bridge. In company with a younger brother he was fishing, and slipped from a rock while wading in the river. One mile below the point where he fell in the stream the body was found.” (Citizen: 5-22-1908) 


“Tom C Hunter of Reardan was in this city Saturday, coming up to turn in his books to the county assessor.” (LCT: 6-05-1908)


“Court Big Bend, No 55, Foresters of America, Reardan, has raised $500 among the members of that order to provide a park for the people of that city.  The Foresters Park Association is to be formed and incorporated for $1,500.00.  Trees and shrubbery are to be planted and the park made into a pleasant playground.” (Citizen: 8-07-1908)


“Reardan, July 30.—The funeral of John Jarvis was held Sunday at Spring Creek Cemetery. Mr Jarvis had been in the employ of a rancher north of here as teamster and was going to the mill with empty trucks for a load of lumber. While on one of the grades a tug broke, letting the wagon tongue fall and the horses became frightened. After running 80 feet the tongue caught in the ground breaking the wagon reach, part of which struck Mr Jarvis. He was injured internally and died a few days later. Spokesman-Review.” (LCT: 8-07-1908)


“Reardan is swarming with tough characters under the guise of laboring men looking for harvest work, says the Gazette. Louis Moore, photographer, was held up on Monday evening, the 3rd, beaten over the face with a sandbag and robbed of $65.” (Citizen: 8-14-1908)


“Mrs Claus Carstens, aged 64 years, died at Reardan Thursday afternoon of last week of paralysis.”  (Citizen: 9-11-1908) “Philip Tatro, of Reardan, died of heart failure, on the highway, a few minutes after climbing out of his wagon and lying down upon the ground.” (Citizen: 9-11-1908)


“Edward E Price, of Reardan, died Sept 11th, aged 76 years, 6 months. He was born at Calidonia Springs, New York.” ** “Mrs Elizabeth Carstens, aged 64 years, died at Reardan Sept 2nd.  She was born in Holstein, Germany.” (Edit: Burial for Mr Price occurred in Reardan City Cemetery as did Mrs Carstens; Citizen: 9-18-1908)


“S A Oakley & Co, of Waukon, are closing out their general merchandise business.” (Citizen: 10-09-1908)


“Virginia Brandenburg.  Female, white, single. Birth: Oct 28, 1908, Washington.  Father: Wm Brandenburg, born IL; Mother: Alletta Free__, b. VA.  Death: Oct 31, 1908. Cause of death: Convulsions and nephritis. H Z Dean, MD, Reardan. Burial: Reardan Cemetery on Nov 1, 1908.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death; 10-31-1908) 


“The infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Wm Brandenburg of Reardan died Oct 31st, 1908.” (Citizen: 11-13-1908-Lincoln Co column)


“Not Named. Female, white, stillborn on Feb 4, 1909. Father: John A Reynolds, born MO; Mother: Anna McDonald, born Tenn.  Burial: Spring Creek. Undertaker: none.” (WA State Board of Health Certificate of Death, Town of Reardan, County of Lincoln: 2-04-1909)


“The death of Mrs L L Warren on the 30th, ult.  She was 30 years of age and the mother of four children, all boys. Interment was made in the Reardan Cemetery.” {Edit: Per the biography of James M Warren, he had a son, Lew L Warren who was in 1904 the husband of Minnie Byrd, residents of Reardan. The children of Lew L and Minnie as shown on the 1900 census were Hugh and Earl. On the 1910 census the 3 children are residing with Minnie’s parents in Reardan: Hugh, Roy and Eldon.} (Citizen: 2-12-1909)


“J W Frazier, of Reardan, died of heart failure March 2, 1909. He was 76 years of age and saw service in the navy during the Civil War.”  (Citizen: 3-26-1909)


“W L Walker of Waukon has sold to Philip Miller, 160 acres of land adjoining the townsite.” (Citizen: 5-07-1909)


“E R Davidson, son of former commissioner J R Davidson of Reardan, accidentally shot himself at Wawawai, May 18. The young man, who was 24 years of age and a student of the Washington State College, was cleaning an automatic shotgun when it was accidentally discharged, the charge striking him under the chin and almost tearing the head from the body. The remains are being interred at Reardan today.” (Edit: this would be Ralph E Davidson in the Reardan City Cemetery; Citizen: 5-21-1909)


“J H King of Reardan, last Saturday, while alone and dressing a sore on his leg, broke an artery and bled to death.” (Citizen: 8-27-1909)


“Reardan provides employment for those of the transient population who imbibe in idleness and booze and court trouble. She feeds them but they have to pay their board bills with labor.” (Citizen: 9-10-1909)


“G W Stewart, aged 65 years, of Reardan, a veteran of the Civil War died Sept 4th.” (Citizen: 9-17-1909)


“Near Reardan last week, N G Moore lost 700 sacks of oat by fire and Mrs Josephine Dittmar lost 600 sacks of wheat from the same cause. The fires were set by sparks from thresher engines during the prevalence of a high wind.” (Citizen: 10-01-1909)


“Miss Grace Lillian Pershall of Reardan and Mrs James O Harmon of Seattle were married in Spokane last week.** F F Tatro of Reardan, accompanied by his wife, have gone to Seattle, from whence they go to make their home at Los Angeles, California.” (Citizen: 10-08-1909)


“S H Solverson of Reardan has sold his farm to Wm Williams.  Mr Solverson will take up his residence in Reardan.” ** “A family named Root has just arrived in Reardan, covering the 2000 miles between there and Kansas in an automobile. How different from the mode of crossing the plains in ’49 with a ‘prairie schooner’ drawn by oxen! The money they have tied up in the automobile would, in those days, have been almost sufficient to buy all the land in what is one of our counties today, but today every quarter section of grain land is producing enough wheat to buy an automobile annually.”  (Citizen: 10-15-1909)


“Wm Brandenburg and family of Reardan have moved to the Kettle River Mine near the international boundary line.” (Citizen: 11-26-1909) “Attorney Joseph Guth, aged 28 years, died at his home at Reardan, Nov 21st, of typhoid fever. He was buried on Wednesday.” (Citizen: 11-26-1909)


“A fallen timber crushed a foot for C R Crosby of Reardan, the 9th inst.” (Citizen: 12-17-1909)


“Roy C Irvine, formerly of the Reardan Gazette, has purchased the Tekoa Blade, of which he has had editorial charge for the past four months.  Roy is a capable newspaperman, and promises to make the Blade valuable to the people of Tekoa. We wish him success with his new venture.” (Odessa Record: 2-04-1910)


“Mrs Ellen Forey died at the age of 73 years at Reardan, March 5, 1910.” (Citizen: 3-18-1910) 


“Lincoln County Editors Meet. At a meeting of the Lincoln County Editorial Association, held at Davenport, Saturday, March 26th, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, R S Crowell of the Odessa Record; vice president, N Russell Hill of The Lincoln County Times; Sec-Treasurer, H S Bassett, of The Harrington Citizen. E A Walker of The Reardan Gazette, A C Schrader of The Sprague Advocate, George W Bisson of The Wilbur Register and F N Plessinger of The Edwall Press were elected members of the association. A vote of thanks was extended to Lee Odgers of the Davenport Tribune and N Russell Hill of The Lincoln County Times for their royal entertainment of the newspaper men who were banqueted at the Columbia Hotel under the management of J A Gemur.” (Citizen: 4-01-1910) 


“Reardan has organized a baseball team with the following lineup:  Waldo Jackson, Lee Samuels, Gus Wagner, Schyler Shepherd, Capt, Harry King, Art Kitt, Glen Bennett, Geo Erdman, Chas Dittmar, John, Childs and Ivan Clapp.” (Citizen: 4-08-1910) “The Odd Fellows of Reardan expect to build a temple within the coming year. The lodge at that place has a membership of 130.” (Dav. Tribune: 4-07-1910)


“Raymer, Mary Elizabeth.  Born: May 4, 1910 at Reardan. Father: John Raymer. Mother: Hattie Latham.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#334 for 5-04-1910)


“J P Taylor, erstwhile editor of the Reardan Gazette and recently in charge of the Hartline Standard, announces that he will again enter the publishing business at Reardan, this time in opposition to his first love, the Gazette. Taylor knows the business alright and with his pull among old friends will make hard puling for somebody.” (scrapbook item: 5-19-1910)



 “Baeder, Ernest Walter. Born: June 21, 1910 at Waukon. Father: John J Baeder. Mother: Lizzie Zeigner.” (Superior Court Delayed Birth-#49 for 6-21-1910)


“At the age of 81 years, Mrs Dann of Reardan died on June 18th. The immediate cause of death was Bright’s disease of the kidneys.” (Citizen: 7-01-1910)


“A young black bear was shot and killed less than two miles southwest of Reardan Sept 4th. Young bruin weighed about 140 pounds.” (Citizen: 9-16-1910)


“Reardan City Government. Mayor: H Z Dean; Clerk: W H Padley; Treasurer: C S Warren; Marshal: J F Ewing; Attorney: W H Padley. City Council: Peter Tramm, J R Davidson, C H Finrow, J A Hansen and S A Ewing.” (R L Polk Business Directory of 1910-11 notes)


“Advertisements of Reardan Businesses in R L Polk Business Directory of 1910-11. Bentley, Sherman S; Driscoll, James C; Farmers State Bank; Luntsford, A B; Michelbach, Fred;  Reardan Gazette; Reardan Lumber Yard & Planing Mill; Shork, F C; and Thing, Mrs Charles E.” (Index to Advertisements: R L Polk 1910-11)


“Churches of Reardan: Grace Evangelical (Rev George Koch); German Lutheran (Rev John B Cronek); Presbyterian (Rev E A Walker); and Roman Catholic (Rev Henry White). (Notes from R L Polk Business Directory of 1910-11)


“Reardan. N ½ Sec 15 Twp 25 R 39.  The following names appear in the 1911 atlas map Of Lincoln Co as property owners in Township 25 Range 39:  Ahlf, J A; Ahrens, F W; Anderson, George; Anderson, John; Bartholomew, J J; Behan, -; Bentley, G B; Bowie, Neal; Brents, T H; Brommer, Henry; Buchanan, Andrew; Buckman, J H; Capps, W H; Carson, C; Carstens, C E; Chick, Florence H; Cook, H A; Davidson, J R; Denny, H A; Dueber, Emil; Eickman, Gertrude; Ensor, L E; Erdmann, G H; Frankie, H; Garber, G; Gerken, Amelia; Gunning, D A; Harder, H; Hughes, C; Hutton, Edith; Imhoff, G E; Jerard, Annie L; Jerard, Eugene; Johnson, J E; Kelso, J N; Kemp, G; Kimble, H W; King, Joseph; Koeller, W F; Landt, Fred; McBroom, W H; McRae, D M; Mahrt, Chas H; Mahrt, Fred; Mahrt, Henry; Mahrt, John; Mantz, Albert; Mattie, J J; Osterkamp, Edward; Plaster, A C; Plaster, Luella; Raiha, Martha; Rake, Mrs J G; Reister, Sarah; Root, Myron M; Sanger, A F; Sarveson, S; Schormann, C; Schultz, E S; Schultz, Wm; Schumer, J; Sexson, J C; Shepherd, S S; Shubert, J W; Steiner, Joseph; Stephenson, T G; Toll, H C; Tramm, H C; Tramm, Henry; Tramm, Peter N; Wagner, Adolph; Wagner, Fred; Wagner, Lena; Wagner, Wm; Weise, Peter;  Wendlandt, A F; Wendlandt, G; Wendlandt, J W A; Wendlandt, Wm; Zunker, Herman;  and Zwainz, Sebastian.” (Indexing of Atlas: 1911)


“Illustrations and Advertisements of Reardan in 1911 Atlas: Residence of J A Hansen, Reardon, Wash; Residence of W L Walker, Waukon, Wash; Residence of John Mahrt; Residence of E S Chaffee, Waukon, Wash; Reardan Exchange Bank, M Moriarty, Pres., John Raymer, VP, and H G Burns, Cashier; J A Hansen, Dealer in Windows, Doors and Mouldings, Parry Patent Cement Burial Vaults, Fruit Boxes, Chop Mill;  The Farmers State Bank of Reardan, Pres.: John Mahrt, VP: E Dueber, Cashier: E E Noble, Asst Cashier: R I Dair; Reardan Livery and Feed Stable, H G Smith, Proprietor; The Gazette, E A Walker, Editor, $1 per year.”  (Indexing of Atlas Extras: 1911)


“Prof. H M Skidmore has been re-elected to head the Reardan schools next year.** Ex-Gov. Folk of Missouri, will speak in Reardan on the evening of May 6.” (Dav. Trib: 4-13-1911)

“Leading Citizen of Reardan Dies.  Although of more than ordinary physical structure and possessed of vigorous mental power, the life of M Moriarity, one of the great men of Lincoln County, failed to withstand an attack of acute rheumatism lasting several weeks and made its exit from this earth Tuesday night, leaving hundreds of afflicted and mourning friends.  Having come to Reardan 22 years ago, Mr Moriarity was one of the builders of this section and never failed to exercise his powers for the advancement of the county. In this he was aided by a strong executive ability and a commanding influence that placed him at the head of the many great enterprises at which he directed his attention. His death is not only an irrepairable loss to his family but to his city, county and state. In and around his home town he was a main stay and without his forethought many of its lasting benefits would have never been realized. Mr Moriarity came to this state from MN. At one time he acted as postmaster of Reardan and has held many positions of public trust, including a service of several years as mayor of his town. In business affairs he rose to the top and financially he met with success. He was president of the Reardan Exchange Bank, pres. of the Washington Grain & Milling Co, and vice-pres. of the Chamokane Lumber Co. In the first named institution, he held 155 out of 500 shares of stock issued, besides owning a great deal of farm land and city property. He was 52 years of age and leaves a wife, Frances, and daughter, Ella. The funeral will be held at Reardan Friday morning under the direction of the Odd Fellows of which order he was a faithful and active member.” (Dav. Tribune: 6-29-1911)


“Ed Garber of Reardan was fined $25.00 for selling liquor on Sunday in violation of one of Reardan’s town ordinances. ** Chas Bordwell, of Reardan, who lost his mind through excessive drinking, was committed to the Medical Lake hospital for the insane Aug 11th.  A wife and several small children were dependent upon him.” (Citizen: 8-25-1911)


“Miss Alvina A Schultz and Mr Garbutt L King, both of Reardan, were married on Sunday, Nov. 12th.” (Citizen: 11-24-1911) 




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