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1904: History of Big Bend listings for Reardan:

Adams, William M; Bartholomew, Jacob J; Bentley, John Wesley; Bentley, Sherman S; Brindle, George W; Capp, John Stanford; Capps, William Henry; Carstens, Henry B; Chaffee, Elmer S; Childs, William H; Davidson, John R; Denney, Harrison A; Farwell, George Elliott; Gillett, Charles; Gravelle, Alfred; Hansen, John A; Harder, Henry; Highbarger, Jacob; Howard, Albert; Hughes, John W; Kelso, John Newton; King, Joseph Howard; Landreth, William W; Landreth, Squire B; Lemley, John C; Mahrt, John; Mahrt, Henry; Mahrt, Fred; Menger, Otto August; Moore, Marion F; Moorhouse, James W; Rake, George W; Raymer, Hon. John; Rockhold, Jerry; Schultz, Albert; Schulz, William; Setters, Peter; Setters, John Wesley; Shepherd, Samuel S; Sparks, George M; Stevenson, Thomas G; Thing, Charles E; Tramm, Henry C; Tramm, Peter; Tramm, Peter N; Walsh, Peter; Warren, James M; Weadon, Turner A; and Wollweber, Otto. (1904)


“Tramm, Lois. Born: Feb 7, 1904, female, Reardan. Father: P N Tramm, 33, WI, farmer. Mother: Gertrude Buckman, 27, OH.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-07-1904)


“Kelso, - male. Born: Feb 16, 1904, male, Reardan. Father: J N Kelso, 40 WV, farmer. Mother: Maggie A Stevenson, 35, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-16-1904)


“Gates, - male.  Born: Feb 9, 1904, male, Reardan. Father: Virgil A Gates, 47, IN, farmer. Mother: Tryphonia May Frazier, 37, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-09-1904)


“Miss Hamilton, the popular primary teacher in the Reardan school, has handed in her resignation, and intends going to Georgia, where her father is.  Miss Hamilton has taught this department in the school four years in succession...” (LCT: 3-01-1904)


“Last week burglars entered John Lemley’s saloon in Reardan and blew open the safe, securing about $175 in cash.  The explosion blew the top from the safe, but was heard by no one in town. A horse and buggy was taken from John Raymer’s stable. The hose was unhitched a few miles west of Spokane and turned in a pasture, where he was found several days afterward. The harness was left in the buggy, which was standing in the woods.” (Sprague Times: 4-15-1904)


“Mahrt, David Frederic.  Born: April 30, 1904. Father: Henry Mahrt. Mother: Annie McRae.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#34 for 4-30-1904)


“Fifty-seven friends gathered at the home of Mrs Mary Hamilton last Friday evening the occasion being the 65th birthday of that lady.  A jolly good time was had by all present and before leaving the company presented her with a handsome rocking chair.—Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 5-13-1904)


“Wm Gates, a pioneer of the state, died at his home, seven miles north of Reardan, July first. He was 79 years old.” (Citizen: 7-15-1904)


“A wedding in which two young Reardan people were interested occurred Monday at which time Miss Grace Davidson was united in marriage to Charles Shoemaker. Miss Davidson has been compositor on the Gazette since last fall and Mr Shoemaker is bookkeeper at the mill. Both are worthy young people and have a host of friends to extend congratulations among them.” (LCT: 8-26-1904)


“Sissons, - female. Born: Aug 29, 1904, female, Reardan. Father: Geo B Sisson, 48, WI, farmer. Mother: Catherine Gifford, 37, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-29-1904)


“Herbert D Frounfeller (of Reardan) and Cora J Barnhart (17, b. KS) married 21 Sept 1904 at Harrington by her father, Rev W D Barnhart”  (Lincoln Co Auditor-Marriage Ledger: 9-21-1904)


“Ellis, - male. Born: Oct 2, 1904, male, Reardan. Father: B J Ellis, 32, MN, physician. Mother:  Miriam G Greenwood, 23, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-02-1904)


“Wendlandt, - male.  Born: Oct 10, 1904, male, Reardan. Father: Gustave Wendlandt, 34, MN, farmer. Mother: Ida Olga, 32, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-10-1904)


“Kalkon, - female. Born: Oct 17, 1904, female, Reardan. Father: Jno F Kalkon, 30, Germany, rubber & turner. Mother: Annie E Lesson, 29, Germany.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-17-1904)


“Reardan is to have electric lights, says the Gazette, J M McDonnell, a former Reardanite being the man who has applied for a fifteen year franchise.” (Citizen: 11-25-1904) “Mrs William Thompson, living 7 ½ miles northeast of Reardan, died at her home last Friday morning of typhoid fever, aged 36 years. She was a most estimable lady and her funeral was probably the largest ever held in this section, the remains being interred in the Greenwood Cemetery. She is survived by her husband and 15 year old son. From the Reardan Gazette. (Citizen: 11-25-1904)


“Childs, E W.  Died: Jan 23, 1905; age: 46 yrs. Cert #286.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death register; 1-23-1905)


“Rev Streyffeler of Reardan arrived in Harrington Wednesday of last week and is preaching each evening at the Evangelical church. Meetings will continue all of next week.” (Citizen: 1-27-1905)


“Hutchison, - (Hutchinson) male.  Born: Feb 12, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: Geo Hutchison, 21, WA, farmer. Mother: Dora Logan, 22, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-12-1905)


“Brandenberg, - male. Born: Feb 11, 1905,  male, Reardan. Father: Wm Brandenberg, 37, IL, engineer. Mother: Aletta V Freeze, 35, VA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-11-1905)


“Married at Reardan.  A very quiet wedding occurred at the home of Mrs Buckman on Thursday morning of this week, at which time her daughter Moyle was united in marriage to R P Cassels, Rev W D Barnhart officiating.  The best wishes of all are extended to the happy couple. They left on the morning train for their new home. Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 4-07-1905) 


“Mrs John Pennington died at her home four miles southwest of Tyler Tuesday morning of cancer, aged 46 years.  Deceased was a daughter of Mrs J Rockhold by a former marrieage, and was born at Fort Madison, Iowa, in 1859.  In 1888 she was married to John Pennington and came to Sprague in 1893, settling on a ranch near Tyler in 1895, where they have since resided. About three weeks ago she visited her parents here and little thought the final summons would come so soon. Her husband and mother are left to mourn her loss and especially to the latter is the blow crushing, having buried her only children, a son and daughter, in about a year.—Reardan Gazette.” (LCT: 4-07-1905) “Ida L Pennington, wife of John R Pennington, died at the family home 10 miles east of Sprague, Tuesday morning from cancer. Altho she was in poor health for several years, her friends were unprepared for the announcement of her death, as her illness only assumed a serious aspect within the past two weeks.—Sprague Times.” (Citizen: 4-07-1905) 


“Hon. John Wickham, of Reardan, was a visitor in town Thursday. Mr Wickham is one of the old landmarks in Lincoln County, and it always does one good to see and hear him smile.  He takes the world as he finds it and never frets, which is a rare and happy virtue.  Like the tropical bird he takes his flight southward or coastward every winter, and comes back in the spring.  One winter he goes to Australia, the next to California, and the next somewhere else. Last winter he stopped in Vancouver, BC, where he owns a lot of city property, besides a mercantile business. In former years Mr Wickham mixed up in politics with the rest of us a little, and gave spice to the fight, but he was always the same good-natured individual, and the Times hopes his shadow may never grow shorter, and that Lincoln County may never lose him.” (LCT: 4-14-1905)


“The board of directors elected W H Padley for the next principal of Reardan’s schools. Mr Padley is not a stranger here, having already taught four successful terms here.  Mr Padley came to Reardan in 1900 and found the school in a bad state, and by hard work and good judgment made the school one of the best in the county.—Lincoln County Times.” (Citizen: 4-21-1905) “Mrs James Dwiggans died at her home in this village Wednesday morning of old age, aged 85 years. She was born in TN and lived there until 12 years old, when she moved to Illinois, where she grew to womanhood and was married to James R Sharp. In 1854 the family moved to Iowa, where they resided until 1860, when they moved to Utah, where Mr Sharp died. Later she married Mr Dwiggans and with him moved to Idaho and later WA, settling at Crescent in 1879, where they lived until 2 years ago, when they moved to Reardan.—Gazette.” (LCT: 4-21-1905)


“A number of Reardanites received cards announcing the marriage of Miss Joanna Gertrude Berrigan to Mr Frank Garber on April 25 in LaFayette, NY, says the Reardan Gazette. The bride was the accomplished sister of Mrs J C Driscoll and was no stranger, having lived in Reardan two years. The groom grew to manhood in Lincoln County and had many friends to congratulate him.” (Davenport Times 2005 reprint of estimate 5-19-1905) 


“Reardan’s Masonic Lodge #146 was organized.” (Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy; page 334. Date provided: 6-14-1905)


“Wendlandt, - male. Born: June 26, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: August Wendlandt, 37, MN, farmer. Mother: Hulde Rathke, 23, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-26-1905)


“Mann, - male. Born: July 25, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: E G Mann, 23, MO. Mother: Etta _ Stevens, 20, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-25-1905)


“Klawunder, - male. Born: Aug 2, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: C T Klawunder, 36, Germ, farmer. Mother: P Lue__k, 22, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-02-1905)


“Davis, - male. Born: Aug 10, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: D E Davis, 38, MN, engineer. Mother: Cora Davis, 24, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-10-1905)


“Cone, - male. Born: Aug 10, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: A J Cone, 49, Canada, farmer. Mother: E Tate, 38, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-10-1905)


“Carnegie, James Alvin.  Born: Aug 18, 1905 at Reardan. Father: James Clinton Carnegie. Mother: Edna Beatrice Sisson.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#168 for 8-18-1905)


“Brewer, - female. Born: Aug 24, 1905, female, Reardan. Father: G W Brewer, 34, IN, farmer. Mother: J E M Brown, 30, Canada.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-24-1905)


“Schultz, - female. Born: Oct 5, 1905, female, Reardan. Father: Wm Schultz, 44, Germ., farmer. Mother: Bertha Tramew, 32, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-05-1905)


“Jones, Esther Elizabeth (twin).  Born: Oct 23, 1905, female, Reardan. Father: Harry B Jones, 32, MO, farmer. Mother: Hattie Roark, 25, KS.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-23-1905)


“Jones, Ray Vernon (twin). Born: Oct 23, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: Harry B Jones, 32, MO, farmer. Mother: Hattie Roark, 25, KS.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-23-1905)


“Mann, Louis Marion.  Died: Oct 28, 1905, at Readan; Age: 52 yrs. Cert #313”  (Lincoln County Auditor: 10-28-1905)


“Banman, - female. Born: Oct 29, 1905, female, Reardan. Father: Ed Banman, 23, MD, farmer. Mother: Emma E Breeman, 20, PA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 10-29-1905)


“Hand, - (Hanel) male. Born: Nov 2, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: Aloss D Hanel, 30, KY, druggist. Mother: Victoria M Jones, 27, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-02-1905)


“Ahrens, female.  Father: R D Ahrens. Mother: Selena. Birth at Reardan on 11-10-1905”


“Ahrens, - female. Born: Nov 10, 1905, female, Reardan. Father: R D Ahrens, 31, Germ., farmer. Mother: Selena Deno, 30, CA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-10-1905)


“Podmore, - male. Born: Nov 20, 1905, male, Reardan. Father: Clayton W Podmore, 26, OR, farmer. Mother: Josephine Podmore, 18, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-20-1905)


“McCulloch, - female. Born: Jan 17, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: E McCulloch, 32, NY, laborer. Mother: Leta Traves, 16, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-17-1906)


“McLain, - male. Born: Jan 18, 1906, male, Wash. Father: J McLain, 33, KS, farmer. Mother: Caroline Albert, 29, Germany.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-18-1906)


“Flood, - male.  Born: Jan 22, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: Luke Flood, 32, MN, farmer. Mother:  Mable Terry, 28, CA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 1-22-1906)


“Griffith, - female.  Born: Feb 5, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: Geo Griffith, 36, PA, farmer. Mother: Jessie Carnegie, 22, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-05-1906)


“Holman, - male. Born: Feb 27, 1906, male, Lincoln Co.  Father: B W Holman, 24, OR, farmer. Mother: Emma D Davis, 20, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 2-27-1906)


“Cronek, Erton. Born: March 5, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: J B Cronek, 28, Russia, minister. Mother: Carmella Harms, 18, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-05-1906)


“Pershall, Maude Fay.  Born: March 5, 1906 near Reardan. Father: Elmer W Pershall. Mother: Anna L Hohn.” (Superior Court Delayed Births-#238 for 3-05-1906)


“Millard, - (Milland; Miller) female. Born: Mar 8, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: J M Millard, 31, WI, miller.  Mother: Omo Hamilton, 23, MO.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-08-1906)


“Caldwell, - male. Born: Mar 9, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: E S Caldwell, 26, OR, (occupation not shown).  Mother: Emma M Seeman, 19, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor:  3-09-1906)


“The people of Reardan have been much worked up the past two weeks over the disappearance of Joseph Boehme.  Last fall, with his brother-in-law, he rented Fred Landt’s farm and during the winter the two families became mixed up in a quarrel, which resulted in both men giving up the farm.  As soon as Joe had straightened out his business affairs he disappeared from the ranch and has not been seen since. It is said he threatened to kill himself, and it is barely possible that he may have done so.—Reardan Gazette** Dr J Kaulbach was called out from Spokane to attend a case of diphtheria near Reardan, last Friday.”  (LCT: 3-09-1906)


“Pitman, (Dulcie Clarice-added).  Born: Mar 13, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: Louis Pitman, 29, OR, (occupation not shown). Mother: Bertha Olney, 28, NE.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-13-1906)


“Garber, - male. Born: Mar 16, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: Frank Garber, 38, _, real estate. Mother: Joanna Berryun, 33, NY.” (edit: Berrigan; Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-16-1906)


“Warren, - male.  Born: Mar 16, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: L L Warren, 32, MO, laborer. Mother: Minnie E Byrd, 26, MO.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-16-1906)


 “Kelso, - male. Born: Mar 20, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: E G Kelso, 36, VA, farmer. Mother: Harriet L Brell, 27 or 29, WV.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-20-1906)


“Atchley, - male. Born: Mar 23, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: W L Atchley, 22, MO, farmer. Mother: Nellie G Camp, 22, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-23-1906)


“Warren, - male.  Born: Mar 23, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: B F Warren, 35, MO, engineer. Mother: Stella R Davis, 29, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-23-1906)




 “Landt, Mary E. Lincoln County probate file #875 was filed on April 30, 1906 showing the death of Mary E Landt on March 25, 1906 at Reardan. The petitioner was Fred Landt. Property was owned in 1-25-1939 as well as in Spokane County.” (probate notes: 3-25-1906)


“Clark, - male.  Born: Mar 26, 1906, male, Reardan.  Father: John T Clark, 22, WA, farmer. Mother: Alice G Welch, 18, KS.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 3-26-1906)


“Mrs Fred Landt, who was taken sick last Friday, died rather suddenly on Sunday, to the surprise and regret of a host of friends in Reardan and vicinity. The funeral services were held at the Lutheran Church on Tuesday.—Gazette.” (LCT: 4-06-1906)


“Peter Imhoff, another old pioneer, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Alfred Hughes, near Mondovi, Monday of this week. He was 74 years of age, and was quite well known throughout the Reardan and Davenport country where he had lived many years.” (LCT: 4-27-1906)


“Cooper, - female.  Born: May 7, 1906, female, Reardan.  Father: Frank Cooper, 21, MO, farmer. Mother: Edna Beeman, 15, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-07-1906)


“Hutton, - male. Born: May 27, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: Peter J Hutton, 36, MN, farmer. Mother: Edith Nichols, 30, O_.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 5-27-1906)


“Starlight Chapter #90, Order of Eastern Star, received its charter with 28 members.” (Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy; page 334. Date provided: 6-15-1906)


“Burns, - male. Born: June 16, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: H G Burns, 28, MO, banker. Mother: Edna D Crawford, 27, OR.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-16-1906)


“Hansen, - male. Born: June 15, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: John A Hansen, 36, WI, lumberman. Mother: Anna Mahrt, 22, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-15-1906)


“Ahlf, - male. Born: June 22, 1906, male, Lincoln Co. Father: J A Ahlf, 43, foreign, farmer. Mother: Minnie M Barby, 30, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-22-1906)


“Reardan Briefs.  Mrs P Tramm is on the sick list this week.** Miss Clare McCoy is visiting at Pullman.** Rev R D Streyffeler went to Crescent Sunday.** Chas Garber and family of Spokane are here on a visit.** Born: to Mr and Mrs H G Burns, Saturday, a son.** Mrs Chas Shoemaker came home from Spokane Sunday.  Mrs J Dauber and daughter Verna are Spokane and Hillyard visitors this week.** Mr and Mrs Pete Hansen came down from Rocklyn to attend the funeral of Otis Carsten.** Otis Carsten died at his home early Monday morning of typhoid fever and kidney trouble. The funeral took place Wednesday. ** After being ill with typhoid fever, pneumonia and heart failure for a few days, Mrs Fred Mahrt died Sunday, aged 36 years, 11 months and 18 days. She leaves 7 children, a husband, 2 brothers, 4 sisters, a father and a mother.” (Reardan Column of LCT: 6-22-1906)


“Milton D Nye (31, of California) and Florence Irene Brenemar married 24 June 1906 at Reardan by R D Streyffeler.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor-Marriage Ledger: 6-24-1906; bride’s name illegible)


“Nelson, - male.  Born: June 24, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: W H Nelson, 36, WI, laborer. Mother: Maud Briggs, 25, OR.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 6-24-1906)


“Reardan Briefs.—Mrs Pittman is ill with typhoid fever.** The addition to the mill is under construction.** Mamie McLain is slowly recovering from typhoid fever.** Rev Wilson went to Creston Saturday, returning home Monday.** The Indians and Reardanites played ball at the park, the score being 11 to 3 in Reardan’s favor.** Children’s day exercises were held at the Evangelical Church Sunday evening, there being a large attendance.** Miss Florence Boeneman of this place was married to Milton D Nye of Likens Valley, PA, Sunday, two miles south of Reardan at the bride’s home. About twenty friends were in attendance.” (LCT: 6-29-1906)

“Driscoll, - female. Born: July 10, 1906, female, Reardan.  Father: J C Driscoll, 39, NY, merchant. Mother: Mary Berrigan, 40, IA.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 7-10-1906)


“Neal, - female.  Born: Aug 5, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: E E Neal, 34, KY, barber. Mother: Charlotte Kjellouder, 27, Sweden.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-05-1906)


“Whalen, - male. Born: Aug 21, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: Edward Whalen, 50, WI, farmer. Mother:  Margaret Fitzgerald, 42, WI.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-21-1906)


“Martin, - female. Born: Aug 27, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: Rob’t Martin, 36, MO, carpenter. Mother: Olha Delk, 25, MO.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 8-27-1906)


“Ellis, - female. Born: Sept 6, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: B J Ellis, 34, MN, physician. Mother: Miriam G Greenwood, 25, WI.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-06-1906)


“Hunter, - female.  Born: Sept 7, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: T C Hunter, 44, Scotland, laborer. Mother: Annie E Emley, 37, OH.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-07-1906)


“Bartholomew, - male.  Born: Sept 26, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: Harry Bartholomew, 25, WA, barber. Mother:  Martha Miller, 24, Germany.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-26-1906)


“Monday while Mr Johnson, the butcher for A J Clark, had stepped out into the back yard, some one entered the shop and stole between $11 and $12 from the till.  Tuesday morning Ed Garber came down town and after cleaning up went to breakfast. When he returned he found that about $7 had been taken from the register.  Evidently some one had hid in the saloon and after looting the till left, locking the door which has a spring lock.—Reardan Gazette.” ** “Hallie Crosby and Edith Bartholemew were married in Spokane last Thursday. Both are well known and popular young people and their friends will wish them all kinds of happiness and success.  The next day after Hallie and Edith were married, Hallie’s father, Chas Crosby and Mrs Starr stole a march on their friends and were also united in hymen’s bonds. We understand the latter couple will live in Spokane while the young people will run the farm.  Success and happiness for both couples is the wish of the Gazette.—Reardan Gazette.” (LCT: 10-12-1906)


“A very pretty wedding occurred at the home of Mr and Mrs Jerry Rockhold Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock when Edgar E Rockhold and Miss Eva Janette Rattray were united in marriage by Rev O S Wilson.  The bride looked lovely in green silk while the handsome groom wore the conventional black.  The attendants were Chas Heath and Mrs Alma Webster.  After the ceremony the company, led by the bridal couple, repaired to the dining room where they gathered round a table that fairly groaned under the load of good things prepared for  the occasion. Only the members of the two families and the attendants were present.  Mr and Mrs Rockhold will reside in Reardan.—Reardan Gazette”  (LCT: 10-26-1906)


“Tide Water.  Rudolph Stolz has a peculiar well on his ranch, four miles east of Reardan. The well was drilled this fall and Mr Staltz says that in the morning he is able to pump seven or eight barrels of water from it while at six o’clock in the evening only two or three pails of water is obtainable. After eight o’clock in the evening not a drop of water can be obtained. About the only explanation that can bee given is that the ebb and flow of the time in the pacific Ocean may be responsible for the phenomenon.—Reardan Gazette.” (Citizen: 11-02-1906)


“Milke, - (Mielke) female. Born: Nov 4, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: C C Milke, 26, WI, farmer. Mother: M Schumer, 25, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-04-1906)


“Littell, - female.  Born: Nov 4, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: Gilbert Littell, 24, WA, farmer. Mother:  Minnie Long, 20, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-04-1906)


“Fenalson, - female. Born: Nov 13, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: George Fenalson, 38, MO, farmer. Mother: May Argetsinger, 27, WI.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-13-1906)


“Goodwin, baby boy. Born: Nov 14, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: W B Goodwin, 28, KS, farmer. Mother: Mary Goodwin, 28, KS.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-14-1906)


“Swisher, - male.  Born: Nov 18, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: M Swisher, 42, MO, farmer. Mother: Mary Douglas, 42, MO.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-18-1906)


“Hanes, - female. Born:  Nov 22, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: D A Hanes, 34, CA, drayman. Mother: (not shown), 34, MN.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-22-1906)


“Howard, -  female. Born: Nov 23, 1906, female, Reardan. Father: Lee Howard, 25, CA, farmer. Mother: Nellie Howard, 20, WA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-23-1906)


“Lang, - male.  Born: Nov 28, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: B F Lang, 30, IA, farmer. Mother: Hannah May, 25, IL.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-28-1906)


“Stolz, - male. Born: Nov 30, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: R Stolz, 40, IA, farmer. Mother: A Dennery, 38, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 11-30-1906)


“Heath, - male.  Born:  Dec 6, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: A B Heath, 35, CA, farmer. Mother: Minnie Hammond, 30, IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-06-1906)


“Fred Shriner, 22, residing Reardan, (birth and parents not recorded), license dated Dec 18, 1906, marriage Dec 18, 1906 at Davenport, by Rev G Koehler. Mary Thompson, 18, residing Fruitland, (birth and parents not recorded), witnesses: P H Reister; M W Thompson.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: Register of Marriages.  12-18-1906)


“D M Hickox and Miss Felicia Smith were married last Friday at Reardan by Rev R D Streyffeler.  The ceremony was witnessed by relatives and a host of friends. Eugene Smith, brother of the bride, was best man, and Miss Florence Branscom was bridesmaid.  The young couple will reside on the groom’s large farm near Waukon.” (LCT: 12-14-1906)


“Mahrt, - male.  Born: Dec 29, 1906, male, Reardan. Father: H Mahrt, 39, WI, farmer. Mother: A McRae, 43, foreign.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: 12-29-1906)




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